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    Latest FleshLight Reviews

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    Fleshlight from my girlfriend
    today was my 1st try of the FL
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    Fleshlight Reviews

    Club Initiation for new members

    (Current Rating 70/100, based on 98 votes)

    I have been married for 10 years and we have a very good sex life trying
    most things including mild bondage. We often fantasize about having
    another person male or female either joining in or just watching. She
    told me to stop talking about it and do something about it, where do I
    start ? I decided to look for some sort of club that catered for this
    sort of thing. I confided with my best mate I have known him since school
    and we know everything about one another and wife's come to that. He
    told me about a special type of club in London that caters for anything
    you want (legally that is). I e mailed them and got a reply for an
    interview ! I went for the interview on my own wanting this to be a
    suprise for my wife, but singles wasn't accepted so we both had to go on
    the next visit they screen everyone and I should think so with the
    joining fee of 500 UK pounds per couple. Anyway we was accepted after
    around a month of eagerness waiting our first day in the club had arrived

    ot knowing how to dress or waht to expect we had seen photo's etc but no
    one is allowed in until your a member. She dressed with all her horniest
    lingerie on I could have stayed at home and fucked her all night.
    Anyway we got to the club and had to fill in what seemed our life story
    yet again one of these was our wildest fantasy, we was given champagne
    and now we finally got to see the club rooms. The first was a big open
    room just like a big strip joint with bar and a stage etc. The other
    rooms was unbelievable every fantasy room you could imagine, dungeon,
    surgery etc.

    So after the tour and watching so many fetishes take place I could have
    cum there and then, We then went into the club house and sat down for the
    next show which was about to start. The compare came on the stage and
    introdeuced the next show for the night to our horror it was the new
    members fantasies our names was called out and we had to get on stage.
    I was shaking and honestly didnt know this was going to happen my wife
    still doesn't believe me. My fantasy was to have as many people as
    possilble to see my pleasure myself and then for as many women and the
    odd man even though i'm totally straight to have turns in touching me
    sucking me. I was up first as my wife had to get ready ? ready for what ?
    my mind was racing. Anyway this story is about my wife not me so after my
    fantasy had been full filled which I lasted over 1 and a half hours of
    sheer bliss.

    I left the stage and given the best seat in the house. My wife was lead
    out on the stage I hardly recognised her she had been totally transformed
    into a street hooker all tight fitting PVC gear, highest heels i have
    ever seen, make up, hair done the complete works. A big wooden X was
    rolled on behind her and the two guys picked her up and placed her on the
    X and was tied in the same position as the X. One of the guys left the
    stage and the other one took off his outfit to reveal his cock which
    wasn't much bigger than mine around 8 inches I dint think she would have
    asked for a bigger cock than mine ! (or so i thought read on)He stood in
    front of her and pleasured himself while she just stared something she
    likes to do with me is just watch me wank, He shot his load all over her
    legs, the X then was laid down nearly flat about a 30 degree angle then 6
    men and 2 women came on stage all with bondage gear on and started to
    touch her all over this went on for ages then the women!
    started to lick her all over and opened the zip on the PVC trousers she
    was wearing and carried on licking her out, something she has never had
    done to her by a woman. The Guys took off there trousers and I was
    shocked by the size of there cocks the smallest one must have been 10
    inches and one by one they all had turns in fucking her I couldn't
    believe what I was seeing my wife turning into a slut in one night after
    10 years of marriage I was nearly sick. I got up to walk out but was
    stopped by the bouncer and put back in my chair I looked up and my wife
    blew me a kiss and said don't worry love I will always want you.
    I was turned on but i'd rather it not be my wife up there she was being
    fucked by some real big cock and was loving every minute of it. This went
    on for waht seemed hours and all the time she wsa never un tied they
    stated to shoot there loadds one by one either in her on her or in her
    mouth. She was finally un tied and sat up with everyone clapping and
    hollowing even I clapped ! she was about to walk off when the compare
    came back on whispered something to her and she nodded her head. He tols
    everyone that the owner of the club had wanted to have her only if we
    both agreed and if we did we would have a life membership with no
    renewals ! which was worth a fortune, we would become gold members giving
    us the run of the club having anyone when we wanted we would be virtually
    on the directors board, (all this was in the rules and regs we had read
    over and over again) I agreed to this. There was only one clause she must
    make him shoot his load and take all of him.
    I went up on stage and spoke to her briefly she said she wanted to do it
    and it was the chance we had only dreamed off all our sex fantasies
    anything we wanted was being offered to us.
    The owner came on stage with 4 of the horniest women on his side (thats
    how beautifull my wife is no kidding) they removed his cloak of fur to
    reveal the biggest cock I have ever seen in my life it was nealy touching
    his knees. I was now having 2nd thoughts and was about to get up and tell
    him no, but I was held back with the bouncer again the owner said a deal
    is a deal my friend I'm having her and you can watch while she squeals.
    She was laid down on a bed that had been wheeled in and tied up to each
    corner of the bed. He straddled her face ann made her lick it until he
    was hard we could only see his back then the bed was turned to the side
    and everyone let out a gasp at the size of his cock it was un real i
    guessed at 14-16 inch. He got in the nissionary position supporting
    himself on his hands and feet so we could all see him entering her. Inch
    by inch he pushed until she started to scream and shout no more please
    please he grinned and asked everyone should he stop they!
    all shouted carry on give it to the slut, who was going to say stop when
    he was the owner ? He still had about 3-4 left to go and pushed some more
    she was screaming she wasnt going to be able to take any more and he
    pulled out, at least she had tried i thoght and was glad he didnt carry
    on. Her legs was un tied and he entered her again god he wasn't going to
    give up he pulled her legs in the air and started to slide in inch by
    inch again again 3-4 inches was still not in he started to push and push
    and it was slowly going in I could see the outline of his cock pushing
    from withing her stomach. 1 inch to go and everyone was just totally
    silence in awe i think ? one final push and it was all in all 15 inches
    of him he juat kept it in there without pushing just watching the
    pleasure on her face he was motionless for about 5 minutes until she
    started screaming with pleasure he was shooting his load and she could
    feel it pump and get even bigger, he took his cock out and stood !
    up where the women put his fur cloak back on he looked at me and said
    nice to have you 2 on board.

    My wife was took around the back still on the bed where i went back stage
    to meet her, she was fine apart form being sore and said she loved every
    minute of it and said she was looking forward to the next time ! we are
    now gold members and have been going to the club for 2 months something I
    dint know all gold members take part in the new members fantasies so we
    have been on stage several times and our love life just gets better when
    the next big one takes place I'll post another one if everyone liked
    this one and there's enough feedback.

    Author: Daveylad

    2007-01-03 10:35:49 Posted by
    wow I need to find a club like that... Anonymous

    2007-01-04 14:48:50 Posted by
    wow that is one hell of a story Anonymous

    2007-01-04 14:49:24 Posted by
    i want to go with you tia

    2007-01-04 14:50:07 Posted by
    did it hurt her @ all? Anonymous

    2007-01-05 01:12:59 Posted by
    nice....thats a huge cock...u seriously need to lern how to spell...but then again most horny guyz cant do anyting other than fuck and im sposing that after story ur prolly pretty horny :) GoldyLox

    2007-01-09 21:33:27 Posted by
    I Want To Go Fuck Now Anonymous

    2007-01-16 17:51:16 Posted by
    Interesting story, although spelling was horrible. anonymous

    2007-01-17 05:46:57 Posted by
    Hello good design. Very nice. 0n79p7 Enjoy. Goodbay.

    2007-02-27 10:04:51 Posted by
    my wife strugles with 12 inches Anonymous

    2007-03-18 22:58:02 Posted by
    Wow.. That is so amazingly hot.. Time to head to the toy chest.. this girl needs something long and hard! ~smiles~ thank You for a great read! noty

    2007-05-09 21:20:10 Posted by
    I wished i had something like that to fill me up. I like to be full! Anonymous

    2007-07-24 14:11:19 Posted by
    How about posting what your fantasy was. Bratt

    2007-08-07 14:35:03 Posted by
    Hello! great idea of color of this siyte! Vilyamle

    2007-11-08 09:52:33 Posted by
    Hot Hot Hot!!!! More please babygirl1965

    2008-01-23 19:27:23 Posted by
    MMMMMMMM, i only have a 13 inch cock i wish his was longer..... sounds like lots of fun. 16 inches would deffinently fill me up i want to go fuck now Cati

    2008-03-02 18:39:32 Posted by
    hmm, perhaps state some of your action not just your wifes, otherwise it was good =] chris

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