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    Her stepfather, his fingers, and his Tongue

    (Current Rating 74/100, based on 67 votes)

    It was their senior year and everyone in the class was excited as ever. The last year of high school. After that they could come and go as they pleased, as they wanted, or so they thought they could. But Jenna, one of the class’s brightest students throughout her last three years had been looking for so much more. She carried a 3.8 at least, during that time, that this current senior told herself nothing was going to stand in her way, of getting to whatever college she wanted to get into.

    That is except for one thing. A guy, a man, and that man is her new teacher. She had never had a teacher who looked as “marvelous” as him she told herself. Jenna was, to most people, a recluse. She was a geek. She had the brains. She had it all. That is except for the looks. She never wore makeup. She wore all the wrong clothes. She truly looked like a geek and a nerd but something was happening to her. And although she’d “felt” it a number of times before, oddly once she turned 18 last month it came on strongly.

    She felt the sensations down inside of her legs. She kept it a secret. Knowing she did not have any real friends she wouldn’t tell anyone, and not even her mother, she’d been having these sensations, which for most girls would provoke them into masturbating, but as for Jenna she knew she wasn’t that kind of girl.

    But when she saw her new teacher something “provoked” her to try it. He was dynamic. He was a prince. He was a former college athlete who had played baseball. He had a body and to most of those girls in her class his body did not quit. No it didn’t.

    Although she didn’t know it, all her classmates had gone home, and all her classmates and then some would go to their rooms and they all found that their fingers had found their way to their pussies. They went at themselves. Big time. As they did they imagined doing it with Mr. Parker as each and everyone masturbated.

    It even happened to Jenna finally. She broke down too. She went home, after the second day, and Jenna found herself doing it and she had never done it before. Touching her small breasts, she followed up with doing it to the rest of her body. Slowly and surely her fingers, with some trepidation, eased on down to her slightly hairy pussy.

    Yes, it was her very first time, but once she did it she was on her way. She took her time. She eased her hand and fingers over her clitoris. She tightened up as she did it. It was exciting to her as she rubbed the lips of it but as Jenna imagined him, half naked and in her room as well, she gradually inched her finger and eventually some fingers up inside of her warm wet pussy.

    “Oh uhhh ohhhhhh my God wow, yes oh yes,” she cried out as quietly as she could. It went on and on and as the crying and calling out of his name went, something happened.

    Her stepfather heard some of the cries. Her mom wasn’t home. He knew that sound. He’d been with Jenna’s mom two years now. He liked Jenna a lot. He thought she was pretty. He thought she was real pretty too in fact. So Tim, her stepfather, got up, headed for the stairs, and Tim slowly walked up them. From outside that closed door, he listened.

    He smiled, knowing exactly what it was his stepdaughter was doing to herself. He didn’t even knock. He slowly opened the door. There she was, eyes closed, hand down inside her cute panties, and she was going at herself plain and simple.

    “Would you like some help with that?” the nice looking stepfather asked her.

    She stopped cold. The hand immediately came out of her panties. Her eyes opened up with a look of fright in her eyes. She didn’t know what to say or do.

    “It’s alright Jenna. I’m not going to say anything to anyone at all honey,” he told her as she laid her wet fingers to the side of her body. “All girls your age do what you were doing.” He shrugged his shoulders. “Guys like me like watching a girl do that too. It’s a guy thing; nothing else. It’s a turn on honey,” he went on to say.

    She looked at him. He could tell she was embarrassed. She was covered up by the panties but her skirt was off and he could see her lithe looking legs and thighs.

    “Care for some help with that?” he asked.

    “Uh no, not really,” she said. “You’re not going to tell my mom?”

    “Ohhhhhhh no uh uhhh,” he replied. “Why would I? What you’re doing is private. It’s very special and very private indeed.”

    “Thank you,” she said.

    “You’re welcome,” he told her. But then he said “However, if you want me to keep this a secret then I need something in return from you.” She asked, with some hesitance, what that was. “I want to lay down beside you and I want to be able to take off my clothes and I want to be able to caress your body,” and he paused. Then he said “I want to be able to do what you were doing to your own body. You never know where that’ll lead to…do you dear?”

    She was freaked out but she felt as if she was caught between a rock and a hard place. Let my stepfather…feel me out? Huh, come on, no way, she thought. Although they got a long great and they were close, to a degree, she never felt that “close” to him in the past.

    But what choice did she have she asked herself.

    “Soooo who is it you were fantasizing about honey?” he asked.

    She looked at him. She did not want to tell him who it was. She couldn’t tell him. He put his hand on her thigh and smiled. He rubbed it lightly. He murmured as he rubbed it. She liked it when he caressed her leg. It did feel nice. He rubbed it, lightly, again, and this time, when he rubbed it lightly he moved it towards her pussy and crotch a little further.

    “Mmmmmm, you sure have nice soft legs, Jenna,” he told her. “I like how they feel.”

    “Uh you uhhh do?” she said in a surprised tone seeing as she was not expecting to see or even feel his hands on her legs. She looked down at his hand. She looked up at him and then back at his hand which was on her leg still. To Jenna, it did feel nice how he had stroked them but initially it was odd too. “I guess it feels umm nice,” she went on to add.

    She kind of smiled at him and he smiled back, nodding his head at his stepdaughter as if it were natural for him to be in her room and laying beside her doing what he was doing.

    “Mmmmmm, I’ll agree…it does feel nice. I mean, I like it. May I?” he asked but even before she could say yes or no he rubbed her up real close to her pussy. She tightened up and became firm all over. Her shoulders, arms, and even her legs tensed up as his hand and fingers moved around her pussy between her legs. “Mmmmmm oooooohh ahhhhh, what guy, I mean what man wouldn’t love to be doing this huh?”

    “I…I uhhh don’t know,” she said. And then it happened. He rubbed over her pussy’s slit. “Oh,” she barked. “Oh uh uhhh oh my God,” she said. “You just touched,” and she paused a second while looking at him. “Tim, you just…you just uhhh touched my uhhh vagina. Oh my God, Tim,” she said in a surprised tone of voice. “You just touched…my vagina!”

    He looked up at her and smiled into her eyes. “Yes Jenna, I did just feel your vagina, but in truth I really didn’t did I?”

    She thought about it. No, he really didn’t. He only touched me there. He only touched me where my panties were but it sure felt like he touched my vagina. And then something else occurred. “Do that again, can you…please?” she asked him.

    He rubbed the area again. She liked it too and murmured sweet nothings as he felt her between her thighs. Her neck craned, her eyes closed, and she kind of fell back as he caressed her pussy even though she had on her panties.

    “Uh oooooohh ohhhhhh Tim, yes Tim yes,” she murmured in that sweet girlish tone of hers. “We should,” but she stopped. She opened her eyes. And he then said “What if my mom comes home and you are up here, in my bedroom doing this?”

    “She won’t know it Jenna,” he said. “I’ll get you off before you know it.”

    “Huh, get me off…make me orgasm, really?” she said and he said yes.

    With that he slid his fingers inside her panties and he played with her lips before he slid the fingers up inside her pussy. Before she knew it he had his stepdaughter’s panties down to knees. Before much longer they were totally off her body and Tim, her stepdad was going at her tight, wet, and very warm pussy wildly.

    She loved it. She adored how it felt to be felt up like he was doing it to her. He was smiling throughout it all. He was a master or so it seemed like he was. She couldn’t believe it either. God is he good at this. Fuck oh wow, does he do this with mom she asked herself. I hope I’m just as good as mom she thought.

    He finger fucked her more and more. Jenna was “bouncing” off the bed as he did it to her. All of a sudden, he switched positions, and she wondered why. His face and his mouth specifically were down in between her thighs. He went in. His tongue went in. He was digging, crazily, into her tight wet pussy.

    Jenna was screaming, madly. Jenna was clawing at his body as he ate out her out. He loved how she tasted and he wouldn’t stop doing it either. He dug in. He kept on digging in. He pulled at her body and she couldn’t stop it. She didn’t want to stop him from doing it either. It felt way to good to her as he licked her and licked her out, continuously.

    Jenna was crying for more. Jenna was crying out and asking him to stop it. Jenna was crying out for him to keep going at her pussy. She didn’t know what she wanted but she knew one thing and she knew she liked coming like she had been coming. He was great at this. And she told herself something.

    I have to repay him somehow.

    He came up. He pulled away. He looked at her and said “Soooo, do you feel better now?”

    She was breathing hard and as she was she said yes. She said yes a number of times too. “But Tim…how do I,” and she stopped as they looked at each other. “How can I repay you for this?”

    He winked at her and smiled. “Awwww, come on Jenna. You don’t have to repay me. I’m your dear old daddy,” he told her. She smiled back knowing better. He is her stepdad, not her daddy, but it didn’t matter. What he’d just done was so darn fun. He went on to tell her “But if you feel like you have to repay me…I’ll figure out something.” He then stood up and smiled as he stared at her telling her “Underneath here, underneath my shorts is a lonely,” but he stopped. “Well it’s not too lonely. Your mom and I love to do stuff you know but I’ll be more then happy to share with you what she and I share.”

    She looked down at the zipper on his shorts. She looked back up at him. She swallowed, hard, and then started to say “Your…your,” but she stopped, not saying another word.

    He was nodding his head and smiling. He winked and said “Sure honey, I’d love for you to feel it. Mmmmmm, doesn’t that sound fun?”

    She stuttered. She must have said the word three or four times at least. “I…I…”

    He cut in. “Ohhhhhhh sure you do. The feel of a man’s penis…a man’s cock in a girl’s hands? Mmmmmm, to feel it…to feel that softness, to rub it, and then stroke it. Ooooohh Jenna, I almost can feel your hands on me already,” he told her in a tone which sounded like he was a kid. “I’d soooo love to feel your hands on this,” and he laid his hands down near his crotch. He lightly rubbed it. “Mmmmmm, doesn’t that sound, you know, tempting to you?”

    “I…I uh guess so,” she said. Her face was blank but her inner emotions weren’t. Yeah oh ohhh my freaking God, she thought. Her head started to nod, slowly.

    “Good, maybe tomorrow, or maybe the next day we can…you know…get together?” he told her. “Mmmmmm, I can’t wait honey, alright?” Again, he smiled that knowing smile she liked and also winked a likeable wink.

    She saw it and in her little girlish voice she replied with “Okay.”

    He had to work the following day. She heard him tell her mom. She was disappointed knowing it was her first opportunity to see a real cock on a grown man’s body. Hair, big cock, and…and she didn’t know what else to think other then it was her first chance to see a man’s cock.

    The day went by slowly. Too slowly for her. Her teacher, who she adored, helped it some, but knowing she’d get a chance to see her stepdad’s cock, for real, thrilled her secretly and she knew she wasn’t telling anyone about it at all.

    The next day came. Mom and Tim were down in the kitchen. Jenna was still upstairs deciding on what clothes, including a bra and panties, to put on as well as how much makeup she should layer her face with. She heard her stepdad saying something and went to the top of the stairs.

    “Wow sweetheart, you sure look hot today,” he told her mom.

    “Ohhhhhhh come on Tim,” she replied. “Not now…I’ve got to go to work. If you talk like that you know I’ll never get out of here. And you know I have to go out of town for the day, right?”

    “Yeah I know it but you still look great in that pant suit. I can’t wait until you get home tonight,” he told her.

    She smiled and winked at him and once she did Jenna’s mom made this playful growling sound as if they were going to head upstairs and do it to one another. Jenna didn’t like it but then she thought about it.

    He’s going to come up here and he and I are going to…I don’t know about this. I don’t know if I want to do anything with him she told herself.

    A half hour went by. Jenna’s mom had left for work. Jenna, who was supposed to go to school, didn’t leave that day for it. She stayed home. Still she wasn’t sure about what she was about to do. She was dressed. And boy, she sure looked good, or at least in Tim’s opinion she did.

    By chance, Jenna decided on a blouse which by her standards was too tight, and showed off her smallish tits. He walked right in and closed the door for the most part. She saw him when he came in. He wore that smile on his face.

    “Hi dear,” he said. “How are you doing this morning?

    “Oh uh good I guess,” she replied, nervously.

    “May I?” he asked. She said yes.

    He sat down on her bed. He was still in his pajamas but to her he looked really good in them. Pajamas…they’re great. Why? Because they are soft and pliable and easy to maneuver on someone body. And if you feel someone’s body, when they have them on, it can feel soooo darn awesome to that person.

    “You didn’t get dressed,” she said.

    “Why, I’m playing hooky. Aren’t you too?” he came back.

    In her girlish voice she replied with “I guess so.”

    He smiled as he looked into his stepdaughter’s cute eyes. “You sure look adorable today in that tight knit blouse. It enhances your umm breasts, Jenna. Did you know that?”

    She looked at him. She knew it. She hoped it did. She’s always wanted guys to think she has nice boobs and even though hers were a little on the smallish side she still hoped they liked them. He liked them and he said something to that effect.

    “You like them…really?” she said. Her smile grew, a little.

    “Sure I do honey,” he replied. “I like boobs, especially yours, a lot.”

    “Really…you do?” she said.

    He was smiling a soft, free smile, and as he was he nodded his head. The two looked at each other as he smiled at her. He did not try to make her feel uncomfortable. He didn’t want her to feel that way at all. His eyes appeared soft and she felt more and more comfy as she sat on her bed and looked back at him.

    “I hope you’re comfy,” he said to her in a gentle tone.

    “I guess so,” she came back.

    “What do you want? What do you want to do right now?” he asked.

    She shrugged her shoulders but her eyes veered down towards his crotch. She said “I don’t know.”

    “Sure you do,” he told her with that nice smile of his.

    “I guess so. I guess I do,” she said.

    “Care to tell me?” he asked.

    “I don’t know,” she said, unsure of how she really felt.

    “Let’s do this. Maybe if I close my eyes you’ll do whatever it is you want to do,” he said.

    “Okay,” she replied.

    He closed his eyes and relaxed. She looked at him. His eyes were closed. She thought about it and again looked at his crotch. She hesitated for a moment. He kept his eyes closed and waited. Then he said “Just tell me if you want me to open my eyes alright?”

    “Okay,” she said as she continued staring at his crotch. “I’m going to touch you…you know,” but she stopped a minute and thought about it. Then she added “Down by your umm penis. Okay,” she went on to say. “But can you keep your eyes closed?”

    “Sure honey…anything your heart desires dear,” he said.

    He felt her hand a little as it barely touched his crotch. His cock felt her fingers brush over it. He smiled, as he kept his eyes closed, and hoped and wished she’d touch it again. She did. She barely touched it again too. Regardless, it still felt good. He stretched out a little. He said something. She didn’t understand it very well but it sounded like he said “Mmmmmm ahhhhh.” It was quiet sounding but through it he still kept his eyes closed.

    “Uhhh did you like me doing that?” she asked.

    “Yes…yes I did Jenna,” he replied. “Do you want me to open my eyes?” She said no. He then asked. “Would you like me to touch you anywhere?”

    “Uhhh maybe,” she told him. “But not yet. I just want to feel your umm you know what.”

    “Okay, just take your time,” he told the young 18 year old stepdaughter.

    She touched it again. And again. And even though his pajama bottoms were still on she’d felt his cock a little more and a little more firmly through it all. He loved it too. It was her very first time doing it. It was thrilling, to say the least, to her, and she could do this all day long she felt. She kept on feeling his cock out but as she did she knew exactly what she wanted in the end.

    She wanted to see it and hold it and she wanted to play around with it. A lot.

    “Ohhhhhhh…oh God,” she eventually cried out.

    Her crying out like she did caused him to open his eyes. Her hand was close to his crotch. He looked down at it and up at her. He smiled at her and she looked up at him. She took a look at her hand and then back at him again. He was staring at it now and she wondered if she was going to do any more then she’d done.

    “It’s alright sweetheart,” he told her gently. “You’re doing perfectly fine.” He smiled a soft smile at her. She smiled, meekly, back at him, and he reached out and rubbed her arm. “I like how it feels when you rubbed me.” He shrugged his shoulders and added “So feel free to keep on doing it, okay honey?”

    She swallowed hard and then said, in a quiet tone, “Okay.”

    She looked at him as her hand got closer and closer to his crotch again. His eyes were still open as she did it and once her hand landed on his crotch she started rubbing it softly and more thoroughly and he complimented her as she did it.

    “Would you like to see it?” he asked.

    Her hand pulled back. She looked up at him. And she said “Really? See your umm penis?

    “Sure…isn’t that why we’re here? To play around?” he told her.

    “Oh, I guess so,” she replied. “Sure, I guess I’d like to see it.”

    “Then just reach inside of my pajamas…you’ll feel it. It’s a little hard but not too hard. And the reason it’s hard is due to you feeling it so far.”

    Her eyes were getting bigger. Her heart was beating faster too. She was getting more excited as it all started happening. But she did as she was told. And Jenna, with some hesitance, slid her fingers and hand eventually, into the slit of his pajama bottoms.

    She felt it. Her mouth went wide. Her eyes did too. She couldn’t believe how a man’s cock felt. She couldn’t believe how his cock felt…his real flesh and blood cock felt on her fingertips. “Wow…wow Tim,” she said. “Your…your penis,” and she paused a moment. “It feels…it feels soooo neat. Honestly it does. Can I-”

    “Feel it some more?” he said, cutting her off. “Jenna baby…you can do anything and I mean anything you want with my cock. I mean it. You’re making me soooo darn horny I’d let you do anything you want to it. I mean it too.”

    “Like…like hold it and touch it all over and,” and she stopped a minute to think about what she was saying. “Like do weird and you know…all those weird and kinky things some girls do.”

    “Like anything honey…anything,” he told her.

    “Uhhhhhh shouldn’t you uhhh take these off then?” she asked.

    “If you’d like me to. I’ll take them off then,” he said, smiling.

    He pushed them off. He was naked underneath them. He wasn’t wearing any underwear at all. Her eyes were as big as the sun. Maybe even bigger. She was fixated on it. She was ready to take hold of it and play with it all day long.

    “Go on…hold it and play with it. I’ll love it,” he said.

    She did. She began holding it, playing with it, and he told her to hold his balls as well. She did hold his balls. He told her to “tickle” them using her fingernails. She did that too. He suggested to her, if she wanted to, she could lick his cock, and even lick her balls too.

    “Uhhh lick your uhhh testicals?” she said.

    “Yes…some well lots of girls get into that,” he told her.

    “Should I?” she asked.

    “You can try and see if you like doing it,” he said.

    He slid up against the backboard. She slid down and positioned herself between his legs. He lifted his body up. She slid underneath and lifted up his balls while she held on to a now hard as could be cock. She slid her tongue out and Jenna started licking his balls.

    She got into it. She was into it in a big, big way. She did not stop and she didn’t want to stop doing it either. She licked and she licked. She even went to the point of swallowing his balls into her mouth as if they were a snack of some sort. She was into it and she was getting into it in a big, big way.

    She pulled back. She wore this huge smile on her lips. Her eyes were big. She felt great about what she’d just done. “I just…I just licked and uhhh swallowed your uhhh balls,” she told him, smiling. “I just swallowed your testicals, your uhhh balls,” she said proudly. “Me, I just did that? I can’t believe it Tim. I just did that?”

    He smiled at her and said yes she did. “What else would you like to do?”

    “I don’t know,” she replied. “I don’t know what girls do…I mean other then uhhh have sexual intercourse with a man.” Then she looked at him. His face was all smiles. Hers was not. She was shaking her head no. “Uh uhhh, I’m not…I’m not ready to uhhh do that and although I want to know how that feels I think I’ll wait.”

    “Okay…wait as long as you want. Care to suck on my cock some more? I’ll probably cum soon anyway,” he told her.

    “You’ll cum…for me because of what I’ve already done so far?” she said.

    “Yep,” he said.

    “Really…okay,” she said, excitedly.

    With that she went down on him, again. Her mouth swallowed it in and he came within five minutes later. He came hard. He came inside her mouth and all over her face. She liked how it happened and she told him she wanted to do that, with him again, soon.

    Author: Stoneypoint

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