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    A Tease

    (Current Rating 38/100, based on 103 votes)

    Robert had been away for two weeks on furlough with the reserve, I had not had any for two weeks and I was now starved for some action I mean starved. Robert asked if I would mind having supper with his parents on his return, to which I replied certainly, I mean I liked his parents very much they were very kind and not too nosy, so you did not get embarrassed when you were with them. We set the time so that I would arrive early enough to help his mother with dinner, well at least setting the table and stuff, while his father picked him up at the bus terminal.

    I prepared my self very particularly that evening, I was looking to satisfy myself, to stave off my starvation and I really did not care how it came about. I bathed myself in sweet smelling scents, I shaved my pussy clean, I did my nails in bright pink and perfumed my body with the savory smells that Robert loved. Dressing very casually since the season was a bit cooler, in a button down sweater and a woolen wrap around knee length skirt no undergarments would be necessary to night if I wanted to make my self available to Robert.

    I spent a pleasant hour with Robert's mother, engaged in small talk while we prepared supper, I even managed to flirt a bit with Robert's father, something I did every so often as I felt very accepted as part of this family. When Robert arrived however things changed a bit, he first noticed the sweater I was wearing, of course he could not help notice as I had made certain that the top buttons were undone as far as necessary to get his attention. The minute he got me alone, away from his parent's view he attacked me, putting his hands down the front of sweater and finding out that I was bare naked , bra less, he wanted to take things further right there and then. Mind you I was really in the mood for this but all things in their proper time and place, after all we were expected to eat with his parents so we could not just go off and fuck our brains out at this time. Besides that I was only interested in getting myself satisfied I really did not give a damn about Robert and!
    his manhood friend who was pressing hard up against my crotch while Robert fondled me.

    Dinner came off with out a hitch, every once in a while I would slip my leg up and push my foot between Robert's legs rubbing up and down but not allowing him to grab my foot and raise it any higher. I knew he wanted my to put my foot on his crotch and do some magic with my toes, but that was not going to happen, at least not while we were eating at the dinner table. To keep things exciting I kept fiddling with my sweater buttons during the meal, providing Robert with the thought that I might be going to undo a few more while we ate, therefore exposing more of my torso to him, but again that was not the game plan.
    Unfortunately I was a bit dumbstruck, when Robert's mother suggested that we all watch TV together, she had received a Video that she really wanted to watch and thought it would be nice if we watched it together.

    I was a bit heart sickened at this thought, as I had planed to get Robert alone in the family room and have my way with him. Now I had to content myself with the fact that his parents were going to keep us company. I was going to have to be very ingenious if I wanted to get my rocks off while they were present. The room set up was not as bad as I had thought, there was a couch up against the far wall with two large places , a love seat couch and a recliner chair placed off to the sides of the room, further up from the couch. Robert and I took over the couch, which left the other two seats for his parents, now if they concentrated on the TV Video, there would be little chance for them to see much of us that is if they concentrated on the TV Video. The room was lighted with two encased lamps, which were located near the ceiling, but in front of the couch, leaving Robert and I in a sort of darkness, except for the light from the TV which was on the far wall, but directly in front of us.

    Once we settled down, Robert of course knowing I was bra less slipped his hands in-between the buttons and began fondling, well almost mauling my breasts, pulling and pinching at my nipples, making them hard and elongated. My breathing became faster, shallower, as I reveled in his touching, something I had missed now for two weeks. I allowed him perhaps a bit more leeway than I would have normally, since his parents were sitting some 5 feet away, so he managed to unbutton my sweater completely, leaving him free access to my torso. Leaving prudence in the wind, I permitted Robert to pull my sweater open, away from my body so that he could suckle at my teats, his tongue working wonders on my body, bringing it to various heights of ecstasy, but at the same time I was just ever so tense expecting one or the other of his parents to turn to engage us in some conversation about the movie. This situation only heightened what I was feeling, my heart was beating at a fast pace, and !
    I could feel my juices flowing my body's emotions were getting the better of my concerns of being caught.

    I excused myself from Robert and headed for the washroom, where I was able to frig myself to a mini orgasm, relieving some of the built up tension, man that was really good, but I knew I needed more. I rearranged my wrap around, and put my sweater on back to front. If Robert was going to play with my teats, at least his parents would not be able to see his hands, it was unfortunate, but I would have to forego the tongue licking for now. I returned to the couch, setting my self down very purposely, very close to Robert, snuggling carefully into his body. Robert was quite surprised that I had managed to block his direct advances on my teats, but soon found that he was still able to slip his hand up under the front of the sweater. He was even more surprised when he wrapped his right arm around the back of my body and found a great expanse of naked skin, not only was he able to rub the naked area of my torso, but as he moved his hand down my back he found that he had complete !

    access to my bare thigh, leg and ass. I know that he was surprised as he let out a very evident gasp as he made his discovery. With my sweater on back wards, the opening was of course in the back, and I had just been holding the wrap around skirt by the ties as I came back form the washroom. When I took my seat I opened the skirt completely covering just the front of my body the entire back portion of me was naked against the couch, out of view of Robert's parents. I was feeling very very excited that I was pushing the package this far, I would never have thought I could do such a thing, taking a chance like this, leaving myself vulnerable to being caught in a very compromising position. As I watched the movements of his parents, my excitement increased, I could feel the build up of sexual emotion with in my body, and it would not take too much more for me to explode.

    Once Robert realized that there was a great deal of my being offered to his roving hands, he became a bit more aggressive, not only rubbing my tits, and my back side, he ventured further, pushing his hands down between my thighs, testing to see really how much was out in the open, testing to see just how far I was willing to let him go while we sat there in the family room with his parents. When he finally found that I was not wearing panties either, he re-adjusted our lounging position, pushing one hand down into my now leaking cunt, he slipped the other hand down under my ass and began rubbing at my anus. Unfortunately for me I had fixed my sweater in such a way that I could not benefit from any of Robert's stimulation once his hands had positioned themselves down under in my nether land area so I had to take matters in my own hands, pushing both of them up under my sweater ,I manipulated my own teats, pinching and pulling at my own nipples. I was now to far gone to conc!

    ern myself too much with being caught by his parents, I was in the throes of orgasmic glory, I was making noise, I was gasping for breath, I was all but screaming. It was very fortunate that his mother had chosen a video which required a loud audio sound, otherwise I am certain that his parents would have heard me building to a peak.

    As Robert fucked me with his fingers, I moved my ass around twitching my little hole, creating a suction that brought his finger into and past the ring, letting his major finger slip right up into my innards. I was ready now, I was rocking and rolling, pushing forward shoving my hot wet cunt on to his fingers, then I would push back hard into the cushions of the couch forcing the finger on the hand on my arse further up into the hole. I squeezed my own breasts, pinching my elongated nipples, almost in frustration, until I felt like it was going to break, it was going to break big time, I had to make it as the end of the movie was also very close ., I would not be able to cover up anything if I orgasmed after the end of the video, I risked the chance that both his parents would be left there staring at me. I had to make it, I increased the rhythm, working my body franticly, I rocked back and forth on Robert's firmly planted hands in my attempt to ride over the peak.

    Then it happened, I had heard some one telling me what happened when a motor broke a gasket and I do believe that is what happened to me when I finally reached the end and peaked. The movie ended, there was a scene of a large audience applauding for some reason, I of course took it as them applauding my performance as my body heaved and jerked in orgasmic bliss covering Robert's hands in a great flooding torrent of love juice as it poured forth from my body. I had wanted to come and I had, I noticed that I was squealing, so I brought my hands from underneath my sweater where I had them locked firmly on my breasts and stuck them in my mouth. All this action on my part had however caused my loose covering to fall particlly from my body, leaving me even more exposed if Robert's parents bothered to look. I melted, falling back into the couch, letting my whole body go limp as the last of my spasams rolled though as I lost myself in seventh heaven.

    It was Robert who brought me out of my stupor, he had noticed his mother moving, and grabbed at my fallen skirt pulling it up to cover my wide spread pussy. Suddenly I was jerked back into the real world ,
    trying best to sort myself into more modest appearance. Fortunately his mother did not turn the lights up as she excited the room telling us she was going to make some tea. I do not think she saw anything as there was nothing in her statement that appeared out of context nor did she stop to stare. A few minutes later, Robert's father got up and stretched his body, not saying anything at all, he simply left the room, heading to the washroom as we heard him close the door and turn on the fan. Once both his parents had cleared the room Robert attacked me, pushing me horizontal on the couch, letting my skirt drop to the floor and pulling my sweater from my body, stripping me naked as a jaybird. He planted a warm sloppy wet kiss on my mouth, at the same time , trying as fast as he could to lose his pants, trying to get his hard cock out in to the open and then into me. Just as he was about to force himself into my waiting cunt, his mother called down telling him to fix the video!

    and set the TV to her news channel as the tea would be ready shortly.

    Reluctantly Robert pulled away from me, leaving me spread wide and naked, my wet pulsating cunt facing the steps where his mother or father might be descending at any moment. Gathering my thoughts, I sat myself upright, wondering just how dangerously wicked I could be that evening. Wanting more, yet also wanting perhaps to cover my naked body I decided wanting more was the better option. I stood, walked the 10 feet over to where Robert was kneeing, and placed my still leaking pussy right in his face.
    I grabbed the back of his head, not giving him a minute to think and pushed his full face against my quivering body. I told him to clean me, to use his wonderful tongue on me, to suck me dry, and to do it quickly if he knew what I meant. Robert wasted no time at all, sticking his tongue into my hot box, and taking the occasion to push his finger once again up my ass hole. It took but a moment, I was so excited, excited about standing naked right there in the family room, excited that either of his parents would show up momentarily and catch us, excited because I had been waiting two whole weeks to satisfy my sexual frustrations, once his finger slipped completely up my bum, I came. This time it was not as intense, but came in ripples, little rolling waves, tingling my whole body, causing my legs to go numb on me, so that I fell into Robert toppling him right over.

    We lay t here for I would imagine only seconds, no matter how long it felt, before we heard the toilet flush. At that sound I moved quickly, leaving my love drippings all over Robert, as I scrambled for my clothes. I managed to finish buttoning the last button of my sweater just as Robert's mother stepped on the last stair coming into the family room. I knew I was flustered a bit and that I was still gasping for some of my breath, so I gave the impression that I had just jumped up from the couch to run over to help Robert's mother with the tray of tea. Robert's father arrived back in the room and set the lights up high so that he could enjoy his news program, so we all settled back quietly, to drink our tea and pass the remainder of the evening cuddling in our glory.

    I told Robert that I was really tired and wanted to be taken directly home, that evening, I was really being a bitch, leaving Robert with a throbbing hard on, not taking care to see that he also was satisfied, but that was life that evening. I had solved my problem, I had relieved myself of the pent up sexual anxiety and was looking for a good rest. Robert acquiesced to my wishes, that night, but made me pay dearly, however that will be a topic for another time.

    Author: Dreghorn

    2006-07-22 07:13:20 Posted by
    You do indeed write a most wonderful Fuck Story. i'll bet you're as hot as the story was. Anonymous

    2006-08-03 19:16:57 Posted by

    2007-07-05 00:10:46 Posted by
    great pleasurable story!

    2007-10-17 12:37:05 Posted by
    now i wanna fuck my wife.... and another woman at the same time. *wink wink* meya mane cowboy

    2008-06-26 11:34:02 Posted by
    that was the sexist story ever supercock3000

    2008-07-06 13:51:24 Posted by
    very very very sexxiii i am havin a orgasim just thinkin about it ohhhhhh ohhhhh ohhhh btw this is my story!!! Anonymous

    2008-07-06 13:52:34 Posted by
    god im havin a orgasim thinkin about this ohhh ohhh ohhh btw this is my story tht i worte lesbianbabe

    2008-08-02 21:06:02 Posted by
    fucking awesome Anonymous

    2008-08-06 16:54:56 Posted by
    i'm so fucking horney Anonymous

    2008-10-27 16:13:23 Posted by
    this story is so fucking hot i think i might just do that to my girlfriend right now Anonymous

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