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    A Night Out With the Girls

    (Current Rating 72/100, based on 95 votes)

    It is a Friday night after work and the girls are going out for drinks. At the restaurant Nikki is sitting around the table drinking and talking when a group of girls walk in. As it turns out they are friends of one of the girls in the group. After a few minutes of chatting at the table they all decide to get a bigger table and hang out together. Nikki is seated next to Monica. The evening goes on and several rounds of drinks have been drunk. It has been endless chatting around the table.

    The girls are all crammed pretty tight into the table and everyone is have a good time. As Monica puts her hands under the table, one of them end up on Nikki's leg. Nikki figures it is just a mistake and dismiss it. After a few minutes her hand is still there and she begins to rub her leg. She is a little surprised, but she is feeling pretty buzzed and her hand feels good rubbing her leg.

    Nikki is starting to get a little wet so she puts her hand under the table to stop Monica. Monica feels her hand and grabs it. Monica is holding her hand under the table. Nikki is a little surprised but doesn't want to let anyone else know what is going on. Monica slowly slides Nikki's hand over to her leg; she is wearing a short dress. Monica's legs are soft and firm. They feel good and Nikki starts rubbing them slowly. Her legs spread a little and Monica slides her hand up between her legs. Nikki is are a little hesitant as first, but she can feel her getting wet and it is turning her on.

    Shortly after that the party ends. They all start heading out. Once in the parking lot everyone is talking again. It is cold outside and Monica\'s nipples are hard. Nikki keeps noticing them. Monica catches her checking out her boobs and gives you a little smile. As the evening ends and everyone is getting into there cars, Monica drives up to Nikki and asks if she want to go and chat for a little while. Nikki is still a little intrigued so she agrees. Nikki hops into her mini van and pull into a dark and secluded part of the parking lot.

    After a few minutes of silly chat, Monica lens over and gives her a kiss. First it was a slow soft kiss. She was not sure how Nikki would react. Nikki feels a tingle all over your body and she reach over to pull her closer. Monica's mouths open and her tongue slips into her mouth. It feels great and Nikki is feeling a rush all over her body. The kissing goes on for several minutes when Monica's hands slide under her top. Her hand slowly works it way up and begins rubbing her tits. It feels incredible and Nikki's arch your back a little. Monica's hand slide down between Nikki's legs and begins rubbing her crouch. Her legs spread and Monica can feel her getting wet.

    Nikki's hand slides under Monica's top and she find a front hooking bra and she unsnap it. Her firm tits pop out with her very hard nipples. she begins to rub them and play with her nipples. They feel great in Nikki's hands and she wants to suck on them. She slides her top up and begin sucking them. Her nipples feel great in her mouth. she sucks on them hard and Monica begins moaning a little. Her hand is still rubbing Nikki's pussy when she unbuttons her pants. The zipper goes down and her hand slide in her pants. Nikki spreads her legs and Monica's finger slides between her lips and feels her incredibly wet pussy. Her clits is hard and she begins to rub it.

    Nikki's hand slides down between Monica's legs and she can feel her wet panties. She slides her panties to one side and slides her finger inside Monica. It is wet and tight. She feels Monica's G spot and begin to rub it. She moans and spreads her legs. By now the windows are fogged up and there is no one around. Nikki decides they need more room and crawl between the seats to the back of the van. Monica folds down the seat to make a little bed.

    They begin kissing again and both are exploring each others bodies. Both are wet and wanting to cum badly. Monica slides her pants off and then her panties. She slides Nikki's top up and begins sucking on her tits. Nikki's Nipples are hard. Monica hand is rubbing her mound and her hips are gyrating. Monica slowly starts kissing her stomach on her way between Nikki's legs. As she slides between Nikki's legs, her tongue runs between her lips and passes over her hard clit. She spreads her legs and slides her tongue inside of Nikki's wet pussy. Nikki arch her back and press her pussy into Monica's face. Monica begins licking her all over. Between her lips, over her clit, and around her wet pussy. The licking and sucking goes on slowly for several minutes when she reaches up and starts playing with Nikki's nipples and she continues to lick her clit. She pinches and pulls on her nipples and teases Nikki's clit with your tongue.

    Monica finds the sweet spot on her clit. She keeps her tongue teasing her clit all around the under side. She feels Nikki tense up. She grabs her by the hips and pulls your pussy into her face as she continues to lick Nikki's clit. She licks her as she start to cum. Her tongues is all over your clit and the orgasm seem like it lasts for an hours. When Nikki is done cuming she slide up between her legs. She stops at Nikki's tits and sucks on them as she is still coming. She continues up to her mouth and gives Nikki a long deep kiss. As she is kissing her, she slides her panties off and pulls up her skirt. She rubs her pussy on Nikki's and keeps the orgasm going a little longer.

    Nikki rolls over and get on top of Monica. She slides her top up and begin sucking Monica's tits. One hand slide between her legs and begins exploring her wet pussy. She begins rubbing her clit. Her legs spread and Nikki spread her lips as she rub her clit with your middle finger. Her hips grind a little and she moans slightly. Nikki's hand slide down between her legs and a finger slides into her pussy. Nikki makes it her G Spot and begins to rub it. Her hip gyrate even more and she moans even more. She slides a second finger into her pussy and she grinds even harder onto her hand. Nikki's fingers are sliding in and out and she is grinding on her hand. It was not long before she cums all over Nikki's fingers and she moans as her fingers are pounding in and out of Monica's pussy.

    Nikki pulls her dripping fingers out of her pussy and slide up between her legs. Monica begins rubbing her pussy onto Nikki's. Their clits are rubbing on each other and both grind on each other. Both are getting very horny again and Monica can feel that Nikki is going to cum again. They both keep grinding until they both cum on each others pussy.

    Nikki leans up and gives her a kiss. They lay in each others arms and both relax after the big orgasm. They both get your cloths back on and she drives Nikki back to her car. Once back at her car, she leans over and gives Nikki a kiss and asks her for your phone number. She says she would like to see her again. Nikki gets out of the car and into hers and drive home.

    Author: Jimbo

    2007-11-01 00:37:04 Posted by
    very hott, god i'm soaking wet. wetnstinky

    2007-11-01 06:00:39 Posted by
    that is very hot i'am so wet an horny panties

    2007-11-04 00:41:14 Posted by
    it was good but it wasnt in a story it was like u were tell what 2 people were doin so it kinda ruined it for me want to be my teacher

    2007-11-11 10:12:01 Posted by
    it was sort of confusing to me but i guess it was okay! Anonymous

    2007-11-16 16:46:15 Posted by
    that was really great.....i think i need to masturbate right now. thanks alot :))))))))))0 wowsers

    2007-11-21 12:35:56 Posted by
    so sexy
    i just fingered myself and called up my lesbian girlfriend to have a sleepover ;)
    im already cumming!

    2007-11-24 00:17:57 Posted by
    i had to read it that was hhhhooootttt! i think i want to do that i with a friend of mine :) wowsers

    2007-11-24 01:31:31 Posted by
    eat me NOW!!!

    2007-11-24 05:42:39 Posted by
    o im ganana cum o fuk o wanker

    2007-12-31 06:47:13 Posted by
    the grammar is terrible bitch

    2008-01-03 20:27:03 Posted by
    my went pink pussy is so wet someone cum lick my wet pussy Anonymous

    2008-01-10 12:24:16 Posted by
    I have had multiple orgasms reading this one. I gte the impression the author has had some experience; that's not all fiction. shysub

    2008-01-20 19:49:50 Posted by
    i had a great orgasm! i loved it. i need 2 fuk some1 right away! sexlover

    2008-01-27 04:11:30 Posted by
    the grammer was pretty bad. it was not in story form more like letting taking you step by step of what is about to happen which really does not make it fun to read. but whatever i guess!!!! Anonymous

    2008-01-29 13:44:26 Posted by
    jacked off 3 times xxx

    2008-02-03 18:08:19 Posted by
    hey wow i loved ur story would definitely want to do it witha girl angel11

    2008-02-06 13:40:52 Posted by
    very good story made me very wet horney girl

    2008-02-13 22:46:25 Posted by
    interesting with potential, but there is a language problem. Hey though, i enjoyed it. Anonymous

    2008-04-04 10:39:09 Posted by
    it's sucked upsetlesbo

    2008-04-07 08:33:40 Posted by
    Very sexy, got my cock throbbing. Would like to be hiding under the table at the restaurant quietly fingering;stroking;licking and eating their warm soft wetness. Muff marauder

    2008-04-26 23:34:48 Posted by
    That was HOTT!! Im soaking wet and im going to go fuck my husbands brains out!! Thx for the great story!! NikNak

    2008-04-30 01:54:48 Posted by
    yeah so the story was alright but grammer and first person, third person thing got me Anonymous

    2008-05-08 19:54:57 Posted by
    This story made me so wet....n e 1 wanna lick me? dapussyuwannalick

    2008-05-21 12:36:46 Posted by
    my cock is hard and need a hairy pussy to fuck. pakaya

    2008-05-23 19:08:08 Posted by
    my pussy is so wet rite now...i gotta go finger myself Anonymous

    2008-06-02 00:34:02 Posted by
    ahhhhhh eatt mii pussyyy ! lessqirl

    2008-06-10 15:56:36 Posted by
    I thought Monica was wearing a mini dress....... Nikki

    2008-06-24 18:27:13 Posted by
    I am about to come so hard i need to get eaten now Anonymous

    2008-08-04 12:36:41 Posted by
    me and ma girl were readint this now we r gonna go eat eachother out,although she was eating me out as we were reading this anonymous

    2008-09-14 01:04:02 Posted by
    I bet all the chicsk here saying that their pussys are wet and shit are guys :P.. Anonymous

    2008-10-12 15:37:01 Posted by
    omg that story was fucking great.i got so fucking horny.have u done that in real life if u have then cum try it on me:).i soo need to cum and im close cum eat me!!!!!! lick my lesbian pussy!!!

    2008-10-17 00:11:31 Posted by
    omg! im gonna go finger myself. hornybitch

    2008-11-21 17:50:21 Posted by
    oh man that shit was mad sexi.. now ii wanna go fuck my homegirl =p WET PUSSY

    2008-12-03 21:57:40 Posted by
    Poorly written, terrible grammar. sandy

    2008-12-18 00:10:48 Posted by
    Your grammar was fucking retarded. Dumb fuck.
    You change tenses all the time.
    And Monica was wearing a mini-dress.
    My mates and I didn't cum.
    I hope you're happy.
    I have a better story for you:
    "There once was this guy called Jimbo who went to school and learnt how to use the English language properly so he could write erotic short stories. The end."
    Meat Wallet

    2009-02-16 13:37:31 Posted by
    I always wanted to try a girl I got wet of that help me sombody Anonymous

    2009-04-06 19:31:41 Posted by
    Oh sounds so sexy Anonymous

    2009-04-08 23:37:54 Posted by
    My tits Pussylicker

    2009-06-18 10:13:46 Posted by
    The grammar is really bad. The story is quite good, but why no converation between them? s.

    2009-07-19 15:29:03 Posted by
    ugh god damn i am so fucking wet i need somebody to fuck me nnoooww!!

    i'm a screamer

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