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    As the day drew to a close, the rain still fell heavily outside. Alice tidied up as the last few customers finished their coffee, most of them just watching people walking past the window outside, slowly getting drenched. As she cleared the last table and her mind started to drift to plan what she would do for the rest of her evening, the cafe door opened. Alice groaned under her breath. She looked up to see who had entered. It was a man, probably mid 30s, but difficult to tell as he was dripping from head to toe. As he looked up at Alice, he smiled. A warm, friendly smile. Alice immediately smiled back. He ordered a coffee and sat down at the table furthest from the window. Alice turned the sign on the door to "Closed" and went to do the last few jobs - polishing the coffee machine till it shone, ready for the next use. Once Alice was done, she glanced over at her last customer. They caught each others eyes and quickly broke contact. He then got up and wandered over to the counter where Alice was and they exchanged a brief but nervous conversation. They both laughed at how wet he was - and Alice told him that she would probably be the same by the time she walked home, looking at everyone else and the unstoppable downpour.

    As she took his cup from him, she suggested that he may want to dry off a bit and gestured him through to the bathroom out the back. In there was a towel that he could use - at least it would mean he started off the next part of the journey dry. She pointed him in the right direction and washed his mug, leaving the cafe set up for the following day. She turned off the lights and went out the back to see if her last customer was ready to leave. The door to the bathroom was slightly ajar when she went through. She caught a glimpse of him in the full length mirror that was on the end wall of bathroom - she thought about not looking, but could not help herself taking a longer more detailed look as there was no way that he would know. He was stood with just his trousers on - tshirt on the side and the towel being used to dry his hair and upper torso. He had a good figure, not too toned but well built, with some chest hair to speak of. As he towelled himself down, he looked rugged but sensual. Alice could feel her body enjoying watching - looking down she could see her perfectly rounded breasts, supported in a tight white tshirt, begin to get aroused. She liked the idea of watching something that she really shouldnt - the risk of being caught out. The longer she watched, the riskier it became and the more she enjoyed it. She wondered what he would say if he knew she was there. She started to imagine what he would do. Sensing that this would all be over too quickly though if she didnt intervene - she walked to the door and knocked. She popped her head round and asked him if he needed anything. Their eyes met but this time they did not break contact straight away. He could tell that she was scanning his half naked body, and she could tell that he was drawn to her aroused nipples that were showing through her tight top. She boldly walked over to him and did something completey out of character - she kissed him, full on the lips. Whether he was taken aback or aroused, it was difficult to tell immediately. There was a pause before he embraced her in a long and passionate kiss - her breasts pushed against his naked torso. He lifted her top over her head and easily removed her bra - revealing her firm, rounded breasts with pert nipples. Taking each in turn in his mouth, whilst caressing the other with his hand, he flicked and teased them with his tongue - circling around each one, listening to Alice's breaething change with each stroke.

    With mirrors all around the bathroom, it was easy to see how the other was reacting. Watching and enjoying. He turned Alice to face the mirror and stood behind her - kissing her neck and gently nibbling on her ears, while caressing her breasts, slowly moving his hand down to the top of her tight black skirt - her kncikers just showing over the top. He unzipped her skirt from the back and it dropped to the floor. His hand moved over her panties, feeling the warmth from her pussy through the cotton. Alice automatically widened her legs slightly, encouraging his hand to fully cup her - to feel what was on offer. Without a word, he picked her up and sat her on the bench next to the sink, facing him - he spred her legs and began to kiss her inner thighs. Alice didnt know whether to watch or close her eyes and enjoy - she could feel his breath getting closer to her pussy - her pussy that was aching to be touched and satisfied. He kissed her through her panties, feeling her warmth a
    nd wet - a reaction to events so far - and smelling that sweet smell of excitment. He removed her panties - overcome by the desire to enjoy the unmistakable and unbeatable taste of sex. Her smooth pussy revealed, his head pushed deep between her legs - his breath on her lips, his tongue licking and separating them - tasting, teasing, enjoying. Revealing her proud clit - each stroke with his tongue makes Alice quiver and groan - slowly at first, then speeding up to increase the excitement. He could feel her juices flowing, occasionally using his tongue to probe inside her, open her up to what is to come. Sensing her enjoyment as he worked his tongue into Alice, he slowly slipped one finger into her - sliding in easily with the excitement already shown. His tongue licking and flicking her clit, now a second finger slides inside her, slowly being pushed in and pulled out - feeling the warmth of her walls - pushing against her front wall to intensify any orgasm. Alice wriggled with enjoyment, encouraging another finger inside her - three fingers strecthing her and feeling her warmth and softness - working hard to match the rhythm of his tongue - driving her to her first orgasm.

    After a second to recover, Alice hopped off the bench and could see his trousers were containing a warmed up cock. She removed the rest of his clothes and revealed him to her. A firm, thick cock - completely smooth and asking to be used in all sorts of ways. Still naked, Alice was tempted just to turn around and bend over - being taken from behind is something that she hasnt had for a long time and misses. But she took his cock in her mouth, cupping his balls with her hands. Sucking, licking, deep in her mouth - she worked his cock - tasting it. She enjoys playing with cock- watching their faces and reactions as she works her magic. She doesnt have time to string it out tonight though - maybe he can come back to hers some other time for the full treatment. They both cant wait any longer - wanting to feel his cock deep inside her - thrusting and filling her - satisfying with every stroke. Hands on the sink bench, Alice bent forward - she could see in the mirror how he admired her pert behind - revealing herself to him. His cock hard and throbbing - he stroked it across her firm behind, and watched her shudder - he then manoeuvred it between her legs, feeling it pushing at her tight entrance. Feeling some resistance, he pushed slowly, sliding through the door, his cock becoming enveloped by her soft warm walls. Half in, Alice moved herself so that she can take it all - deep inside with his balls pressed against her ass. She watched him in the mirror as he entered her - their bodies becoing intertwined and ready to be fully satisfied by each other. He grabbed her waist with both hands and pushed himself against her- she groaned and pushed back - in as far as possible. As he started to pump her, gently to start with, then becoming more rough but still caring, Alice took one hand and moved it to her clit - rubbing in time with the thrusts - working herself to another orgasm as he slaps against her ass over and over again. It didnt take Alice long to climax for the second time - and he can feel her tightening around him - involuntary spasms of joy inflicted by his actions.

    Alice could tell that he is still to release and longed to taste him properly. She also wanted to see how he handles himself - almost as if she wanted to catch him at the very start, playing with himself while she watched him, unbeknown, in the mirror. She makes him play with himself - while looking at her - naked, beautiful and still horny. He strokes his cock, working it up and down, teasing it and caressing it. Soon Alice cant keep her hands off herself and finds her hands wandering between her legs - something that seems to spur him on more - watching each other playing together but, at the same time,alone. As she worked her fingers deep inside once more, it doesnt take long for them both to prepare to climax. Alice wants to taste him - he wants her to cum at the same time - they wait until the moment is right - as she cums, he unloads into her mouth, quivering as he releases into her and feeling her quiver as she gets satisfied yet again.

    They both fell into an embrace and just hold each other close - naked flesh together and satisfied. Satisifed by a stranger - not even knowing each others names. But that didnt matter. Will they ever see each other again - time will tell on that one - but one thing is for sure, Alice will never groan again when a customer arrives at closing time - who knows what may happen.

    Author: Red Devil

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