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    Bachelor Party Surprise

    (Current Rating 77/100, based on 12 votes)

    My fiance Judy and I have known each other since high school. My name is Ken and we are both in our early 30s now and have lived together for 10 years. She is a computer programmer and is quite successful. I think that Judy is a gorgeous woman and I know that many others agree with me. She keeps herself physically fit and is

    "Judy when are you going to pay up for our bet?" I asked. "Soon enough." she replied. I was curious to know which option she picked but I figured the wait made it all the sweeter.

    We both enjoy betting each other on any number of themes including politics. She usually wins these bets (I have paid for a lot her shopping trips) but occasionally I win one. This time I bet her that our political party would get elected with more seats than last time and she bet that they wouldn't.

    Because she makes so much more money than I do I have started to bet other things such as picking the next 20 movies that we will watch, picking the restaurants that we go to for 10 times as well as a number of other off the wall humorous picks. Because this election only happens every 4 years we upped the ante. We each made a list of possible things and the loser would have to pick one of them.

    Lately we have start to think that this might be our last chance at a family and being old fashioned we decided that we would get married so that our child would be born in wedlock. Our wedding was in two weeks and my bachelor party was set up for this weekend. All the arrangements had been made, the guests invited, the wedding dress had been bought and fitted, so we could finally relax.

    "Remember to remind Dave that there is to be no stripper at this party." "I will." I said. Dave is my best man, a guy we have both known since high school. Dave had even tried to date Judy but she had preferred me.
    "I don't want you fucking any gross stripper." Now Judy is no prude, we even taped some of our bedroom adventures, but she does have some funny ideas. She didn't even like the idea of the porn at the bachelor party that Dave had lined up.

    It was finally the evening for the bachelor party. We were holding it at Dave's place and Dave had invited a number of people that both Judy and I knew including two of my brothers. Judy's father and brother couldn't make it for the party but were coming to the wedding. My father was only coming to the wedding. All of the guys at the stag were coming to the wedding and I told Judy who was going to be there. Most of them had been over to our place many times for football games, hot tub parties, etc. One of the guys named Rick had been over at our place a couple of times, but he made me a bit nervous the way he always leered at Judy and tried to flirt with her, although I felt guilty how hot that made me feel.

    "This party is going to be dull without any strippers." said Rick as I walked into the front door. Dave explained that we would be too drunk to notice by the end of tonight. Dave also explained that everyone else was here and we could get started. "Hi Justin." I said as I walked into the door. "I didn't know that you were coming!" Justin is Judy's oldest sister's boy. She used to babysit him until he grew too old. He is staying in dorm at the university. "Yeah, I thought that I should invite him since he just turned 18 and he is an usher at the wedding." said Dave. 18 is the legal drinking age in this area. "What would you like to drink?" said Dave.

    I took my drink and sat down laying my laptop beside me. "Why did you bring that?" John asked. John is a guy that used to work with Judy and coincidentally lives just down the street. "Judy said that she wanted to apologize for nixing the stripper and recorded a welcome message for you that I am supposed to play before we get started."

    I hooked up the laptop to the 60 inch plasma TV's HDMI port and powered up the laptop as I was instructed to do. The video started automatically with Judy standing in our living room all dressed up in her wedding dress and veil. She looked extremely sexy in that wedding dress "It is bad luck to see the bride before the wedding, but she sure looks good." said John. "She must have recorded this while I was away on course last week. I wonder where she got the camera to record this with? I can see every freckle" I thought.

    She slowly took off her veil and smiled while looking into the camera then shook her head slowly letting her hair flow like a shampoo commercial. She backed up slightly and I noticed that she was wearing very high heels. At this point she did a slow turn so that we could see her from all angles.

    Her next move was to start unfastening the hooks on the back of her dress. "What the hell is she doing" I said as I jumped up to stop the video at the same time as six guys grabbed me and handcuffed me to a chair. I had an idea of what she was doing and was not sure what I thought of the idea. The guys just stood there with a stunned look on their faces.

    "Welcome to the stag party boys" she said in a sexy voice. "I owe all you guys so much for shingling our roof and rebuilding our basement after the sewer backed up. I hope this makes up for a small part of that. I am sure you are wondering why I am doing this and how far I am going to go. Stay tuned. Ken and I made a bet a while back and I lost. He presented me with a list of options that I could do to pay the bet. I didn't like any of them and shouldn't have made the bet. A bet is a bet and I am willingly doing this. Please don't blame Ken for this as I am sure that this option was only a joke that he put on the list. One of the items on the list was to make a sex video and let him show it to his friends. By powering up the laptop he did this! Enjoy!" I was trying to get free at this point and pleading with them to turn it off. I got a sock stuffed into my mouth as my reward.

    She continued her strip and slowly hiked the dress over her head. The next thing to come off was her slip and she was soon standing in only her bra, panties, sheer nylons and garter. With stripper music playing in the background she proceeded to dance very provocatively with lots of hip movement. At the middle of the song she reached back and unhooked her bra and held it up covering her tits while continuing to dance.

    The other guys were sitting there cheering and I was wondering if she would quit here. As the song was ending she turned her back and took off her bra, throwing it off camera. She turned back to face us and held her hands over her breasts while continuing to dance.

    The next song started and she suddenly let her hands down. The guys eyes were glued to the TV as her boobs bounced to the music. As the music continued she sat on a chair and slowly removed her garter and her stockings. I couldn't believe that I was getting hard watching the guys watch Judy. She then slowly removed her sexy pair of lacy panties. She slowly turned to the camera and showed us her cunt.

    She was completely shaved except for a small tuft of hair above her pussy. I couldn't believe this. She had never shaved before! She pointed to the tuft of hair and said "As you can see I am a natural brunette". At this point I noticed that all six guys had their cocks in their hands. My shy fiance who had never been nude in front of anyone but her doctor and I was on display for all these horny guys! The camera then cut away to a close up of her playing with herself.

    The segment ended with her back dressed in her blue business outfit. She said "This is for you John. I saw you looking at me in this outfit at work when you thought that I wasn't looking". She then proceeded to do another complete strip to the music. I noticed that she was wearing a different bra and panties. As the music ended she ended up nude again.

    The camera cut out and she appeared again wearing her two piece bathing suit. "This is for you Rick" she said. "you couldn't talk me into taking off my top in the hot tub but you get your wish now". She did a strip out of her bathing suit and one other one.

    The next segment was Judy dressed in a blouse and skirt. "This is for you Curtis. Ken has told me how much of a leg man you are" Curtis is my cousin and has been noticed eying her up when she wore skirts or dresses. She proceeded to do strips out of every skirt and dress she had with camera angles to enhance her legs. Each time she was wearing a different set of nylons and bra and panties, most of which I had not seen before.

    "My last segment is for Ken's brothers who I am told are breast men. The more bounce the better." She changed in and out of many pairs of bras and played with her tits extensively. The camera then cut to a treadmill with her on it nude walking slowly. There was a steady wiggle from her 36 C breasts. She then turned the speed up and started jogging. The effect was like poetry in motion. She ended up getting quite sweated up but she wasn't the only one. I was finally untied and allowed to relieve myself. The other guys had already done so more than once.

    Judy finally stopped and announced "I am sure that when I go down the aisle you will be able to imagine me without that dress on in more detail now! I cannot believe how hot making this video has gotten me. Please don't tell anyone what kind of porn you were watching." With chuckle she continued. "You could say that you were watching our home movies. After today I will pretend this episode ever happened."

    The final segment was of our 'private' sex videos spliced together. These were extremely hot and included the Kama Sutra of sex positions and sex toys."Man, I have got to get a copy of this tape" said Rick as the video ended. At that moment a program kicked in stating that it was wiping the file. "No!" the guys screamed.

    With a wink in my eye I told Justin that I wouldn't tell Judy he was here if he didn't.

    The wedding will be interesting!.

    Author: dalton_rick

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