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    I guess I just got tired of it. No sex on weekdays, hardly ever Friday nights, morning quickies became a thing of the past and the same predictability on a Saturday or Sunday. It was driving me insane!!! I loved him so but I just couldn’t stand it anymore. I wanted a pair of wet panties violently ripped from my arse and shoved down my throat. I wanted my legs stretched apart in every direction. I wanted more fingers. I wanted his fist, and maybe even some of his arm. I’ve heard that this can actually be done. I wanted to cum all over the front of my pants and down my legs and walk around the apartment with my scent on my body for days. I wanted my face shoved in a pool of my own cum while being violently fucked from behind. I wanted hot cum splashed all over my face and dripping from my mouth. I wanted to gag on his rock hard cock. I wanted him to gag off my cunt, piss down his throat and stick my tongue in his mouth. I wanted my arse opened bigger than ever before. I wanted every hole filled over and over and over again – individually and simultaneously. I’ve learnt about exploits such as these in some of the naughty books I like to read at bed time and now I can’t get it out of my head. I had to do something. This is driving me insane. I’d try to stop thinking about it so much, but that would only make it worse. I was getting myself off more and more each week. I’d even started masturbating in public places or at work, and occasionally tucked my favourite toy inside my pussy for the day. Lately, everything would set me off; a look, a touch, a sound and especially a sexy smell… like when I’ve just taken my hands out of my panties.

    But, something was screwed up between us. I just couldn’t get what I’d wanted with him. Why couldn’t he see that I’m longing to be fucked like a naughty little school girl? That’s it! It has to end today! I’m tired of my job. I’m tired of our apartment. I’m tired of everything. Something’s gotta change!
    I’m at home. He should be here any minute. I’ve wet my pussy with what seems to be an entire bottle of lubricant and shoved three king-sized chrome anal beads deep inside of it. It feels amazing! I have to keep adjusting them each time I move around. Every time it gets more difficult to take my fingers out of my demanding little pussy. And now, I’ve got the smell of wet pussy all over my right hand fingers. I’ve been anal training over the past couple of weeks, so it wasn’t real hard to push an extra large anal dong up my arse also. Every faint movement I make sends bolts of nerves quickening from my asshole to my brain. I thought that I might as well go all out, so I dressed up like a pretty little porcelain doll. Bells and ribbons hanging from my neck, hair and arms and my tiny little neon pink g-string is practically fucking my opened pussy and arse as it rides me every time I shift. I’d hoped to look somewhat presentable by the time he got here, but whether it’s the lube or my cum dripping from my opened gaps, my wet white pantyhose and suspenders probably make me look more like a really cheap whore. My tits are pushed up, about all the way to my chin and I can feel the lingerie grinding on the chromed nipple clamps. The strain is so intense, it feels like my tits are about to explode out of my pretty little baby blue dress.

    Finally I hear his keys searching for the keyhole. All my muscles tighten and I feel my pussy swallow the beads deeper as my asshole wraps tightly around the big black anal dong. I am standing right in front of the door. The knob turns and his face cringes in a look of sheer surprise and confusion. He quickly slams the door shut behind him without looking away for a second. I put my arms around him and lick the inside of his mouth with my tongue. I probably smell like I’ve been having hot-sweaty anal sex all day long from all the cum and sweat that I have managed to get all over my body in my desperate anticipation. He squirms away with his face. I push him back with mine and lick the inside of his mouth again. He tries to pull away once more, but this time using my teeth, I bite down hard on his lower lip and pull his face towards me. He jerks back ‘what the...’ he says. ‘Shut the fuck up’, bursts from my lips in an extremely emotional and highly pitched, almost hysterically loud voice as I shove his back hard against the wooden door. His eyes rip open to an amazing size as a look of fear overshadows his face. I rush up to him, claw my nails into his chest and again stick my tongue in his mouth, this time more gently. He doesn’t move. I slip my flaccid tongue all around the inside of his mouth. I can tell from the muscles in his back that he is becoming less tense as I lick his lips and my saliva spreads over his chin and cheeks.

    I skate my pussy over onto one of his legs. It forces my toys deeper inside as I sway my arse round his thighs leaving a wet stain over his denims. As I open his jeans the aroma of his cock fills my nostrils. I can almost taste it. It makes me drop instantly to my knees. I open my mouth like a good little girl would for the dentist as I pull down his pants. His erect cock whips up right into my face. I place both my palms on the door and descend slowly with my open mouth over his cock. Saliva drips from my mouth onto my perked up tits. I feel the tip of his head scraping along the roof of my mouth and it’s not long before it reaches the back of my throat. I fuck the tip of his penis gently with the back of my throat – no tongue. It’s not long before my saliva trickles down his shaft and balls and more of it splashes in between and all over my tits. ‘You’re gonna love this’, I think as I wrap my hands around his arse. I begin to jerk his pelvis forward as I bring my mouth over his cock. Pretty soon he’s fucking my face, right down my throat. My stomach starts to convulse as more and more saliva spews from my mouth with each pounding blow. My screams are stifled each time by the gargling sound of my saliva as I choke down his huge cock. My eyes start to water and then streams of tears and mascara start running down my face. As I prepare to move on to something else, I take his cock down my throat one final time and keep it down as long and deep as I can. He helps by jerking my head forward and thrusting his cock down even further. I am almost certain that I can feel the texture of his shaft shaping in the front of my neck.

    Just when I feel like I’m about to pass out, he grabs me by my throat, lifts me to my feet and spins me round as he slams my back this time to the door. I manage to breathe the words ‘fuck me’ as I attempt to empty my mouth of all the spit. He pulls my panties down, ‘Try harder’ I cough while holding on to them with both hands. He pulls down on them again, but to no avail. I give a sigh of satisfaction as I stare defiantly in his face. He shoves his open hand right between my tits and holds me in place. I feel the panties tighten around my ass as he clenches it in his fist. I let go of my panties right as he jerks them up and forward from off my wet arse. The word ‘fuck’ gasps from my mouth as my legs go numb from the burning pain rushing up from between my legs. It hurts like hell, but that is exactly what I had wanted. He sticks my panties right back where he got them from and mops up my cum all the way from my asshole to my clit. Before pushing the wet tethers in my mouth, he rubs it all over my face. He kneels down and pushes my legs really far apart. He grabs my arms and slides his hands down over mine. He clenches my fingers between his and pushes it from behind towards the inside of my arse. Pulling back, he stretches open my arse and pussy lips. He kneels down further as he attempts to push two fingers into my cunt. He looks up at me, surprised by what he feels inside. ‘Lie on your back’ I say with my wet panties still in my mouth while gently motioning him backwards by his shoulders. He complies, lying down on the furry dining room rug. I spread my pussy over his face as I place my knees to the sides of his head. I open his mouth and start to slowly pull the first bead out of my cunt. As it pops out of my pussy and into his mouth, my cum splashes over his lips. I pull my arse back and push my clit up against his jaw to close his mouth with the bead inside it. I move my cunt right over his face and lift myself up slowly.

    As each bead is pulled from my cunt more cum splashes in his face. Once all three are out I rub the two outside his mouth in his face using my cunt and thighs. I pull my legs closer to his head and sit down on his face with all my weight. I grab him by his hair as I rock my body to and fro over his face. I make sure to begin with my clit at the bottom of his chin and only recede back once I feel his nose pass my asshole. ‘Come here’ I say as I stand up and walk over to the couch in the living room. I spread my legs apart standing on my knees with my tits facing the wall. He sees the anal toy sticking out my arse. “Will you fuck me with it, pretty please?” He kneels behind me with his face right up to my arse and grabs hold of the back end of the toy.

    He pulls on it leisurely and I can feel my rim stretching tightly over the arch of the toy. I feel every inch of rubber as what seems to be an immeasurable toy exits my arse. My gaping asshole contracts as he slides out the last inch. I am surprised by the taste of rubber, lube and arse as he shoves it in my mouth along with my panties which have now been there for quite some time. I barely feel his cock sliding up between my but cheeks and enter my anal hole as I am already huge from the prior weeks training. He fucks me slowly for a bit. I feel my rim gradually tightening and finally squeezing down around his treasured cock, and later, I can make out each different part as it enters or exits the foyer of my arse. I want to tell him to fuck it hard but I still have rubber all the way down my throat. Just as I go for my mouth he hauls my arms behind my back and grasps my wrists with one of his hands. He starts to pound my arse a little harder, then faster. Before I know it, he’s fucking my asshole exceedingly hard. I’d thought that it wouldn’t feel so intense having done the training, but now, every blow sends nerves rushing up my spine into my brain. It is agonizingly wonderful but I just can’t take it anymore. I spit the toy from my mouth and kick with my legs to break free. “Spank me”, I yell, to which he replied “what?”. “Spank me”, I yell over and over until he begins. He smacks me with the palm of his hand, but this is not quite what I had in mind. “Hit me dammit…harder, harder! He keeps doing it a little harder every time I yell, but he is still not doing it right. “For fuck sakes, beat me!” He lifts his arm high into the air. I can hear the air brush over his arm as it comes crashing onto my cheek. A soft moan escapes from between my toy and my lips as a sense of fear fills my heart. While I still regret saying my last words, I feel another thrashing blow. I want to say stop, but I am utterly breathless. He keeps going at it and finally I whimper the muffled word “stop, stop”. He doesn’t. Then I start begging. “Please, ah!, please baby, please stop… Tears begin to stream down my face before he ultimately stops to reveal my reddish-pink bottom.

    I spin my body around, lie on my back, grab hold of my feet and pull my legs up over my head. My open pussy is like a welcome party for his hands as my legs push my lips into a faultless little pussy slit. He wets two of his fingers in his mouth, but I tell him I want more. He adds another finger to his mouth but I keep saying “more, more, more”. He realizes that he won’t be able to put his entire fist in his mouth then wraps my pussy lips around his hand to wet it with my cum. He shapes the tips of all five his fingers to a pyramid and starts to circle the wall of my cunt after spitting at it like an irate snake. At this point my pussy is contracting so hard that it seems to suck his hand deeper inside itself. I let go of my feet and put my hands round the outside of my arse with my fingers just off the edge of my gaping hole. I stretch my cunt as he pushes into it. We both seem to hold our breath as the tension of his knuckles puts pressure on every inch of my pussy`s frame. A squishing sound is heard as his knuckles ultimately burst into my thirsty cunt, and a spray of cum squirts from between the fold in his palm. It splashes all over his lower arm and a spray it sent over his shoulder which directs some to his face and over his lips. He must have liked the taste because he moves his face in line with his arm and keeps his mouth open wide. He pulls out his hand and this time his knuckles don’t seem to have as much trouble passing through my rim, it feels the same to me though. More cum than the first time comes spraying out of my cunt and this time slams him right in the face. I scream out all the random dirty words I know at the top of my voice as he keeps beating the inside of my agonizing pussy with his fist over and over and over again. I never stop cumming throughout. His arm is soaked and my cum drips from his mouth over his chest, down his stomach, his shaft and then finally off his balls to the ground. I reach a climax and my anxious pussy grabs onto his hand as if it is never going to let go. I tell him to do me with his prized cock as he struggles to wrench his hand out of my cunt.

    I lick, suck and finally kiss off every single drop of my own cum from his cock and balls before he starts to go at it. He fucks me like a jackhammer. My body is pulsating in all directions as my tits pop out of my dress for the first time and start to flop around violently. He grabs onto them with both hands squeezing down on the clamps that he is only now realizing have been there the entire time. He uses his thumb and index fingers, grabs onto both clamps and pulls my nipples and tits straight up into the air. From my point of view my tits look like two Eifel towers which seem to be burning down just before the clamps snap off my scorching nipples. He’s still fucking me awfully hard with his cock but all I feel is his pelvis slamming into my clit. His fist had filled me up so good that I needed more. I reached for the dong now lying beside me and hand it to him saying ‘stick it up my arse’. He complies and the pressure from below forces his engulfed cock up to the upper inside wall of my pussy. The motion of his fucking does something inside me and it feels like I’m going to piss all over the couch. I grab onto my clit and press down as hard as I can on it with my index and middle finger. It’s too late and before I can say a stop I’m spraying fluid from between my fingers. I try to force it down but every motion of my hand sends it to a different direction. The smell of my warm urine drives him insane. He takes me with him as he stands to his feet. He jerks the dong from my arse with a splashing sound hitting the laminated flooring. With his hands under my arse he bounces me up and down on his cock. My tits are flopping around like leaves in an autumn wind, banging into his chest and face. His cock completely exits me every time I’m thrown in the air. I come down remarkably hard. Some times his cock finds my quivering pussy, other times my still expanding arse. I think to myself ‘who cares!?!, it’s all open anyways’. His nails dig into my cheeks and cleave deeper into them each time I come down. Finally his legs fail beneath him and he goes crashing to the ground. He falls flat on his back and I do the perfect ten dismount right onto his spewing cock. By this time I can’t hardly tell the difference between my arse and my pussy, all I know is, he came inside it. I feel his cum running from between my legs as I crash my head down to his chest with an ‘aah!’ escaping from my mouth. I wag my arse like a little puppy dog being petted, displaying my contentment as my clit pumps the final bolts of electricity to my gaping holes, emptying out any secretion I’ve been holding back.

    He tells me to clean up the mess to which I respond happily. I start by sucking my cum off his reclining cock, then his balls. I am a little surprised when he turns around and sticks his arse in my face, but it only takes me about a second to start sucking our cum from his arse. “Now you” he says once I’m done and sits down on the couch with his arms behind his head. I stand putting my feet about a ruler’s length apart and begin to skim my hands between my legs, covering it with the liquid cocktail that is down there by now. I bring my hands up slowly to my face, brushing my fingers over my erect nipples as I pass by my tits. I repeat this several times before I feel satisfied as to the extent of my efforts. “Now the floor” he says. I kneel on the ground submissively and swirl my fingers around in the pool of cum and piss on the floor. As I take it into my mouth, he tells me “no” and instructs me to use my tongue. I put my head down and start to suck it into my mouth but feel him grab my arse and turn it towards him. I am still sucking at the floor when he pushes my legs apart with his feet. Then I feel one of them moving up the inside of my leg and then in between my pussy lips. He begins to motion his leg forward. “I can probably take it in”, I think as I begin to push back. Just so turns out, I could! Well, obviously not all of it. But, up to his heel anyway. I only begin to worry when I feel his other foot pushing up my other leg and over towards my anal rim. But, after all I’ve done, I can’t hardly say stop. I bite down on my lower lip as I stretch me arms behind my back. Placing my hands over my butt cheeks, I grab on tightly and stretch my anal rim as much as I can to avoid some of the intense pressure I am sure to feel in just a second. He begins to push, but there is just not enough room left inside me. He keeps going for a while but with each attempt I can feel his confidence dwindle. “let me do it”, I say and slowly slip his foot from my vastly opened pussy. He first makes me complete my charge of cleaning the floor pristinely before he allows me to oblige him. I end up sucking every drop of my urine and our cum off the floor before licking about two squared meters of tiling clean with my tongue. This takes longer than I thought as my now unappreciated large tits keep spreading it around.

    Now done cleaning, I place his feet on the couch, bending one of his knees slightly, leaving his feet one in front of the other. Placing my knees to the sides of his legs I begin to descend over his toes, pushing both feet simultaneously into myself. This seems to have a greater effect than before, so I begin to ride his feet slowly up and down, each time, getting a little bit further down. I realise that there is just no way both his feet are going in there, but before I say anything he grabs onto my hips. “This is going to hurt”, I think, and for some probably obvious reason images of child birth flash through my mind. In exhaustion and anguish, I collapse forward and down over his feet. I feel a rending pain between my legs and then…nothing. I lay there, face down and curled up in a foetal position. He lays still also, my indistinguishable pussy and arse cuddling his feet like two lovers deeply infatuated with one another. Eventually I lift my arse. He slides his fee
    t out, first from within my pussy, then my asshole. I motion my hand between my legs to check if I’m all right. It doesn’t hurt as I slide my fingers around the rim of my pussy or asshole but it feels like I can shove a refrigerator in there with no effort at all. I test this theory by balling my fist and pushing it up my cunt. I don’t even flinch as my fist enters my body.

    I finally muster the strength to push myself up. As I turn around expecting to fall asleep in his arms, his erect penis comes as a surprise to me; usually, he’s only up for one round. I however, can not possibly do one more thing. My muscles feel like jelly. “Please get me off” he says. “I can’t baby”, I say with a soft desperation in my voice. “Would you like to fuck my mouth?”. “Yes, please”, he answers. He stands up and I lie down on my back in his place. He pulls me half way down the couch. I open my mouth. He climbs on top of me and lies down shoving his cock down my throat again. I gag on it instantly and the taste of pussy and arse fill my mouth as my stomach contracts. I feel the full weight of his pelvis on my face and would push him away if only I had any strength in my arms. My hands make their way up to his hips for this purpose, but collapse over his arse and in stead of pushing him away, I end up encouraging his thrusting. I feel my entire body being rocked to and fro as he keeps fucking my head harder and faster. For the first time in my life I understand what people mean when they use the expression “fucking my brains out”. He doesn’t cum. He just keeps fucking and fucking and fucking. I can’t move and it begins to feel as if I am going to actually choke to death. The saliva bubbles from my mouth and covers my entire face. Eventually I have to close my eyes to keep the spit from flowing in. This however, does not stop me from crying, nor him from fucking my face even harder. Finally a feeling of relief fills my mind as I feel his cum spewing down my throat. He doesn’t take his cock out of my mouth, but I feel it receding back to its original size and the thrusting has ceased.

    When I woke up my head was on his lap. An old war movie was playing on tv. The apartment was all cleaned up and I was covered with a blanket. I put my hand between my legs to feel if I’d been dreaming but it was quite obvious that I hadn’t, so I fell back to sleep.

    My asshole and cunt stayed open to the next morning, and even a couple of days after that. They only hurt for a week or so, but I still have the sheering marks from my panties between my legs and over my arse.

    Author: Naughty Nikky

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