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    Behind closed doors....I'm a sex addict!

    (Current Rating 62/100, based on 36 votes)

    I was in my bedroom watching tv late one night and I came accross a show on cheaters. It was pretty sad the way people cheated on their loved ones.

    They showed videos of the cheaters having sex. It was not censored and the footage was pretty grafic. I was actually turned on by this.

    I was sitting up, leaning up against my pillows as I began to play with my nipples. I could feel my pussy throbbing as I pinched and tugged away, rolling my erect nipples in my finger and thumb.

    I pushed my tits together and raised them to my mouth. My nipples were dying for some more attention so I began to suck them one at a time. I credit my ability to perform this talent to the fact that I have a set of size 40-D tits.

    I sucked my nipples as I watched a girl straddling a guy. She looked so sexy fucking him as he fondled her titties. I slid my hand down to my panties. I took them off and began fingering my slit. I was so wet and slippery! I slid my finger in my pussy and began exploring my soft, moist, cunt. I tightened up as I worked my finger in and out of my hole.

    I stopped and grabbed my vibrating cock and tingle lotion out of my nightstand. I greased up the cock and slid it into my pussy. I turned it on and began pleasuring myself.
    I sucked my nipple as I fucked myself slowly. I needed more hands! I wanted to rub my clit but didn't want to stop satisfying my sensitive nipples.

    I held the vibrator with the heels of my feet. I leaned back and began pinching my nipples again and fondling my tits. The tingle lotion had my pussy on fire! I began rubbing my clit. I started to gently rock my hips. I was able to slowly fuck my vibrator. I pushed it in farther with my feet and had a nice pace going. I was using my hips and my feet to work my vibrating cock in and out of my pussy while I rubbed my swollen clit.

    I alternated sucking my nipples as I rode my pulsing toy cock. I latched on to my nipple and sucked it hard and was able to keep it in my mouth without holding my tit. That was driving me crazy! My pussy was spasming and throbbing as I came.

    I switched nipples and sucked that one hard too as I rubbed my clit with one hand and used the other one to ram the cock in and out of my cunt faster.

    I began to shudder and I let my tit fall out of my mouth. I layed on my back and raised my legs up and put them on my headboard. I pulled the cock out and let it vibrate on my clit. I came and rammed it into my pussy. I began to moan out loud and I drilled my cunt furiously.

    I felt my cunt gushing as I let out a scream of pure satisfaction. I lowered my legs and pulled out the cock. I licked my sweet cunt juice off of the cock and then I lightly teased my nipples with it.

    I could hear the sound of my pussy softly releasing the air bubbles that were forced in me when I had my legs raised up in my headboard while I was plunging my toy cock deep inside my cunt.

    I slid my hand down and rubbed my cum around on my clit. I licked my finger again and went back to my clit. I found a spot that didn't hurt to touch on my clit and I rubbed my cum covered finger around and around on it until I felt another urge building up.

    I continued pleasuring that hot spot until I felt that sweet release once more. I slid my two fingers in my pussy and got them good and soaked. I rubbed my cum on my nipples and after I gently sucked them clean, I covered up and fell asleep.

    Author: Misty

    2008-08-24 10:17:11 Posted by
    ^_^ wtb better story xangelx

    2008-08-27 19:29:18 Posted by
    nice story!!! Anonymous

    2008-08-29 21:10:02 Posted by
    I played with my self reading this story! It
    was good
    horny honey

    2008-09-01 09:11:43 Posted by
    i was just terned on by this storie write more and why dont you come round i would love to tease your pussy with my long tong and my double cock i hope you get the message i need someone to fuck at nigh plese help me. pornsex&

    2008-09-04 22:58:26 Posted by
    wow i would just once like to watch that! thanx again not only is my cock red so's mee hand. f8unknown

    2008-10-01 02:26:31 Posted by
    I want to taste your pussy bitch i want to fuck you Eric

    2008-10-02 16:09:10 Posted by
    i was rubbn my clit the entire time i read this! small dicks suck

    2008-10-07 11:55:09 Posted by
    Wow lady want to fuck u Anonymous

    2008-11-18 16:08:50 Posted by
    your pussy was on fire i liked how you rocked your hips woodys9

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