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    Black goddess

    (Current Rating 86/100, based on 359 votes)

    It was a week before Christmas and I had taken my last mid-term of the Winter semester, while I was confident of doing well; I was nearly brain dead and couldn't wait to get home for some rest. And despite it already being a bit late, I was surprised to find nearly a hundred of my fellow university classmates at the platform for the street car. Everyone knew the routine and once the doors opened, everyone would rush into the bus and be crammed like sardines. I was on auto-pilot at this point, as I would try to ignore my surroundings and rest as I stood in the crowded street car. I didn't even notice that there was a person standing in front of me until I began to hear some distinct soft moans.

    After a few minutes, the person turned around to me and moaned for me to push a little bit harder. It was then that I discovered that the person was a beautiful Black goddess, Penny. And while I had never dated a Black woman before, I began to feel energized as my cock began to throb and within seconds was a raging erection. I did as Penny wanted and pushed my groin hard against her buttocks. I was for matters, dry-fucking Penny as we rode on the bus. Our fun continued while standing up until we reached a bus stop when a single seat became available. I thought Penny would naturally sit down, but Penny insisted that I sit down as we could share the seat. I didn't know of what Penny had in mind until I sat down and she sat down on my lap.

    Penny surprised me a few seconds later, as she wrapped around my neck and kissed me. Penny gave everyone in the bus including me that she was my girlfriend and not a person I had never laid eyes on prior to that evening. After the kiss, Penny introduces herself to me and commented of feeling a bit horny as instead of a mid-term; Penny had attended a party and not accustomed to drinking liquor. And while part of me wanted to get Penny home and fuck my Black goddess; I didn't want to take advantage of Penny and asked if she wanted to get some dinner. Penny answered by giving me another kiss where she slipped her tongue into my mouth and allowed me to taste a hint of alcohol Penny had drank from the party.

    Penny then whispered if I wanted to eat something, or eat her pussy. I couldn't believe my ears, as I had never even dated a Black woman before and here was a Black goddess who was offering herself to me. I answered Penny by kissing her and slipping my hand under the hem of Penny's suede skirt before running a finger against the crotch of her panties. Penny was a bit stunned by what I was doing as she kissed again before saying I would be her first Asian lover. Penny's pussy was oozing love honey at this point as I returned her kiss before commenting on how I was going to demonstrate to Penny of why there were more than a Billion people living in China.

    And as soon as we got out of the bus terminal, Penny and I got into a cab which took us to my apartment. Once in the privacy of my apartment, Penny unzipped her boots and began undressing. I couldn't wait, as I picked up Penny and carried into the bedroom. I lowered Penny to the bed and while she finished undressing, I took off my clothes as well. When Penny was finished, she spread her legs and revealed the swollen pink folds of her pussy which glistened with love honey. I took my sweet time as I licked and probed Penny's pussy. Penny began to moan and gasp for breath while her body quivered and writhed to the sensation of my tongue touching the most sensitive parts of her body.

    I was more than a bit surprised when Penny screamed out a series of, "Oh gods," before moaning that she was having an orgasm; but not even the best actress can fake the release of love honey and that's what was gushed from the inner depths of Penny's swollen pink pussy. The spray of love honey was the encouragement I was looking for as I picked up my oral lovemaking up a notch, as I began licking and sucking on Penny's clitoris while finger-fucking her pussy. Penny thrashed about on the bed like a fish out of water, all the while Penny was moaning and cursing of how good I was making her feel. It didn't take long before Penny screamed out she was having another orgasm, this continued for nearly twenty minutes and when I finally stopped; Penny was in a daze as I kissed her on the lips and gave Penny the chance to taste her own vaginal secretions that covered my face and tongue.

    I gave Penny a moment to catch her breath as I went to the nightstand to get a condom. I rubbed my latex sheathed erection against the opening of Penny's swollen pink pussy which was still covered with a combination of her love honey and my saliva, I then pushed forward and began pushing my erect cock into Penny's pussy. I wasn't really sure of what to expect as I pushed my erection into Penny's pussy as I fucked her in the missionary position, but I found Penny to be surprisingly tight and almost virginal. And as I proceeded to pummel Penny's pussy, I kissed Penny and fondled her ample D-cup breasts. I laughed to myself while I had Penny's D-cup breasts in my hands as this was totally unlike the Asian girls and some White women I had been with.

    Penny's nipples were huge and quickly discovered to be very sensitive, but it was sort of difficult as she was already moaning and gasping to the sensation of my latex sheathed cock sliding in and out of Penny's swollen pink cunt. I became aware of the sensitivity of Penny's nipples only when she screamed out of having another orgasm when I began pinching one of her nipples. Penny told me afterwards that she did indeed have very sensitive nipples and said it was maddening when I began to suckle on one nipples and pinching the other; or, when I would tease Penny's nipple with my teeth and pretended to want to bite her nipple while pinching the other. Penny also got a bit of a surprise when I withdrew my still erect latex sheathed cock from her pussy, as she thought I had fucked her using a dildo because of my size and when she got a glimpse of the black color of the condom.

    Penny and I cuddled for a few minutes and rested before she got on top of me. Penny lowered her pussy to my mouth while she slipped the latex condom from my cock and began sucking. Penny wasn't very experienced in giving head as she tried to deep throat my cock once it was fully erect and lost her ability to concentrate as I brought her near a climax. After Penny experienced a couple of orgasms, she unrolled another condom over my erection before climbing on top and taking a wicked ride. We finished when I fucked Penny doggie style, as she especially enjoyed it when I reached between her legs and fingered Penny's clitoris while fucking her pussy; but I have to admit that I didn't orgasm until I fucked Penny while in the shower the next morning. Penny and I had a great Winter break, as we couldn't get enough of each other and fucked until I couldn't get another erection. I wanted to extend the relationship, but Penny said her boyfriend was transferring to our school. P!
    enny and I still get together for a 2 hour marathon from time to time, as Penny enjoys me letting her be on top and while we're in the shower; especially, when I call her cellphone and referred to Penny as being my Black goddess.

    Author: Aaron

    2006-10-07 22:31:22 Posted by
    dude this happened to me! =) xkwisyt

    2006-11-20 17:21:12 Posted by
    Lucky womem are really so sexy, sometimes without even trying........and they taste so good too.......I love going down on my black honey bun. Anonymous

    2007-06-05 23:12:12 Posted by
    U really make me wet! Juanita

    2007-06-30 11:26:10 Posted by
    i have a black goddess..... sassi

    2007-07-05 01:51:25 Posted by
    may the goddess bless you... clear

    2007-08-22 07:19:56 Posted by
    black women as always,are da hottest! got it man!!!! josh

    2007-08-29 18:47:57 Posted by
    WOuld love something like that to happen to me........yummy Ray

    2007-10-17 22:39:50 Posted by
    "Black goddess" good choice of words,they got that certain something that drives me NUTS,hmmm i need get over to MY black godesses place now and do the same,hehe,laters guys,see u on the otherside Gromit

    2007-11-22 21:15:53 Posted by
    oh dear god i really need a guy right now im soooooooooooo wet!!!!!! horni girl

    2007-12-09 23:46:37 Posted by
    "I was going to demonstrate to Penny of why there were more than a Billion people living in China."

    Lines like that will lead you to much fame.
    David M.

    2007-12-30 17:07:35 Posted by
    wish i had a dildo, im still a fucking virging and ive run out of pens! LilSlut13

    2008-01-23 23:31:08 Posted by
    man did that really happen? lucy ass kingk

    2008-02-04 05:37:48 Posted by
    That was fucking hot bro lucky ass fireman

    2008-04-23 03:27:18 Posted by
    I got sooo wet reeading this story! major o

    2008-05-03 03:45:13 Posted by
    Talk about wishful thinking! I don't believe a word of it! skeptic

    2008-05-13 21:17:36 Posted by
    i have a black girl. the sex is soooo awesome!!! Anonymous

    2008-06-19 03:13:39 Posted by

    2008-07-04 22:31:03 Posted by
    the blacker the berry the sweeter the juice, no doubt about that Anonymous

    2008-09-22 05:37:32 Posted by
    i'm really really really horny meesh

    2008-10-03 01:08:57 Posted by
    man this story is hot Sodium

    2008-10-03 01:57:31 Posted by
    Totally wet right now... thanks. :P lovin you

    2008-10-28 15:52:02 Posted by
    I wish I had that massive cock in my pussy rite now...Im so wet...any takers? Black girl

    2008-12-02 14:30:52 Posted by
    black bitches are nasty and f-ing ugly...well, most of them are Anonymous

    2008-12-10 20:10:08 Posted by
    You mentioned her name too many times but...dude, that was great Anonymous

    2008-12-20 21:13:26 Posted by
    I would be only to happy to give Black Girl or any woman all the cock you could handle. I am black and I go for 3 hour fucks.

    2008-12-24 04:08:53 Posted by
    You bet your sweet ass there are some takers Black Girl Horny guy

    2009-01-05 05:45:47 Posted by
    yum.. Sorry..

    2009-01-22 23:58:24 Posted by
    that story made we soo wet ;) horni-babe

    2009-03-14 21:18:13 Posted by
    OOOOOO babe that was a nice story and i'm a black chick myself and a virgin hmmmm i want me some cock right now!! BlackVirgin

    2009-06-15 01:35:38 Posted by
    Great story it was quite different but realistic we ebony women have a certain vibe about us. ebony essence!

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