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    Fleshlight from my girlfriend
    today was my 1st try of the FL
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    Getting my wife tipsy for me & my pal

    (Current Rating 71/100, based on 139 votes)

    About 10 yrs ago when me & my old pal Frank were out for a drink at the local Pub he always steered our conversation to my wife, who he openly told me he fancied. He knew me so well he knew it was OK to talk like that. I enjoyed him telling me what he'd like to do with her. This was because I'd told him that years previously before my other pal had emigrated she (Encouraged by me) used to give him a little tease by flashing a bit leg & cleavage at first & gradually I talked her into going further. Because she was a church going girl & was too shy to admit she fancied another man she used to pretend to go to sleep after first getting the courage up by knocking back a few whisky & lemonades. With Frank knowing this he was always asking if I could get Joan to do that for him. I used to tell her everything cos it used to excite her & she knew he fancied a fuck of her. She used to get turned on knowing me & Frank used to go to his place & watch porn videos & discuss her . I'd also taken a video of her & I sneaked it out the house one night & took it to Franks, We were watching this video showing her stripping off & flashing her tits & lying on the settee with stockings on, pulling her panties to the side & shoving cucumbers, vibrators etc up her shaved fanny . I'd teased him about this video for ages & he'd eventually persuaded me to show him it. When I told Joan we'd both sat wanking to her on the screen she wanted to know did Frank wank it off watching her, so I told her he had. I told her as he'd watched the video he'd kept saying he'd love to be stuck up her one night.

    His cock was a big one and he knew it cos he'd bragged about it plenty times in front of Joan when we'd been out drinking as a foursome. His wife used to cringe when he bragged in front of Joan that when he was a young lad his nickname was Donkey Cock. This used to get Joan curious but she never let him see she was keen. Later when we got home she'd asked me if he really was as big as he bragged so I told her it is big & about 9 or 10 inches. She said something like mmm that sounds nice . As I said earlier he knew how me & my other pal used to wait til Joan went to sleep, then we'd help ourselves to her. The first time Joan went to sleep for us she said don't go below the waist, just have a bit play with my tits & that's it. I'd promised that's as far as we'd go but we got carried away & we ended up both fucking her & she enjoyed it. I also told Frank that I had made a Super 8 colour film of her after she'd had the baby showing her big tits off dripping with milk. That excited Frank cos he said he'd always fancied sucking some womans big milky tits while he was fucking her fanny. I boasted we'd milked Joan loads of times & he couldn't believe it saying he wished he'd known us then. . He suggested that we should try & get Joan drunk sometime & he'd flirt with her and see what happened. I thought it was worth trying cos I was curious to see if she'd let him fuck her cos I knew she was curious about his donkey cock but wasnt sure if she'd go that far with someone she wasn't mad keen on. She used to say to me he's alright but I don't really fancy him I asked her if she'd give us a cock tease sometime & she said she might if she's in the mood & the circumstances were right & as long as she's had a drink.
    So one Thursday night Frank rang to tell me Anne was away that weekend (I think they'd had a bit of a row) and he said if we could still go out for a drink as a threesome but not tell Joan Ann was away for the weekend. If we'd told Joan she would have cancelled cos I knew she wouldn't go out with two of us. On the Saturday night we drove up to Franks & he answered the door dressed to come out. He said 'Sorry, Ann's not here, we'll just go to our Local rather than spoil the night'.
    Joan had to go along with it as we'd travelled 15 mls to Franks place. . We walked upto the Pub a few hundred yards away via the little path that went up the side of the field & picked a quiet corner where we could sit & chat . Frank got the drinks in first (Shandies for the men) and got Joan her usual Whisky & lemonade but a large one with plenty lemonade in to disguise its strength. Joan is intelligent & said 'I hope this isn't a double?' and Frank just said 'Its a good measure cos he knows the landlord '(And he really did)

    Joan knew he was lying cos she's drunk plenty whisky & lemonades in her life. I got the next round in & another large one even though she said just get a single . She knew it wasn't a single & knew we were going to try something with her later so the best way was to be tipsy.
    Joan isn't a drinker & was soon tipsy but she was enjoying being out with two men without Anne which made a change. During the chat Frank mentioned about his teenage days & bragging about all the girls he'd been out with etc etc. Then he mentioned that he was nicknamed donkey cock so to keep the chat going I asked why which even though I knew & this gave him the chance to say cos I'm big down there. Joan didn't bat an eyelid as the talk got more and more dirty.
    When I went to the toilet he followed me & started flashing his hard cock caused by talking dirty infront of Joan. He said 'I'm hoping to shove this up her tonight, what do you reckon?
    I told him she seems to be in the right kind of mood & knows what we are up to cos shes not daft & a bit dirty talk always turns her on. I said when you get the chance have a bit flirt with her & see what happens
    He suggested when we get back to the house that I should sit on the easy chair & Joan will have to sit on the two seater settee & he can sit next to her.
    We were excited & optomistic when we left the Pub & set off down the dark path to the bungalow. Joan staggered so he grabbed hold of her & had his hands all over her accidentally feeling her up & having a bit daft carry on. She was giggly & laughing with him as if they were a couple and I was tagging along with them. When we got to the house, I sat on the easy chair as arranged & she sat on the settee, while Frank went to put the kettle on.
    He was back in no time with and sat himself next to Joan. She'd noticed what we'd done but after the whiskies she wasn't bothered & quite enjoying being flirted with. She knew exactly what was happening & was obviously up for it.
    Frank started the sex talk talk again & started flirting with her telling her she looked dead sexy . She was enjoying it so he told her he's always fancied her & she was saying don't be daft you've got a wife., He started complimenting her on her figure & was saying things like 'Are your tits real Joan then saying I think they are falsies cos they look bigger than last time I saw you ' and laughing.
    She knew what he was leading up to and was still laughing & joking at his comments. She said ''course they're real you daft bugger why would I wear falsies''. Frank then said gis a feel to see if theyre real & tried to grab them saying 'I dont believe theyre real'
    They were both laughing & they struggled a bit as he tried to grab her tits . I could see she was definitely enjoying a bit daft carry on. I had a horn on & so did Frank & she'd noticed. He eventually managed to get a feel even though she was putting her arms across her tits to hide them. Then suddenly her blouse was open and her bra on view with her tits just about falling out of it.
    She was still carrying on with Frank and I don't think she knew her blouse was wide open, but he was excited with the view. Then as if by magic her bra was lifted up & her bare tits swinging around, nipples hard with excitement. She now knew her tits were bare and she was still laughing. I was so hard I got my cock out and was sitting stroking it in full view of them.
    She looked over as if to say can we continue? but soon as she saw me stroking my cock she knew it was OK to continue with Frank so she then lay back on the settee. & he started sucking her tits while his hand was pulling her skirt up showing she'd put stockings and suspenders and tiny little panties on. What a view that was for me to see.
    While he was sucking her tits I went and stood next to her & she took my cock in her mouth She was sucking it while he spread her thighs and got between them to pull her panties to the side to get a look at her cunt for the first time.
    He told me later that seeing her shaved fanny all juicy & gaping was exciting . He'd seen it on video and now he was going to fuck it.

    I was nearly cumming with the excitement & if I'd spunked it would have spoilt the night, so I knelt on the floor to watch him fingering her fanny & kissing it. Frank then knelt between her thighs and I helped by pulling her fanny lips open and guided his cock into her.
    Within about 4 or 5 minutes of fucking her like a bliddy rabbit he spunked his load up her. She said later that she had cum twice in the first two mins so was a bit embarrassed lying there satisfied while he fucked away at her for a few more minutes. She said she was lying there wishing he'd hurry himself up. Once he'd spunked up her & got off her she needed to get out of the bunglaw quick cos she was embarrassed. Frank didn't expect that & was wondering why we were leaving so quick. He thought he could just go & clean himself up, then have drink & a bit more play with Joans tits then give her another fucking like he's done with other women. He was really disappointed & thought he'd done something wrong & was asking me what have I done. I had to tell him she's a Church going girl & she was embarrassed. On the way home she sucked my cock all the way & once in the house she was dying for me to fuck her & talk about what she'd just done. She wanted to hear me say I'd enjoyed it & it was OK to do what she did. That was the one & only time Frank fucked Joan but she has had another of my pals a number of times since then. She always has to be persuaded by me & needs to have had a few drinks to open up. She still believes its wrong but now & again she relents & goes along with it.

    Author: Frankie

    2008-05-02 10:11:40 Posted by
    pretty gay! LC

    2008-05-03 18:06:51 Posted by
    excellient jhonnythe oldpal

    2008-05-08 15:33:59 Posted by
    its alrite frankfuckedurmom

    2008-05-09 07:15:12 Posted by
    not too good Anonymous

    2008-05-09 07:15:42 Posted by
    no great..kinda crap really groupsexfanatic

    2008-05-31 08:52:26 Posted by

    2008-06-02 05:24:01 Posted by
    I liked it cause I.m not into the xxx stuff anonymous

    2008-06-06 17:24:34 Posted by
    Ok? Sweetz

    2008-06-18 14:58:22 Posted by
    you should write a second one like this Jack

    2008-06-22 17:43:13 Posted by
    Good Story. Now if I can get my wife it play Iwould have a story to send in MIUW104

    2008-06-26 19:19:03 Posted by
    Hi.I enjoyed that because I too have had the extreme pleasure of watching my wife take another man;s cock deep inside her...........drop me a line if you want to chat more wifewatcher

    2009-03-21 20:20:00 Posted by
    not to bad i love slut wives Anonymous

    2009-07-06 19:58:33 Posted by
    Hi I enjoyed that because my wife love 9" inch cock slut wife

    2009-08-07 12:35:15 Posted by
    We had a threesome with a black man. Watching his black cock slide in her was exciting Anonymous

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