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    Home Alone

    (Current Rating 74/100, based on 110 votes)

    It was another routine night for her, home alone watching TV. As she surfed through channel after channel finding nothing of real interest to watch, her thoughts started wandering, missing her man who was off on fishing trip. “It would sure be nice to have a warm bubble bath” she thought. As the thought grew so did her “desire”. She went in search of some “reading material” that her man had tucked away. She started scanning the pages viewing the vivid images of men and women performing various acts with one another.

    She had gone through a few of these publications when she realized that she was not getting the response that she was looking for. “Maybe a movie would be better” she thought. Into the bedroom she trotted, closing the door behind her going to where the remote control was. She turned on the TV and then the VCR. (Her husband had always left an adult movie in the machine for such occasions) as she started the movie, it was a “Toy” movie, one of her favorites. The scene was already in progress, a healthy young gal with a vibrating toy, gently stimulating her breast. She then moved the toy down her chest over her belly headed for her hungry “parting”. She moved it around her hair patch and rubbed it on her clit, tossing her head back in pleasure. This action had already peaked her interest and she started rubbing her crotch through her clothing as she continued watching the movie. The scene on the screen had grown intense and so had her interest. She unbuttoned the wai
    stband to her jeans and unzipped the zipper. Slowly her hand slipped between her jeans and her underwear caressing her crotch. The scene on the screen had advanced to the gal placing the vibrating toy into her pussy and back to rubbing her clit. Becoming more and more excited by the action on the TV the “home alone” gal withdrew her hand and now place in inside her underwear where she could rub her tingling crotch, letting her finger slide in and out of her pussy which had now started to become quite wet with her juices.

    She turned her attention back to the screen where the action had become very intense. Young Lassie was thrusting the toy in and out of her pussy like a machine trying to achieve her orgasm. Screaming and groaning she let out a heavy gasp indicating she had reached climaxed.

    Meanwhile, the action had excited Home Alone so much that she had to discard her jeans she had been wearing and losing the underwear that was constricting her. As she lay there watching the movie, she soon realized that it was bath time. Rolling off the bed, she headed for the bathroom and started the water in the bathtub for her bubble bath. Under the sink were a couple toys of her own. As the water ran, she slipped out of her top and bra that were still on.

    Testing the water for correct temperature and the scent of the peach bubble bath, she stepped into the tub. Ooh….the aroma of the peach and the pleasured that awaits her Oooh, yes!! Gently lowering herself down into the warmth of fragrant water, she leaned back to take a moment to relax and enjoy the warmth. Her thoughts travel to wherever they take her. She moves her hand to her crotch and gently rubs her muff, enjoying the softness of her stroke. She opens her eyes again and glances for her toy. She then takes her shower head for which she has an extra length of hose so that it can reach her “spot” and points it to the spot that will bring her the most pleasure, as it runs she adjust it to get the correct position to get her the greatest pleasure . She briefly stops and finds her vibrating toy, turns it on and gently finds the back door pleasure that will add to the excitement she will soon enjoy. As she pushes the toy into her ass, she seems to melt. Now with the vibrating love machine inserted all the way in and buzzing to beat the band, she again focuses on the water from the shower head thrusting on her pussy lips giving her the pleasure that will bring her to a massive climax.

    Not knowing that her husband and fishing buddy have returned early form their fishing fun, they enter the house to chat and have a beer. As they reminisce of their good day fishing and drink their beer, the husband realizes that “mama” is in the bathtub having a good time with herself. He tells his buddy to have another beer and to sit tight for a minute, he’ll be right back.

    Hubby heads for the master bath where his wife is pleasuring herself. After softly announcing that he is home, which catches his wife totally by surprise which is followed by a shriek, telling him that he scared the crap out of her. He asks if she would like him to join her, “sure” she says and he proceeds to take off his clothes and climbs in the tub with her. He gives her a couple gentle rubs and adds a minute of small talk, then asks if she would like to have her back washed while at the same time getting her front washed? She looks puzzled. He explains that his friend is still here. She has a moment of panic attack and he assures her that he is the dining room drinking a beer. She objects to his suggestion. He tells her that it is a huge fantasy of his and that it will be ok. The friend has been a friend of them both for a long time, again she says no way, now in a childlike voice, says that he will turn out the lights and it will be dark and that it will only be once. There is a brief hesitation and then agrees to his fantasy. He opens the shower door and slips on a robe that hangs in the bathroom. As he enters the dining room, his friend is grinning like a Cheshire cat believing that the evening is about to be cut short because hubby is going to get laid. What a surprise when he hears that he is being invited into the bathroom to participate in the shower. His expression is disbelief as he blurts out, “are you shittin me?” Hubby explains that it has been a long time desire and that he is the only one that he would trust to ask. “and it’s ok with her too?” Hubby explains that there will be no lights and that they start with washing front and back of her. As they enter the bathroom the water is still running and it is very warm. Hubby turns down the light and the friend scampers out his clothes. Hubby tells the wife that they are coming in and opens the shower door, as they enter the shower it gets a little crowded but that’s ok. Hubby has a washcloth that he lathers up with soap and proceeds to wash her front, gently massaging her tits as he does. Down her front hubby moves as the friend stands taking in the warmth of the shower not knowing quit to do as he moves down her legs and back up. He gently runs the washcloth between her legs as she slightly spreads to allow a little more access to her pussy. He is brief. As he finishes, he gives her a kiss which she responds to quite aggressively which tells him she is just a little excited about this. Hubby hands the washcloth and soap around the wife to the friend and asks if he would like to wash her back. He accepts the offer and rubs the washcloth over the soap and then begins washing her back. Hubby takes the opportunity to again kiss his wife and again she passionately kisses back.

    By now our friend is washing her buttocks slightly squeezing the cheeks of her butt as he does she lets out a slight moan. Hubby gently turns her around and asks him to wash her front, to which he applies the washcloth to her shoulders and slowly works down stopping at her tits and applying squeezing pressure. Hubby reaches around her and rubs her muff letting my finger slide inside her pussy. It’s soaking wet and not from the shower water. She moves at the pleasure of his touch. The friend leans forward to kiss her on the neck, as he does she leans her head to allow him. He kisses her neck the moves to the other side and then bends down to suck her tit while gently massaging the other, alternating from one to the other. As this is going on, the wife reaches behind her to find hubby’s rock hard cock and strokes it a few times. He kisses her neck in response to the stroking and asked if she would like to move to the bedroom, she quietly acknowledges that she would. Hubby pushes the water faucet to the off position and finds her towel. She hands hubby his towel and gives the friend one of hers. “Man, now I’m cold – I’m going to go get under the covers and warm up”

    Hubby and his friend finish drying off and make their way into the bedroom. The friend sits on the opposite corner of the bed while hubby leans over and plants a kiss on his wife leading to a very passionate tongue swallowing kiss. Hubby asks his friend if he would like to eat his wife’s pussy to which he replies “of course.” Hubby pulls the covers back to reveal her towel wrapped lower half of which he pulls away, to reveal her wet pussy and gently push her legs apart, which is the friends cue to move over and start his “meal”. It’s dark but hubby can see the shadow of his friend’s body as his face disappears into her crotch to which she responds with a loud moan. Again hubby holds her face and kisses her deeply, their tongues are half way down each others throat- God he’s so excited he can’t stand it, and breaks away and asks her to suck his cock. She agrees and he positions himself with his cock in her face, she grabs it and takes in her mouth. He’s so
    excited he almost comes, but manages to pull out and gain some composure, then offers it back to her as she swallows it again. The pleasure is like nothing he’s felt before. Hubby asks the buddy to roll over and lie on his back and as he pulls his face away from her pussy and repositions himself on the bed. Hubby climbs on top of his wife and slides his rock hard throbbing cock into her soaking wet pussy. She responds with a hug and deep tongue plunging kiss. He pulls back a bit and says “roll over here and straddle him” at which time she sits up and sits on his rock hard cock and she gasps with his size. In the meantime hubby has moved to the side of them and again offered her his cock, to which she takes it with enthusiasm. It’s short lived because he is so excited. He pulls out and leans down to kiss her and after a brief kiss whispers that he wants to have her back door. “OK – go slow”. He rolls over and repositions himself in the correct position and after a generous amount of lube, very slowly penetrates. She acknowledges with a distinct “mmmmm..” “Oh my god, it feels so good” he says. As he slowly reaches full penetration he stops to regain composure. His friend who is fucking her pussy, is going at a slow steady pace enjoying every stroke, as is she. As hubby is just enjoying the feeling of his cock in his wife’s ass, he can feel his friends cock moving inside his wife’s pussy which is sending him into a feeling he has never experienced but was enjoying the hell out of it. After a few minutes to relax, hubby starts his slow in and out motion of his cock in her ass. It felt heavenly and she thought so too, as she was groaning and moaning with pleasure. With pleasure building in all three, the wife starts moving so that both guys are being stroked, one with pussy, the other by her ass. With no more control, hubby’s cock explodes with intensity he has never experienced. After a brief moment to catch his breath,
    he pulls his spent cock from her ass, which is the wife’s cue to start humping buddy’s cock in a frenzy of passion which is more than he can stand. There is a flurry of gasps and groans as both collapse in total exhaustion in climax. When all catch their breath and composure there are a lot of “that was great, fantastic and wows. This has been the best finish to good day of fishing.

    Author: Night Rider

    2008-09-13 17:18:45 Posted by
    awesome story it made me reallt horney

    2008-09-16 00:32:01 Posted by
    A great gang bang. Gangbuster

    2008-09-19 03:13:06 Posted by
    ??i cannot differentciate know which is the husband and friend Anonymous

    2008-09-25 15:14:13 Posted by
    It really wasn't detailed enough! My panties didn't get wet! Maybe you should have add a couple of more friends! mz pretty pussy

    2008-09-27 11:08:14 Posted by

    2008-09-27 22:18:27 Posted by
    it needed more description hotpussy

    2008-10-09 01:22:58 Posted by
    it was an alright story okiboki

    2008-10-09 18:19:43 Posted by
    Der needs 2 b another grl or 2 Jimmy Macbigcock

    2008-10-10 06:17:41 Posted by
    good but the washing part dragged on a bit nonicktoday

    2008-10-14 14:16:54 Posted by
    my gosh it was so good that I bit my meat throughout the reading and explodes atlast Maddy

    2008-10-17 09:56:48 Posted by
    OH i m so wet JuicyPussy

    2008-10-25 01:11:15 Posted by
    i got off on it Anonymous

    2008-10-25 07:56:39 Posted by
    bite my fukn 11 inch cock nd im only forteen

    2008-10-26 08:32:22 Posted by
    lol thats gay, needs some more excitement!!!!! FuckMeNow

    2008-11-02 04:15:30 Posted by
    Stick my hard cock in ur pussy girls 12 inch flop haha

    2008-11-02 12:40:38 Posted by
    Dont enjoy sex withot merry. A Human

    2008-11-16 00:09:55 Posted by
    The story could have been a lot better. Horrible writing, actually. Sucked. Sorry. You suck

    2008-11-18 20:24:32 Posted by
    My pussy is so wet Hottie

    2008-11-20 18:22:51 Posted by
    Man Wish i could have been there!!! 13 yr old

    2008-12-08 02:39:13 Posted by
    Dude loved it I rubbed my clit till I squirted hottie baby

    2009-02-13 18:03:36 Posted by
    talk about my fantisies...lucky lucky girl... :) frustrated

    2009-04-08 18:35:40 Posted by
    my dick is so hard! 14

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