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    First time sexual experience for both of us

    (Current Rating 64/100, based on 11 votes)

    Hello!!!!!!!! to all the readers of Short Erotic Stories. My name is Rajiv Verma from Jamshedpur, India. At present my age is 26 but, the story i am going to narrate to you is about my real first time experience of sexual pleasure at the age of 19 with my then girlfriend rina.

    About me,,i am average looking with reddish skin colour, and height of 5'9'' with average builtup. The only best thing in my body is my penis which is '7' inches in length and freakishly thick, that can make a girl scream like she has been thrown from a 13th storey buildin

    After my class 12th i took a year gap and was at home most of the time so,started getting frustrated so i joined a English spoken class as it was the nearest thing that was there near my house and also as my english was not so bad so, i thought it was a good idea for me as i wouldn't had to work extra for the class..

    It was my first day at the english class, and i was early for the batch to start.I was inside the class room when one by one students started to come.I noticed there were 23 students in my batch including me.i remember she was the last but one student to enter the class.She(Rina) as my eyes found her , she was very fair and she had chubby cheeks with dimple on the right cheek.she looked very cute with her very small but fuller lips and curly hairs.

    rakhi ma'am entered the class room and the class started. As it was the first day there so ma'am asked me to introduce me to the other students at the class there. after that everybody introduced themself to me . i dont remember the names of each and every student but, surely i rememberd thje name of rina and a few students.

    Not to brag or anything but, when compared to the level of english of the students there i had a upper hand on them so, in a few day everybody knew me and also i had made friends over there. Don't know why but, even after a week passed i did not had the guts to go and talk to rina. i always wanted to talk to her and become frinds with her but, had not guts. It was nearly after 12 or 14 days later she came to me after the class and asked for my note book as, she needed it to copy something she missed during the class hour. Ohhhhh,, i cant explain the unexplicably sweet voice with which she spoke to me,,it was my dream come true. Fortunately it was too much of a note to be copied in a jiffy so , she borrowed my note for a day.

    Next day again she spoke to me, and after that regularly started chatting.she took my mobile no and we began to talk on phone also. At the begining of our friendship i had no intentions of getting into har panties but,as but the days passed i felt she was getting attracted to me. As i was already in love with that beautiful girl i started giving her some hints but did not say any thing clearly kept her running around me. At last it was after two months she proposed to me saying "RAJIV, MAKE ME YOUR'S" on mobile phone. i did not say anything because i had not idea of what to say to something like that.

    Next day again after the the class she came to me and asked "why did u hang up the phone yesterday?" I told her my situations that i din't know what to say to that ,,i dont know why but she laughed hard and , again i found her amazingly beautiful. Now friends, i forgot to tell my mother is a school teacher and my father is in transport business so,they used to go for work by 9 a.m. My granny used to be ay home but,she is old lady and have hearing problem so, she used to be in her room busy with her readings.

    In a few days we used to come together to my house by 11 o' clock after classes. we used to chat sitting on the sofa or on the bed, or used to watch tv.we became very close friends.It was on my Birthday she gave me a rose and i kissed her hands very casually like a gentelman.Later that evening she told me on the phone that "she liked it in the morning when i kissed her hand".

    Don't know what went through my head but, i asked without thinking "do you want me do something more with you?"and to
    add to the shockvalue she replied "i would love to". I was amazed the girl of my dreams want me to become physical with
    me..that night i jerked two times thinking about that conversation.That night we talked for nearly two hours in the phone. and we had phone sex for the first time in my life. Believe me friends, It was amazing,

    Next day i could not wait for the class hour to come ..That day rina came wearing a black body-hugging top and a black jeans, bit unproper for the class but, who cares!! she was looking amazingly hot and at the same time beautiful. For the whole class hour i could not concentrate on the class and kept staring at her, now i do not deny even rakhi ma'am noticed me staring at her.

    For the first time in 2 and 1/2 months i noticed she had a beautiful figure, i could see her supple breasts from the outside of her top.later i confirmed from her bra sise thay were 32C. she had hour-Glass figure.her waist line was just amazing , she had a perfect flat tummy. She was shining in those black top and jeans.

    Half of the class was over and i could not bear the pain of my penis was hard like steel rod for the last 20 minutes. I took permission from ma'am and went outside..My penis was calm again and i went inside the class after 10 mins. After the class got over we ewnt outside the room,she she came to me and asked "what happened to me??? and why i went outside??? and why i was staring at her the whole time???" I didnot answered any of those questions and just asked"were you serious yesterday??" and she said "OBVIOUSLY"..

    I remember, i was never in such a hurry to go back to my own house like i was then.She went with me silently, I sensed she was a bit nervous for the first time in last 1 months of our house visit. As usual my house was empty and granny was busy with her work. we went inside and went to my room. i made her sit on the bed that day. we sat for a while ..I switched on the television,,

    i was just trying hard to divert my focus from her and her boobs. i started some awkward chitchats and waited for her response..

    After few more minutes of uncomfortable moments of awkwardness, i broke the ice and kissed her on the cheeks..I did not expect but she hold me in a hug and kissed me on the lips. I liked it very much..her lips were so soft , i again hugged her and this time more tightly ,, i could feel her boobs on my chest. i kept hugging her and started snogging her by then. I was getting mesmerised by her perfume i could not explain the feeling of snogging a beautiful girl for the first time. I felt she was breathing heavier heavier by then and i was hard again and this time it was harder than ever. now all of a sudden she hold my right hand and put it on her left brest and asked me press GOD!!!!!they were so soft i cannot tell. I began to press them from over the top..then i slowly started to remove her top and she looked at me resistively but, then she moved her hands upwards i
    removed her top..GOD she had the most amazing figure i had ever seen(i mean on porn movies). she was wearin a lace bra of black colour which was covering half of her boobs.. she had a amzing snow white flat tummy and it was so soft..infact her whole body was very soft.. it was a cloud nine experience...I began to press her boobs without removing her bra..she was feeling uncomfortable so un hooked her bra form back and removed them too.Friends evry1 says "british girls have pink nipples and vagina " but, believe me on this and should have seen this indian beaty ..they were so beautiful and tiny and erect that i could not resist more and began to suck them ..My mouth and hand were full of her boobs...she was moaning loudly by of my hand was fondling with her one "C" sized melon and my mouth on the other was a full pleasure scene for both of us..

    Then suddenly she put her one hand inside my jeans and she was shocked ,,she might had sensed my manhood in full length.!!!! ,,,she asked me to remove my t-shirt and jeans..I did as she asked me to do. I was in my half underware in front of her.She was amazed to see the bulge on my underware,,she came close to me and kept one of her hand on the bulge and asked in the most seductive tone"raj...what is this??? MY GOD i will die" i din't say anything and just laughed. She remove my underware and again she was shocked to whatcame from inside..My 7 inched thick and veined cock jumped into life .I was completely shaved for that day and i was looking pretty clean for my first time..She took my cock in her mouth,,her mouth was completely filled and she could not open more.. In next moment i was mouth fucking my beautiful dream girl and she was gaging and moaning at the same time..She then askeg me to remove her jeans and panty..Iremoved them and the scene that came to me was simply
    astounding...Her vagina was pink and was clean shaved..her vagina was sealed and pussy lips were glued to each other.. I touched her vagina and she shivered with pleasure...

    she asked me to give oral as she had seen in one
    porn movie..I gave her a breath taking oral .. the whole time she was screaming oh!!!!! oh!!!!! fuck me !!!!!!! fuck me!!!!!!!! as i was giving her the storm..she was moaning uncontrolably, for a moment i thought she was going to faint.. her vagina was smelling so good that i couldnot stop me from licking it again and again...I inserted my index finger inside her vagina hole..she screamed oh!!!!!!!!!!! what was that????????????so i took out the finger and started licking her she started moaning again...Her vagina was all wet ...juices were flowing out of her hole,,, i again inserted my finger and this time i kept i there...she
    screamed again but din't say anything then i started finger fucking her ...Then i started fucking her with two fingers She started moaning louder and louder "raj!!!!!!! please fuck me ...please fuck me..."

    I asked her if she was ready and she shouted "what the fuck are you waiting for???" i put my hot rod on the opening of her vagina hole and started teasing her pink clitoris...she looked at my cock and her hole and asked "raj...tumhara ye itna bada se penis mere andar jane wala hai???tum to mera fad doge yaar..(raj..your this thick cock is going to go inside me??you gonna rip me man..)" i laughed ..then i started pushing my dick inside her...After even 10 mins of try i was unable to enter her..and she was screaming at the same time and begging me to go inside...then i for the last time hold her by her waist and pushed my penis herd on her...She cried like hell and i stoped her by giving her a smooch holding in that position for sometime..still i was
    half inside only then i pushed my dick completely onside and she was crying so, i pulled my penis outside and it was covered in blood...She looked at me and said"baby i am not a virgin any more" she was crying and moaning at the same penis was also hurting at the base of the glans..i wiped the blood with a clean cloth and again tried to go inside her...this time again it was to tight but like before...this time with one push i went inside her completely..she was screaming again but this time i did not stop...i continued to fuck her for next 10 minutes...i could see her vagina was stretched to its limits as i was going inside her and coming out...After sometime she stopped screaming and began to moan as i was fucking her harder and harder...

    it was my first imt and i came in just 10 mins...i took my penis out an came on her snow white tummy...i wiped it and lied on her for some time...

    That very same day, we had sex for three times within 2 hours...In the second session we fucked for nearly 40 minutes and that time i used a condom because i wanted to cum inside her but in vein the condom got tored two times..I still remember her pink reddish vagina after our hardcore romcom session...she was unable to move but was saying raj thanks for the memorable time of my life..It was the best sex of my life till now..

    Today i dont know where is rina...she might be married to some guy..I live in bangalore and work as a software engineer...May be we will meet again some day but, i can never forget the first sex of my life with the most beautiful girl i hav ever seem...

    Author: rajiv08

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