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    Boxing Match

    (Current Rating 75/100, based on 31 votes)

    I've worn leather boxing gloves before, but never to fight. Some years back, I bought a pair for masturbating. I've had an attraction to boxing gloves since I was a kid. I love the smell and feel of leather. A pair of 16 ounce, black leather Everlast brand gloves is my choice for jerking off. I'd sandwich my penis between the smooth, soft outside surfaces of the gloves and thrust on my bed till I came all over them. I rubbed my cum into the gloves, figuring it might make the leather softer. Surely, it made it seem more erotic. I'd put the gloves on, bang them together and sniff them. I fantasized about having them on during sex.

    Today, I own another pair for a fight, the first fight of my life. You see, my girlfriend, Stacey, has an admirer who just won't go away. I don't want competition. The thought of this guy doing absolutely anything with her just makes my blood boil. Stacey is too nice; she doesn't see this guy as playing for her affections, but I do. "Kevin's just being friendly. It's no big deal," she says. It is to me. Men can tell when their competitors are attempting to impress. I've made it crystal clear to him that Stacey is MY girlfriend, and I don't appreciate him e-mailing her, calling her, or stopping by when she is out with her friends. He recently sent her a card signed "all my love." Well, that did it. While I haven't gotten my message across before, I went to his house and told him to meet me at a local gym, at 7:30 PM on Wednesday of the following week. Previously, I reserved the boxing ring for that day. I told the dude to get himself a pair of Everlast 12-ounce, lace-up gloves and a rubber mouth piece. Three, one-minute rounds and the loser, which will be him, never contacts Stacey again. I also told him that only a pussy wouldn’t accept my challenge for a fight.

    I believe that I will win, but I admit that I've never really taken a punch, so I can't honestly say how I'll hold up. Being that Stacey is the prize, I asked her to dress sexy, especially for me, as extra motivation -- just in case I'm not as good a fighter as I think. Stacey's going to wear a really tight pink sweater with no bra and a very short black leather mini skirt with no underwear.

    Wednesday arrives. I haven't had sex with Stacey or even masturbated all week, so I'm really torqued up. Just putting on these gloves, I'm getting a boner. I'm fighting for the right to keep fucking Stacey.

    To the guys at the gym, this is a timed sparring match. I didn't feel the need to tell others what exactly is riding on this match. Stacey walks in with her leather miniskirt on, and there's lots of whistling and cat calls. I can tell that she's somewhat flattered and embarrassed at the same time. The leather mini silhouettes her fantastic body and barely covers her ass! Her golden blonde hair complements her beautifully tanned silky-smooth legs. I already have my protective cup on, but I swear that I have such a rock-hard boner right now that it might crack the plastic. Stacey has a concerned look on her face, but I tell her not to worry. I mean, I’m wearing gloves and in a canvass ring, not bare-fisted in some concrete parking lot. This needs to happen. It's like in the animal world, when two males fight for the right to mate with a female. "Stacey, If I need help, flash me up your skirt, and I'll pull away to victory." She smiles, and we kiss.

    The buzzer sounds. . . Round 1. I keep my gloves up and try to "measure" the enemy. He attempts a right jab, and thud. . . leather meets leather. I easily block his punch with my gloves. I counter with a left hook to his jaw, and he crumples to the canvass on his knees. Wow! That felt good! A power shot. The ref starts counting, “Five, 6, 7,” and he gets to his feet. "I'll bet he's really dazed," I think to myself. "A couple of more punches should finish him off."

    I leave my neutral corner to continue the round with my gloves held low and confidence sky-high. As we meet at the center of the ring, I stupidly leave myself wide open. I catch a quick, hard jab to my nose and then a hook to the jaw. Stunned, I fall backwards and land on my ass. I'd never been hit before, and let me tell you, it hurts. My nose is trickling blood. . . I can taste it. My head feels like it’s spinning.. I’m dizzy. The ref starts counting . . . I hear him shout, "Four, 5, 6," and I slowly get to my feet.

    My opponent comes out swinging wildly, and I cover up with my gloves and block his punches. I can feel some of the punches against my forearms. I counter with an uppercut, but he doesn't go down. I didn't get him flush on the chin, just a glancing blow. We trade another series of punches, all blocked by the other. "Time!" The ref shouts, ending the first round.

    As we approach each other for Round 2, I notice my opponent has some swelling around his right eye.. Well, he didn't block all of my punches as well as I thought! I start this round's action by going for his eye. Hey, that's the fight game. I connect with two quick straight jabs. He falls to his knees, his head down. He looks up, and I can see blood streaming from his nose. He appears confused, his eyes circling and attempting to focus. As the ref counts him out, he makes no effort to get to his feet. His corner stool is brought to him, and he sits at the center of the ring. His eye was purple already.

    I towel off my sweat and greet Stacey, who comes running toward me. "Are you okay?" she asks. "I'm alright," I reply. I put my arms around her and French kiss her passionately. "Let's go to my place," I say. Now, as to what happened to my opponent, I neither know nor care. I won the boxing match. That's all that counts.

    As we enter the bedroom, Stacey takes her top off. I hang my gloves on the wall over the bed. To the victor goes the spoils, as the saying goes. What a beautiful woman she is. What shapely round, grapefruit-like breasts she has. I caress them. . . and kiss them. I place my hands on her buttery soft leather skirt. My senses are immediately heightened. I massage her ass. The leather feels so sensual to the touch. My erection is massive. Don't take off your skirt, I say. "I want to fuck you with it on."

    "Put your gloves," she whispers to me. Stacey ties the laces. We kiss, as I pull back her blonde hair with my gloves. Soft, quick kisses down her neck and behind her ears, and Stacey sighs. I kiss her breasts, gently licking and sucking each one. Using my boxing glove, I massage over her clitoris, softly rubbing the smooth leather against her. She moans with approval. I increase the pressure and begin a twisting action with the glove. “Oh, Oh, Ohhhhhhhhhhh!" she screams. She cums all over my glove. I hike up her leather skirt and penetrate with my large, full erection. "Yes! Yes! Yes!" Stacey exclaims. I begin to thrust wildly, harder and harder. With a full week's worth of semen built up, I can't last long, I know. I passionately kiss her, as I cum inside her. I stroke my hands across the glossy yet almost tacky feel of her leather skirt, so soft and supple. I do a figure-eight across her clit with my tongue, licking her pussy. Then I lightly press my lips against her leather skirt. Simply paradise!

    The next morning, I gave Stacey the boxing glove with the blood stained laces, the blood from my nose. Evidence that that I am willing to fight for her and our love. I kept the one Stacey came on. That one smells of pussy and her erotic orgasm.

    Someday soon, she's gonna give me a handjob with that glove on!

    Author: Mike

    2008-10-09 16:48:36 Posted by
    that was stupid Anonymous

    2008-10-10 16:40:51 Posted by
    eh, i liked it, not enough sex as there should have been, but good all the same *goes and gets boyfriend* inoccently horny

    2008-11-10 02:38:15 Posted by
    Work with me... Cats give me a girl erection or whatever the he'll you call it... You should have added that Stacy sells lotion for a side carreir and has a mullet... Ponder that
    Oh better yet how about it turns out he's allergic to leather and he has to cut his member off and now has to duck tape a barbie to his gaping hole, to give it to Stacy... Just putting it put there .. Tell me what yah' think..,

    2008-11-23 22:54:43 Posted by
    lame Anonymous

    2008-12-04 01:47:08 Posted by
    Write a fight novel!! I'm bored as hell reading a few of these hah. Not so much horny 'cause my girl just went home =\ But really man the fight scene was intense. Write a fight novel with a little romance... you will make a killing! Hmm

    2008-12-05 19:30:45 Posted by
    Wow you seem to know how to make a woman HAPPY!!!!!! Well im happy for her and mad that no man is here to make me the honeyest girl in the world happy FUCLK ME HARDER

    2008-12-29 17:31:46 Posted by
    thats sucked it was the lamest thing i have ever read Anonymous

    2009-01-25 14:28:45 Posted by
    Hey,It's called a Fetish story :P It's good enough to get me going O.O Awesome :3 Cindy

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