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    But I'm Married. . .

    (Current Rating 77/100, based on 92 votes)

    Please don’t get the wrong impression. I love my husband. It was only circumstance and a whirlwind of emotions that caused me to do what I did. We weren’t fighting, or even in a rough patch. His promotion was just around the corner, so he was working extra hard to get it. We had decided to start a family after he started making the extra money the promotion would provide. However, the extra work meant a few nights sleeping alone here and there, eating alone most nights. We hadn’t been out on a date in months. I feel terrible for what I did now, but at the time it just felt so damn good.

    There was this little tavern in the city nearby where my husband and I went on most of our date nights. I didn’t feel like cooking, so I decided to head there for dinner after work instead of going straight home. I’m a high school teacher, so I was wearing a floral blouse with a couple of ruffles around the buttons at the top paired with a brown skirt that flattered my hips nicely and whirled around my legs when I moved. My hair was half up and I was wearing my glasses.

    The place was nice. It didn’t smell too much like a bar, and the people were very friendly, but the lighting wasn’t the best. I was seated in the back, where the light was dimmest, and I placed my order for a zinfandel and their spicy chicken breast. It was one of my favorite meals. I remember briefly recalling my husband trying to make that chicken for me, and burning it so badly that the fire alarm went off. That evening we just had wine and dessert, and ended up having a night of passion we hadn’t experienced since our honeymoon. Thinking about the love we made that night stirred something within me, something that hadn’t been touched in months.

    The waitress startled me when she set down my zinfandel and let me know that my entrée would be out shortly. I smiled at her and watched her walk back to the kitchen before a man sitting at the bar caught my eye. He was staring at me without even trying to hide it, his whole body turned towards me. He was more muscular than my husband, his jeans hugging to his thighs a little more tightly, his shirt settling into his defined biceps. He raised his glass to me and smiled, and I thought nothing of returning the gesture. I looked back at the dessert menu, contemplating a brownie sundae.

    “My name is Jack,” a voice was suddenly at my table, causing me to jump. It was the man from the bar.

    “Hello,” I responded shakily.

    “I didn’t mean to scare you,” he said. There was a smirk on his face that was almost contagious. I found myself smiling back at him. “Do you mind if I sit down?”

    I didn’t see the harm, so I obliged, and added, “I’m Veronica.”

    “Nice to meet you,” Jack replied.

    Normally, when you meet someone, there’s an awkward silence for a while, but not with Jack. We ate dinner together and talked. Somewhere along the way, I found myself wanting him. His voice was smooth, his smile effortless, and his five o’clock shadow giving him an almost dangerous vibe. His hair was tousled, his dimples evident. By the end of the night, I found myself wet thinking about what I’d like to be doing with him. His knee touched the inside of one of mine, forcing my legs apart a little. I could feel myself flushing. I could tell Jack immediately picked up on it, and he inserted his other knee between my legs.

    “Ahem,” I let out some type of gasp noise. “I’m, um. . . I’m married.”

    Jack laughed and his dimples made me melt a little as he said, “I’ve been enjoying dinner with you for nearly an hour. I saw your ring.”

    “Right,” I said. Then I realized what he said. “An hour? I’d better be getting home. Thanks for a lovely evening. I appreciated the company.” I started to count out some bills and left them for the waitress before standing up quickly. Jack was up on his feet, blocking my way out of the restaurant. He placed his hand under my ear, tracing with his finger down to my collarbone.

    “I don’t think that a man who lets you go to dinner alone is all too worried about you getting home on time,” Jack said quietly. My husband was actually on a business trip, closing the deal that would get him his promotion. Jack lowered his face towards my neck before I stopped him.

    “Please,” I said. I felt his hot breath on my neck, and something within me changed its mind. I looked up at him flirtatiously. “Not here.”

    He walked me to my car, and I agreed to follow him to his apartment. The entire drive there was split between convincing myself not to go and imagining all the things he would do to me. He lived relatively close to the restaurant, and when I found a parking space, I followed him up to the door that read “3.”

    I don’t even remember what the man’s apartment looked like. He didn’t turn the lights on, only pushed me against the wall and hoisted me onto his hips, his hands squeezing my butt greedily. I felt something hard against me, and instinctively I rocked my hips around it. He was kissing me everywhere as he carried me to the back of the apartment and into a bedroom. Jack set me gently on the bed and turned the light on.

    When Jack walked back over to the bed, he leaned over me, removing each item of my clothing with caresses and kisses. By the time he had finished, I wanted him so badly that when he laid on top of me I ripped his shirt off, his buttons flying everywhere. He shrugged out of it while I undid his belt and pulled off his pants. He shook them off while I stared at his dick. It was bigger than my husbands, and more than anything I wanted it. Jack began to tease me with it, rubbing it around my cunt and over my clit. I let out a low moan.

    “Jesus,” Jack said. “You’re so wet.”

    All I could do was moan in return as he teased me more, starting to place the tip in and then rubbing some more.

    “How badly do you want me to fuck you?” Jack asked, a mischievous yet adorable grin crossed his face.

    “I want you to fuck me so badly,” I replied.

    “How hard do you want me to fuck you?”

    “I need you to fuck me as hard as you can,” I said. “I NEED you to fuck me.”

    I was begging for it now, and he loved it. He began sucking on my breasts, bringing my nipples to hard points with his tongue. I began pumping his cock with my hand, and the moan he let out resonated over my breast, causing my whole body to let out a shiver. Now he needed it.

    Finally, he plunged into my cunt with incredible force, causing me to let out a long and loud groan. He was thrusting quickly with either hand on my hips. One of my legs was over his shoulder, and my breasts shook hard each time he pumped into me. We were both moaning over the sound of his balls slapping against my ass and the headboard hitting the wall.

    I sat up and placed my hands on his shoulders, dragging my fingernails lightly down his chest. He sighed in response, and I used the moment to flip him onto his back. I used everything I had to drive him wild and fucked him as hard as I could. We must have been rolling around like that for hours, caressing each other and covering one another’s bodies in kisses. We eventually came together, and I slept wrapped up in his naked body, his warmth drying between my legs.

    Author: The Ruby Mistress

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