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    Born To Suck

    (Current Rating 82/100, based on 308 votes)

    Kate couldn't help it! She wanted to stop but something inside her wouldn't let her! Kate was from all appearances a normal eighteen year old junior in high school. Average looks, average grades, nice friends, good parents, nothing to worry about. Well not exactly, you see Kate was addicted to oral sex! She would suck anyone, anywhere, at anytime. She couldn't be exactly sure of why, but all she knew was that she had a burning uncontrollable desire to have her mouth around a hard cock or her tongue buried in a hot warm pussy!
    Walking home from school, Kate had stopped off at the store to buy some school supplies! The lady salesclerk was a fifty five year old spinster who probably had never had it from anyone in her life, but she had heard about Kate from one of her bridge partners, so when she recognized her, she decided to see if what she had heard was true. "Come with me," she said to Kate, and the led her to the store room at the rear of the store. Not sure if she should try it, the older lady slowly lifted the front of her dress. She didn't want to say anything, she just waited to see if Kate would really just "do" her. To her utter amazement, Kate dropped to her knees and pulled down the older woman's panty hose and feverishly began eating her dripping pussy! She had never felt anything so wonderful! Without even asking, this cute little girl was licking her clit! Kate couldn't get enough! She sucked and licked until the woman started to shake with her orgasm. When she was finished, the lady pulled up her panty hose and told Kate to wait there for a second. In a few minutes the lady had returned with the store manager Mr. Clemson. "Just stand in front of her," she told him, "She'll do the rest!" A shocked Mr. Clemson then watched as Kate unzipped his trousers, pulled out his cock, and sucked him in deep! As Kate sucked him, the woman, now emboldened, gingerly reached down and began feeling Kate's chest. When she got no resistance she slid her hand up under Kate's skirt and slid her finger inside of her panties. She found that Kate was dripping like a leaky faucet! It had been a long time since she had felt a young woman's body, and she couldn't believe what a hot little bitch Kate was! She got around behind her and pulled Kate's panties down to her knees, and while using both hands, she ran them up and down her ass and legs, finally putting her mouth on Kate's crotch and licking the sweetest pussy she had ever tasted.

    Both Kate and Mr. Clemson were now moaning with pleasure, and Kate sucked even harder when she felt his tight nuts begin to tighten as sperm gushed into her eager mouth! Seconds later Kate's own orgasm slammed her cunt just as the cum flew down her throat! She spent the next five minutes cleaning the now limp cock with her mouth, and the old spinster not wishing to miss out on one more chance at getting sucked off, stood next to Mr. Clemson with her dress pulled up and her panties down so that when Kate was finished the cleaning the cock she slid over and licked the hairy slit until the old cunt came one final time!

    When she finally arrived at home, her mom told her that Tommy had called and wanted her to call him back as soon as she got home. When she got him on the phone all he said was, "At the library, tonight." Kate immediately began to think of the big piece of meat Tommy had! He was one of her favorites! Usually he would get her off too, but a lot of the boys just left her hanging after they go their "nut". Tommy was one of the more considerate ones, as sometimes he would even fuck her! Now that was a real treat!!! After dinner Kate excused herself and then headed for the library. It was only about a fifteen minute walk and as she strolled along, all she could do was think about how nice Tommy's pecker tasted. When she got there Tommy was waiting for her on the front steps. He took her by the arm and led her to the second floor where the went way back into the far corner behind the periodicals. Tommy slipped his hand under Kate's sweater and played with her nipples and tits, and just like he had told her, no bra or panties. Her nipples became hard as he twisted them between his fingers, he then asked her what she wanted, and she whispered back, "To your suck your penis." "Let me see your tits first," he said, "lift up your sweater, show me!!!" Kate pulled up her sweater exposing her chest to the young stud as he leaned over and took a hard nipple into his mouth and greedily nursed on the hard nub. After a few minutes he stood up, unzipped his fly, and ordered Kate to take out his prick. After kneeling down, she slid her soft hand into Tommy's pants and found his now hard dick. Gently she pulled the big boner into view where upon she started kissing the head of his now fully erect member. It was times like this that Kate was glad she was a female! There was just nothing like sucking the cock of a young stud, especially when they were hung like Tommy!

    As she sucked on Tommy, Kate thought back about and incident that had happened when she was about six months ago. She had gone swimming with one of her friends but had to return home when she realized that she had left her pool pass in her room. When she got home she was a little surprised to see her dad's car parked in the driveway. He should have been at work until at least five thirty and here it was only one o'clock. On her way up to her room she was about to yell out, "I'm home!", when she heard strange sounds coming from her parent's bedroom. Her father was moaning as if he were in pain! When she got all the way upstairs she could see that their bedroom door was partially open, so she crept silently over and peeked inside. She couldn't believe what she saw!!! On her knees and naked, her mom was sucking on her fathers penis! Kate had never seen her father's cock before, and was amazed at it's size! Her dad was moaning and almost pleading, "Suck it harder, Pat!" Her mom looked up and said, "You like my mouth on your pecker don't you?!?" "Oh yes," he moaned and for the next ten minutes Kate watched as her mom blow her dad's big dick. Just when she thought that was all there was too it, her dad screamed, "I'm cumming!!!", and then white stuff was flying everywhere out the end of his cock! Her mother not only didn't try to get out of the way, she seemed to be trying to get as much of it into her mouth as she could! After her dad had calmed down Kate slipped into her room to get her pool pass and sneaked back out of the house. Although she never told anyone what she had seen, seeing her mother sucking off a big cock made her feel that sucking was a natural and good thing to do.

    Tommy was now doing what her dad had done six months ago, moaning and begging to cum in a woman's mouth! More than happy to oblige, Kate worked her mouth up and down the erect penis, stopping now and then to give the head a good hard suck. Tommy's groan and nut tightening let Kate know that a load of cum was cumming her way! Kate thought Tommy had the sweetest cum, and as it shot into her mouth she ran it over her tongue, savoring it's texture and taste, finally swallowing the precious nectar!

    After he had composed himself, Tommy kissed Kate deeply and slipped his hand under her skirt. No panties! Taking his finger he quickly found Kate's clit and quietly jerked her off as Kate groaned as the orgasm filled her pussy while leaning against Tommy was the only way she kept from falling over! Afterwards, they both straightened their clothing and left the library arm in arm. Kate felt on top of the world and Tommy probably felt even better! Tommy turned to Kate and said, "Next week!" He then kissed her on the cheek and headed off into the night while Kate turned around and headed back towards her own house. Her own thoughts again, however, were on the cocks and cunts she so loved to suck!

    2007-01-02 19:01:34 Posted by
    this is class do u know any1 whos like this introduce please if u do legend!

    2007-07-04 01:02:17 Posted by
    why do you have to "do" oldies... clear

    2008-02-19 11:38:29 Posted by
    hott as hell .. reminds me of a bitch i met in the mall one day .. ended with me cumming in her mouth too mopjockey

    2008-02-19 18:50:27 Posted by
    sicko what's with the oldies... Anonymous

    2008-03-31 12:50:34 Posted by
    He should have eaten and fucked her as well. mufflover

    2008-06-24 06:03:15 Posted by
    wish i knew someone like that... AL

    2008-09-01 03:32:42 Posted by
    wats with the old lady and store manager Anonymous

    2009-05-27 01:40:40 Posted by
    I came :) Anonymous

    2009-06-21 02:25:19 Posted by
    I came in the first paragragh. Anonymous

    2009-07-03 00:30:23 Posted by
    any girl want to suck my pussy hottie

    2009-07-04 03:21:50 Posted by
    look on the internet for 2 seconds ull find someone who will do this to you for free Bender

    2009-07-09 02:28:29 Posted by
    made me cum my gf and i like reading these during sex i read these during sex when my wife sucks my dick it made me cum 4 times i her mouth mmmmmmmmm that story was goood mmmmmmmm

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