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    First Swap

    (Current Rating 77/100, based on 14 votes)

    Roger and Annett were very close friends with Shawn and Cindy. The two couples seemed to do everything together and I was surprised that we had been invited to celebrate Rogers’s birthday. We started at a local bar and after a number of drinks, we retired to Rogers’s basement where to my amusement he immediately dimmed the lights and put a porn video into his entertainment system. The music was loud and the girls began to dance and we all drunkenly shambled together. I expected Annett and Cindy to object to the porn but they seemed more interested in grinding against each other and anyone in the vicinity. My wife and I seemed overly popular. I danced with the other wives while Susan gave me a few panicked looks as she was sandwiched between Roger and Shawn. Spirits were high and my stomach twisted in horny anticipation as I realized that we had been invited here for a specific reason.

    Susan and I have been married for 8 years. Although we are both fit and Susan is a very attractive blond, our social life is normally pretty dull. Once married, we began a family and our sex life had begun to wane; truthfully it had never been that great. Susan comes from a strict background and she was sexually inexperienced when we married. She can be very shy and quite conservative in the bedroom. Sports and dance have given her a stunning little body; she is attractive enough to grace the pages of a magazine, although she refuses to believe it. Several years ago I began reading Penthouse Letters and leaving them in a drawer in our room. My wife objected to my use of “pornography” quite strenuously but the magazines remained. Several months ago I noticed that my magazines were being read by someone other than myself. My suspicions were confirmed when Susan once again confronted me about the magazines. Her issue this time was the content of the letters, she was shocked at the wife watching and swapping stories and asked if they turned me on. They do turn me on but admitting to this would have caused me no end of trouble so I avoided her question and replied that it was not specifically any type of letter that I prefer; but a random sampling. In the months that followed I was somewhat bemused as I noticed my shy wife seemed to be spending a lot of time reading my magazines.

    So there we were on a Friday night with nowhere to be in the morning. We were having fun with two attractive couples and our kids were at the Grand Parents. The basement was dimly lit, the music loud and the atmosphere sexually charged. Cindy flashed her boobs and Annett reciprocated. A short time later my very tipsy wife let me know that she wanted to talk to me. I was worried that she would want to leave. We spoke briefly beside the beer fridge and she let me know that she was uncomfortable with the situation but was willing to stay longer because it looked like I was having fun, her words made me suspect that she was curious about what was going to happen as well. I encouraged her to loosen up a little and follow the lead of the other girls and she would have a good time too.

    It wasn’t long before someone suggested cards and what other game would we play but strip poker? It was obvious that the other couples had done this before, the lights were put out and a candle was placed in the center of the table. We played standard five card stud with an article of clothing thrown in the pot during each round. Only the winner got his or her piece of clothing back and the rest was swept to the floor. They had a very interesting rule in that husbands and wives could not sit together; although we were interspersed male/female around the table. It didn’t take long before most of us were almost naked. My wife was sitting opposite from myself and staring at me, she was glassy eyed and quite flushed (we had done some shots). She was holding her cards nervously in front of her, her forearms pressed against her bare breasts in an attempt to cover up. It was obvious she was trying to shield her nudity from our view by pressing her wrists against her nipples. This only caused her well shaped breasts to bulge nicely at the sides which made her look even more provocative. I noticed Shawn sitting quite close to her, he was holding his cards in one hand and the other was under the table. Our eyes met and Susan began to squirm a little in her seat, I had a pretty good idea of what was going on and wasn’t about to help her especially when I realized that if she wanted to remove Shawn’s hand she would have to expose her breasts! Once we were all naked the game soon broke up and Susan who was now visibly drunk staggered off to the spare bedroom to lie down. I went to check on her, she must have been very intoxicated as she was lying nude on the bed in full view. I joined her and we made out for a while, she was feeling unusually sexy and was mumbling over and over for me to “put it in”. I felt the evening had a lot more to offer and didn’t want to have an early ending. I did my best to get her worked up and then left her there ostensibly to “get some water”.

    When I returned to the main room everyone was still naked. Cindy and Annett were putting on a show, dancing together while Roger and Shawn sat at the card table. I resumed my place at the table awkwardly as I was visibly hard (in fact I was almost bursting). We watched the women and Roger asked if I wanted to play one more hand. Glad to have something to do to cover my nervousness, I replied “sure”. Roger dealt and when I asked what we were going bet with Roger pointed to the two naked wives dancing laviciously on the carpet and said “them”. This meant of course that I was expected to bet my wife too and my heart thumped in my chest as I realized the possible ramifications from this evening. I hesitated as I thought of what would happen should I loose or win. How would I explain this to Susan? That I had bet her favors and lost and she would have to pay up, or that I won and was with another woman while she waited in the bedroom? I realized that I really did enjoy the Wife Watching issues the most, I had a sinking feeling in my guts, I really loved her and I really wanted to see her out of control. I really wanted to see her get fucked. I decided to lose.

    Shawn won the hand and the rights to my wife. With a seriousness that implied a kind of initiation ceremony we all consumed another round of shots and assembled at the bedroom door. Susan was in full display, her tight little body luminescent in the dimly lit room. As I approached, she opened her eyes and petulantly asked where I had been, I said nothing and I grasped her hand and stood her up with her back to the door. We embraced, our lips met, she pressed herself against me and my cock throbbed against her abdomen. She drunkenly moaned that she needed me now. Over her shoulder I gestured for Shawn to approach and I whispered in her ear that she was going to have to do me a favor. Moaning she replied “anything”. I watched over her shoulder as Shawn approached. As he completed the last few steps I kissed her. Shawn placed his hands on her hips and nestled his erect cock against her backside. She jumped but didn’t break our kiss. I felt Shawn’s hands sliding around to the front of her hips and I leaned back to allow his hands to slide up to her breasts. I broke our kiss and moved down to her breast; Shawn gathered and held it for me while I gently sucked on a nipple. Susan gasped and leaned back against Shawn. I straightened, placed my hand on her cheek and slowly turned her head over her shoulder until her lips met Shawn’s. I kissed her one more time, turned her around and gently pushed her into his arms. As I left the room I turned and our eyes met, quietly but clearly, I spoke “do what they want”, I walked into the hallway and closed the door.

    Out in the hallway I was met by Annett who held my hand and led me to the living room. Her husband and Cindy followed. Roger and I sat beside each other on the couch and he watched as his wife knelt between my legs and took me in her mouth. Cindy imitated Annett by taking Roger in her mouth also, for the next while I experienced an exquisite blow job interrupted only when the girls began to trade partners. Eventually Cindy took over servicing Roger and I, while Annett began licking her from behind. Cindy was soon very excited; rhythmically pumping back against Annett’s busy tongue and moaning, as she alternated between two cocks. Cindy soon came and Annett scrambled around and climbed on top of me, Cindy held my cock in place as Annette slowly lowered herself on to me. She was the first woman I had been inside since my marriage and she felt different, but wonderful. She leaned over to give her husband a kiss and then focused all of her attention on me. Her breasts were slightly smaller than my wife’s with extremely pointy nipples; they swayed as she moved up and down on my lap. I briefly wondered how my wife was doing and realized I could hear the headboard thumping against the wall in the bedroom. Cindy began kissing me and Roger commented that it sounded like fun in the bedroom and announced that he was going check it out. It was obvious that my wife and I were “fresh meat” in this little group of friends and the night was far from over. Of course this led me to the delicious prospect of having sex with two beautiful women. I also noticed that my wife who is normally silent during sex had begun crying out in sync with the pounding headboard. Annett bounced up and down on my cock while Cindy alternated between kissing both of us and sucking on Annett’s swaying breasts. My wife’s cries in the bedroom increased in volume and that combined with what the two girls were doing to me caused me to explode. Only a few minutes later Annett took me in her mouth again while Cindy presented herself on all fours, I didn’t need much stimulus and I slowly slipped inside Cindy’s tight pussy while Annett rubbed her breasts. This time I lasted much longer and was soon pounding away at Cindy while Annett slipped around and drew her friends head to her crotch. After trying a variety of positions both girls got off and as they cooled down languidly playing with each other, I went to check on my wife.

    I glanced through the doorway and was impressed at what was transpiring. My once reluctant wife was on all fours bracing herself as Roger pounded away at her from behind. His hands were wrapped around her tiny waist; her breasts were hanging down and rolling with each thrust. Shawn had positioned himself in front of her and was holding her head as the force of the fucking she was getting caused Shawn’s cock to slide in and out of her mouth. She gagged, but I was satisfied they were not hurting her when she rolled her eyes up to look and me and let out a muffled moan as she came.

    Once again I abandoned my wife and went to join Cindy and Annett who welcomed me with open arms. Eventually we all passed out and I awoke several hours later between Cindy and a woman I had never met before. Confused, disorientated and still drunk, I went to use the bathroom and hearing noises from the bedroom where I last saw my wife I went to investigate. I was shocked at what I saw. My prim and proper wife was being debauched in ways that I had only dreamt of. Obviously also still drunk (there where empty liquor bottles in the room) she was sitting astride of Shawn and riding him. Behind her was a stranger who was in the process of penetrating my wife’s backside while Annett assisted him by guiding his cock and applying liberal amounts of lubricant. I have to confess that my wife has never allowed me similar services, and here she was being double penetrated by two men, one of them a stranger. I was instantly hard and decided to watch and even to wait my turn. I noticed Roger watching also. Eventually the man succeeded in sliding into my wife while she gasped and whimpered. Her noises turned to moans as her tiny body was manipulated between the two men. They began to move together and her cries got louder and louder as their pace increased. Susan came first followed by the stranger and then Shawn. My wife collapsed face first on the bed and didn’t move even when Roger climbed behind her and with once stroke pushed into her ass. Rising to his knees and pulling on her hips, my exhausted wife was positioned on her elbows and knees with her rump in the air. As he fucked her he forcefully manipulated her but cheeks, he finished quickly leaving white finger marks on her ass. I was introduced to the stranger who had arrived with his wife and turned out to be a friend of Roger and Annett who had arrived late. I remained with my wife while everyone left the room. At last I had a chance alone with her. She had fallen asleep and was lying fully exposed, her skin was flushed bright pink, her rump in the air, her pussy and ass were both dilated and dripping with the seed of three lovers. I woke her gently and had her roll over, she wept and said that she was a whore. She apologized for letting it all get out of hand. As I held her and comforted her I told her that I wanted her to do it and I gently slid inside her. I met very little resistance and marveled at how loose and silky she felt, after sliding in and out for a while I rolled her over and easily penetrated her ass. She cried out one more time and it only took a few minutes for us both to finish.

    Author: Pegassis rests

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