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    Afternoon fun

    (Current Rating 88/100, based on 1207 votes)

    The analogy of women being like a fine bottle of wine and getting better with age truly applies to my old girlfriend's mother, Maria Gomez, as I haven't seen either of them in several years and had returned home for a job interview. I decided to visit my old girlfriend, Marissa Gomez, and as I had done probably hundreds of times, I opened the door leading to the backyard and expected to find Marissa stretched out on a lawn chair soaking up the sun with a glass of juice. I walked up from behind the lawn chair and saw someone sitting there; thus, I naturally assumed that it was Marissa and asked if she could give me a blowjob. Maria Gomez lifted her sunglasses and commented on her willingness to suck my cock and drain my balls, if only I was willing to return the favor by eating out her pussy.

    I was totally embarrassed and speechless as while Marissa's mom always had a good figure, Maria looked if she had been working out and looked just as good as Marissa. Maria was wearing a skimpy white bikini that really gave me a chance to admire her great figure. Maria then jumped off the lawn chair and wrapped her arms around me before giving me a very sensual kiss where Maria slipped her tongue into my mouth. I thought I was going to faint when I tasted the lemonade that Maria had been sipping as her tongue slipped against my own tongue. And at that moment, I forgot that Maria was my old-girlfriend's mother and not my ex-girlfriend as I slipped my hands to Maria's buttocks and pulled her to me. My cock thinking independently began to respond immediately by hardening to a full erection and threatened to tear a hole in my slacks.

    I could tell that Maria was a bit embarrassed with how I was responding as she slipped from my arms and tried changing the subject by asking if I had gone to visit my folks. I said of having done so after my flight home, as Maria slipped on her sunglasses and reminded me how much I always thought she looked like Catherine Zeta Jones. I told Maria that while they were angry, my folks understood that my scholarship didn't afford me the luxury of plane rides back to the west coast. I then commented on how I had mistook her for Marissa, as this caused Maria to comment that I couldn't believe where Marissa was. Maria said after a couple of years at the local state college and going no where, Marissa was attending the culinary academy and learning to be a chef. This had both Maria and me laughing, as Marissa was the girl that had difficulty boiling an egg.

    Maria said Marissa wouldn't be home for a few hours and suggested that I stay, as she said I take off my things and enjoy the pool. When I hesitated, Maria gave me another surprise as she pushed me into the pool and jumping into the water a few seconds later. But in actuality, the surprise was what happened after Maria jumped into the water as my old girlfriend's mother had decided to test if I truly found her desirable. Maria wrapped her arms and legs around me before kissing me again. And in between several kisses including one where she again slipped her tongue into my mouth; Maria moaned, "Oh baby, I was going melt when you had your hands on my ass." Then after another quick kiss, Maria said "I've always wanted you to fuck me after hearing Marissa and you doing it."

    I couldn't believe my fortune, as my ex-girlfriend's mother wanted to have sex with me as much as I wanted to do her. I slipped my hands to Maria's buttocks and kissed her before climbing out of the pool with Maria still wrapped around me. Maria dropped to her knees and began undoing my belt as I unbuttoned my shirt. Once I was nude, Maria didn't need any words as she gripped the shaft of my semi-erect penis and began stroking it while sucking on the bulbous head. And while I always thought Marissa gave great head, it was nothing compared with how Maria was sucking on my erect penis as there was an absolute hunger. Maria even did something that Marissa never did as she released my penis from her mouth and held it aside, while licking and sucking at my scrotum and balls. One other difference was that Marissa always gave me the impression that she gave me a blowjob as it was payback for going down on her, it was a total different situation with Maria as she appeared to truly enjoy what giving me head and the taste of my penis.

    Maria would lick my penis from the base near my scrotum to the tip of my penis before taking the bulbous head into her mouth. Maria's technique was wet and sloppy, but I absolutely loved the intensity, especially when Maria would deep throat my penis repeatedly and appear to almost choke before releasing my penis from her mouth. Maria did everything imaginable with my penis, as she would lick at the pink bulbous head as if it was a piece of candy before again taking it into her mouth. Something else that Marissa never did was to purse her lips on the shaft of my penis and slide her head back and forth before taking my penis again into her mouth. While what Marissa had done was simply a blowjob, what Maria was doing with her hands stroking the shaft of my penis while she used her lips, tongue and mouth on my scrotum and penis was truly oral lovemaking. And as much as I would want it to continue indefinitely, I finally climaxed and spewed what felt like gallons of cum into Maria's waiting mouth. It didn't surprise me as Maria appear to savor the flavor and taste of my cum, as she continued to suck on the bulbous head while continue to stroke the shaft of my erection with one hand and gently caressing my scrotum with the other.

    When Maria finally released my penis from her mouth, she stood up and gave me another toe curling kiss. I had Maria sit down on the lawn chair and said it was time for me to return the favor. And instead of jumping right to the deed as I might had done with Marissa, I decided to take some time before moving between Maria's thighs and getting a taste of her pussy. The approach I used was that I needed to coax Maria into letting me eat her pussy and make love to her, instead of accepting that it was a given; thus, I kissed Maria just as she had done with me and slipped it into her mouth and sliding my tongue against Maria's. While I kissed, Maria, I slipped my hand over her breasts and fondled them, as well as slipping a hand between her thighs and touching Maria's pussy. In between kisses, Maria was moaning and gasping as she was aroused and primed for just about anything I wanted to do.

    I didn't stretch things out very long, as I undid Maria bikini top and fondled her perfect C-cup breasts. While I had my palms on Maria's breasts, I could feel that her nipples were erect and she was ready for some immediate attention. I kissed and licked a trail from the lips of Maria's mouth to her breasts. And while I suckled on each of Maria's nipples; usually pinching and rubbing whatever nipple I didn't have in my mouth. Maria moaned and cooed while I played with her breasts and nipples with my tongue and fingers; but they were nothing compared to the noises Maria made when I began to lick at her pussy. After I had played with each of Maria's nipples, I gave Maria a hint to what I wanted to do next by rubbing my fingers at the crotch of her bikini bottoms. And when I felt it was time, I knelt on the grass and moved my attention to Maria's pussy. I kissed and licked at Maria's inner thighs before licking at the sheer fabric of her bikini bottom, directly over her!

    I could taste a mixture of love honey from Maria's pussy with the chlorine from the pool. I knew that the lips of Maria's pussy were already swollen, as I finally slipped off her bikini bottoms and made direct contact with the swollen pink lips of Maria's pussy. Maria was going nuts as she fondled her breasts and pinched her own nipples as I pressed my mouth over Maria's pussy and began licking at her pussy. I was in absolutely no hurry, as I licked my tongue up and down Maria's vaginal opening. I took my sweet time as I wanted to savor not just what I was doing, but the taste of love honey that oozed from the inner depths of her pussy. Maria moaned and panted her share of, "Oh yeah" and "Oh god" as Maria made sure that I knew she was really enjoying what I was doing. I used my tongue to fuck Maria's pussy and almost forgot the fact that this was my ex-girlfriend's mother and not simply some sweet piece of ass.

    I decided that Maria should have her first orgasm, as I licked at Maria's clitoris while finger-fucking her. Maria's response was quick as she thrust her hips off the lawn chair and within minutes, Maria Gomez experienced her first orgasm of the afternoon. I didn't stop, as I stayed with what I was doing and brought Maria to a second and then third climax. And while I knew some women faked orgasms, I knew Maria was truly having an orgasm by the release of love honey. I thought of giving Maria a chance to catch her breath, but Maria was more than ready as she rubbed at her pussy and began pleading for me to fuck her. I was more than willing, as I brought the bulbous head of my erect penis to Maria's vaginal opening and teased her a bit as well as getting some of her love honey on my penis before penetration. I place my hands on Maria's hips and thrust forward, getting as much of my erect penis into Maria and giving her a chance feel my cock fully lodged in her pussy.

    While I piston my cock in and out of Maria's pussy, I thought of how wild it was that I was fucking Marissa's mom and began to think about the differences between mother and daughter. I concluded that while the sex with Marissa was great, she wasn't as responsive as her mother as Maria moaned and panted continuously all the while I was fucking her. Maria also appear to enjoy the sensation of my cock slipping out of her pussy completely before I forced it back in. Maria also did something that Marissa never did as she reached down and rubbed at her clitoris to intensify the lovemaking. Maria responded by having an intense orgasm that caused her to release several jets of love honey. When I withdrew for a moment, Maria sat up and grasped the shaft of my penis before pulling the head to her mouth. Maria sucked and stroked the shaft of my erect penis as to make sure that it was sufficiently hard for what she wanted to do next.

    Maria pushed me on the grass before climbing on top of me and impaling herself. Maria was facing me as she bounced up and down on my erection; thus, this allowed me to kiss her as well as fondle her breasts. I thought Maria was enjoying herself, but Maria went absolutely nuts when she changed positions and impaled herself facing away from me. Maria increased the speed of the pace of the lovemaking, as at times it appeared if Maria was trying to punish herself; but this was nothing compared with the intensity of lovemaking that was to follow when I fucked Maria doggie-style. I slammed my cock into Maria's pussy with the same intensity as she rode my cock and had Maria howling as if she was in pain. Then it struck me, I remember how Maria fondled her clitoris while I was fucking her in the missionary position and I decided to reach around to do the same. The result was an intense orgasm by both me and Maria. Maria collapsed on the grass with me doing the same atop of her with my cock still lodged in her pussy.

    Maria and I rested for a few minutes before jumping into the pool nude. The old adage of slippery when wet truly applies as the sensation of Maria's nude body rubbing against my own was like an aphrodisiac as it caused my penis to respond by hardening to another erection. I wanted to fuck Maria in the water, but she stopped me and said of wanting to resume our lovemaking on the grass. I wasn't going to argue with Maria and was happy that I didn't argue with her, as she gave me head before letting me fuck her in the missionary position before I climaxed for a third time that afternoon. Maria and I decided to get cleaned up in the house before getting dressed, it was a good thing that we decided to quit when we did because Marissa came home just a few minutes later. It was the most afternoon fun that I had experienced and an afternoon I won't soon forget.

    Author: D.King

    2006-05-05 03:37:01 Posted by
    I wish I could find a Mom Like that. Chuck

    2006-05-07 05:12:29 Posted by
    lol where do i sign up!!!! Dray

    2006-05-08 22:43:24 Posted by
    Now that was a good "fucking" story!!!! Danny C.

    2006-05-09 10:01:51 Posted by
    dis is shit f***

    2006-05-09 10:05:03 Posted by
    il fuk her maself n ride her for a nite.i liv on your street maria. 1 day i wil fuk u!!! n make luv!!!. i also saw u 2day u horny bitch!! Tom Ratford

    2006-05-18 10:56:04 Posted by
    where is this guy when I need a good chewing out??!! Tangent

    2006-05-25 03:03:46 Posted by
    i ad a reli wet pussy at the end of this story, now im gna get my vibrator and get off, wile imagining tht it is this boi! Anonymous

    2006-05-26 23:05:06 Posted by
    Now this one is better written and more coherent. I notice the author is the same and that makes me wonder if someone isn't just posting stories he has found somewhere else rather than writing his own, but, whatever... This one was good. Not the best I have ever read, but good... lapetitmort

    2006-06-03 12:47:55 Posted by
    stop what u ar doing it is bad u are delyin people. repent 4 the kingdom of God is at hanb the preacher

    2006-06-04 13:09:26 Posted by
    Bad enough John

    2006-06-16 22:27:04 Posted by
    great story, i really enjoyed reading it PUSSYLICKER

    2006-06-29 23:49:15 Posted by
    i think that milfs are reallt good to fucking..
    they should be banged hard........hmmm

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    2006-07-23 18:33:04 Posted by
    i wish i could find a mom that would do it jio

    2006-08-02 11:08:46 Posted by
    Im wish I could be therere Anonymous

    2006-08-03 18:58:59 Posted by
    My second time to read this story and my second time to jack off and cum all over my self! I am glad you use cock and cunt. Please add prick next time...............sailor Anonymous

    2006-08-24 06:43:46 Posted by
    Excellent story A lot of guys would love to fuck their girls mother including me. I just waiting for the chance. On the negative side used the word bulbous a little to much. anonymous

    2006-10-12 03:47:02 Posted by

    2006-10-17 19:14:27 Posted by
    disgusting john L

    2006-10-28 01:41:21 Posted by
    wow, what a story you fucking asshole! That was way too much fiction! I got one hell of a wet pussy just after reading the first part!!!!! Won't you come and fuck me next time?? little angel nextdoor

    2006-11-25 15:45:58 Posted by
    i think that you should tell this story to the Marissa.Maybe you will make love with both woman (mother and daughter).Imagine that you are licked Maria's pussy and you fuck Marissa's pussy.You achieve this is the perfect afternoon. ady4

    2006-11-30 05:37:08 Posted by
    That was my missus you fucked, next time let me watch sixty

    2006-12-31 10:18:49 Posted by
    this was a good story, i really enjoyed it lia

    2007-01-01 10:15:41 Posted by
    That was a really steamy story,it got me all worked up. I think I will have to check on what my sexy mom gets up to on her days off.
    Luv Jenny Cook

    2007-02-13 17:12:21 Posted by
    got me all fired up better go and find me fella hes in for a good night Anonymous

    2007-04-05 06:24:38 Posted by
    i just came on my computer screen 2 minute man

    2007-04-19 00:56:18 Posted by
    wow. AXX

    2007-06-15 11:05:50 Posted by
    wow Anonymous

    2007-06-25 13:44:16 Posted by
    too many repetive words... especially the names. and i can't imagine if any man was enjoying his encounter he would be comparing it to another woman. that would usually take place afterwards. the story line was good... kinkeemilf

    2007-06-28 21:43:45 Posted by
    Nice! Keep up the great work. Very useful. Keep it up! onwards06

    2007-08-09 22:52:22 Posted by
    i do feel the thrill rani thomas

    2007-09-15 08:51:31 Posted by
    made me finger my pussy till orgasm, but the repeating of Maria's name became a pause thus making it less thrilling there's no need to use bulbous and love honey as much either try other descriptive words. 24/7 cocklover

    2007-10-01 05:34:51 Posted by
    great fucker. wish i was around to get my pussy licked and sucked by you. good one. really made me horney. I fingered and got an orgasm while reading but wish u were aroun. Anonymous

    2007-10-16 22:16:14 Posted by
    cock hard must go wake the wife horny

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    Damn.the story was good.i feel horny afta reading on ur story.and u made my pussy wet. Dona 999

    2007-11-20 19:35:08 Posted by
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    2007-11-22 22:37:51 Posted by
    WOW Anonymous

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    Shit story Anonymous

    2007-12-04 15:52:55 Posted by
    That shit was so damn wack i hated that shit thats nasty how the hell can u fuck someone that old u nasty bastard Not pleased

    2007-12-14 23:25:08 Posted by
    shame with you god is waching you Anonymous

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    2007-12-20 06:46:14 Posted by
    I wish i cud find d hottest experiencd women like her. No issues wil satisfy her d same way. Samy23

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    2008-01-01 01:15:25 Posted by
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    2008-01-10 11:26:34 Posted by
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    2008-01-20 15:29:31 Posted by
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    2008-02-04 22:23:54 Posted by
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    Shes a slut Anonymous

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    Ever heard of pronouns? Try the word "she". countludwig

    2008-04-08 18:57:51 Posted by
    why do most of the stories i've read in this keep mentioning the persons name. its really annoying!!! i'm not exatally a writer myself but the story would be a lot better by just writing SHE Anonymous

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    wish that was me! it all sounds GREAT to me. cwboone98103

    2008-05-13 05:42:11 Posted by
    This Wasnt That good But it was OK. Anonymous

    2008-05-15 05:00:55 Posted by
    what a story?.. pretty good.. fuckharder

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    That was fucking awesum man...i giv a mind blowing bj 2 much beta than that bitch! Drunk&Gorgeous

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    I want her ass Shaft

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    love it Anonymous

    2008-05-27 12:32:58 Posted by
    had better! am better u'llneverknow

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    that shit was sick. im fuckin my gfs mom and my gf Anonymous

    2008-05-29 17:23:11 Posted by
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    2008-05-31 13:00:44 Posted by
    I think it had too much of description of oral sex and use of word bublous was too hectic. Nice but could have been better presented. Anonymous

    2008-06-01 23:13:29 Posted by
    im fingering myself now gurlwat

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    do it 2 me ! Anonymous

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    theres alot of comments.... Anonymous

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    this story is so fake. . . whoa that mom is such a freakin slut

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    2008-08-08 22:07:06 Posted by
    oh whatever. Anonymous

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    Shes going to be well pissed when she sees her monitor covered in my slime i better clean up
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