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    Latest FleshLight Reviews

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    today was my 1st try of the FL
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    Her first time

    (Current Rating 73/100, based on 378 votes)

    I stopped by my friend Tom's place to see if he wanted to go hang out at Jimmy's Bar for a few beers. It wasn't unusual for me to just drop by unannounced at random times. Hell, we were best friends.

    I let myself in like I've done a million times before. Tom's sister Tara was in the kitchen getting a soda and she jumped about a foot when I walked in and said hi.

    "Fucker!" she said laughing. "You scared me!"

    "Sorry," I said laughing at her reaction. "Tom around?"

    "Should be," she said wiping up the soda she spilled when she jumped. "I heard him talking on the phone a little bit ago."

    I couldn't help but enjoy the view of Tara's tits as she bent down to clean up the mess. I had a nice shot down the front as her flimsy pajama tank top gapped open.

    Tara was a very petite, 18 year old. I don't think she weighed any more than 100 lbs. Although she was small, she had nice grapefruit sized tits that looked big for her small frame. They looked even nicer that evening. She didn't have on a bra and it was so obvious. She didn't seem self conscious about her extremely hard nipples showing as her tits bobbled around when she walked over to the trash can to throw away the paper towels.

    I felt my cock getting stiff. Tara like to tease me. I always felt that way anyways. I always jerked off in the shower as I imagined fucking her.

    "TOMMY!" she whined "Your girlfriend is here!"

    "Hey!" I said acting mad. "Be nice"

    "I'm always nice Bobby," she said brushing past me. "ALWAYS."

    She gave me a sexy smile as she walked into the other room. I went upstairs and Tom wasn't in his room. When I turned around, Tara was there.

    "He musta went somewhere." she said. "I just checked while I was downstairs and his bike is gone."

    "Shit!" I said. "Well, I guess I'll see if I can find him in town."

    I started to walk to the stairs and Tara stopped me.

    "Can you take a look at my computer before you go?" she said innocently. "It's acting retarded for some reason."

    "Sure." I said going to her room with her.

    Her room was cluttered with bras and panties and shoes and girl shit. I was so turned on by the scent of her perfume lingering in the air of her room. I sat at her desk and started messing around with the keyboard. When I looked up, I could see her in the mirror. She smiled and began to take off her shirt.

    "I think maybe you should take a look at these instead." she said as she slowly took off her shirt and out popped her perky firm titties. They looked sooo perfectly plump with hard pink nipples begging to be sucked. "See anything you like?" she asked fondling her tits and rolling her finger tips around on her nipples.

    "Oh, as a matter of fact...." I said walking over to her. I never had a chance to say what I liked. She pulled me down on top of her. We kissed and I sucked her nipples for quite a while. We must have made out for about 15 minutes or so and the next thing I knew we were totally naked and I was about to put my dick into her.

    "Do you have a rubber?" she said stroking my head with her thumb.

    "Um...somewhere..." I said kissing her neck. "Do I need one?" I asked pressing my cock closer to her pussy.

    "Do you trust me?" she asked grasping my balls.

    "What do you mean?" I asked nibbling on her bottom lip.

    "I'm on the pill," she said nibbling back. "but I had a one night stand last month with a stranger...we didn't have a rubber...I'm not infected with anything that I know of."

    "I trust you," I said pushing my head into her tight wet pussy. "Oh God, your pussy feels beautiful." She was so tight and wet I almost came as soon as I entered her.

    She moaned and met my deep gentle thrusts as I fucked her slowly and sensually. She grabbed my ass and pulled me closer. I knew I was going to cum soon. I pulled out and rubbed her swollen clit slowly with the tip of my cock. She squirmed and moaned as I made her cum. Then I entered her again and fucked her a little harder as I felt my balls tighten. I moaned louder and louder as I felt the pressure build up and then release as I came inside her.

    She held on to me as we layed there feeling my cock twitch inside her. When I pulled out, I noticed blood on my cock and all over her and her bed. "What the?" I said out loud.

    "I'm sorry..." she said starting to cry.

    "It's ok." I said holding her and rubbing her back. "Is everything all right?"

    "I should have told you I was a virgin." she said sniffing.

    "Hey...don't cry." I said in shock of the whole thing. "Let's get cleaned up...Tara, I'm honored that you wanted me to be your first."

    She led me to the bathroom where we showered and made love in the hot steamy water raining down on us. From that day on, she was my girlfriend. The hard part was telling Tom I fucked his little sister. He's cool with fact I hope he'll be my best man because I'm asking her to marry me.

    Author: Bobby

    2008-01-22 05:21:22 Posted by
    that was hot, i have a bf we want to have sex i just shy out all the time i just want to fuck him but i cant:( sadyoung chick

    2008-01-22 11:52:58 Posted by
    aww thats sweet Anonymous

    2008-01-22 23:59:27 Posted by
    aww! it had a sick ending:) story was cool nonamuss

    2008-01-23 05:53:38 Posted by
    good marvillious story i liked it Anonymous

    2008-01-24 10:34:39 Posted by
    That is so real and it sound really good. Anonymous

    2008-01-24 10:36:52 Posted by
    That sound so real!

    I like that story.

    2008-01-25 14:25:34 Posted by
    It's always good when you get a cherry. Anonymous

    2008-01-26 00:43:36 Posted by
    so real! clear

    2008-01-27 00:21:04 Posted by
    shooo shweeet .. i hop somdy i could get a bf like that ... so so so sweeet .. innocent gal

    2008-02-03 06:21:11 Posted by
    thats so sweet Anonymous

    2008-02-06 04:45:10 Posted by
    wow goog storyim wnkin ha ha sexyboy

    2008-02-08 17:07:33 Posted by
    reminds me of my first time....great !!! susie

    2008-02-14 07:56:36 Posted by
    Wow,that was great,i love it,and i wish a day that i can have a girl like that to have a perfect sex.
    Just i wish....

    2008-02-17 12:51:51 Posted by
    Wow wish it was me getting his penis into my pussy Pussy gal

    2008-02-20 12:25:19 Posted by
    aww thats a gorgeous story.... good luck bbz Anonymous

    2008-02-21 07:32:05 Posted by
    That was me fucking that hoe lol Pube in a jar

    2008-02-27 03:59:27 Posted by swet.. maze

    2008-02-27 18:32:49 Posted by
    Wow. Thats mad sweet
    Hope you guys are happy

    2008-02-28 09:46:54 Posted by
    that's such a hot story, and the ending is so adorable. congrats. kelster

    2008-02-29 20:15:46 Posted by
    :) ash

    2008-03-07 13:29:36 Posted by
    wish tht was me getting fucked lol my baby is at war so i dont get to see him so much tylersbabygurl

    2008-03-07 17:08:18 Posted by
    that is so cool this story had me into it and horny Neeks

    2008-03-11 16:52:23 Posted by
    i came to this hot story Anonymous

    2008-03-12 14:01:12 Posted by
    I found myself wishing I still had my cherry. Loved the story!!! Anonymous

    2008-03-17 23:15:26 Posted by
    fucked up Anonymous

    2008-04-13 12:16:02 Posted by
    That's sweet n it got me kinda horny Anton :-P

    2008-04-13 23:17:49 Posted by
    sexyass storie awsome ending shade

    2008-04-16 06:53:18 Posted by
    man I love this story Anonymous

    2008-04-21 16:26:41 Posted by
    i love trent barry xxx sowi i had 2 tel sum1 xxx charlotte

    2008-04-24 12:30:05 Posted by
    nice, her 'melons' sound full and inviting. the suckler

    2008-05-16 03:34:32 Posted by
    that was a great story. i'm still kind of scared of my first time tho. Anonymous

    2008-05-23 16:21:22 Posted by
    Hey that was a cool stories. I wish I could have sex like that. T-H-E B-O-O-M

    2008-05-26 18:39:34 Posted by
    if she had a one night stand with a guy a month ago.. how is she a virgin? i dont think this story is real..
    but it is a great story i loved it.

    2008-05-26 18:41:33 Posted by
    if she fucked a guy a month ago howz she a virgin?? this is a fake story, but its really good i loved it.. .....

    2008-06-10 03:05:48 Posted by
    I feel so horny I want to get fucked too Horny girl

    2008-06-14 09:40:58 Posted by
    Very nice story. My girl friend ask me to break in her sisters. I said ok and then I married her. They all come over quite often and let me fuck them. inherhole

    2008-06-15 05:51:10 Posted by
    Damn im all hard i need a girl to suck me off right now patrick

    2008-06-16 21:46:33 Posted by
    i have great sex like that horny

    2008-06-16 23:58:20 Posted by
    dude thats awsome is it real? i love the ending it was great it was like you combined a sexy theme with a story about your self. good luck man im happy for you that one dude

    2008-06-18 23:35:20 Posted by
    Nice trick for virgins to lie before they have sex and say they just had sex with a stranger a month ago,once was done2me too Horny criminal

    2008-06-19 02:18:05 Posted by
    duh she appologized for not telling him she was a virgin. She wanted him to think she had experience so she lied about the one nighter so he wouldn't stop and talk her out of losing her cherry to him. I guess you have to think like a girl in this one, lol. I loved it too by-the-way. Been there, done that

    2008-06-21 15:31:28 Posted by

    2008-06-26 02:06:53 Posted by
    ive read this story so many times, I'm such a romantic and this story was so sexy and hott but so sweet. Awesome story. EM

    2008-06-30 02:46:11 Posted by
    she was lyin bout havin a one night stand cuz she was scared he wouldn't fuck her. DUH! Anonymous

    2008-06-30 16:51:50 Posted by
    i feel horny now. annonymous

    2008-06-30 20:15:37 Posted by
    you retards, she lied about having a one night stand just to see if he would trust her. anyways, what a sweet story. it mad me feel sad that my gf already lost her virginity before ive even met her. pretty boy

    2008-07-13 05:29:18 Posted by
    love the story ...awesome ending Anonymous

    2008-07-15 14:07:08 Posted by
    nice story man hope she says she to ur purposel anonymous

    2008-08-08 12:18:09 Posted by
    loved this story it is hot n sweet! i got horny! Anonymous

    2008-10-02 19:42:49 Posted by
    that was so cute, i loved it bitchhhh

    2008-11-07 11:50:19 Posted by
    i came amnotamoose

    2008-11-25 16:38:17 Posted by
    sweet but i don't think she would have said "take a look at these" whilst taking her top off. man that was corny moose

    2008-12-18 21:17:47 Posted by
    shes not a virgin just dam good at bleeding Anonymous

    2008-12-20 19:09:25 Posted by
    omfg i love tha stroy so good i love it it is so cutie and madd love to tom marvil diaz

    2008-12-23 01:39:00 Posted by
    good stuff Anonymous

    2009-01-08 17:20:36 Posted by
    awesome story mate emzi

    2009-01-12 14:26:21 Posted by
    tht is the bst story yet Anonymous

    2009-01-15 12:41:14 Posted by
    well i have to say its real, shit like that happens lol cock tease

    2009-01-21 00:32:48 Posted by
    great Anonymous

    2009-01-31 00:38:10 Posted by
    oh wow that great! Cute Story

    2009-02-06 02:04:54 Posted by
    how is she a virgin if she had a one night stand a month ago? Anonymous

    2009-02-07 21:21:19 Posted by
    Ram my asshole Bootypopper

    2009-02-21 07:52:08 Posted by
    fortunately i still have my cherry...=)
    btw loves this story

    2009-02-27 02:55:47 Posted by
    nice story, good job. Anonymous

    2009-03-14 02:12:02 Posted by
    PEOPLE!!! omfg.. she lied about the one night stand..
    i still have my cherry ^^
    aweosme story!

    2009-03-26 16:44:47 Posted by
    fuck me! ohhhhhhhhhhhh...... i orgasmed first time! better eat up all my cum! Anonymous

    2009-05-14 11:39:58 Posted by
    Dit was regtig i nice stori. Wens dit kon mt my gebeur. Raakvat;)Vasvat

    2009-06-17 09:44:43 Posted by
    she sounded like a whore at the start meh

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