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    Carla And The Poker Game

    (Current Rating 87/100, based on 152 votes)

    A group of us, mostly old college buddies, get together about once a month for a friendly poker game. This particular night we were playing at Bob and Carla’s place. I guess that we all sort of knew that Bob and Carla like to play around, and that they have a pretty open sexual relationship. But, that sure didn’t prepare us for what was to come later that night. Bob told us that Carla was out with a girl friend, so I wasn’t expecting to see her till pretty late. It was still early, and there were only four of us still playing when I heard the garage door. So, it wasn’t a surprise to see Carla coming in from the garage. Carla’s hot, maybe five foot seven, long legged and big breasted. She has long black curly hair, big green eyes, and a great smile. Tonight she wore a pair of those low slung skin tight jeans that showed off the crack of her very sexy ass. And, the obviously erect nipples poking out through her tiny silk top, made it very apparent that her firm round
    tits were bare under that clingy silk. Anyway, she greeted us, and dropped on to Bob’s lap. Her girl friend had been called in to work, and that’s why she was home so early. While she was telling us this little tale, Bob’s hands were up under that tiny top caressing her tits. Believe me, no one said a word as she leaned back letting his fingers tease her nipples. Finally, she knocked his hands away and jumped up. “Hey, you better be knocking that off; or do you want these boys thinking that they can just go on and feel me up too”, she asked? Bob laughed, and gave her ass a playful swat. “Baby you’re a wicked flirt, but don’t be a tease if you’re not going to deliver”. Carla laughed, and said “Be careful Bob, you never know just what this nasty minded girl might have on her mind”. She was half way up the stairs when she called back down to us. “Hey, I’ll be back, right after I slip in to something more comfortable”. We had only managed a few hand
    s before Carla made her return appearance.

    Her idea of more comfortable was a short black silk robe that didn’t even make it to the bottom of her ass. But, it sure did cling nicely to her sexy curves. Carla came around delivering hot little kisses and taking our drink orders. While she was passing out our beers, we kidded back and forth. “Hey, Carla we were sort of hoping for some topless service”. “Gosh Brian, wouldn’t that make it hard for you to concentrate on your cards”? “Well maybe, but it for sure would make me hard”. She spent most of the next hand nuzzling and whispering in to Bob’s ear. I for one got pretty damn curious when he pushed her off his lap, smacked her ass, and told her “Hell yes, go for it”.

    I watched her sweep her grin around the table, while her hands worked at the tie holding her robe closed. “Hey boys, can this poor girl play. I’m bored and horny as hell”. The tie came loose, and she dropped it letting the robe gape open. There was nothing under that filmy silk but a whole lot of tan skin, and a very tiny black lace thong. Honest to God; she held the robe wide open, and slowly swept her eyes around trying to catch ours. She said “Can I play? Gosh, I’m sorry I don’t have any cash on me, but maybe I can come up with something else instead”. It was Phil who managed to get out “Fuck yes; what ever you want”. Chuck, who has a real thing for tits, piped in with “Jesus Carla, Bob wasn’t kidding. Those tits are just fucking perfection”. That got the son of a bitch another one of those smoking hot kisses, before she told us just what she had on her mind. She wanted us to each write a forfeit on a piece of paper. And then, she’d play one in ea
    ch hand. If she lost then she’d have to perform the forfeit with the winner of the hand. Bob caught my questioning look and told us that he was cool with it. He only had two rules; one, that whatever went down had to go down right their in the room. And second, that whatever Carla said was law. Of course no one objected, and Carla dashed off for pen and paper. She didn’t read what we wrote, saying that she’d prefer to be surprised. She also added in a wild card that would allow the winner to pick his own forfeit.

    It was comical the way the guy’s eyes just kept jumping from Bob back to Carla’s bare tits. We finally played a hand, and Phil got lucky and won it. The silly fool was making a big production out of reading his forfeit until Carla ordered him to “Read it, or it isn’t going to happen”. Phil had won a blow job; and that sure seemed to have Carla pretty excited. She bounced out of her chair exclaiming “Yippee, I get to suck some cock, fucking awesome”.

    Carla Shrugged out of her robe, and posed with her hands on her hips, wearing only her grin and that tiny lace thong. We watched her lead Phil by the hand out in to the middle of the room. She kissed him, letting his hands slide over her body, while she undid his pants. And then, she was on her knees, yanking Phil’s pants down. Carla had his balls cupped in one hand as she leaned in and covered his cock with flicking licks with her tongue. She worked her tongue slowly up from his balls to his cock’s head, and then just sucked it in to her mouth. Her lips slid right on down that shaft, completely deep throating him. Phil groaned, I groaned; Hell, we all groaned at that sight. Well, guess who was a little show off? Carla put her hands behind her back then, and just began slamming her mouth up and down. Every hard downward thrust buried his cock’s head deep in her throat. His cock was wet and slippery looking when she wrapped one fist around it. She was slowly jacking hi
    m off when she bent and sucked his balls in to her mouth. And then, she really got her hand moving. Phil’s hands were grabbing for her hair when she lifted her face and drove her mouth back down on his cock. We all pretty much knew that Phil was blasting his load in to her throat. We sure didn’t need to hear him yelling out. “I’m cuming; I’m cuming, oh shit yes”. Carla was all grins as she carefully licked off every bit of the cum still smeared over Phil’s cock. Oh man, now that move had my cock jumping in my pants.

    I won the next hand with a full house, and drew the wild card. Don’t ask me why, but I decided that I wanted to watch Carla playing with herself. Bob had something to add though. He told Carla that she could start off with her fingers if she liked but that he was going to grab one of her toys. Carla came around to me, and told me that because I had won that I could remove her panties. So, I knelt in front of her, and teased them down her legs. She was laughing as she kicked them aside and pulled my face up against her bare shaved pussy. I only had time for a fast kiss and a lick before she spun away. She ended up in one of the big overstuffed chairs with her feet up on the arms and her pussy totally exposed. She began by using the fingers of one hand to spread her labia wide; so she could flick one finger over her very exposed clit. I wanted a closer look, so I went over and knelt close to the chair. Phil and Chuck stayed put. Carla was already breathing fast, when she gri
    nned down at me, and whispered. “Watch this”. I watched as she teased three stiff fingers around her vagina’s opening, and then drove them in deep with one smooth thrust. The fingers of one hand still held her pussy spread wide, and the thumb was rubbing up and down over one damn erect clit. She continued to work her thumb while she pumped her fingers in and out of her nearly dripping wet vagina. Those fingers positively glistened with her pussies juices when she yanked them out and held them out to me. Damn right, I sucked them in to my mouth in a heart beat, loving the musky flavor of her wetness. Carla was laughing as she drove them back in with a nasty looking twisting motion. And then, just like that she was cuming. Her back arched, and she began bucking up to meet her thrusting fingers. “OH yeah, that’s it, Fuck yes, I’m cuming, oh yeah, yeah, yeah”.

    Carla was slowly licking her fingers when Bob made it back carrying a bottle of lube and a big rubber dildo. It had to be at least ten inches of thick black rubber, and had an absolutely huge head. Carla held out her hand and Bob slapped it in to her open palm. When he tried to hand her the lube she just laughed and told him “Silly, like I’m going to need that. Go sit down and watch me play for my boys”. She slid that huge head around getting it wet and slippery, before letting it slowly penetrate past her vagina’s opening. It slid in until only the finger tips holding its base were visible. But then, she was off to the races, and she had it pistoning in and out with almost ferocious intensity. She kept it up too, only adding a flicking finger to work over that still startlingly erect clit. I thought she was going to start screaming her way through another orgasm, but she slowed instead. She pulled her rubber cock out, and began to lick every bit of her slippery wetne
    ss off it. And then, she drove it back in, twisted it around some, and then ripped it back out. This time she pushed it in to her mouth; slowly letting it slide deeper and deeper, until she had the whole huge thing buried in her throat. Sorry, but I applauded; that was one damn thick piece of rubber cock. And, I’m pretty sure that I heard Chuck muttering something like “Fuck me, just fuck me, I don’t believe that”. Bob was chuckling, and Carla was back to fucking herself. And this time she didn’t stop; well, not until she had rung up another sensational looking, and damn loud, orgasm. Hell, I didn’t know what to say, so I just got up and returned to my seat at the table. Carla sat their working to catch her breath with this absolutely wicked grin spread over her pretty face.

    When she did get up, she stretched, looking positively feline. Before she sat back down though she came around and sat in each of our laps. Let me tell you; those kisses came complete with plenty of caresses, pinches, and probing fingers too. But, she did make it back to her seat eventually, and the game resumed. Carla won the next hand, and added a twist to the game. “Hey, I should be able to choose something too; what do you boys say”? What could we say, of course we agreed. So, Carla informed us that we were going to cut the deck, and that the winner would be going down on her. As she put it; “I’ve always fantasized about getting my pussy done while I sat and played poker. Hurry up, cut the damn cards”. I won, and wasted no time getting my ass down under that table. I hadn’t even settled before Carla had her feet up on my shoulders and her fingers tangled in my hair. Oh man, her pussy was so slick, and wet, and felt like it might be ready to burst in to flame.
    I started out with the intention of getting her to climax before the next hand was played. And, I might have too, if I hadn’t slowed my damn tongue so I could push my fingers in to her quivering vagina. She was incredibly tight, wrapping around my hard thrusting fingers like hot liquid velvet. The combination of my hard fucking fingers and my tongue had her sexy little ass bouncing; and that was before my fingers found her puckered little bump of a G spot. That discovery ripped a gasp from her; and then a “Yes, I love that”. Sure, I could tell she was climaxing hard, but was bummed because I couldn’t watch her face. But, I sure could hear her screams of delight, and feel her vagina trying to crush my fingers with its spasming clenches. Gosh, all I was trying to do was to take her around for seconds, or whatever number it might have been, and she playfully smacked my head and ordered “Bastard, stop that. Oh my God, this bitch is done; well, for now anyway”.

    While Carla was off freshening up, we played a few hands of real poker. Of course Carla was the only topic, and the consensus opinion was that Bob was one damn lucky guy. Chuck was bitching about needing to get off, and soon, before his balls just exploded. And, I for one knew just what he meant. But, it was Chuck who won the next hand, and there wasn’t much doubt that Chuck had drawn the forfeit he’d also written. It called for some one to titty fuck Carla’s fabulous tits and then to blast his load all over them. Well fine, but we were all in for a little surprise. Chuck it turns out isn’t circumcised, and apparently he was Carla’s first up close and personal encounter with a cock in such a condition. It was quickly obvious that Carla intended to explore this new territory before Chuck would be indulging his little fantasy. Her eyes were riveted to his cock as her hand slid up and down it. She slid the foreskin down revealing the head of chuck’s cock, and just th
    at fast she swallowed the thing. Chuck’s little difference didn’t seem to matter much any longer. Carla had Chuck’s cock looking very slippery by the time she knelt upright, and squeezed that cock between her tits. Chuck got his titty fuck alright, and between one damn fine set of tits too. But, Carla had other things on her wicked mind. She pulled away from him and dropped on to her back with her long legs in the air. “Come on Chuck, show me what that big dick of yours feels like. Come on guy, fuck me good”. Well sure, he did that all right; but pretty soon she was reminding him that he was supposed to cum on her tits. She even told him that if he didn’t, that then she would spank his bare ass in front of the rest of us. OK, let’s just say that I wasn’t looking forward to seeing that. Chuck almost managed a chuckle as he lifted her legs up over his shoulders. Damn, and did he ever pound it to her then. Carla loved it too, and almost looked like she might jus
    t slide in to another screaming orgasm. But, before she got there, Chuck was ripping his cock out of her and blasting one massive load of cum on to her tits. Well, most of it hit her tits; she did take one shot square on her grinning face. Carla was still grinning as she wiped up a huge finger full of cum and slowly licked it off. She got a nice laugh from the rest of us when she wiped up another big load and held it out to Chuck. Well, that got him stumbling back to his feet, that’s for sure. And, while Carla was off cleaning the goo off her tits we did manage a few more hands of poker. It was pretty obvious though that the game was winding down.

    Carla made the rounds again, bestowing hot kisses, and thanking everyone for a great time. When she got to me though, she added a whispered “Poor Brian, you haven’t gotten off yet. Please, stick around after the rest leave”. So, I was in the head when Chuck and Phil hit the road. When I got back Carla was riding Bob’s cock, and riding it damn hard too. You would have thought that she was the one who hadn’t climaxed yet. Watching her pumping that gorgeous ass up and down I was thinking of a double penetration, but Carla had another idea. “Brian get out of those clothes”, she ordered. My cock was barely free before she’d wrapped a fist around it and was pulling me in closer. Well, I guess it was a sort of double alright, only my cock was deep in her throat instead of in her very sexy ass. And sure, it was damn near the blow job of my life; right up until Bob decided it was past time for him to blast loose a load. Carla had to let go of my cock or risk biting it
    off when he grabbed her ass and began to absolutely slam her up and down. I quickly moved around behind her, kneeling to get a better view. Bob was slamming her down hard, and bucking up even harder. Carla was screaming for him to “Fuck me, come on you bastard fuck me hard. Fuck me, do it, fuck me”. There was no mistaking the thrust that sent his cum blasting deep in to her. He brought her crashing down, holding her there with his cock fully buried. That was OK, but I’d really hoped to see him yank his cock out and cum all over her sweet ass. Carla was laughing and bouncing softly when she turned to me and said something like “Don’t go anywhere big boy, I’ve got a nice surprise in store for you”. And with that said she was on her knees and busily licking pussy and the trickles of cum off Bob’s cock; and as they say, doing it with gusto.

    Carla got to her feet, and threw her arms around my neck. She crushed my mouth under a kiss that should have caught my lips on fire. And then, she spun away, grabbed the bottle of lube and tossed it to Bob. “Come on lover, you can do the honors. Brian’s going to fuck my ass for me, aren’t you Brian”? I’m sure that I must have at least muttered something, but I haven’t a clue what. Carla was bent over with her hands braced on the arm chair, and her legs spread wide apart. She was watching back over a shoulder when Bob made a fist and then poured lube over it. Carla squealed, “You wouldn’t; OK well maybe, but after Brian gets his turn”. I think she was teasing him back, but who knows? Anyway, I watched as he pushed two fingers right up her ass, twisted them, and then yanked them out. She was still in mid gasp as he drove them back in. Several hard deep thrust and he pulled his fingers out and bowed my way. I’d like to say that I took my time, but it would be
    a lie. Just as soon as the head of my cock pressed against that tiny puckered hole, I drove it in hard. I’m a pretty big guy, and there was plenty of power behind the thrusts that I was pounding in to her ass. But, I had my hands firmly clamped down on her hips, and she stayed right where I wanted her. I was really enjoying the thrill of ripping my cock out, and then reentering her tight little ass hole. During one of these I paused long enough to notice the glistening white cum running out of her vagina. That was it for this poor boy, I plowed right back in to that waiting ass hole, and fucked it for all I was worth. Carla was screaming for me to do it harder, and faster. Yeah right, like I wasn’t already giving that my best shot. All I could add was to let every single one of those hammering thrust rip clear, before it got buried deep again. A few of those, and it was my cock’s turn to blast loose a torrent of cum. If I’ve cum more or with more force, I sure dont remember when. I loved fucking that sweet ass, and just kept on pumping in hard deep thrusts and blasting out shot after shot of cum. thoroughly done; I slipped out of Carla and dropped to my knees. Looking up I saw that Carla had cum trickling out of both her vagina and her ass hole too; now, that was quite the sight. But then, Carla was in my arms, kissing me with heat, and insisting that I’d just given her the best ass fucking ever. Well Hell, there I was grinning like a fool while Carla strutted off toward the stairs.

    Author: Onward Bob

    2009-02-23 18:50:05 Posted by
    great story but a little long
    any boy here 2 fuck me?

    2009-02-24 06:21:44 Posted by

    2009-02-24 11:04:40 Posted by storey I've read in a long time . I cummed before it ended but I was pretty horny ;)
    Little red head

    2009-02-25 22:49:18 Posted by
    I'm ready to get ducked by a chick while I play poker Damnivegotalongone

    2009-02-26 20:02:57 Posted by
    Total wow; so, lets play some poker. long tongue two

    2009-03-03 04:57:51 Posted by
    I'm already circling my hardened tits and ready to be fucked... Horny Belle

    2009-03-05 12:29:49 Posted by
    Wow! So hot!!! Anyone wanna fuck me now? God I'm horny Sexy redhead

    2009-03-05 14:32:39 Posted by
    I really liked it.

    One of the best Ive Read.

    2009-03-06 16:17:47 Posted by
    Gayyyy mother fuckers read this

    2009-03-10 00:03:27 Posted by
    To long big cock

    2009-03-12 01:23:52 Posted by
    Boring KittyKatsy

    2009-04-01 19:45:37 Posted by
    Great story, I love doing similar sex treats with my husband. He just loves me having a lot of big cocks inside my holes. And reading your story just got me horny as hell.
    Thanks Love Carol L

    2009-04-10 00:39:25 Posted by
    im ready to fuck anyone fucker

    2009-04-18 04:42:17 Posted by
    Good story my dick is so hard and ready to cum! devo

    2009-04-20 00:29:54 Posted by
    great story. gawd i'm horny Anonymous

    2009-05-17 17:35:17 Posted by
    gonna fuck right now, y'ouch me

    2009-06-17 10:09:09 Posted by
    oh big boy..plz fuck me hard... gud gal

    2009-07-23 04:25:33 Posted by
    great story ! got me hard ! in fact want some myself .. wrecker

    2009-08-09 11:19:42 Posted by
    so unrealistic, no real girl would say those things. its hotter if it would really happen. arealgirl

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