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    Blackmailed by an old blackman

    (Current Rating 81/100, based on 117 votes)

    Im 20 years old and have only been married about 2 months.Im originally from west virginia where there are very few black people so I knew very little about them.Im an only child and my father owned a coal mine so I have always had everything I wanted.My parents were always very protective over me and never allowed me to date much.

    I remained a virgin until I got married,although I did allow one other guy to touch me before I met my husband that I never told anyone about.I met my husband through friends of my parents he is eight years older than me and has a degree in engineering about 3 months before we were married he took a job in a southern state that paid very good so after we were married I moved there with him.

    The first couple of weeks were great because my husband was there with me.But after that he had to travel on his job,so I was there by myself a lot with no close friends or family.Im 5ft 5in tall weigh 110lbs long dark brown hair with small but perky breast.Im very shy and get intimidated very easy and have always been told I was very pretty.My husband is very jealous and protective of me and doesnt like me going anywhere without him knowing it.Our sex life was ok,but as I said I was very inexperienced and had only been with my husband.

    We lived in a city that was about 2 hours away from the beach.I had only been to the beach a couple of times in my life.After being alone and by myself so much I decided I would go one day just for the day and not tell my husband because he wouldnt approve and probably get mad if I suggested it to him,besides it was just for the day and I wasnt doing anything wrong.

    After talking to my husband that morning I left and drove down to the beach planning on being back before he called that afternoon.I walked on the beach and shopped a little and around noon started to drive home in my BMW.About an hour up the interstate my check engine light came on,so at the next exit I seen a sign for a service station so I got off the interstate there.

    The convenient store was about a mile off the interstate in a small town, as I pulled up ther was steam coming from under my hood and all I saw were black people,which made me nervous.Knowing I couldnt call my husband for him being furious with me I went in and asked the black lady at the counter if she knew anyone that could help me.

    She said her uncle was a mechanic and she would call him for me.After she hung up she said he wasnt very busy and would be over in a few minutes to look at my car.So I thanked her and went back to my car to wait on him.In a little while 2 men pulled up in an old truck.

    When the men got out of truck one was younger and the older one introduced his self as Jerome but said everyone called him Pop.I introduced myself as Megan,Pop was a very big man about 6ft 2in very black complexion and built like a bull probably in his late 50"s with a very deep voice,to me he was very ugly.I had noticed him staring at me and checking out my body,which made me nervous.

    They looked at my car and told me it was going to need a water pump and it would take about an hour to fix it but they would have to take it to their shop.I was relieved that they could do it so quick and thought everything would be ok and I would get home before my husband called.

    Pop told his helper to drive my car to the shop and go ahead and start working on it,That I would ride with him and we would be there shortly,this made me nervous but I didnt say anything.

    As we left the conveint store we drove down this road a short ways as Pop talked to me asking me all kinds of questions ,like where I was from if I was married,where my husband was and things like that.We turned onto another road and had drove a little ways when we turned onto a dirt road,I begin to get nervous and asked Pop if this was where his shop was and he said NO very sternly.

    I asked where we were going and he didnt answer which made me scared and nervous.About this time we turned into a small road that led into the woods.At that point I begin to panic asking Pop what we were doing.Again he didnt answer we pulled into the woods a little ways and he stopped the truck and turned it off.

    Very paniced I asked what are you doing.Pop turned to me and said your a very pretty white girl,why dont you slide over here next to me.Angrily I said no take me to my car,your crazy if you think I would do anything with you,thats disgusting.

    I think this offended him,in a load voice he said ok bitch if you think your so damn good you can just walk back.I thought for a minute and said but I dont know where I am,you mean you would leave me here.Pop said well if you to damn good to talk to me you can just go on.I said but im married this is wrong.

    Pop reached out and touch my arm and said come on baby im not going to hurt you.I sat there very scared and nervous as Pop continued to coax me and for some reason I was starting to get excited,im not sure if was just the situation or what it was but I was unable to control my body,I was nervously beginning to shake.

    Pop continued to talk to me saying come on baby slide over here and talk to me as he gently tugged on my arm.Your such a pretty white girl come on slide over here baby,Unconsiously I slid about 6 inches as he continued to talk to me.I was so nervous I couldnt even think straight.

    I could hear Pops breathing getting heavier as he talked,he begin to stoke my hair with one arm while tugging for me to slide over with the other.I didnt realize he was sliding toward me while pulling me toward him.The next thing I knew we were sitting beside each other.

    Pops had one arm around me as he was talking in my ear with his deep voice saying damn baby you are one fine looking white girl you got one more hot body you know that as he talked he tried to touch my breast but I pushed his hand away and softly said please stop.

    Pop was very persistant as he continued to try to touch me befor finally taking my hand and holding it with his while he touched my breast.Pop was whispering in my ear as he touched my breast saying damn girl your nipple is getting hard I can feel it through your shirt,you got the prettiest titties I ever saw,as he was talking to me I was continually getting more excited.

    I was feeling very guilty for letting this man touch me and for it exciting me.I could feel my pussy getting wet as he continued to talk to me and touch me.Pop said why dont you let me see them titties baby,I said but I cant we have to stop this is wrong,Pop said come on baby no one will know as he slowly pulled on my top.I said please stop.but he continued to pull my top up and before I knew it he had it above my breast and as soon as he did he pulled my bra down exposing my tits.He quickly started touching them saying yeah baby they are very pretty look at how swollen your nipples are,as I looked down his black hands on my breast were very exciting and my nipples were very erect.

    As Pop continued to feel me he said baby you done made my dick hard,For a second I popped back to reality and said we have to stop now.But Pop kissed me on my neck saying baby you ever seen a black dick,I know you want to dont you,I said no I cant you know that please stop.Pop said quit fighting it baby you know you want to.He quit touching me and started to pull his pants down I said please dont do that,but he wouldnt listen,as he pulled his pants and underwear down to his knees I couldnt believe my eyes as his huge cock popped out it had to be at least 9 or 10 inches very thick and was curved to one side.

    Pop said look at that baby I bet you husband hadnt got anything like that does he.I have to admit it was over twice as big as my husbands.Pop said why dont you touch it baby,I said no I cant Pop took my hand and moved it toward his cock as I tried to resist,As my hand touched his cock it jumped as he placed my hand on his cock he wrapped my fingers around it and started to work my hand up and down the shaft.My breathing was getting heavier as I touched his cock.

    I was so mesmerized by his cock I didnt realize that Pop had moved his hand down and was touching my leg.His big hand was rubbing my leg and he was trying to push them apart,I resisted and tried to move his hand with my free hand but he was persistant and finally his hand moved up and he begin rubbing my pussy through my jeans.

    Finally Pop stoped me and got out of the truck and reached behind the seat and pulled out a blanket and went to the front of the truck and spread it on the ground.He then came around to my side of the truck and took me by the arm and said come on bitch,I said please I cant as I got to the front of the truck Pop begin to take off all his clothes and pretty soon was standing naked in front of me.He took my hand and placed it back on his cock and ordered me to play with it while he pulled my top off and undid my bra and took it off.He then begin to suck on my nipples and feel them up hard as I felt his hard cock.

    Pop then made me lay on the blanket on my back where he got beside me on his knees and ordered me to suck his cock,I resisted at first but he took my head and pulled it to his cock I licked and kissed his cock while he played with my tits talking very dirty to me saying yeah baby what would your little husband think of you now sucking a black mans dick,I have to admit I was very turned on by now.

    Pops hand moved down to my pussy and begin touching me through my jeans again as I sucked him.Pops hand moved up and begin undoing my jeans as I tried to stop him with my free hand but he just pushed it away.After he undid them he lifted my ass with one hand while sliding my jeans down with the other and soon had them all the way off.All that I had left on were my panties.Pop forced my legs wide apart and begin touching my pussy through my panties I let out an uncontrollable moan as he touched me.

    Pop said yeah baby you like that dont you ,you trying to be all innocent and you little pussy is soaked.After he had touched me for a few minutes he pulled my panties aside and begin rubbing up and down my slit touching and playing with my clit.My hips were moving involuntarily as he touched me.He then took my panties and pulled them off,I couldnt believe I was totaly naked in front of a stranger.

    Pop then moved down between my legs where he fingered me with one then two then three fingers,He took his big cock and placed the head on my pussy lips rubbing it up and down my slit.I was softly begging him to please dont as he was doing this.Pop then begin to push the big head into my pussy.I was amazed at how easily it went in.Even though I knew it was wrong it felt so good as he slowly pushed more of his cock in me after he got about half of it in me he begin to pump slowly working the rest of it in me and before I knew it he had most of it in me.

    I had never felt anything so amazing as he pumped his crooked dick in me and before long I could feel his balls hitting my ass.The next thing I knew my body begin to tense as an uncontrollable orgasm hit me never had I felt anything like that before.Shortly after that Pop begin to grunt as he shot load after load inside of me and as he was doing that another orgasm hit me.

    After we were finished Pop took me back to the shop where his helper had already finished my car,I cried all the way home I couldnt belive I let this old ugly black man fuck me.But yet I was more satisfied than I had ever been in my life.

    Author: meganann10

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