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    A mothers love

    (Current Rating 87/100, based on 1509 votes)

    I had spent the evening watching the start of the new season of the Sopranos with a classmate, but when the show ended; Rick got a call from a girl and left. It was late and since I didn't have a car, I decided to crash on the living room sofa. I woke up to the sound of someone falling down and while I thought it might have been Rick, I discovered it was his mother. It was nearly two in the morning and my Rick's mom, Janice, was home drunk. There wasn't anything I could do for Janice except to help her up the stairs and in bed as quickly as possible.

    Once I managed to get Janice into her bedroom, she declared that I was trying to take advantage of her. I apologized immediately to Janice if she thought I had touched her improperly; but my comments only caused Janice to smile. Janice acted if it was all just a joke as she kicked off her high heel pumps. A few seconds later, Janice had slipped off her dress and was standing naked before me. Janice said of recognizing the way I was looking at her and knew what I must have been thinking. Janice then climbed on to the middle of her bed, before smiling again as she spread her legs. Janice reached between her legs and asked if reality measured up with my imagination.

    I wasn't really sure of what to do, as it appeared that Janice wasn't drunk and simply testing to see of what I might do if I thought she was. Janice was finger-fucking herself as she continued to smile at me before finally say, "Do you want me to beg?" What a change in personalities, as one moment Janice was almost mocking me and in the next I find Janice almost pleading for me to make love to her. And while I've had sex with a couple of girls, this was totally different as I had a voluptuous adult woman pleading for me to have sex with her. I wasn't stupid as I moved between Janice's splay legs and began licking her pussy. Janice responded immediately to the sensation of my tongue licking her pussy as she placed her hands on my head before moaning of how good my tongue felt.

    Janice also gave me directions to where she wanted me to lick and what to do with my fingers. I did everything that Janice suggested and brought her to climax as she sprayed my face with love honey. It took me a bit by surprise, as while I've had girls ooze a trickle; the amount that came out of Janice caused nearly my entire head to be covered with the fluids. After her orgasm subsided, Janice pushed me from between her legs and caused me to almost wonder if she had regained her senses; but I quickly discovered that Janice wasn't through with me yet as she got me on my back and began undressing me. Once she had me nude, Janice lowered her pussy back over my mouth while she went to work on my penis.

    Janice was totally different from the girls I had been with, as she was in no hurry to take my penis into her mouth. Instead, Janice used her tongue to lick up and down the shaft of my penis and even attempted to take one of my nuts into her mouth. Janice was like a hungry animal at times as I felt her teeth scrap against the shaft of my penis as well as on the bulbous head. Janice concentrated her efforts on the most sensitive parts of my penis and unlike the girls my own age, Janice made no effort in attempting to deep throat me. I really had to wonder about Janice's ex-husband as it surprised me that a man could give up on a woman that could give head like Janice was performing on me. I had my mouth on Janice's clit and was finger-fucking her, but while she let out a couple of moans; Janice maintained her concentration and brought me to climax.

    Janice gripped my penis and swallowed my ejaculation if it was the nectar of the gods. When she finished, Janice moved like a panther as she moved from straddling over my face to my erection. Janice moaned, "Oh god, I need this" as my erection slowly disappeared into her pussy. Janice demonstrated the skill that none of my teenage classmates ever demonstrated, as unlike the girls that simply sat on my penis; Janice gripped the bars of the headboard before moving to a straddle position. Janice used this position to slide effortlessly up and down on my erection, while I felt her pussy grip down on my penis like warm glove. Janice was like an animal in heat as in between moans she cursed at me to join her and I did, as I thrust my hips up off the bed and could feel the head of my penis bottom out on the back of Janice's pussy.

    Janice and I stayed fucking with her on top until she experienced an orgasm and collapsed on top of me. Janice and I had both worked up a good sweat as we rested for a moment before I rolled Janice on her back before fucking in the missionary position. Janice moaned for me to fuck her harder, as she lifted herself off the bed to meet the thrust of my erection. It was at this time that I developed the idea that it might have been Janice's intense sexual appetite that frightened her husband away. After I climaxed, I rested on top of Janice and kissed her while my cock was still lodged in her pussy. Janice and I stayed in this position for a few minutes before we went into the adjoining bathroom to clean up in the shower. When we returned to the bedroom, Janice crawled back into bed and seeing her on all fours got me going.

    I placed my hands on Janice's hips and held her in place as I ate out her pussy from behind. Janice moaned and gasped in response to the oral love making, but once I felt my penis ready for intercourse, I replaced my tongue with my penis. I fucked Janice doggie style and pummeled her pussy. Having climaxed twice already numbed my cock and drained my nuts, as it gave me the opportunity to give Janice the most intense lovemaking of the evening. Janice was a moaner, as she was very verbal in responding to the sensation of my erect penis sliding in and out of her pussy. Listening to Janice moan and gasp in conjunction of how great her pussy made my penis feel was better than Viagra ever could. And Janice knew all the little tricks that made what I was doing even better as she instructed me to reach around her thigh and tickle her clitoris as I continued my lovemaking; thus causing Janice to have the most intense orgasm yet that left her collapsed on the bed.

    I withdrew my penis before rolling Janice on her back; allowing me to move between Janice's legs and lick at her pussy. Janice moaned and cursed in response to the sensation of my tongue sliding between the swollen folds of her pussy. After several minutes, Janice screamed for me to lick her clitoris with my tongue and to use my fingers to fuck her pussy. I did as Janice wanted and brought her to yet another climax, but before her orgasm subsided, Janice screamed for me to fuck her with my cock. I did as Janice wanted as I fucked her with a vengeance before I experienced my third orgasm of the evening, but despite having spilled my seed in Janice's pussy, I continued to fuck her. Our lovemaking didn't end until Janice reached between her legs to do as she had suggested while fucking her doggie style as Janice rubbed at her clitoris to trigger yet another orgasm. Janice and I were exhausted, as we slept together with my penis still lodged in her pussy before waking up a!
    nd showering yet again. We toweled off before getting dressed just in time to get to the kitchen as my friend (Rick), Janice's son returned home a bit wasted; Janice told Rick to get some rest as she would take care of me and true to her word, Janice has taken care of my every needs.

    2006-04-10 19:15:53 Posted by

    2006-04-18 13:28:41 Posted by
    Well written; good sequence Anonymous

    2006-05-03 18:34:17 Posted by
    JACK OFF WORTHY Anonymous

    2006-05-03 18:34:51 Posted by
    i had my friends mom fuck me while reading this:) Anonymous

    2006-05-12 12:12:08 Posted by
    IT TAUGHT ME A LOT Anonymous

    2006-06-05 09:37:22 Posted by
    l fucked my uncle's fat sugar mummy wife to stop her from doing their driver and she tasted sooo guud Fiooko

    2006-06-20 10:13:04 Posted by
    Looks like Janice bathed him with her juice !!! Good sequence and well written. Bala

    2006-07-20 10:35:54 Posted by
    Just fucking great. I have in the past fucked and eaten one of my friends Mom and it was just the greatest piece of ass I've ever had. I did her several times and think of her often. Anonymous

    2006-07-20 11:41:29 Posted by
    my aunt is so sexy but i have no courage to make her to have sex with her i pray may god give everyone a horny aunt, mother ,sister, friends mother etc etc pakistani

    2006-11-26 22:18:10 Posted by
    That was well put, I'm 22 with all of those skills like Janice, Where are you? Where's JANICE?? mimi

    2007-01-12 09:36:41 Posted by
    nice Anonymous

    2007-02-20 10:33:27 Posted by
    sweat wow

    2007-02-20 23:24:21 Posted by
    i want to meet janice and fucked her too, hahahaha!!!!! someone horny Anonymous

    2007-04-13 23:31:43 Posted by
    Janice needs to be fucked in the ass. anal

    2007-04-24 06:17:53 Posted by
    Wow this story drived me crazy Nepalithito

    2007-04-26 20:00:54 Posted by
    i fucked m y friends mom also Anonymous

    2007-05-03 20:03:07 Posted by
    you seem to have several stories on here. I have said several times before that you need to use the name less and use more pronouns. Also need to find other names to refernece the body parts. You can call the penis a penis but at times you can refer to it has a hot love muscle or a steel rod or any number of things and it gives it greater depth. The same when refering to the womans anatomy. I think you have great potential Anonymous

    2007-05-17 22:52:55 Posted by
    he right and yeah she should take it in the ass would have been good Anonymous

    2007-06-16 19:05:52 Posted by
    hot fuckin story i pulled my meat hot

    2007-06-20 13:22:47 Posted by
    ?i am about to masturbate. love it. Anonymous

    2007-08-11 02:33:59 Posted by
    Good fucking storey. Wish I had an auntynlike Luice Buzu

    2007-08-24 03:59:32 Posted by
    i want fuck cghjh

    2007-09-14 15:41:49 Posted by
    what a story...I jacked off 4 times before the end and then sucked my own cok at the end... Anonymous

    2007-09-16 07:50:33 Posted by
    fuck game is bulshit Anonymous

    2007-10-20 06:48:25 Posted by
    wild imagination clear scripting Anonymous

    2007-10-26 14:41:19 Posted by
    extream pleasuring story dude!!! keep going on such type stories again and again. RaJkUmAr2007bd

    2007-11-08 15:46:19 Posted by
    i fucked mom while reading this thank you annoymous

    2007-11-10 22:05:04 Posted by
    i started masturbating on the second sentence...soo good jhty

    2007-11-14 03:41:04 Posted by
    Yah its very nice chowdary

    2007-12-03 03:46:25 Posted by MotherFucker.... Anonymous

    2007-12-09 05:18:26 Posted by
    my finger is in my pussy, am wet chica

    2007-12-27 13:10:55 Posted by
    nice Anonymous

    2007-12-29 20:51:22 Posted by
    absoutley awesome by the end i had jacked off 10 times ! your awesome man ! Anonymous

    2008-01-09 17:34:00 Posted by
    Are there many sugar mama's who want to be fucked like jenice.I want to fuck one. Spykos

    2008-01-09 21:53:07 Posted by
    I am so horny Anonymous

    2008-01-21 19:47:07 Posted by
    no ass fucking Anonymous

    2008-01-24 01:45:10 Posted by
    how can I get my sons friend to fuck me? Anonymous

    2008-01-24 13:13:20 Posted by
    great fuck it Anonymous

    2008-01-27 21:41:31 Posted by
    Wow! Amazin Cici

    2008-02-09 12:56:12 Posted by
    Huh i need a mother fucker to suck. Hahahaha Mod

    2008-02-10 13:23:43 Posted by
    Nice Sab

    2008-02-12 00:56:44 Posted by

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    omg so wet unbelivevabl Oh my gosh fuck me harder Anonymous

    2008-03-28 04:48:46 Posted by
    janice is worth fucking. why does not she come to for a great fucking anonymous

    2008-03-29 23:30:37 Posted by
    I accidentally fucked my girlfriend's mom one night after going into what i remember as being her room. i was drunk! at first she kept saying " what are you doing " over and over. a few minutes later she wasn't saying anything except moaning. I realized later that her mother wears her wedding ring, and my girlfriend does not wear any jewelry! but I liked this story too! boner

    2008-04-02 18:47:10 Posted by
    Love to have Janice gobble my steel rod before I go down on her bush, enjoy her wet paradise and then fuck her good and hard on her back with with her legs pinned back and her pussy smiling up at me! Want to ravish some hot pussy NOW! Pussyeater

    2008-04-04 06:01:50 Posted by
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    great story. made me wet hot gal

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    Left me rock hard - Want to eat some wet pussy NOW! rampant

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    2008-04-20 16:48:23 Posted by
    I was getting a blowjob by my lady friend in her family room and her 2 daughters walked in on us, both in their 20's. My ladyfriend ask them to join us and I shot a load of cum into each one of their mouths. I was in heaven. After I was done all my ladyfriend said to them was "now you know how my man's hot cum taste" and she smiled. Paulie

    2008-04-21 21:31:02 Posted by
    great!this gets me in the mood! pussy licker

    2008-04-22 09:50:23 Posted by
    uuummmm left me with a stonking hard on - would love to bang Janice up against a wall with her legs wrapped round my waist hard and hungry

    2008-04-24 04:31:50 Posted by
    oh I like the story Pussy lick

    2008-05-13 13:16:01 Posted by
    Great got me so excited that i fucked up my 2 sisters at once. Anonymous

    2008-05-16 05:27:51 Posted by
    wooh.. that was amazing.. i love to fuck my friend's mom.. lupet! sarap!

    2008-05-19 23:27:23 Posted by
    Good Licksalot

    2008-06-02 12:05:23 Posted by
    i banged both my cousin and aunt after we read the story together. they really milked me dry.good janice. i would love to have her mom too.

    2008-06-13 11:05:51 Posted by
    Left me seriously hot to fuck - want her to lower herself onto my rigid cock and fuck my brains out Born to eat pussy

    2008-06-14 08:59:21 Posted by
    I caught Mom masturbating and quickly took my hard cock from my trousers and walked toward her. I could see the lustful look in her eyes as her tongue began to flick against her upper lip Anonymous

    2008-06-16 03:52:41 Posted by
    fuck it hard and eat the vagina and clitoris of your friend's mother oh i think how enjoying it is . I have never fucked anyone and I am very much hungry .Is there anyone who fucks with me? I'm not just satisfied with the masturbate someone

    2008-06-16 03:59:51 Posted by
    i never had sex so i wanna fuck you jannice oh please i wanna see your clitoris xxx

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    i drank my own orgasm.. sex kitten

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    Want Janice to lick and love my length before I
    lap at up wet pussy and pound her til she comes

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    oh god i need someone to lick me out after that Anonymous

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    left me hard, horny and wanting to savour the taste of a wet woman. Let me eat you Mad 4 it

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    my finger is in my pussy as we speak, juices going down into my arse hole, would have loved you in me. Anonymous

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    what a story i also like to fuck and ate a 40+ pussy..mmmm mmm do u have that moms pls inform me i like to taste her pussy

    2008-07-25 13:19:39 Posted by
    Hi Niru, I am 78 but still hot, you can come and suck my pussy and give it to me in my arse Aunt Nickey

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    Nice ;DDDDDD hot

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    niru you got sexy ass :) Anonymous

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    aunty nicky i want to lick you up nagrul

    2008-09-03 19:13:07 Posted by
    mother fucker...haha Anonymous

    2008-09-07 17:25:03 Posted by
    great one...i am sorry that i didn't fuck my friends mom when his son was not home and she was totally wasted..shud have screwed her


    2008-09-16 17:41:35 Posted by
    This crap is what you guys consider GOOD? God, let me get my word processor out... Jack

    2008-09-23 19:59:55 Posted by
    ahh had 2 steal a vibrator soo hot prezzy

    2008-09-26 15:21:00 Posted by
    my mother has a big ass & i want to fuck & suck her ass james

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    My pussy is so wet and my clit is aching to be licked so much...anyone wanna do the honours... Erica

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    great if u cld suck ma dick Anonymous

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    Great story I never experienced a woman like janice..all I'm used 2 is immature girls hu don't want 2 really please a man,a nigga needs a grown ass woman hu loves great sex and a long 9 inch black dick Mr. pied piper

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    I will punish U for this!! Jesus

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    this is so freakin hot...couldnt resist playing with myself to it. submissive slut

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    I want 2 fuck my friend's mom. Sav

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    shit, erika let me, i gonna give you an oral that it would make your juices a flushflood bongs

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    2009-01-09 08:28:46 Posted by
    wow its amazing
    i would do da honours erica
    auntie nikey i want u badly
    i also want janice?whare r u ????
    Cravng 4 sex

    2009-01-13 23:51:29 Posted by
    i want fuck ngek

    2009-01-15 16:37:21 Posted by
    I wish I had a friends mom like that Anonymous

    2009-01-22 23:59:34 Posted by
    God, I was horny when I started to read this, and even more horny now! Had to stop reading for a few minutes to used my dildo, as I am alone! Not good enough! Think I will pop out for a drink, and see If I can pick someone up to bring me home and well.... fuck the hell out of me annonymous

    2009-01-23 23:53:31 Posted by
    Cumming right noww baby

    2009-01-24 16:35:55 Posted by
    Stil rubbing my clit, just thinking about janice Anonymous

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    I got so hard reading the story. Dame I need a pussy now. Horny Man

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    i busted Anonymous

    2009-02-13 21:33:36 Posted by
    wow i wish i knew a older chick dat i could fuck lucky bastard :P haha man thats a good story and i wish i had a milf like janice... or at least knew one yungstud

    2009-02-13 21:35:13 Posted by
    hungry erica i wish i knew you in person.. yungcock

    2009-03-17 14:53:31 Posted by

    2009-03-21 20:33:50 Posted by
    Its good reminds me of my friend R , she new what to do and when to do it really enjoyed good time with her . Wish to have her again . . . PRINCE

    2009-03-22 02:50:27 Posted by
    hi erika,fancy a bit of girl on girl pussy licking?..helen Anonymous

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    i am 50+ and want to fuck elder and younger pussies. On reading the story I masterbated since no one is available to fuck and suck my penies. The story is very nice. Hot Penies

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