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    Becky, please don't stop!

    (Current Rating 26/100, based on 162 votes)

    It had been another long and boring day in the office and Becky was looking at the clock on her computer wishing the time would move faster. She had another hour to go until she finished and could make her way home to relax for the weekend.

    Becky worked in the office of a company in South Wales as a customer administrator. The job had it moments but most of the time she was just chatting with her friends about who had been doing what with whom!

    You would never have guesed that Becky had a secret, and one that no one, not even her best friends would know. Becky wanted to have an affair with a married man! Her husband was a complete and uter bastard. He wanted her for one thing and one thing only. To clean and cook for him. He had a good job but he just didn't have time for her. Sex was non-exisitent and she needed a man to take care of her needs.

    She turned round to Andrew, 'Coffee?' she asked in her squeeky voice. Andrew looked up Becky was wearing that low cut top again the one that showed the top of her tits each time she leant forward or crossed her arms. 'Yeh please!' They both got up to get the drinks.

    'Anyone else for one?' she asked as they both left the office, knowing full well that as it was now so close to the end of the day the answer would be no. As they left the office Becky walked in front of Andrew and he could see her arse move from side to side.
    'I would not say no to a shag with that' thought Andrew as they got to the coffee machine. Suddenly she turned round, 'I saw you looking at my bum!' she said to him. Andrew looked at her, 'So' he said, 'is that a crime to look at such a beautiful one?' Andrew knew that things were not good at home for Becky as she had told him before that her husband was a waste of space.

    'Well if you're going to look you might as well feel the goods!' she replied. Andrew nearly fell over! 'Do you mean that?' he asked. She responded by moving towards him and kissing him gently on the lips. 'Oh yes!' she replied, 'I want you to come home with me tonight and take me like I've never been taken before.'

    Author: Damm U Sam

    2008-12-02 12:51:08 Posted by
    How is this even a sex story?? There was no sex... Just one kiss. It was a waste of my time. Should be taken down. Her bitch

    2008-12-02 14:29:35 Posted by
    this story sucks not long enough Anonymous

    2008-12-02 16:51:10 Posted by
    fucking lame ur mum

    2008-12-02 20:18:45 Posted by
    you missed the erotic bit deezy

    2008-12-02 21:00:39 Posted by
    did u forget to post the rest? q

    2008-12-03 02:16:29 Posted by
    Is this story a joke or something? Dissapointed

    2008-12-03 07:39:19 Posted by
    Well that was an utter waste of time Get back in the kitchen

    2008-12-03 08:05:28 Posted by
    Nonsense, Waste of time Pussy

    2008-12-03 18:40:41 Posted by
    ...that kind of sucked...i'm sorry... innocently horny

    2008-12-04 06:01:35 Posted by
    lame story Anonymous

    2008-12-06 12:44:39 Posted by
    where is the rest of the story? Anonymous

    2008-12-07 16:50:22 Posted by
    WTF that sucked ass ras

    2008-12-08 15:07:37 Posted by
    that sucked!!! it was nothing!!!! Anonymous

    2008-12-13 18:57:42 Posted by
    Only the ending was good Kevin

    2008-12-15 16:00:53 Posted by
    Are you kidding me with this? I could forgive it being written like a fourth grade book report if the sex part was at least hot enough to make me cum. Please dont waste people's time with this sort of nonsense Magdalena

    2008-12-15 20:40:45 Posted by
    this sucks ass. wtf

    2008-12-16 21:51:06 Posted by
    my kind of woman Anonymous

    2008-12-19 00:35:02 Posted by
    How is this a porn story Alesh

    2008-12-19 01:09:21 Posted by
    great intro b/c hopefully this is just the beginning. 24/7hornywife

    2008-12-19 02:28:10 Posted by
    not nice ram

    2008-12-19 23:50:49 Posted by
    Wat da fuk dat waz it???? fuk man

    2008-12-21 04:36:11 Posted by
    That's it?that was rated G Anonymous

    2008-12-21 04:38:15 Posted by
    U suck at this Anonymous

    2008-12-21 05:33:46 Posted by
    This doesn't belong here Sam, should read this at Sunday School. Anonymous

    2008-12-21 12:30:09 Posted by
    wtf ... !!! the story didn't even start ... xyz

    2008-12-21 22:38:28 Posted by
    finish the damn story Anonymous

    2008-12-25 03:26:35 Posted by
    its so horny Anonymous

    2008-12-25 19:34:38 Posted by
    thats it? i got my dick out for this? Anonymous

    2008-12-31 01:30:53 Posted by
    I didn't care for it at all
    It didn't turn me on

    2008-12-31 22:02:30 Posted by
    very hot start but no finish Anonymous

    2009-01-03 07:36:48 Posted by
    The story is supposed 2 b short not incomplete!!!!!!!! Maka

    2009-01-05 17:17:15 Posted by
    takes short a bit far Anonymous

    2009-01-05 20:09:46 Posted by
    Incomplete luv, not enough. Anonymous

    2009-01-07 08:40:58 Posted by
    good start but bad ending reow

    2009-01-10 20:01:28 Posted by
    Good start what next? Anonymous

    2009-01-15 15:01:57 Posted by
    duuhhh..wat was dis...?? poodle

    2009-01-15 22:12:07 Posted by
    stupid Anonymous

    2009-01-17 16:28:25 Posted by
    the story is incomplete

    2009-01-21 23:31:23 Posted by
    And how is this 'Story' worthy of being on here. So much promise in the title .. nothing in the body.


    2009-01-22 19:16:26 Posted by
    umm...make it longer and actually descrive it please... innocently horny

    2009-01-23 16:03:25 Posted by
    this sucks but not in a good way 1971

    2009-01-28 02:54:52 Posted by
    that was shit.. Anonymous

    2009-01-28 15:32:45 Posted by

    2009-01-30 03:41:45 Posted by
    mother fucker! this is a waste of my fuckin time! dud

    2009-01-30 16:59:34 Posted by
    Fuck. That story was great. . Screw all your Fuckers. Shame man. This was the best story ever. Fuck all

    2009-02-05 21:59:42 Posted by
    I wasn't turned on at all I am pissed off at this person there was no action!! Blahh

    2009-02-15 19:59:27 Posted by
    ok this story sucked cock fucked ur mother

    2009-02-16 05:48:04 Posted by
    this was meant as a joke, i am sure!did you have a good laugh? environment,lover

    2009-02-16 09:21:22 Posted by
    i don't get it? Anonymous

    2009-02-18 11:51:53 Posted by
    sux Anonymous

    2009-07-23 11:37:36 Posted by
    WTF! Are u fucked in the head cause theres probably noone fucken ur dick. Thats for sure NiGhT wOrLd

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