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    First Time

    (Current Rating 80/100, based on 286 votes)

    Kevin always knew that he was different, even as a young child he knew. Girls just never interested him for anything more than as playmates or casual friends, and while he liked girls all right, it was just quite not like the other guys did. He always knew that he was probably gay, but when you're young you don't really understand all the feelings and emotions that well up inside of you as you grow to adulthood. Showing affection??? Now that was something that Kevin couldn't even comprehend trying in his small middle class mid western town, besides, who would he show that affection to? For all he knew he was the only gay kid in his whole school, and no one suspected that he was queer, and he wasn't about to come out when he felt that even his parents wouldn't understand, so feeling lonely was just something he had gotten used to. He was certainly looking forward to his first year at State U., feeling sure that at least there he would find others in the same boat as he!!!
    The first weeks of college life were hectic to say the least, what with twenty five thousand students in one place was overwhelming as well as exhilarating! This was the first time Kevin had ever been on his own for any length of time, but he easily settled into a comfortable routine and even began to make a few friends in his classes as well as in his dormitory. His roommate, Tom, was a freshman from Chicago, so many nights were spent telling each other of life in each other's home town. Kevin had to admit that Tom's stories were much more interesting than his own as Tom seemed to have plenty of tales to tell about the girls he had been with and the wild sex they had together. Luckily for him, Tom didn't really try to pry into Kevin's personal background so Kevin didn't even have to lie about exploits with the opposite sex!

    As the first quarter was coming to an end, a lot of time was spent cramming for tests. A shy young freshman named Greg who had a room down the hall from Kevin was in several of his classes so they ended up studying together in Greg's room. Kevin felt more at ease around Greg than he had ever felt about anyone in his whole life, and while he wasn't sure if Greg felt the same way, they seemed so relaxed together that Kevin had hopes that just maybe Greg would turn out to be more than just a study partner. As luck would have it, Kevin came to study at Greg's room only to find the door unlocked but no one answering his knock so after slowly opening the door, he entered the room just as a dripping Greg came out of the bathroom from after taking a shower!!! This was the first time Kevin had ever seen his friend naked and immediately he stared at Greg's cock! He had big a hardon!!! Greg was embarrassed and tried to cover himself but Kevin told him not to move. This was the moment of truth in both of their young lives, and calmly, Kevin stood up, walked over to Greg, and put his hand around his very erect penis and began slowly jerking it in his fist!!! Greg stood as still as a deer caught in headlights, hardly breathing as his dick was being jerked for the first time by another human being! Without saying a word, Kevin leaned over and gave Greg a French kiss that seemed to last forever. As their tongues explored each other's mouths, Greg's cock began to spasm in Kevin's hand and a huge jet of hot cum shot out as Greg groaned during his incredible orgasm!!!

    Neither of them said anything for a minute as each tried to collect their thoughts, but it was finally Kevin who admitted that that was the first time he had ever done anything sexually with anyone else in his life! Greg said that once at camp a counselor had exposed himself but at the time he was so scared that he didn't even have time to enjoy it, but for sure nothing like what he had just done with Kevin!!! Then Greg dropped to his knees, undid Kevin's pants, pulled out his cock, and began to gently suck on his raging boner until in only seconds he was shooting his load down Greg's eager throat! So this was how sex was supposed to be! Both boys decided another shower was in order, so they got in and began soaping each other all over their bodies!!! It didn't take long for each of them to have big boners sticking out ready to be used again, but what Kevin wanted now was to feel that beautiful thing up his ass! Leaning against the wall and spreading his cheeks was all the invitation Greg needed, and with his hard cock already slick with soap, he began to push its way into Kevin's inviting virgin ass hole!!! When the head finally was inside, Greg began with gentle short thrusts not wanting to hurt his new found lover while Kevin whimpered as Greg became more insistent with his fucking. By now Kevin was getting the butt fucking of his life as Greg pounded away at his virgin ass hole!!! Kevin reached down and was jerking his now hard dick in time with Greg's movements so that when Greg blew his wad up Kevin's eager rectum, Kevin's own cum exploded out of his dick onto the wet show room floor!

    They slumped together in a post coital glow, and Kevin couldn't help but think of how lucky he had been to find Greg at this time in his life, and if first loves are best loves, Kevin certainly had no complaints!!! Kevin soaped off Greg's penis, and gently took it into his mouth and sucked on it softly, while Greg stroked his lovers head, savoring the feeling that could only come from having the head of your cock in someone's warm mouth! After about ten minutes, Greg was about to shoot his load, and he whispered to Kevin that he was about to blow! Kevin looked up lovingly into his friend's eyes and then jerked the big cock until it filled his mouth with life giving sperm as Greg let loose with a low long groan, after which both boys got to their feet and rinsed off, playfully poking at each other's bouncing penis. Kevin then smiled at Greg and said, "I think I'm gonna like college life just fine, don't you?!?"

    2006-09-03 20:48:12 Posted by
    well expressed..... kuto

    2006-12-20 17:56:56 Posted by
    I oved this story!! I've got such a big boner from reading this, and I can't wait until I can masturbate. Reading this story reminds me of my first gay sex. Jim

    2006-12-21 11:35:31 Posted by
    This story made my ass throb and my month water - the only thing missing was the description of their cocks.

    If the story had mentioned their cocks were uncut, I would have shot my own jet stream of hot steamy cum. I just love sucking on a delicious uncut cock - sucking gently as it's soft and feeling it grow in my wet mouth. Then, taking this love snake out of my mouth, I'd get very hot just licking it, kissing it and then watching the forskin peel back as the beautiful mushroom head is fully exposed!

    Then I'd wrap my moist lips around the head and suck gently until my eager mouth was filled with hot steamy love juice! I'd gargle with delight as the slimmy cum slide down my throat!!!!

    I just love to suck uncut cock! Black uncut cocks are the best!

    2007-03-12 15:15:43 Posted by
    that was so hot, i cant wait to madturbate to it. im a girl who lives in fall river massachusetts, 02720, on the east coast of the UNited States. you should stop by my house some time. im bi. :D samantha elizabeth torchia.

    2007-04-15 02:16:00 Posted by
    Wonderful description of what men like. Being after nice cocks to lick and suck all the time I liked the story. Sucking big black cocks is the best college education. white sissy

    2007-05-11 18:03:38 Posted by
    um a woman whi just masterbated to this wonderful story!!!! erin

    2007-08-26 16:53:46 Posted by
    Fantastic hard the whole time I read it. Going to read it again until orgasm. Anonymous

    2007-09-06 19:53:56 Posted by
    I haven't gotten to try that yet, but I'm so horny after reading that I'm going to "take care of it" and eat all my cum from my palm!!! tboneturner666

    2007-11-29 19:56:12 Posted by
    This is such a wonderful story, and it gets bettter every time I read it. I hope that Greg and Kevin remained lovers all through college Anonymous

    2008-01-02 20:11:53 Posted by
    wow, im not gay, and i read this and its making me think of being gay. if any gay guys want to talk i have a yahoo account its ill soon have IM for it. T-Rent

    2008-01-07 23:22:02 Posted by
    So gay and retard, to bad that is the most fucked up shit I have ever read, or maybe I wouldn't want to shoot my load all over a woman. A WOMAN. get it right, yur cock goes in the pussy, or nowhere at all. end . of. story the fuck??????

    2008-01-20 22:38:33 Posted by
    why are you reading gay stories if you believe that "yur cock" only goes in pussy. come out of the closet. end of story Anonymous

    2008-03-02 06:51:22 Posted by
    I felt the head of his cock expand and then contract as he shot his cum to the back of my throat. He had taken my load just a bit earlier. tony

    2008-04-29 08:45:13 Posted by
    Damn dat wazz, hawt, im a black top and I love fukkin virgin ass!!!!! horny

    2008-08-08 05:45:22 Posted by
    That was a total turn on. j0e.

    2008-12-02 20:07:34 Posted by
    made me so hard reading that now i want to try it myself ! Anonymous

    2009-04-11 19:45:25 Posted by
    im so fucking harD Sexy NicK

    2009-05-31 22:09:08 Posted by
    I think I might be gay, not sure but this story made me think about it. AyDe

    2009-07-02 00:22:03 Posted by
    im hard as hell bring on the girl pussylover

    2009-07-18 23:38:40 Posted by
    Hmmmm, I wish I could have a cock in my mouth , after reading this. That story sounds so hot! I never had the chance though I'm sitting here thinking about putting another mans penis in my mouth until he cums in it! I want to cum right now! Anonymous

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