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    Animal Lust

    (Current Rating 38/100, based on 324 votes)

    Dallas walked into his office disgusted that the zoo's board of trustees had hired someone without consulting him, nor giving him the courtesy of allowing him to at least interview the candidate and make a recommendation. She was supposed to be a talented animal behaviorist, that the board felt would be an asset to the zoo. Dallas knew that there was more to the decision than her abilities....he also discovered that she came from a very wealth family that offered the board of trustees access unlimited assets.

    Money...pure and simple. Dallas didn't even know when she would be arriving. It seems she wanted to come in unannounced to observe the animals, and how they were handled without the staff knowing she was even around. Seems underhanded somehow, but his hands were tied....he had to go along with the boards decision. Hell...he didn't even know what she looked like. Probably some stodgy old woman, with thick glass and an ass to match.

    Dallas liked working nights....he let his assistant, and the other staff work the day shift...he felt he could get more accomplished at night without distractions like during the day. He wondered if that would change with this new animal behaviorist around...whenever she decided to show up. Dallas returned after his dinner....the zoo was closing so he'd have the place to himself. It was a medium sized zoo, so their budget didn't allow for a large contingent of security,(although that might change with the influx of funds this new hire might bring) but they did have a high tech electronic surveillance.

    After completing some busy work Dallas decided to take a look around the zoo. He loved walking the zoo at night...that's when the animals were most active....especially the lions, tigers and the really fascinating animals. Dallas liked the animals more than least he knew what to expect from them. Before going out Dallas checked his electronic surveillance monitor. There was something unusual on the screen. It looked as if someone was near the gorilla area. He zoomed in and saw a figure leaning on the railing. It was a woman, and she seemed....she seemed to be touching herself.

    Dallas was transfixed as he watched her on the monitor. She was tall, and had beautiful feature....although it was difficult to see exact details. One thing was for sure....she had a great body, and Dallas was starting to become aroused. Who was this woman and what the hell was she doing in the zoo after hours? He was about to go find out when she pulled her blouse open and cupped her breasts in her hands, and started squeezing them, and tugging at her nipples. There was a large male silver back gorilla with an enormous hard on watching her as she pleasured herself.

    Dallas had a raging hard on of his own as he decided to take a closer look. Dallas quickly made his way to the gorilla sanctuary, and quietly moved in closer. She was even more beautiful than he'd thought. She had beautiful dark skin...her shoulder length black hair shimmered in the moonlight. Dallas watched as she ran her tongue over her lips, closing her eyes and tilting her head slightly as she started cumming. Dallas was totally mesmerized by this beauty. His curiosity was quickly turning to lust....there was something about her that exuded a pure animal like passion.

    Dallas walked toward the woman expecting her to scream when she saw him, but it didn't matter.....he was drawn to her like a moth to a flame. With her eyes still closed she parted her legs, her short skirt riding up exposing a thong that barely covered her pussy. As Dallas unzipped his trousers and removed his aching cock...taking it in his hand, she began rubbing the front of her thong with her long fingers. For some reason she opened her eyes and looked directly into Dallas' eyes. Instead of screaming she smiled and looked at his large thick cock that Dallas was now stroking as he watched her.

    Saying nothing she turned and faced Dallas, pulling her thong aside, exposing her pussy. Her lips were full, and they too glistened in the light of the moon. Her lips were wet with her juices as she parted her wet lips with her middle finger, running it back and forth as Dallas smiled and watched. After several minutes had past her eyes seemed to glaze over, and her body began to shudder as she started cumming. When her orgasm had subsided she raised her cum soaked finger to her lips and slipped her finger into her mouth. Dallas just watched and smiled. After tasting her love juices she put her finger between her lips again and this time she pulled her finger from between her lips and offered it to Dallas.

    Dallas stepped forward, and spoke softly as he took her hand in his. "Trade you," as he offered her his eight inches of hard cock. "Of course," she replied as Dallas raised her finger to his lips, and into his mouth. He closed his eyes and tasted her sex as he felt the warmth of her lips slide over his cock. He moaned as she swirled her tongue over the head of his cock, sticking the tip of her tongue in the opening at the end. After a couple minutes of teasing she took his whole cock into her mouth as he caressed her check with the back of his hand. With her free hand she began fingering her pussy again.

    Suddenly she took Dallas' cock from her mouth and stood up. Her eyes sparkled as she put her arms around his neck and parted her lips ever so slightly, kissing him....their tongue entwined in an erotic dance of sexuality. It seemed to be lust at first sight as Dallas caressed her beasts, running his thumbs over her hard nipples. She reached down and before he knew what was happening Dallas' pants were down around his ankles. Dallas put his arm around her waist pulling her too him as their lust started to overwhelm them both. She raised her leg and began running her leg up against his thigh, as she ground her crotch into his.

    Dallas slid his hand down her back and tore the thong from her body tossing it aside. Dallas them moved his hand over and under her ass, raising her slightly...enough so his cock could enter her pussy. She gasped as Dallas' cock penetrated her sex....the two of them kissing with such animal like passion that the energy spewed from their beings, which seemed to be sensed by the other animals....especially the gorillas who themselves seemed to be drawn into this animal lust. The air was filled with the sounds of passion, both human and otherwise as Dallas thrust his cock deep into this woman's depths.

    She clawed at Dallas' back.....digging her nails into his skin...but instead of pain he felt only lust. Dallas kissed, and ran his tongue over her shoulders and neck as if he were drinking in the passion. She too could taste the lust that exuded from her lovers body. Finally Dallas could feel his impending orgasm starting to weaken his knees. Removing his cock from her pussy she knelt down and took his fat cock in hand and deep throated Dallas...pumping his cock as he groaned. Dallas' body began to jerk, his knees buckled as he sent a torrent of cum down her throat.

    After they had gathered their wits Dallas and this mystery woman gathered their clothes. She looked into Dallas' eyes and smiled. "You must be Dallas....I've heard so much about you....I'm Malika....your board of trustees hired me." "You mean you're the animal behaviorist?" "Yes....does that displease you?" "No....not at all." "I just never expected someone sensuous." "Let's go into my office Malika and tell me more about yourself." "Alright."

    Once inside his office in the light Dallas could see just how beautiful she really was. She had beautiful carmel brown skin, and beautiful raven black hair and the most sultry brown eyes. "Where are you from?" "I was born in the Republic of the Ivory Coast....not far from Guinea." "My father was from Guinea, and my Mother was French." "They were both animal behaviorists as well as zoologists." "I followed in their footsteps." "I have my father's passion for gorilla's and my mother's passion for love." Malika stepped closer to Dallas who had yet to put his shirt on. Malika licked her lips and ran her fingers over his muscular chest.

    "Are we going to talk all night Dallas?" "I can see that you are a man of great passion, and I think you prefer to be with animals more than people....just like me....and like me you are a very sensual, and have a lust for life." "Am I wrong?" "'re absolutely right." "Then would I be right in assuming that it you'd rather make love now, and finish our little interview later?" Dallas took Malika into his arms..."Right again." They kissed and the passion started to flow once again. Dallas paused for a moment, asking Malika..."Do you like the large cats?" "Yes...why?" "I have an idea...something I think you'd like....may I?" Malika's curiosity was stimulated...."Yes... of course."

    Dallas took Malika by the hand and led her over to an area next to the area where the Tiger's were. "This area over here is being renovated for the Tigers to better resemble their natural habitat....I thought you might enjoy making love in this area.....right next to the Tigers...where they could see us and we can see them." "Ohhh yes...this is so perfect...let's go in." Dallas led Malika inside the area next to the Tigers cage. Two large cats, one male one female saw Dallas and Malika enter the area next to them They began to pace and growl as they watched Dallas and Malika.

    Dallas and Malika found a spot that offered them a unobstructed view of the magnificent animals. Dallas and Malika began to kiss and caress one another as they laid down in the soft cool grass. Something seemed to come over Malika as she pushed Dallas onto his back. Malika started to crawl on all fours like a cat stalking it's prey. She began kissing and licking his legs, while pawing at his upper thigh as she worked her way up his leg. Dallas had never been so aroused by a woman before....this woman was sexy wild....and so damn erotic.

    As Malika neared his crotch, she looked up at Dallas, smiling as she licked his balls with her tongue, licking...probing as she sent chills up his spine. She inched ever closer taking his left testicle into her mouth and sucking on it, rolling it around in her mouth as Dallas moaned with pure pleasure. Malika grabbed his erect cock, pushing it back toward his stomach, causing his balls to lift up exposing that underside of his balls, and that area between his balls and his anus. Malika began licking the underside of his balls, making Dallas moan louder. The large cats in the neighboring cage seemed to sense the sexuality in the air, as they began moaning in their own if they too were aroused by the sight before them.

    Malika opened her mouth, and gently bit down on Dallas' sack, gently tugging at it. She move forward so her tongue could be downward, as she ran her tongue on the area between his balls and anus. Dallas never realized that area was so sensitive. His body shuddered as Malika drew closer to his ass. When her tongue slipped between his cheeks and penetrated his ass he was sure he would cum, but Malika was prepared... she squeezed the base of his cock, preventing him from cumming. After a few minutes of glorious torture Malika raised up and took Dallas' cock deep down her throat. Dallas moaned even louder, eliciting a like response from the large cats watching.

    Malika brought Dallas to the edge again, only to stop him from cumming again. Malika maneuvered herself around so her pussy was over Dallas' face. Dallas looked up at her beautiful full pink lips, wet from her love juices. He placed his hands on her hips and pulled her to his mouth. Dallas darted his tongue around her sex, making Malika the one now moaning from erotic pleasure. He ran his tongue over her creamy lips, tasting her sex as he explored her folds. Then he ran his tongue up her ass, as Malika grabbed onto his legs, and pushed her ass into his face. "Yeessssssssss," she hissed, almost sounding like a snake. "Yeeesssssssssssss, ohhhh yeeesssssssssssssssssssss, lick my ass...oohhhhh yessssssssssssss." Dallas was spurred on by her arousal, penetrating her ass, causing Malika to cum over and over.

    Finally the two rolled over and over on the grass in an erotic love wrestle till Dallas pinned her to the ground, and shoved his large cock into her pussy. Malika shrieked when Dallas started pounding her pussy with his cock sending the larges cats into a if they were cheering them on. Malika wrapped her legs around Dallas' waist, as she dug her nails into his shoulders. She was like a wild animal as Dallas thrust his raging hard on deep into her pussy. Dallas could feel his orgasm nearing as Malika started cumming, moaning loudly....almost screaming as she came over and over. Dallas too started to grunt loudly as he felt his load rushing up his cock and spewing out, splattering the walls of Malika's vagina.

    After Dallas had emptied his load into Malika it dawned on him that he and Malika were screaming they had cum so hard. The cats were also in a frenzy roaring their approval. After they gathered themselves together Dallas and Malika made their way back to the office. It was nearly dawn... the morning staff would be coming in at any minute. Malika went home with Dallas where they showered, and had breakfast before going to bed. As Dallas and Malika laid there in each others arms Dallas thought he must remember to thank the zoo's board of trustees for their infinite wisdom for hiring such a beautiful, erotic woman. From that day on Dallas and Malika worked together, alone with the animals, making love at all the different sanctuaries of the zoo. Dallas and Malika couldn't have been more happy....they had each found their soul mate.

    Author: FantasyWeaver

    2006-06-14 09:44:19 Posted by
    True animal luv, but whats that nasty african twist to it? Kt

    2006-06-15 05:06:10 Posted by
    Nasty African twist??? You're looking for something that isn't there. FantasyWeaver

    2006-06-15 05:07:44 Posted by
    Nasty African Twist???? I don't know what story you're reading, but you're seeing something that's not there. FantasyWeaver

    2006-06-15 20:27:48 Posted by
    very interesting...she sounded beautifle...that would be awsome...wat african twist are u talking bout..the part from her being from down south...huh watever... zorey

    2006-06-20 20:18:16 Posted by

    2006-06-24 08:41:16 Posted by
    very erotic NDM

    2006-08-02 08:23:34 Posted by
    only to say cum to me dallas cuntzburning

    2006-09-03 23:28:49 Posted by
    This was a great story....she sounds beautiful and so erotic....loved it...job well done Sunbird

    2008-03-29 10:05:18 Posted by
    Great story. Though I'd still like to hear more, but these damn short stories are just that "short stories." Dassad

    2008-04-12 21:28:38 Posted by
    This is such a great story. Got me so wet Anonymous

    2008-06-02 23:21:52 Posted by
    Guinea is in Africa, that's what they mean by African twist.

    This story is great. sequel?

    2008-10-11 12:59:36 Posted by
    i am wet pot leaf

    2008-11-14 18:12:32 Posted by
    lovvvvved it! Anonymous

    2009-05-14 03:18:56 Posted by
    ha! i work at a zoo, awsome story, gave me great ideas that i cant wait to try. anyone care to join me? zookeeper

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