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    Erics mom

    (Current Rating 78/100, based on 133 votes)

    I had gone out to the lake with Eric and his parents for the weekend. Erics mom is hot. She had been teasing me many times over the past couple of months. Always looking at me sexy and talking sexy. Well last Wednesday, I had been there playing guitar hero with Eric and while he was up playing, I had looked down the hall and Mrs. Nance had waved at me. I smiled back and then she put her hands up to the bottom of her top and pulled it up exposing her breasts. Eric was to busy to notice or look. I stared and she smiled back at me then mouthed the words "they are yours." I shot a boner up fast and she saw it as I rubbed it. Her boobs were almost like I had imagined them many times during my jerking off. Smiling, she pulled the top down and walked away. I sat there horny and excited seeing her. Eric was scoring really good so I had time to calm down some.

    After my turn, Eric was on a roll again. Mrs Nance came into the room and stood behind the chair I was in. While Eric was playing, she bent down and whispered that she noticed how hard I was when she showed me her tits, and that she would love to be able to feel it grow in her hand if I wanted her to. I sat there excited and nervous. I wanted her to, now! But where?
    Eric finished the song, and she asked him to take her prescription up to the store and have him pick it up after he waited for it. That way, she said I could try and beat his score while he was gone.
    She gave him the paper and some cash and he left as I pretended to start the game. She closed and locked the door. And walked over to me saying she had been thinking of me quite often. Especially at night when she played with herself. I thought I was going to cum right there. I was so hard I was poking through the top of my shorts. She reached down and squeezed my cock. MMMmmmmmmmm she said as she leaned into my face and kissed me. First on the lips, and then I opened my mouth to feel her tongue touch mine. She started to jerk me off and I was going to cum and told her so.
    She bent down and pulled my shorts down and began to wrap her mouth around me and started to suck slowly. licking up and down over the sides. Taking her hand, she continued to slowly jerk me off as her mouth sucked over the tip of my cock. Her other hand reached around and squeezed my butt as her nails dragged over my cheeks. I was in heaven as my whole body went into over drive with sexual release. I could feel my balls fill and she reached around and took her fingers and teased them as she jerked me. I was going to cum and cum hard.

    She began to suck on me deeper as she took her fingers and wrapped them around the base. I told her I was cumming and she moaned over my hardened cock. Pumping her mouth over me, I started to shoot it off. Oh god this felt great. It seemed like I had unloaded a quart of the cum as I felt it leave inside of me.Mrs Nance looked up at me and winked as she continued to suck and lick and drive me nuts tasting my cock.

    She got up and took me to the couch. Rubbing my cock she said how interesting that it was still hard. She pulled down her shorts and I saw the wetness in the crotch. She didn't have any panties on. I was so turned on seeing her half naked. She turned and bent over the couch and told me to ride up against her from behind. I was so horny I would do anything she asked. I bent down, I wanted to taste her so bad. With my hands on her waist and feeling her soft skin, I pushed my face into her crack and pussy and began to lick around the outer lips. This drove her wild as she pushed back against my face.
    She said that Eric would be back soon, And that I needed to fuck her right now. She was so very wet. I stood directly in back of her and took my stiff cock and directed it to that wet hole. She reached around and took it and began to shove it inside of her. I let go and wrapped my hands around her hips and pulled her close to me as I felt my cock go deep inside as she moaned aloud. She was so warm inside. I felt the heat of her pussy surround my cock as it slid in and out of her making wet slapping noises.
    Mrs Nance was so hot. Hearing her moan was making me build again. Deep inside of her I pushed and pulled my cock. I felt the hot wet walls of her pussy surround and squeeze my cock. I was going to cum again. I heard her inhale deeply and then begin to squeal. I had never heard that. She was starting to cum. She was pumping me hard as I felt her squeeze my cock. Her doing that and crying and moaning in quite awesome pleasure was bring me off. I told her I was going to cum again and she came almost as fast as I said that. Her body shook and I had a hard time staying inside.

    I started to cum and I held her tight against me as I began to shoot the hot white ropes of sperm inside of her. She arched and screamed into the pillow as she pumped me harder.
    Squeezing my cock she drained all that I had. I fell onto the couch next to her and she looked up at me. still bent over with my cum leaking out. She leaned over and took my cock and began to lick and suck on it as she cleaned me off. Wow! That really drove me crazy as the tenderness of the tip of my cock flamed over my body. She got up and told me to get dressed and start playing before Eric got back. She dipped her finger inside of her pussy and said how wet I had made her. She pushed it in deep and then brought it up to my mouth and I licked it off. Oh my god incredible….never had tasted that before. I wanted more of it. I wanted to turn her over and just bury my face into her pussy for as long as I could.

    Author: Yngadmirer

    2009-04-28 10:29:29 Posted by
    It is crazy! I am hard as stone! I want to fuck such slut friend's mother. Vitaliy hot fucker

    2009-05-12 12:57:48 Posted by
    hott!! Anonymous

    2009-05-15 21:49:44 Posted by
    nice one im so wet right now bi_sex_kittie

    2009-05-24 12:56:58 Posted by
    damnnn =]]

    2009-05-24 17:42:19 Posted by
    Omg that made me beyond wet!! I wana fuck u now!!! Omg I'd be so much better then her ;p mmm sexy Sexii

    2009-06-12 14:12:44 Posted by
    I want to eat her out also anonymous

    2009-06-14 12:12:34 Posted by
    i thought it was average mother fuking Anonymous

    2009-06-29 09:38:52 Posted by
    That's left me so hard it actually aches !! Bazooka

    2009-06-30 10:15:34 Posted by
    Omg I'm so wettt!!! I wouldn't mind joining in on them:)


    2009-07-05 11:40:44 Posted by
    emily 20

    2009-08-09 08:40:08 Posted by

    2009-08-16 20:22:07 Posted by
    So nice, I need someone to duck right now Persia

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