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    Dominated By My Best Friends Wife

    (Current Rating 42/100, based on 120 votes)

    A few months ago I made plans to go out with my best friend Mike and his wife Stephanie to this new club called the Starchamber that had just opened up.We had planed to go on Friday night but a few days before ,Mike had gotten called away on business,so I just assumed the plans were off.When Friday night came I got a call from Stephanie,she wanted to know what time I was planning to pick her up.I told her I thought the plan was off,but she wanted to go even though it would be just the two of us,So I told her I would be over by nine.When I got to Stephanie's house I was amazed by how hot she looked,she normally dressed very conservitive but tonight she was wearing a black leather mini skirt with fishnet stockings,black leather high heels with ankle straps and a tight low cut red top which went well with her long black hair.Stephanie said she wanted to drive and off we went.The club was very crowded and right from the start Stephanie was buying me drinks all night,we would da!

    nce for a while then sit down and joke around on and off.Even though Stephanie wasn't drinking,after a few hours I was getting very drunk,then they announced there was going to be a leather mini skirt contest.Seeing how hot Stephanie looked,I told her she should enter,I really wanted to see her up on the stage.About ten girls had gone on when it became Stephanie's turn.She started to strut her stuff up and down the walkway,the response from the crowd was awesom,after seeing her amazing body in leather,they stopped the contest right there and declared Stephanie the winner,as a result of winning,she had a choice of taking $500 in cash or picking out five girls from the contest,have them line up on stage where Stephanie would walk up behind the girls,strip off their mini skirts and get to keep them.I thought for certain Stephanie would take the money,but she wanted to humiliate the girls that dared to compete against her,so she walked behind them,unbuckled and unzippered each!
    leather mini skirt,and stripped them down,Stephanie was proud she left the girls standing on the stage stripped of their mini skirts but even more proud to strip them of their dignity.

    After the contest Stephanie collected the five mini skirts and we decided to leave.Stephanie drove us back to her house where I had my car,when we got there,she said I was too drunk to drive,Stephanie insisted I come inside to sober up.When we got inside,Stephanie said she was going to make coffee and I should lay down in her room for a bit.After a little while of relaxing on her bed,Stephanie came into the room and laid down next to me.At first I didn't think anything of it,but then she got a little closer and we could feel something going on between us.Stephanie looked so good and I was so drunk,I couldn't controll myself and we started kissing,I took off my clothes and so did Stephanie,except she left her leather mini skirt on,she said she liked the way leather feels on her body when she's having sex.Stephanie mounted me and we started having sex which turned very agressive as she rode me up and down and I could hear her leather mini skirt making that crumpling sou!

    nd.Finally we couldn't controll ourselves any longer,Stephanie arched her back,looked up at the ceiling as we both came at the same time,it was by far the best sex I ever had.After I got dressed,I drove home and thought that was the end of it,but I was wrong.

    About a week later,I got a package in the mail from Stephanie,When I opened it up,there was a videotape,a cameraphone and a letter.Stephanie said that from now on I have to do exactley what she says,she had secretley videotaped us having sex and if I dont obey her every word she will show the tape to all our friends and to her husband,she had cheated on Mike several times in the past and because he loves her and is obsessed with her,he looks the other way and lets it happen and keeps going back to her,so I had no doubt she would show him the tape.Since I recentley got engaged myself I had no choice but to obey.The letter said I have to carry the phone at all times,and as soon as it goes off,I have 1 hour to get to the Capri Motor Inn(a small motel where we live) and go to room#238.The next day the phone rang at 10pm,I quickly stopped what I was doing and rushed over to the motel.When I got there I knocked on the door and Stephanie let me in.As soon as I walked in the ro!

    om Stephanie demanded I strip down to my underwear and put my clothes in a duffle bag.Then Stephanie said she was going to change in the bathroom.When she came out,Stephanie was wearing a black leather bra with silver studs and matching black leather panties,she had on black fishnets with black leather pumps,long black leather gloves with a black leather collar and a long black leather whip coiled up hanging from the right side of her leather panties.Then Stephanie reached into a leather bag and took out a pair of black leather high heels and told me to put them on,then she walked behind me and handcuffed me,finally Stephanie took out a black leather mini skirt,she stripped off my underwear,made me step into the skirt pulled it up and buckled and zippered the mini good and tight.Stephanie walked back in front of me and we were face to face about 10 feet apart,then she said;ready for a good kinky whipping.As Stephanie uncoiled her leather whip she could see that I was rock ha!

    rd under the mini,she just smiled,raised up her whip and began to crack it down,she said I have to try and dodge away from the whip,because she liked hunting me like a animal.I avoided a few cracks,but being in pumps and a mini with cuffs on Stephanie was too fast as she continued to crack the whip down.After a while of kinky whipping,Stephanie put down the whip and made me beg for a kinky spanking.After begging to be spanked,Stephanie put me over her knee,with her right hand she started to spank me through the mini skirt,with her left hand she put a condom on me and after each spanking from her right hand she would stroke my shaft with her left.The spanking was fantasic and I loved how she made me harder and harder by stroking me,finally I couldn't take it any longer and I exploded with the best orgasm I ever had,as I pumped my load,Stephanie kept squeezing out my cum,saying;thats it,pump out all that cum,I want you bone dry so you can't have another orgasm until I call y!

    ou again.When I was done,Stephanie stood me up,unbuckled and unzippered the mini skirt and stripped it down to my pumps,after stepping out of the skirt,Stephanie laid me down on the bed.Stephanie spread my legs apart,reached into her bag, took out a electric razor and started to shave off all my pubic hair.When I begged her to stop,Stephanie said only A REAL man has hair between his legs,babies don't have any hair,I said;what do you mean?I'm not a baby.Stephanie just smiled,reached into her bag once more, took out a pair of diapers and said; since I'm leaving and won't be back till mourning,you're just going to have to stay in pampers all night,and when I return tomorrow to strip off the diapers,I better see a #1 and a #2 in your diaper.The thought of having to wet and poop in my diapers was both scary and exciting,then Stephanie took a black leather hood,put it over my head,zippered up the eyes,ears amd mouth.Stephanie took my clothes with her and said she would be bac!
    k sometime the next day.I did manage to get some sleep and Stephanie returned by about 11am.When Stephanie took off my leather hood,she said,now I'm going to strip off your diapers and you better have done what I told you to do,Then Stephanie undid each side of the diaper and began to strip in down,she looked down at me and smiled because she saw I did what I was told to,I had wet my diaper and made cocky for Stephanie.Stephanie took off my handcuffs and pumps and gave me my clothes back along with a large bag of diapers,Stephanie said from now on I have to wear the diapers under my clothes all the time,when she calls me on the cameraphone,I have to answer right away and take a picture showing I'm wearing the diaper,then I got dressed knowing I would be hearing from Stephanie soon.

    Author: Mark

    2006-06-07 11:50:17 Posted by
    thats fuckin retarded Anonymous

    2006-07-02 09:37:07 Posted by
    ummm ok

    1) hope u got ride of that phone. 2) got the tape. # told ur wife to be and her husband. 4) moved to another state.... but then agian if ur into that type of thing have fun. i know i dont mind leting my girlfriend get the wirp out every so often helps to build trust......

    2006-08-24 07:47:12 Posted by

    2007-01-03 15:47:57 Posted by
    What the fuck? Learn to type Anonymous

    2007-08-09 00:01:15 Posted by
    Great story for the most part ... ending a little out there though. Anonymous

    2007-08-17 22:38:28 Posted by
    Being crossed and dominated by such a fox must me great,I hope no one else knows and this is still going on. Anonymous

    2008-12-20 20:34:09 Posted by
    you damn fucktarded son of a bitch shut up! oh, and never write again! sexypancake

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