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    Fantasy Stripper

    (Current Rating 50/100, based on 65 votes)

    It was the weekend and we led in bed a little longer than usual. As I was grunting away doing the usual weekend fuck I asked Sonia what her fantasy was. Sonia didn't like talking about things like that and was quite shy really.

    I slowed up my rhythm and said well it could go on for some time if you don't tell me.

    Sonia said she didn't have any fantasies but I kept pushing her to tell me and eventually she said well if you must know I always wanted to be a strip-o-gram girl when I was younger but I guess I have missed my opportunity now. 'A stripper' I said and then I shot my load.
    Several days went by and I could not stop thinking about my partner's fantasy.

    During our tea break at work the lads were discussing Adam's birthday and Bob said we ought to get a women for the poor shy guy. Adam had never kissed a women and he was going to be eighteen.
    Why do we take him to the pub for a few beers and a meal, said Rob. Hey what about getting him a kiss-o-gram said Bob. Does anyone know how to get one? The lads all pondered over what Bob had said.
    I said I know someone who had a stripper-gram and she was very good apparently. I could see if I could get the contact details from my friend.
    Everyone agreed that's what we ought to do and they all chipped in a fiver - there were ten so I had fifty pounds to order the stripper-gram.
    When I went home that evening I said to Sonia that the lads at work really wanted to hire a striiper-gram for shy Adam's eighteenth birthday but no-one could find one available for the Saturday night. I guess you have to book up in advance for that sort of thing. It's a shame I said because Adam's a nice guy and he has never even kissed a women yet.
    Adam, Sonia said. Isn't he the young lad who helped my brother move in. He seemed like a nice looking lad and soo helpful.
    Yes I said but he is very shy.

    He's quite good looking I think said Sonia.
    Perhaps Sonia you could dress up in a wig and no-one would know it was you and you could do it. You only have to dance around a bit and then kiss him on the cheek or what ever.

    Oh I couldn't do that I would be too shy.
    But no-one would know it was you - you could act like you were someone else.

    I do have a long blond wig my sister gave me years ago.
    I rushed upstairs and soon found the wig. I had often wondered what Sonia would look like as a blond.
    Sonia put the wig on and she looked a babe.
    It doesn't look like you does it I said. No I don't think anyone would recognize me in this Sonia said as she was admiring herself in the mirror.
    Well we had six nights to practice and Sonia danced about every night improving her technique. She had bought some Velcro and make a costume that you could pull pieces of her clothes off so it gave more of an impact.
    We agreed that we would take a few false cocks and she would play with them and perhaps put one in her mouth too tease Adam. We both chuckled at the thought.

    Saturday night came and we decided that I would meet Sonia in the lounge bar at 10pm after the lads had had a few beers and a meal. The lads were in the bar and the landlord was ready to play the music when I gave him the nod.
    The bar the lads were in was a private bar that had a big old wooden table that we had had our dinner on. The plates were all taken away and the table was clear.
    Sonia said she felt nervous and the barman told her to drink this. It was a cocktail - he whispered to me that that would blow her socks off.
    Sonia drank it straight down and quite out of character asked for another. She drank that one down and said she was ready.
    I went into the other bar where the lads were and the barman started the music.

    In came Sonia wearing a long coat that she quickly dispersed of and started to dance around the room. She looked absolutely fab. Really sexy in her stockings and see-thru top.
    As she span around the room the lads started to offer her a drink. They had just started to have a brandy and each offered theirs to Sonia. Sonia didn't really drink alcohol and I am sure she didn't know it was brandy.
    She found Adam and started to dance in front of him and he was very shy and didn't want to look.

    Sonia took off her glasses - she usually wore contact lens but she wanted to give the secretary look at the start of the show. The only problem was she could not see very well without them but could not stop the show to put on her contact lens.

    As Sonia lent back on the wooden table Bob pulled her head back and started to kiss her upside down. I am sure she thought it was me anyway as she was kissing Rob could not hold himself back any longer and got out his cock and put it in Sonia's hand. Sonia must have thought that I had placed one of the false cocks in her hand as she did not flinch and started to rub Rob's cock up and down.
    Martin on the other side saw what was happening and put his cck in Sonia's other hand.

    I could not believe it - here was my partner rubbing off two of my work mates at the same time as kissing one of the others.
    Tempo of the music changed into the traditional stripper tune and Sonia got off the table and started to peel her clothes off.
    She staggered a little and someone gave her another brandy to steady herself.

    She was down to just he pants and she did not seem to know what to do next so someone shouted for Adam to lay on the table and told Sonia to get on top like a dog.
    Adam lay there in fear and Sonia wiggled her ass in the air and her breasts were falling in front of Adam's face. The lads could not control their erections.

    As Sonia started to kiss Adam one of the lads started to fondle Sonia's clit and then the next I saw was martin had entered her from behind. The music was loud and everyone was cheering and Sonia stopped kissing Adam and looked like she was pretty dunk.
    Adam escaped from underneath and disappeared somewhere.
    Rob turned Sonia over and climbed onto the table and rammed his cock into her while Bob filled her mouth with his.
    My head was spinning I did not know what to do and before I knew it everyone in the room took it in turns to screw Sonia.
    When the music stopped I grabbed Sonia and covered her with her long coat and ran through the exit door.

    I stood Sonia up against the wall while I caught my breath and just looked at her. She was so sexy.
    Sonia looked at me and asked if she had done well. I pushed my cock into her and told her everyone had enjoyed her.
    After we finished fucking I saw Adam watching. He didn't see that I had noticed so I took Sonia to my car and led her in the back seat. I said out loud Oh I better go back into the bar to finish my drink and hid round the corner.

    It didn't take Adam long to come over to the car and look at Sonia. Without any further prompting Adam got out his cock and started to wank in front of her.
    I appeared from around the corner and said to Adam that it was ok he could fuck her if he wanted to and told him to get in the car.
    We drove home and I told Adam the secret that Sonia was my partner and didn't want anyone to know she was the stripper.
    We carried Sonia to the bedroom and Adam got out his digital camera and asked if he could take video of Sonia.
    I had a better idea - why don't I take the video of him fucking her and he could keep that as a birthday present.
    Adam's cock I am sure grow twice the size as when he was wanking in the car park and he fucked her good and proper.
    What a night to remember.

    When Sonia woke in the morning she said she quite enjoyed the evening as far as she could remember and asked if it went ok.
    When I came hope from work on the Monday evening I said all the lads wanted to book her for future party. To my amazement Sonia said she would mind doing it again and agreed to book a few evenings in her diary.
    Anyone want to make a booking?

    Author: Fantasy Stripper

    2006-09-15 11:45:17 Posted by
    liar fantasy_squasher

    2006-09-15 11:46:43 Posted by
    I read this to my girlfriend who is naked in the bath, she started mastubating like nothign on earth!!!!! oooo yeah

    2006-09-18 12:57:26 Posted by
    i want to book her! samantha torchia of fall river massachusetts

    2006-10-03 21:02:41 Posted by
    shitty spelling. Predictable story. u suck

    2007-06-08 00:06:33 Posted by
    I am a real stripper...I've done private dances in the v.i.p. room for CEO's. They have no problem wipping out their cocks and maturbating while I tease them totally nude. I have been known to straddle a few and earn extra cash by sliding up and down on their "pole" while they suck my nipples. I let them shoot their wads on my tits and then send them off to their wives...I might have to see if my friend Nikki wants to join in on my next private dance...the group action sounds like a blast! Gina

    2007-06-27 13:45:21 Posted by
    hi robert

    2007-07-05 06:56:14 Posted by
    hi. nice blog. robert

    2007-09-23 14:01:54 Posted by
    hi. nice blog . thanks. robert

    2007-11-09 13:21:18 Posted by
    Hello! My name is John! Your site is good! John

    2008-05-20 20:14:43 Posted by
    i'm also a stripper. i love when old farts come to see me and pull out their peckers. i just start sucking and fucking forever and i dont even charge them! kennily

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