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    Honeymoon Beach

    (Current Rating 88/100, based on 332 votes)

    Here I am, on a magnificent sandy beach, on a sunny Caribbean island, on
    the third day of my honeymoon, with beautiful aqua-blue water lapping at
    my feet, and I'm completely bummed out. My whole world has tilted on its
    axis. No, it's not like the honeymoon itself went south. Hell, my new
    wife (it seems funny saying it, the fact not quite sunk in yet) Megan and
    I have been alternating between sex and the beach since we got here. My
    cock is sore and my back is sunburned, but even that's not what's
    bothering me. Let me tell you about it...

    Our first day here, we went out on the beach together. Megan was itching
    to wear her new string bikini, and when she put it on, damned if I didn't
    get a hard-on. I was both proud to be seen with her, and jealous that
    other guys would be checking her out. To my Midwestern sensibilities,
    her suit was much too revealing, yet when we got to the beach, I was a
    little surprised by what others were wearing. Some of the thongs
    practically showed everything. And even guys had thongs on! Damned if
    my conservative trunks weren't the squarest attire on that beach. I was
    shocked when one woman brazenly walked by topless (even though this
    wasn't supposed to be a nude beach or anything).

    As we were searching for a nice spot to spread out, Megan smiles and
    teasingly asks, "Can I take my top off, too?"

    "You better not, woman," I barked. She may not be real big in the chest
    area, but she's MINE, and I don't want to share the sight with anyone.

    "Oooooo...look over there." She giggles, and as surreptitiously as
    possible points further down the beach. I follow her direction and look
    that way. This young guy is walking down by the water. Sandy-blond
    hair, and a buff body, he's wearing this skimpy light-blue bathing suit.
    The material may have been skimpy, but there certainly wasn't anything
    skimpy about the pouch in front. Man, the guy must be hung like a horse!

    A twinge of jealousy hits; why is she even looking? But I know. When I
    glance over at Megan, I'm stunned by the flush of excitement on her face.
    Before I can even say anything, she stands up, slips her top off, and
    begins walking toward him. I was too shocked to move at first, but the
    jealously kicked in big time, and I was on my feet and trotting after
    her. She performed a clumsy act of 'accidentally' bumping into him,
    looking to me like she was able to cop a quick feel. I was mad enough to
    eat nails by the time I reached them, but surprised when I see that
    although she's flushed pink and breathing hard, he's pretty blasť about
    the whole bump-and-grope routine.

    I guess there already was enough time for introductions. Megan turned to
    me and introduced him as Peter. We shook hands. If he was aware of my
    new wife's heat, he didn't show it. Up close I realize he's younger than
    I first thought; maybe 18 or 19, but his body is all man. He's got the
    upper body of a casual weightlifter, light bronze skin, with washboard
    abs and a tight, muscled ass. Except for what's on his head, there's not
    a lick of hair showing on him. When I glance sideways at Megan, she's
    staring at the front of his suit, the flush more noticeable than before,
    and her nipples tight and erect. Following introductions, he invites us
    to a local restaurant his uncle runs for dinner that evening. Megan says
    yes much too quickly, and though I'm pissed at her, I agree to go.

    I hate to admit it, but I liked him immediately. I mean, he didn't even
    once ogle my wife's naked breasts as far as I could see, even though she
    practically pushed them into his chest a couple of times. As he walks
    away, we're both looking at his backside. I know Megan's reason for
    staring, though I'm a bit surprised at my own need to gawk. He's
    probably the most beautiful man I've ever seen. I know, I know, I used
    the word 'beautiful'--but it's true, and that cock of his must be quite a
    unit! I've passed the point of anger toward my new bride. Shit, if I
    were Megan, I'd probably lust after him too.

    I dragged her back up the beach to our things and made her put her top
    back on. She didn't say another word about Peter. When we returned to
    our room though, she was all over me in an instant. With my trunks down
    around my ankles, she grasped my dick and mouthed it. I was erect in no
    time. She sucked me with relish until I was close to cumming, then she
    pushed me onto the bed, stripped off her suit and straddled me. She
    bounded up and down on my cock, her tits bouncing, her head thrown back,
    and barking little "Ah...Ah...Ah" sounds. I was so in awe of her
    voracity that I almost forgot about my own climax; that is until she
    wailed a louder "Ahhhh-gggg" and I felt the walls of her vagina clench
    down on me hard. At her second pelvic spasm, I let go several
    pulse-pounding shots deep into her. She's never climaxed this
    fantastically before, but maybe neither have I. She was probably
    fantasy-fucking Peter just now. I wasn't going to let it bother me.

    We napped for a while, then showered and headed back out. Megan wanted
    to go shopping, saying she wanted me to buy a new bathing suit. She
    picked out a rather skimpy bikini-cut pair I wasn't sure I wanted to
    wear, thinking at least it's not a thong. When I tried them on, I had to
    admit I looked pretty good--not as hung as Peter, but I still presented a
    good 'package' in front. I bought them. She's still thinking about him
    I guess.

    When Megan and I arrived at his uncle's restaurant that evening, Peter
    appeared very happy to see us, and seated us at what seemed like a choice
    table. My jealously was back in full force. Was the gesture an attempt
    to impress my wife? As the evening passed though, Peter, for his part,
    didn't give the impression he was paying any undue attention to Megan,
    even though she was shamelessly fawning over him. For the second time
    today, I had to admit he WAS an impressive young man--very handsome,
    friendly, and poised (...and that equally impressive-sized bulge in his
    bathing suit.) Peter's uncle was a big, garrulous old-world European who
    made us feel at home as soon as we were introduced.

    What a meal! While leaving, Peter asked me what we were planning for the
    next day. Trying to ignore Megan's piqued excitement at the question, I
    answered, "more of the same, I guess...sand and surf."

    Peter surprises me by saying, "Why don't you come snorkeling with me out
    by the reef, Rick?"

    "Sounds like a great idea, Peter...sure I will," I answer with some
    amount of triumph, since Megan is a little afraid of ocean swimming and
    wouldn't want to go. Her disappointed look confirms it. Peter and I
    make plans to meet the following morning.

    Again that night, Megan enthusiastically fucks me senseless. I know
    she's still fantasizing about Peter.


    When I meet Peter on the beach early the next morning, he's again wearing
    little more than a thong of mesh-like fabric with a remarkable front
    "pocket." I bet every woman on this beach is fantasizing about him, so I
    guess I can't be totally pissed off at Megan's reaction.

    "Hey, I see you got into the island spirit." He says smiling, pointing at
    my new suit.

    I'm very self-conscious in them, especially the way he's looking at me.
    Hell, I think they look good, even though I feel like everything's
    hanging out for all to see. I smile back and say, "Yeah...Megan made me
    buy 'em...I guess she got hot after seeing yours yesterday."

    "Man, I'm sorry...I wasn't meaning to get her going or anything..."'s okay...I know it's not your must have the babes
    all over you." Even with his tan, I can see him blush.

    After a pause, he says, "C'mon, my bike is over there," pointing to a
    sleek Triumph parked up by the hotel. "We'll ride to the dock...I've got
    all the equipment we need on the boat."

    When we reach the motorcycle, he effortlessly straddles the seat. When I
    mount the saddle behind him it's a little awkward at first; I'm not so
    sure where to hold on. He instructs me to put my arms around his
    midsection, but I hesitate.

    He chuckles a bit and says, "It's okay...I won't bite." I'm not so sure.

    Here I am with my arms around this young man, feeling his tight muscles
    and his radiating heat and the vibrations of the motorbike, and damned if
    I don't start to get an erection. He's GOT to feel my stiff dick poking
    against his backside as we ride down the narrow streets, but if he does
    he doesn't let on.

    When we get to the dock, he explains the boat is also his uncle's. We go
    aboard and within minutes we're underway, heading out to a reef popular
    with divers and snorkelers. What a time! The water was marvelously
    blue-green and the sea life was interesting and plentiful. Underwater, I
    can't help but also look at Peter. With the wet mesh fabric of his suit
    leaving nothing to the imagination, I wonder how he could be so endowed.

    Back on shore later that afternoon, Peter invites me back to his
    apartment. "I'd like to shower first before taking you back to the
    hotel. You can grab a quick shower too, before heading back," he says
    with an 'it's-up-to-you' gesture of his hand.

    I told him it's okay with me.

    I'm still in awe. How can an 18-year-old (Peter told me how old he was)
    have such a nice apartment? His place was modest, yet clean and nicely
    furnished. I sat on his sofa while he showered. When he came out, he
    was casually holding a towel loosely in front of him.

    "Your turn, if you want one," he says, letting the towel slip to the

    Oh my God! What a piece of manhood he has! His cock looks to be 10 or
    11 inches and very thick. I didn't realize I had another erection until
    I stood up and realized he was looking at the front of my suit. I
    thought I saw his cock twitch and rise a little. I excused myself and
    headed toward his shower.

    While stripping off my suit, I didn't catch on that he was behind me
    until he surprised me by saying, "Soap's in there and towels are over

    He was looking at mine (which was still semi-erect) and I couldn't help
    looking at his (which was wondrously growing as well). I was thinking:
    how big could that thing get when it was fully engorged?

    I must have trembled or blushed or something, for he reacted by taking me
    by the arm and guiding me into the shower stall, and then stepped in with
    me. As he turned on the water, my mind was afire with doubts and

    On one level I knew what was about to happen. On another level, I
    couldn't believe it. I was going to be with a MAN--and I wasn't running
    away! He lifted the bar of soap and began lathering my body. He was
    slow, tender, and yes, loving. When his soap-filled hand rose from my
    chest to my neck, he dropped the bar, placed one hand on my ass and the
    other behind my head and pulled me to him. We kissed for a long while,
    our rigid cocks rubbing and twitching against each other's, oblivious to
    the streaming water. Wordlessly, he guided me from the shower to his
    bedroom, still dripping wet but not caring. As he passed by the dresser
    he picked up a condom before coaxing me to the bed then lying down next
    to me. We kissed again. I reached down and caressed his magnificent
    cock. I still can't believe I'm doing this, but my body is tense with
    sexual need and I'm breathing in short gasps. Looking into his eyes, I
    see he is lusting for me even more than I am enthralled with hi!
    s magnificent body. He helps me get onto my knees, and then gets behind
    me and rolls the condom onto his member. I sneak a glance back at him
    and a shiver runs up my spine. The stretched condom only partially
    covers his enormous erection. He must have spit into his hand, for now
    his wet palm rubs my anus, then one finger probes and massages me.

    Dammit, I've never been so horny in my life. I'm about to be fucked by
    an Adonis! Before I can even comprehend the act, he places the head at
    my opening and pushes. My brain explodes in a shower of stars as my
    sphincter is stretched more than I could ever imagine. He wastes no time
    thrusting his full length into me. Like an animal in heat, he fucks my
    ass, going faster and faster with each thrust. My mind is blank; I only
    have sensations, not thoughts. He assaults my prostate with every deep
    push into my rectum. I don't think my cock has ever been as hard and
    wanting as it is now. He groans and makes one final thrust into me as I
    feel the throbbing of his ejaculations deep in my bowel. What would it
    have felt like if he weren't wearing a condom, I wonder?

    When he pulls out of me, I hear a popping, suction sound; I wonder what
    my asshole looks like now? He rolls over on the bed and pulls me over
    with him. My hand goes to his slippery, encased cock, now spent and
    wilting but still impressive. The bulb at the end of the condom feels
    tremendously full of semen, he must have cum buckets.

    Peter looks at me and says, "I want you to fuck me now." When he touches
    my cock, he's also surprised at how hard it is. "Fuck me now" he repeats
    in a panting whisper.

    I look around for a condom, but he shakes his head 'no' and gets on his
    hands and knees, offering his ass to me. And what a glorious ass it is,
    all tight rippling muscles, tanned to perfection. I mimic his
    'lubrication' by spitting into my hand and massage his anus. As aroused
    as I've ever been in my life, I enter him quickly and start pumping. It
    didn't take long. When I felt my climax building, I reached around and
    palmed his cock; the condom must have slipped off and he was rigid again.
    As I fucked him, I vigorously stroked most of the length of his cock.
    With another loud groan, he came just before I did.

    Like two kids excited about new toys, we jump back into the shower to
    clean off from our lovemaking, touching and stroking each other's soapy
    wet body. By the time we shut the water off, we're both erect once more.
    He practically pulls me back to the bedroom. When our dripping wet
    bodies hit the bed, he ends up opposite of me so that his magnificent
    member is right at my face. He doesn't hesitate. He guides my cock
    between his lips and starts sucking me. Oh boy, I never thought I'd ever
    have a man's cock in my mouth, but this beautiful foot-long piece of
    flesh, leaking a fair amount of precum, is right there. 'He who
    hesitates is lost'--so I grasp the shaft and slide the head between my
    lips. I enjoy the salty sweetness of his leaking juices on my tongue.
    As I stroke the first part of his cock with my lips, he begins to
    frantically thrust his hips, pushing his massive unit deeper into my
    mouth. Delirious with lust, he doesn't know he's choking me.

    So this is it, I think--deep throating--though I'm not exactly
    volunteering for the privilege. Before I know it, practically his whole
    length is down my throat and I can't breathe. Struggling for breath, yet
    unwilling to push him away, I let him continue fucking my throat. My
    mind begins to fog from lack of oxygen when he makes one last thrust and
    cums. At that moment, the sensations took over: the warm flow of his
    semen coating my gullet and choking me; the 'my-foot's-asleep' pins and
    needles feeling taking over my whole body; the extreme convulsion and
    release when I cum in his mouth. I vaguely hear someone gurgling and
    choking before I pass out, my last fragment of dream-thought a sense of
    bathing in a warm, blissful pool without a care in the world.

    When I awoke, as a lot of people do I momentarily forgot where I was.
    Peter is lying next to me, sleeping with one hand holding my flaccid,
    cum-dappled cock. A slick of semen coats my mouth. More is on my lips
    and chin. What time is it?

    I arise from his bed and head back to the shower. When I dry off and
    head back to the bedroom, he's sitting cross-legged on the bed, a smile
    on his face and his man-sausage draped casually yet beautifully across
    one thigh.

    "I suppose you'd like to get back to your wife now," he says to me, the
    words sounding sarcastic, but not his tone. "Or would you like some
    more?" He grins and pats the bed next to him.

    Damn, he looks so beautiful sitting there, I think, as his unit amazingly
    starts to stiffen and rise like some charmed snake. Another condom and a
    new position this time. He got between my legs, lifted them high into
    the air and entered me quickly. I hold my legs up and back with my knees
    practically at my chest and marvel at the look of him, every muscle taut
    as he feverishly fucks me in this man version of the missionary position.
    His long, pounding strokes are tweaking my prostate and every nerve
    ending in my rectum. My cock is super-hard and throbbing when he grasps
    the shaft and strokes me to the same rhythm as his thrusts up my ass. I
    came in seconds, spraying all over my belly and chest. He came soon
    after; with one last splendid thrust deep inside me he climaxes while
    making a series of loud, guttural sounds. Spent, he fell on top of me
    and we kissed and held each other for a long while.


    When Peter returned me to the hotel, Megan was full of questions about
    our snorkeling adventure: "What have you two guys been DOING all this
    time?" (If only she knew!) "What did you see?" (STARS, when he fucked me
    the first time!) "What's he like?" (Quite a good lover, but you'll
    never have his cock inside YOU!) "What did he think of your new bathing
    suit?" (I think he liked it more OFF me than on!) Of course, I was vague
    in my answers, certainly not saying what I was thinking.

    I'm talking to her with no feelings of guilt whatsoever; though I'm still
    so in awe of the fact I just had sex with a man not much older than a
    boy. What the hell am I to do now? I'm on my honeymoon with my hot new
    wife, but all I can think of is having Peter's huge cock stuffed up my
    ass, or deep down my throat. Through the fog of memories of this
    afternoon I finally register that Megan is wearing just a hotel robe,
    which is only loosely covering her. Huh? Is her pussy as wet as it
    looks to me? Is the other nipple as taut as the one I can see? Holy
    shit, she's been doing herself all afternoon fantasizing about Peter!
    After all I've experienced this afternoon, the realization can hardly
    spur any jealousy. In fact, I feel rather proud to have had his cock in
    me. She should be the jealous one!

    When a flushed Megan, after listening of my day with Peter (only the
    snorkeling part!), says to me, "Why don't you get out of your suit and
    hit the shower," I know my dick will get another workout.

    I pull off my t-shirt and trunks in front of her, trying to be as
    nonchalant as possible, and turn toward the shower. As soon as I've
    adjusted the water and step into the shower, she's joined me, breathing
    heavily and feverishly fondling my cock. Nothing is happening. Her
    flushed skin, her taut and swollen nipples, her panting, her stroking
    doesn't get me hard. She's horny but I'm not.

    Her frustration is starting to get the better of her, but only simmers
    until she surprisingly sneers "I bet Peter's cock would be as hard as a
    rock right now," looking disdainfully at my limp dick, and probably
    imagining his monster.

    I mutter, "You'd be surprised." This confuses her a bit, not getting my

    She turns around, putting her back toward me. She's given up, I guess,
    but a strange thing happens--thinking of Peter's superb manhood and
    having Megan's ass right in front of me brings all the afternoon's
    delightful memories flooding back. My cock springs to life. I remember
    the sight of Peter's ass ready for my entry.

    When I reach down between her cheeks, Megan purrs and says something like
    "That's better," sticking her ass out. I run my fingers along her pussy
    lips to gather the lubrication there before rubbing it into her anus.
    Before she can figure my intent, I enter her and thrust my full length
    deep into her ass. She lets out a yelp, but otherwise doesn't quite know
    how to react. It doesn't matter. Holding her by the hips, I pound into
    her. Even if she protested it wouldn't have stopped me; however she was
    quickly getting into our first anal coupling. Her moans were much louder
    than my grunts. We pretty much came together. Her orgasmic screams
    bounce around the tight shower enclosure as I unload several streams deep
    within her bowels. Maybe in some fantasy universe we both climaxed with

    Her first words to me after we rinsed off and exited the shower were
    "What got into you?"

    She'd be shocked if she could read my mind. It was Peter who 'got into'
    me, and he got into me GOOD.

    Later that night, before surrendering to our dreams, I fucked her in the
    ass one more time. She bucked and screamed, her rectum pulsating over
    and over again around my cock as she climaxed. After pulling out, I was
    stunned when I saw the amount of pussy juice that had dripped down her
    inner thighs as I fucked her. Had she discovered something new, or was
    it just the Peter-fantasy again?


    So, here I am. After a night of dreaming of Peter holding me, sucking
    me, and fucking me, I stand on this beautiful sandy beach, miles from
    home, lost. What will I do? Can I abandon the marriage that has barely
    just begun? Will I be happy? Is it just Peter, or do I need a man...any

    My heart flutters when I see the Triumph motorcycle parked up by the
    street. I begin to search the beach for Peter while my cock stirs,
    stiffens a bit, and leaks a little precum in my tight new suit.


    Author: STEVESAINT

    2007-05-17 06:58:26 Posted by
    Well nothinbg to say about this story except HOWLY FUCKING WOWW
    I exausted

    2007-05-20 17:24:53 Posted by
    disturbing...... kagome

    2007-05-23 21:26:02 Posted by
    Well done. Erotic. Leads on well. Builds and falls like waves that matched my anticipation. Excites like the real( heart in throat), overall
    engorgement of bodies senses. Personal associations of dilemma, new awakening, very palpable. You've got an inner life! Lead on.

    2007-06-10 22:18:34 Posted by
    That was hot... REALLY HOTTTT... got me off thanks
    man can you tell a GREAT HOT story!!!

    2007-06-11 13:48:42 Posted by
    That was hot... That Was Really HOTTTTT!!!!!
    Man you sure know how to tell a GREAT story!
    It got me off... Thanks... can't wait for part II

    2007-06-22 04:47:18 Posted by
    Anxiously waiting for part II, and dreaming for Peter to fuck me hard and get sucked. Hope my dream will be true very soon. Calcutta-ar

    2007-07-13 19:47:36 Posted by
    mmmm...........cuming just thinking about part ll motherfucker

    2007-07-16 16:46:34 Posted by
    id agree its disturbing... clear

    2007-07-20 12:16:59 Posted by
    oh gowd!! who needs a man when you can have this!!...even beign a woman, i would love to hear more stories from you.
    I'm so don't know!!!!!!!!

    2007-08-08 18:58:13 Posted by
    as some others said, I can't wait for more of it! I wish I looked like Peter ;/ Anonymous

    2007-08-13 02:36:02 Posted by
    You Can Have peter any day of the werek while I ream your slut Meagn !!1 Mmm!!!! joeblow

    2007-08-13 02:37:49 Posted by
    While U take peter's load, I'll shag your slut, Mmmm!!! joeblow908

    2007-09-14 07:45:52 Posted by
    When I first started reading this, I didn't think this was gay erotica. Until I started reading further and was reading the explanation of Peter's body from Rick's point of view, so even knowing that a woman was involved in this scene, it was still making me really hot, and I most definitely wouldn't mind reading part II when it comes out. fairyboi88

    2007-09-29 14:18:50 Posted by
    my cock was gettng stiff when reading this hot story everymans fantasy AWESOME!!!!!! gary

    2008-01-29 20:56:38 Posted by
    WOW!!! I want to join both of you!!! Loved all the COCK play!!! YUMMY!!!! lovetosuckdick

    2008-01-30 08:22:13 Posted by
    reading ur story made me cum...............its really hot... keep it up!!! lovetogetsucked

    2008-02-11 19:39:07 Posted by
    Fucking amazing! Yeah rick and I had fun... peter

    2008-02-11 19:41:41 Posted by
    Yeah thanks fr reading our story. Rick and I had fun. Were together now peter

    2008-02-17 22:25:05 Posted by
    holy fucking shit man.. that was hot Anonymous

    2008-04-09 20:38:20 Posted by
    Damn I love these gay stories
    And I'm a chick

    2008-04-28 18:15:04 Posted by
    I'm a virgin, who hungers for a Peter, I want so much to experence a man. I ate my cum for the first time reading this story. Anonymous

    2008-06-02 18:33:50 Posted by
    Very well written and paced. Wouldd like to experience Peter for myself! No wonder you split from your wife, 'truth will out sooner or later' goes for sex as well as anything else. Shavenjust4U

    2008-09-13 23:57:04 Posted by
    FANTASTIC I hope you get busy on part 2 please modify peters package it is not necessary ot have a foot of swinging meat 6 to 7 inches is enough to have a real good time with Anonymous

    2008-10-16 17:08:18 Posted by
    you guys r so retarded Anonymous

    2008-10-17 03:13:22 Posted by
    What a waste Anonymous

    2008-12-23 10:32:32 Posted by
    Incredible, not only boost my manhood a little, it brings out the gay part of me too... SGE

    2008-12-23 15:53:30 Posted by
    disgusting Anonymous

    2009-01-06 13:26:38 Posted by
    Even being a woman...this aroused Anonymous

    2009-02-20 11:58:25 Posted by
    Does anyone know of the part 2? If you do leave it in a comment and then everyone will enjoy, thanks!! Anonymous

    2009-05-24 20:47:33 Posted by
    Dam got my black ten haft inch dick hard as a rock and I'm marry too Anonymous

    2009-08-02 21:25:08 Posted by
    It needs part II. Is it going to be a MMF threesome? If most of the action is MM, Megan needs to take notes or bring a camera. If it is going to be MF, whoever the sidelined M needs to take notes or a camera. Either way, it'll be a fun story. Anonymous

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