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    Hiking Buddies

    (Current Rating 67/100, based on 86 votes)

    My college buddy called me several years ago and asked if I wanted to go on a day hike with him. I like the outdoors, so agreed to the outing. We parked our car at the base of the local mountains, got our daypacks out, and started to hike. As we walked up the trail, I noticed a number of small tents several yards from the hiking path. As it was early morning, most of the campers were just starting to wake up and start their days. One thing I noticed is that virtually of of them were completely naked. Men and women were walking around their campsites, with awesome bodies open to nature. I started to get really horny, and my buddy asked if I wanted to stop for a rest. We stopped for a while, and I pretended to look at the nature scenery. What I was really looking for was a glimpse at some more hot, naked bodies. My buddy must have sensed my arousal, because he commented at how hard the "campers" were making him. I told him that I was excited too, and wished my girl friend had come along.

    All of the sudden, my buddy came up to me from behind, and hugged me. All the while, rubbing his hard cock into my ass. This turned me on, even though I had never been with another guy. I turned around to face him, and we starting kissing like school kids. Our tongues were swirling in each other's mouths, and our cocks were grinding together through our pants. He asked me if I wanted to step off the trail, and I responded "oh yes". We went to some bushes, and went behind them. That's when I lost all control, and literally attacked him, like a sex-starved animal. We resumed making out, and I grabbed his ass, and pulled him hard into me. Our crotches were rubbing together, and I knew I had to have him. I dropped to me knees, unbuttoned his pants, and his cock sprang out into the open. With no hesitation, I took the glistening head into my mouth, and started to swirl my tongue around it. I loved it when my girlfriend did this for me, and
    knew he would love it. Soon, my head was bobbing up and down, and he grabbed the back of my head to pull me closer to his cock. My own cock was raging, and I stopped sucking him long enough to strip naked. I went back to his hard on, and resumed sucking for all I was worth. His moaning increased, as did his breathing, and soon my old friend was pumping his cum into my mouth. I continued to suck him, and swallowed all of his hot cream. Soon, he told me he wanted to return the favor, and got on his knees. I thought I would be in for my own blow job, but instead he got on all fours, turned around and told me to fuck him in the ass. I had always fantasized about pounding another guys asshole, and my chance was right before me. With no hesitation, I put my cock head at the opening of his asshole, and slowly pushed in, until I was all the way in. Slowly, I rocked back and forth, and soon, we were rocking in unison. In no time, I felt the pressure in my balls, and soon flooded him with my cum.

    I came for what seemed like hours, with his tight asshole gripping my cock. We rested a bit, kissed, then got dressed and finished out hike. That was my first, but not only time with my buddy, and an experience I'll always remember.

    Author: Israel

    2008-01-21 01:29:13 Posted by
    fags Anonymous

    2008-01-21 09:34:25 Posted by
    A very arousing story
    enjoyed it very much

    2008-02-27 19:50:18 Posted by
    anybody that likes this shit is just a pussified faggot-ass bitch boy. ANTI-FAG

    2008-05-31 00:22:22 Posted by

    2008-06-06 05:06:40 Posted by
    only thought is it should have been longer. more details are always gd. nice story **best_kept_secret**

    2008-07-09 08:14:22 Posted by
    great story and its making my BF suck me off now i love this stuff gay and proud

    2008-07-22 13:53:17 Posted by
    I love your story i came to it JM

    2008-07-26 18:43:30 Posted by
    i loved your story. twosweeted

    2008-08-04 23:57:35 Posted by
    If you don't like these stories why read them Anonymous

    2008-11-03 19:29:21 Posted by
    only reason theyre into dudes is cuz they cant get chicks faggots

    2008-11-07 22:39:02 Posted by
    maybe "anti fag" is n the closet? why else is he reading stories like this? smiley

    2008-11-14 21:47:48 Posted by
    so hawt! gawd i wish my friends and i `went caming`!!! Soohawt!

    2009-02-10 17:02:56 Posted by
    I liked the story. I think it would be cool if an older guy went on a hike with a angelic pretty boy. The older man has suspected the boy might be nto men but the boy just not aware of his true sexual interest.The man coaxes and seduces the naive pretty boy into erotic gay sex Passion play

    2009-04-03 19:19:51 Posted by
    i got a hard on wile reading it Anonymous

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