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    Latest FleshLight Reviews

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    today was my 1st try of the FL
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    Do As Youre Told

    (Current Rating 85/100, based on 59 votes)

    My wife and I were getting bored with our daily routines and decided one day to try to spice things up a bit. Our sex life although good was beginning to lose it's bite and things were beginning to become "as usual".

    We had a toy box full of play things. We had tried just about everything from dildos and vibrators to gags, blindfolds and cuffs. We watched videos and made some of our own but it was all getting old, we both agreed we needed to do something new. It was then that we decided to "push the envelope".

    Suzie and I decided that we would take turns and that on every Saturday night each of us would be in charge and the other had to do whatever it was the other wanted. The night that you were boss the other had to "do as you're told".

    The first night it was Suzie's turn to be the boss. I thought that I'd let her go first so I had time for ideas and I just wanted to see how far she would go.

    Saturday night was always date night. For years we had always kept Saturday night free so we could spent time together to keep the fire burning. We usually went out to dinner then came home and cuddled up to a movie then made love or I'd get a handjob or blowjob and we'd go to bed.

    I thought this was going to be fun but what happened on Suzie's first night I never expected;

    We both got ready to go. I had on my tan shorts, a Izod shirt and sandals. Suzie came out of the bathroom braless wearing a thin yellow tube top and white mini skirt. She has NEVER worn anything like this before and I was shocked. I told her "you're nt wearing that are you?" and she just smiled and said "do as you're told". We both jumped in the car and I headed to Pete's Tavern, our local pub and the place we have been going to every Saturday night for the past 2 years. As we were getting close Suzie said "keep going, were not going to Pete's tonight". I said ok, I figured she didn't want to walk in to a place where everyone knew us wearing what she had on. "Where are we going then" I said. "Were going to Bar H" she said. "Bar H? that's a go-go juice bar where the girls dance naked" I said. "I know" Suzie replied, that's where we're going" "D you have any idea what goes on in those types of places" I said. "Nope" Suzie said, "but I guess I'm going to find out" she replied.
    "You and your friends go there so it can't be that bad... right?" Suzie said. Oh man I thought. The guys in that place are perverts, she has no idea what she's about to do.

    We pulled into the lot and I put the car in park. "OK I said, you ready to go?" Yup Suzie replied as she got out of the car. I grabbed my wallet amd my keys and got out as well. "Where do you think you're going" Suzie stated. "I'm going in with you" I responded. "No you're not... not yet" she replied. "I'm going in first and then after you give me 20 minutes or so you can come in... but when you do you stay away from me and we don't talk". I ran over to Suzie and raised my voice in protest "you can't go in there alone Suzie, that place is a meat factory" I exclaimed. "Oh really? a meat factory? I thought you and your friends were just coming here to talk and have a diet coke? Well you just wait here and "do as you are told"

    Suzie walked off towards the front door as I stood next to the car watching. She turned, looked at me as she pulled her mini skirt down and to the side a little bit to fix it and smiled.

    The 20 minutes seemed like a hour as I waited for it to be my time to go in. I jumped out on the car exactly at the 10:35 minute mark and hurried to the door.

    As I entered I paid the guy at the door the $10.00 entrance fee (woman are free) and I quickly looked around to see if I could find her. The place was dark and the music was loud. Flashing colored lights made it hard to see. The place was crowded mostly with men who came to watch the girls on the stage and grab a hand full of tit from one of the girls that walked around soliciting dollar bills. There were a few girls in the place but they were not very good looking and all had about a thousand miles on them. Theye were only there because it was the only place they could get picked up and get laid. They knew that one of the guys would be high or drunk enough to want to take them home or would be horny enough from watching the naked beauties on stage to take them out to their cars for a quick fuck.

    I walked around and finally located Suzie over in the corner. She was talking to three guys and all three were good looking studs. I found a seat about 15 feet away where I could keep an eye on her and watch the girls on stage at the same time. Suzie was stunning looking. Her blonde hair and yellow top lit up each time the bright lights hit her. As I watched I noticed that a set of clear lights that kept hitting her made her top see through and her nipples became visible each time they hit her. It took a few minutes but Suzie finally looked over and saw me. She smiled, gave me a wink and went back to talking with the boys. Suzie entertained these guys for about a half hour and then got up and walked away with one of them. I watched as they headed for the private area in the back where the dancers give lap dances. You can't go in there unless you are "hooked up" because they don't want guys going back there and just watching. I knew that if I wanted to continue to keep my ey
    e on Suzie I had to hook up as well... and fast.

    I got up and found the first dancer I could find that was trolling for dollar bills and asked her if she would give me a lap dance. She quickly said yes and we both hurried off to the lounge.

    The lounge is a crowded place where the girls sit on a guys lap and wiggle back and forth while the guy feels her up and cums in his pants. For $20.00 you get a girlfriend for 10 minutes and you go home happy.

    I found Suzie over in the back corner talking to the guy she walked out with. They were sitting next to each other and there was a small table in front of them.

    I found a seat close to them and the girl I was with quickly mounted me, wrapped her arms around me and started sliding her cunt up and down my penis.

    Suzie looked over at us and we made eye contact. Suzie raised her eyebrows and turned away looking at the guy she was with. As I watched her she opened up her legs and pulled gently on her mini skirt so it would allow her legs to part. I took one look and immediately noticed that she didn't have any panties on. Suzie shaved and her pussy was white as snow peering out from under that table at me and about 10 other guys. Suzie then, while still talking with the guys, slid her hand up her leg and began fiddling with her pussy lips with her pointer finger.

    My cock began to grow as I watched Suzie finger herself while talking to that stranger. The girl on my lap noticed because she made the comment "that's my big boy" as she continued to ride me.

    Suzie obviously excited and wanting to push the experience to the next level reached over and grabbed the guys hand pulling it under the table and directing to her wet pussy. The guy instantly began rubbing her pussy with his right hand and rubbing his own cock with his left. Suzie then leaned over and began kissing him. I watched as my wife french kissed this guy while he played with her pussy and I had some naked 20 year old jerking me off with her cunt.

    Next level for me I thought. If she is going to allow that guy to finger her I'm going to get a little here as well.

    The girl was totally naked and had her arms wrapped around my shoulders. Her pussy was sliding up and down my pants and my cock was beginning to feel like it wanted a pussy hole to bury itself in. I began feeling the girls tits and rubbing her back. I was trying to figure out a way to get my cock out of my pants but knew it wasn't allowed. After a minute or two I came up with a idea. "Ouch! I said" "What's the matter honey the girl stated". "I don't have any underwear on" I told her, "I have to open my fly so the zipper doesn't cut my dick off". "You can't do that she said, there are rules". "Rules are made to be broken, no one will see us back here in the corner" I told her reaching into my pants pocket "here's $50 bucks" and I handed her a fifty dollar bill. She looked around and lifted herself up as I unzipped my fly and took out my cock laying it out on my stomach as she quickly lowered herself back on to me hiding it. As she began to continue her dance I could feel the
    warmth of her pussy as it slid up and down my rod.

    After we got situated I looked over at Suzie. She appeared rattled and I don't think she thought that what I had just done was ok with her. She turned from me and continue to french kiss this guy. As I watched Suzie then reached down and took the guys left hand and guided it up under her shirt. As he slid his hand in the tight shirt lifted up and exposed her breast. As he massaged her tit Suzie reached down and began rubbing his cock through his trousers. It was about one minute later that the guy reached down, unbuttoned his pants, unzipped his fly and pulled out one enormous cock. He guided Suzies hand down onto his shaft and went back to groping her and fingering her pussy. They stopped kissing and he layed back in his seat as Suzie began pumping his cock faster and faster with her left hand. I watched as Suzie sat there looking at his cock while pumping it, pulling and squeezing it's large head and thick shaft imagining what it would be like to have it fucking her. She
    had forgotten about everything around her and was concentrating on this guys huge shaft.

    I was getting so excited watching them that my cock felt like it was going to explode. As this girl slid up and down my long shaft my pre-cum lubricated her pussy lips and she slid easily across it, teasing my cocks head with her pussy hole.

    I looked over again and watched Suzie sitting there. She was so interested in what she was doing she didn't even realize that she was sitting with her legs spread apart, her pussy lips open for every man in the place to see and had one tit hanging out. She sat there stroking this guys cock like a little school girl who had never seen a cock before wondering what was going to happen next. The guys closed his eyes and opened his mouth as he moaned. Suzie watched as his cock exploded. With each pull from Suzies hands this guys cock pumped out cum as it sprayed his pants legs and splashed onto the floor.

    I couldn't take it any longer as my cock began to explode as well. As the young girl slid her pussy up and down my shaft it released hot cum spewing onto my stomach and clinging to this girls pussy lips.

    When I was done I took a tissue from the table next to us and wiped myself off. As the girl got off she turned away as if to not allow her boss to see her and she too wiped herself off. We both got up and walked out, me looking back at Suzie as she got up to fix her skirt once again and hide her breast. The other guy just quickly got up and walked away without even saying thanks, just throwing her away like the rest of the tramps in the place that night.

    I waited out in the car and a minute or two later Suzie came out, two guys following her trying to see if they could "give her a ride". Suzie came back to the car and got it. "did you have a good time" she said. "Yeah, you were hot" I replied. "Yeah, I bet that girl was hot too" Suzie exclaimed. "Well you better be able to get that cock of yours hard when we get home because the men here aren't worth shit" Suzie shouted.

    As we drove home I smiled under my breath thinking about how fun it was to watch her handle that guys big cock and how he just left her hanging. Suzie too had a little smile on her face. I suppose that as she sat there she was quietly dreaming about that guys huge cock and what it would have been like.

    Author: Obey Me

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