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    Best Friends

    (Current Rating 66/100, based on 93 votes)

    I hope everyone likes my story. I still can't hardly believe it happened but I'm glad it did!!

    My husband John & I had planned a bonfire party & invited all of our friends. Everyone had the usual good time hanging out & the party went on for hours. When some people started leaving my best friend, Kara, told me there was no way she could drive home so I told her she could stay, of course, like she had many times before. I had already thought she would stay & sleep on the couch & be gone in the morning before I even woke up. She's a morning person...

    When there were only a few people left by the fire I said good night to everyone. I was ready to go in & get in bed. Me & Kara walked to the house, laughing & talking about things that had happened at the party. When we went in we both had to to pee, of course, so we went in the bathroom together. Talking & giggling the whole time, Kara said she didn't want to sleep alone & my couch sucked! I told her to just get in bed with me, John would still be outside for awhile & we could talk for awhile then go to sleep before he came inside.

    In the bedroom we both stripped down to our underwear, we were used to seeing each other like that so it wasn't anything new. We had a waterbed then so when Kara & I got in bed the 1st thing we did was start goofing aroung & making the bed roll. We got tired of that really quick cause we were buzzed so we settled down & started getting sleepy. We both fell asleep. A little while later John came in & got in bed next to me. He said something about Kara being in the bed but was buzzed enough to not really care & fell asleep pretty fast.

    I slowly woke up a few hours later to a feeling of someone rubbing against me. At first I thought I was dreaming but was getting really turned on & my pussy was getting wet while I was half asleep. When I finally realized it was Kara spooning me & grinding up against me I just laid there for a few minutes, just feeling her body moving behind me.

    I rolled over & as soon as i did Kara started kissing me. We had our arms around each other, kissing & pushing our bodies together. We both were just doing what felt good but at the same time it was a little weird because we were best friends & had never talked about anything like that. It didn't take long before it felt totally natural. We kissed & pushed our bodies together, moaning & feeling. John had rolled over behind me, probably cause he heard the moaning. He was reaching his arm around me & felt both of us, together.

    Kara, all the sudden said she wanted to lick my pussy. She started moving down my body, licking & kissing all the way down. She settled between my legs & totally went for it! She started sucking on my clit.. licking all the juices, fucking me with her tongue. It was like a hard cock on my pussy.. wanting to fuck me hard.

    John was completely awake by then & had been watching everything. When Kara got between my legs John was on his knees watching & started moving down between Karas legs. When she felt him on her pussy she looked at me & said no he doesn't have to fuck me. I looked in her eyes & said.. he wants to. I could tell when when he entered her because she started moaning & fucking me harder with her tongue. She moved up to my clit & sucked it & swirled it with her tongue.

    Just watching my husband fuck my best friend while she was sucking on my clit brought me to the biggest orgasm I have ever had!

    Author: MissBeth

    2009-01-28 18:16:49 Posted by
    Awesome story. Write more. the one

    2009-01-28 18:54:08 Posted by
    WOW! you are so lucky to have a friend like that! that must have been amazing and very dirty sex! ian

    2009-01-28 23:13:54 Posted by
    I love this story. This is something I have dreamed about for so long -- my wife's best friend joining us in sexual pleasure. I fantasize about us getting drunk at her house, about her getting drunk at our house, and about all three of us going out and getting too drunk and having to stay someplace other than home for the night. My fantasy always ends with the three of us close together, touching somehow, and at least two of us coming together while the other enjoys the encounter up close. Anonymous

    2009-01-29 13:49:02 Posted by
    uhhh more detial would be beeterr Anonymous

    2009-01-30 08:46:18 Posted by
    oh my god.. i want to be fucked right now.. will u? laura

    2009-01-30 13:45:50 Posted by
    ahw every mans wish.i tryed to start something when my wife and friend were drunk but i got told to leave & she denies anything happened but i wonder... wished it was me

    2009-02-01 03:57:45 Posted by
    You are one lucky girl. I want a threesome and sex while drunk is amazing to. Lucky duck. Laury

    2009-02-01 20:52:07 Posted by
    I wanna duck you Hfhdjd

    2009-02-02 23:57:20 Posted by
    Boner Anonymous

    2009-02-03 14:46:42 Posted by
    omge i wish that were me sex

    2009-02-04 20:24:39 Posted by
    lmao that was soooo gay what freaks u all are you ppl need help

    2009-02-07 16:28:45 Posted by
    It is a fantanstic story.i fee like fucking just now. Brown

    2009-02-09 10:24:11 Posted by
    Well done! Every man's dream. Mmm, the wife's friend... She wants it, better get her drunk! Wet need

    2009-02-09 11:44:43 Posted by
    Please write more about your next session with your best friend. My pussy is so wet and wants to hear more slutty country girl

    2009-02-12 01:37:32 Posted by
    I totally agree. My pussy is friggin wet and wants that! slutty little girl

    2009-02-15 03:40:22 Posted by
    Wow so cool my i want 2 be fucked Neil

    2009-02-16 05:36:09 Posted by
    I need to masturbate. I wish someone would fuck me. God. Ahhh. HornyGirlNeedsFucked.

    2009-02-23 05:24:16 Posted by
    good start to a possibly good story Anonymous

    2009-02-28 21:46:20 Posted by
    ya umm... ok? that was not that great! more details would m\be great. maybe then i would get a boner!!! WaNt A wHoRe!!

    2009-03-16 13:29:05 Posted by
    Great story tell us more danny

    2009-04-13 06:50:18 Posted by
    It's a great story and a great fantasy of mine. I would love to have that happen with a friend of mine and my husband. Would like to hear more though. Has it happened again? Lust in Arrowhead

    2009-07-24 02:43:42 Posted by
    That story was good. I wish I could be Kara!! Mmmmmmm! Horny Bitch

    2009-08-14 10:12:15 Posted by
    Omg I'm so wet Anonymous

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