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    Hot in Jamacia

    (Current Rating 72/100, based on 10 votes)

    It had been a long year, sales were down due to a so called world recession, i was still single, well divorced, and i decided i needed a holiday. I looked online for a singles deal but it all looked a bit hit and miss, i wanted to get laid, i wanted a tan and needed to forget about work and the UK for a while. I thought about thailand and went down to the local travel agents. The girl in the store was looking at me blankly, " a holiday on your own" she kept repeating. I looked across to the last minute deal board and saw Jamaica. "I'll take that" i said pointing to the add, 2 weeks all inclusive in Jamaica leaving in 4 days. I paid my money and headed for the high street to pick up some bits for my trip.

    Four days later i was greeted by the humidity of Jamaica, my room was big, the hotel was all inclusive, the atmosphere was fantastic and i was feeling horny as hell. I unpacked, showered and walked on down to the beach bar to start my holiday. I sat at the bar and was greeted by a Canadian couple of a similar age to me (42). We chatted and drank, the sun was warm and i was surrounded by bikini clad women and i was trying to see if there were any single women about, i would settle for anything, any age. "I'm James" i said to the couple, "Jon" the guy said offering his hand "and Mandy" his wife piped up. She was a little plump but a very pretty face and i couldn't help but notice her large nipples pressing against her swim suite. We chatted some more ,told a few jokes, compared Canada with England and generally got to know each other. "I need the ladies room" Mandy said as she got up from the bar stool, as she moved away from the bar she whispered in my ear "you're very cute", i felt uneasy about that and tried not to look alarmed, off she trotted out of sight, i looked at Jon wondering what his reaction would be as his wife had obviously flirted with me even though i knew he couldn't have heard exactly what was said. "Another beer James?" "yes" i quickly replied. "We're here for mandy's birthday" Jon said, "what she would really like is an extra cock" he laughed. "Are you swingers?" i asked, "no we looked into it " Jon explained, "it's more of a fantasy, Mandy would like to have 2 men in a bed and i wouldn't mind watching her screw but we've never followed it up". i nearly choked on my Red Stripe, i felt like i was being groomed, us Brits are quite reserved compared to other nations but i was feeling a little excited and wondered where it would lead. Mandy returned from the ladies, "I'm a little red on my shoulders" she explained, "you don't notice how hot the sun gets, may be we should go back to the room, i could do with some moisturiser, i don't want to peel" Jon smiled and said "ok honey", they got up and said maybe they'd catch up with me later, i agreed but then Jon said "i have a few beers in the fridge up at the room, come on up and have a beer with us on the veranda". Mandy smiled and agreed, i didn't need a second invite, they were a nice couple and i was intrigued.... and horny as hell. We got to the room, Jon went into the bathroom and Mandy removed the straps from her swim suite and handed me a tube of cream, i was a little unnerved but obliged, as i was rubbing the cream into mandy's shoulders Jon came out of the bathroom, he looked across and smiled, he walked over to the fridge and removed 3 beers ,opened them and brought them over to us, "is that feeling better honey?" he asked. "almost" came the reply, then this very cheeky look came over Mandy's face, Jon was stood next to me handing me a beer, Mandy dropped to her knees and undid the zip on Jon's shorts and pulled out his cock, it was hard in seconds, it was about six inches long but very wide, she was rubbing it with her left hand looking up at him, then with her right hand she rubbed my cock through my jeans, i didn't move, it felt good but wrong all at the same time. Mandy started sucking on the tip of Jon's nob while undoing my flies, she eased my cock out, mine was longer than Jon's but not as wide, i hadn't had a woman for a good year and she felt really good. She stopped sucking Jon and turned her lips to mine, she took me right to the back of her throat and we heard her gag slightly, she took us in turns sucking on each of us in turn. Jon reached down and pulled Mandy to her feet, walked her over to the bed and removed her swim wear, she looked great, her cheeks were rosy and her nipples were on end, I'd never seen a woman with such desire in her eyes, both Jon and i removed our clothes and the 3 of us were naked. He laid Mandy on the bed then turned to me, "wanna eat her pussy?" Jon asked while smiling at me. "would you like that Hun?" he asked his wife, Mandy just nodded and opened her legs wide, she was completely smooth, her pussy looked puffy and inviting. Jon straddled her head and put his manhood in her mouth, i watched her greedily sucking on it for a few seconds then took my position between her thighs. I gently kissed her pink lips then rubbed my bottom lip across the area where her clitoris was, i could feel it hard and swollen, i licked it gently and felt it grow some more, i began sucking it gently and before long it was protruding, it felt like a small walnut and she was making cute groaning noises in amongst sucking noises. I was feeling so sexy, i could have cum there and then and was aware that the last thing this encounter needed was a premature climax. I continued licking and sucking her rounded clit then gently inserted 2 fingers inside her and started to gently fuck her, i turned my fingers upward in the hunt for her G spot which didn't take much, it was there like a solid pea, i rubbed it quickly as i increased the pace on her clit, her felt her pussy clench, i could feel her legs tremble then i felt a gush against my chin, she orgasm-ed violently and loudly. "you like that don't you doll" Jon said, he then turned round into a 69 position, his cock was still in her mouth, my mouth was on her pussy and Jon was watching me eat his wife. He reached out and started wanking my cock, I'd never had a guy touch me, i was a little alarmed but it felt good, i aloud him to continue but i wasn't about to reciprocate, he began jerking me quicker and harder, my foreskin was back as far as it could go and I'd never been so hard. He let go then ordered me to fuck her, "fuck her, go on fuck her good" he said, "you wanna be fucked don't you babe", "mmmm" came the reply with her mouth still sucking on a very thick cock. i moved upwards and put my cock inside her, i began moving in a figure of 8, Jon's face was still about 4 inches away from her pussy, he held one of her legs up and was licking my shaft and her lips as i fucked her, the tempo quickened, Mandy was so wet, i felt her cum again but not a fiercely as before, "now me" Jon said, i removed myself and was was replaced by Jon, i put my cock in Mandy's mouth, she sucked her juices off my nob, i looked back and watched Jon giving her a good fucking, she opened her eyes looked and me and begged "come on my tits", i sucked both her nipples then got to work on myself, jon's breathing was becoming heavy and i knew he was about to cum, i wanked harder and faster brushing my tip across Mandy's breasts, it felt like no time at all before i was ready to shoot my load, "I'm going to cum !" i announced, "yes" Mandy cried, i heard Jon grunt, Mandy groan and i exploded all over her tits. The three of us collapsed on the bed in silence, "wow, thanks" i said, Mandy smiled and replied "no thank you guys" then got up, kissed her husband and went to the bathroom to clean up. Over the course of the holiday i shared Mandy with Jon on a couple more occasions, we kept in touch by email and I've been invited to Canada for Jon's birthday, I'll let you know how it went. Please note that although this was a true story i did change the names of the couple out of courtesy.

    Author: happytoad

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