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    Hot Summer Nights

    (Current Rating 87/100, based on 100 votes)

    The ‘Jungle Bar’ in the Menzies Hotel was already nearly full when I arrived just after 7.00 pm. The ‘Jungle Bar’ was renowned as a bar for sailors on leave as there was always an abundance of beautiful young ladies and the sailors were always cashed up. However, occasionally there were no boats in harbour – this was one of those weekends. There were 10 ladies to every male in the bar, and they were looking hot, very hot. It was going to be a great night! I went straight to bar, ordered Jack Daniels, plenty of ice with a dash of coke – My drink of choice.
    With drink in hand, I took out the keys, found the door and made my way into the booth. I left the light off, but switched on everything else, checked and double checked everything to ensure that I was ready. I was as ready as I would ever be. I was nervous, it was my first time solo, my stomach churned, my pulse raced, the sweat was pouring off me. I tried to convince myself that it was just the heat of the night, but I was scared! It was late January, 1984. The temperature was still in the low 40’s and was not expected to get below 20 overnight as it had been for most nights over the past week.

    As the clock got closer to 7.30 my nerves increased, I didn’t think I could do it, the first JD was gone and I was well into my second - I never drank while I worked, by the time I started the first record at 7.30, I thought that I was going to throw up but as the sounds rang out through the bar and people started to drift onto the dance floor, I began to calm down – I could do this, it would be easy. As I turned on the light to illuminate the booth, heads turned to checkout the new DJ. At the end of the first song, I introduced myself and went straight into the second song.
    That’s then that I saw them for the first time, they had just arrived and taken seats just to the left of the booth. They were, quite simply, stunning. The first girl wore a red tank to with a black mini skirt. She had large round breasts that strained against the top, desperately trying to free themselves. Her mini skirt appeared to be sprayed on – it hugged her hips as if it was a size and half a to small. She looked good….. and she knew it. Her friend had on a pink camisole with a black mini, slightly different from her friend but equally as well fitted. She was more petite and as she walked, I was certain that I could see glimpses of pink knickers. Yes, it was going to be a great night.
    I couldn’t take my eyes off these two ladies as they danced. They had started to dance with a couple of guys shortly after they arrived.

    It was shortly after 9.00pm when they came to the door of the DJ booth. ‘Hi, What’s your name?’ ‘You’re new aren’t you?’ ‘Where’s Steve the usual DJ?’ ‘I’m Mandy and this is Toni.’ ‘I’m Max’. I answered, ‘Steve’s working on the Oriana for the next 2 weeks.’ We swapped more small talk and they gave me a few tips as to the types of songs to play and made a couple of requests. Their first request was for ‘Nutbush City Limits’, the second was for the ‘Time warp’. I put on ‘Nutbush’ several songs later and was mesmerised watching both Toni and Mandy move on the dance floor. Toni’s nipples got harder and more erect the more she danced and Mandy’s body oozed pure sex appeal, by the time I got to put on ‘Time Warp’, I was in lust! When the song got to the chorus, both girls were facing me and thrusting their pussies in my direction. Toni’s knickers were pink and Mandy’s were white, both looked wet, and I was drooling!!

    They came up to the booth straight after the dance; Mandy looked straight at my cock, clearly visible in my jeans. ‘You must have really enjoyed that dance.’ She laughed and turned to walk away. ‘Could you go to the bar for me.’ I asked ‘I buy a drink for you and Toni if you get one for me.’ ‘OK’ she replied. I told her what I wanted and she returned shortly with the drinks.
    As the evening progressed, both Toni and Mandy came to the booth both to talk and request songs, we had really hitting it of well. They had been dancing with many different guys as the night went on and if any started to get heavy, they gave them the flick. At 11.30pm when I played my last song, they were still on the dance floor but by the time I had packed up my gear they were nowhere to be seen. I was disappointed but I’d had a great night and nothing was going to spoil it.
    As I walked out of the bar, Mandy was outside having an argument with one of the guys she’d been dancing with earlier. Toni was standing near her, saw me coming and mouth ‘HELP’ as I approached. ‘There you are’ I said, grabbing Mandy by the arm as I got close enough. ‘I’m going! I didn’t know where you’d got to and here you are chatting up some guy – You give me the shits! I turned to Toni and asked if she was coming or staying. She grabbed Mandy and dragged her after me.

    They both thanked me we got out to the back of the Hotel, all pissing ourselves laughing. I offered them a lift home. The heat of the night hit us all as we left the Hotel and they told me that they were living at Bondi and that they would find their own way home. ‘What sort of ‘boyfriend’ would I be if I made you find their own way home?’ I asked and after a little persuasion, they agreed to the lift.
    We arrived at their flat shortly after 1am, Mandy made me a drink, ‘DJ, Rocks – dash of coke.’ she said as she handed it to me. We moved to the lounge room and Toni and I sat down and Mandy excused her self. She returned 5mins later, her hair wet, wearing a red chemise. ‘That’s much better.’ she said as she sat down, ‘I feel so much better after that shower.’ She was beautiful and again I felt myself staring. I turned to Toni but she had gotten up and was walking to the door, ‘I’m having a shower too.’ she said as she disappeared down the hall. I couldn’t get my eyes off Mandy, her nipples were clearly visible through her top and her pussy lips strained in the knickers.
    My cock was so hard that it was beginning to hurt and when Toni returned to the room with black and blue Baby Doll on, I thought I was going to cream my pants. Her breasts were much smaller than Mandy’s but her nipples were huge – and erect. They kept making me drinks, each one stronger than the last; and I kept perving – I had given up all pretence of not looking and I told them how much I liked their ‘sleep wear’. I was getting bolder as the JD took its effect.
    Mandy’s hand kept moving over her pussy as we talked, and every so often I got a glimpse of her glistening pussy lips. I had no way to tell if it was deliberate or not but I didn’t care. I wanted to dive on her and taste her juices!!!

    Toni’s hand kept moving backwards and forwards over her sensational breasts as if she was attempting to keep her nipples erect. I loved what she was doing – I could almost taste them. If I had to decide which you to fuck first, I’d be lost – I wanted them both!!! The more we talked the raunchier the conversation became, Mandy finally admitting that they were virgins. I had a great deal of trouble believing this but who was I to argue. They gave a multitude of reason for still having their virginity, hadn’t meet the right guys, they were too young, it wasn’t right, they wanted the guy to be special. I jokingly offered my services to help them out of this situation but again they just laughed, but they didn’t say no!!

    Soon after my offer the girls announced that it was bed time, so I reluctantly got up to leave. They both stopped me, convincing me that I’d had far too much to drink to drive, so they showed me to the spare room, I didn’t take much convincing. I said ‘good night’. I was hot, sweaty and horny – my cock was still as hard as a rock and I would be sleeping only metres from two of the hottest bodies I’d ever seen – I wanted to scream. I stripped down to my boxers and hoped that one or both would join me, but the flat soon fell into silence as slipped into a sound sleep to dreamt of what might have been.

    I was woken suddenly with a hand over my mouth and something over my eyes. A voice gave me very clear instructions, ‘Put this over your eyes. If you make a sound, this is over. If you don’t do as I say, this is over. If you cum before you are told, this is over. Nod if you understand. I very quickly nodded my agreement;’ I had already put the blind fold over my eyes, it felt like a sleeping blindfold with elastic to keep it on but it was tight. I was a little scared but more excited. My cock had sensed that it was in for some action and had stood to attention, throbbing in anticipation. I still could not identify who this lady was, the scent filled my nose and I was straining to hear what she was saying. My senses seemed magnified as I strained to see her from under the blind fold.

    ‘Give me your hand’ she demanded and I was quick to comply. I felt something soft being tied around my wrist and then pulled towards the bed post. ‘Now the other one, this is from my pleasure and not yours’ she said as restricted my other hand. I lay there, totally exposed, totally vulnerable, a little scared, but extremely turned on!!! I heard the light switch turn on, ‘Very nice’ my mystery woman said as she removed my satin boxer shorts and ran her hand up and down my cock. ‘Remember my rules’ she said as she took my pulsing cock into her mouth – this was heaven I thought, but as quickly as it had begun it was over. ‘You’re enjoying that way too much’ she said as she repositioned her self on my chest, ‘Now it’s your turn to pleasure me and it better be good!’

    I still could not work out if this was Mandy or Toni – I didn’t care as I smelt her pussy as it approached my mouth. My tongue lashed out and found her pussy – It was already wet, my lovely lady had been already working on herself prior to her arrival I suspected. My tongue probed her sweet hole and when I flicked my tongue over her clit she moaned and instructed me to go faster and harder – I was more than happy to oblige! My lovely nymph reached around and grabbed my hard prick and slowly started to move her hand up and down my shaft. It felt sooooooo good!

    The speed at which my mystery lover thrust her pussy at me was becoming faster and her breathing more laboured and I continued to follow her instructions. Then she was gone! I couldn’t see her or touch her; being tied up was starting to loose it appeal. I didn’t know what had happened or where she had gone but soon understood as her pussy was again in my face but now my cock was in her mouth. I wanted to get my hands on her but the restraints held fast. I asked her to remove them so I could manoeuvre her to better please her, her response was to bite the head of my cock. ‘I told you not to speak’ she said, one more outburst and I’m gone.

    I went back to my job, if you could call it that. She was getting wetter and wetter and she squirmed more and more as she sucked my cock like it would be the last day of her life. ‘OH, GOD, I’M CUMMING!’ she screamed as she ground her pussy into my face, and cum she did, with a flood of liquid over my face and into my mouth. It taste like nectar, I licked and swallowed as much as I could, savouring its delightful taste. Then she was gone. I could hear movement in the room but had no idea what she was doing. ‘That wasn’t bad she said as I felt the bed move as she rejoined me, now for some real fun.

    While I couldn’t see her, I felt her as she positioned herself over my cock and then slide it into her hunger pussy. She was tight and it took several attempts to get it into her and she moaned when she finally got the tip of my cock into her pussy. She slowly began to rise and then slowly fell again. It felt sensational – I had all of my cock inside her, I didn’t know how long I would last before I came – she was so tight. She stopped as she finally got all of me inside her but she soon rose up again and soon picked up the pace and we got into a steady rhythm, I just lay back and enjoyed, thrusting my cock into her to meet her as she came down. I desperately wanted to run my hands over her body and bring her breasts to my mouth and tease her nipples with my tongue and teeth. She seemed to sense my needs and brushed her breasts across my face and brought her nipple and placed it in my mouth. I was in heaven. I was with Mandy, this breast was too big to be Toni’s and
    the nipples weren’t big enough – I wasn’t complaining.

    ‘I’m going to cum’ I said as our paced continued to increase. ‘OH, NO YOU’RE NOT.’ she said. Exactly how are you going to stop me I thought, but again she seemed to read my mind, turning around, grabbing my balls and then squeezing hard – very hard. I let out a scream, it hurt that much that I was still breathing out as I felt my cock begin to dwindle inside her. Mandy bottomed out with as much of my cock in her as was possible. I thought it was all over, but as she again brushed her beautiful breasts over my face, while I tried to catch her nipples as she did so, I felt my cock stir back to life and soon we were back into our stride, Mandy driving harder and faster onto my cock.

    ‘Now you can cum’ she said as her pace reached fever pitch, and I understood why as I felt her pussy tighten around my cock and then begin to pulse and her whole body relaxed as she released her juices. ‘Don’t cum inside me’ she said as I continued to drive my rock hard cock into her pulsating pussy. ‘Now’ I said as I felt the storm brewing deep in my balls. She jumped off me and took me in deep her mouth. This was more than I could take. I exploded in her mouth and she did her best to take my seed, but I could feel its warmth as it filled her mouth and spilt out onto my body.

    ‘Now that was great! Mandy said as she moved off me. She undid my hands and they quickly grabbed her and draw her to me. We kissed and I reached up to remove my mask but she batted my hand away. ‘Only after I’m gone she said as she kissed me for the last time, letting her tongue dance with mine. I heard the light switch turn off and she was gone. I was in LUST. I lay on the bed with my cock still semi hard, recalling what had just occurred. My hand went down and grabbed my cock, it was wet and sticky – No it hadn’t been a dream. With my hand on my cock and a smile on my face, I drifted back off to sleep, not bothering to remove the mask, and dreamt of ……..Ahhhhh

    I was again woken by the feel of a hand on my cock and it wasn’t mine. I assumed that it was Mandy back for a second round but as I was joined on the bed and my hand began to explore the body I soon realised that it was Toni who had joined me in bed. ‘I was woken by the strange noises coming from this room a little while ago and my curiosity got the better of me and I just had to investigate – and what do I find – A naked man wearing a blind fold and his hand on his semi erect prick’ said she. My hand began to explore her body and soon found her nipples – they were huge!!!! My fingers flicked, pinched and tease them into erection and then I brought them to my mouth so could I nibbled and sucked them – They were sensational!!!!!!!

    I was enjoying the freedom to explore her body with my hands and I took her hand and brought it to my cock. She seemed reluctant to do any thing. ‘Take it in your hand and wank me’ I said but her hand still didn’t move so I grabbed her by the wrist and showed her what I meant. She was soon moving her hand over my cock and playing with my balls like an expert.

    My hand wandered down to her pussy and my fingers sort out her clit which I started to rub in small circle. She let out a small moan and a bigger sigh as her body relaxed under my touch but as I tried to slip a finger into her silky pussy, she pulled my hand away as she moved her body away. I positioned myself for a 69er with my mouth and tongue going to work on her pussy lips and placing my hard cock near her mouth. ‘What are you doing’ she asked as my tongue hit her clit. ‘Licking your pussy’ I replied ‘and I want you to suck my cock.’ Toni took the head of my cock into her mouth but did very little else. I was being to suspect that she had very little experience with men and may indeed be a virgin – My excitement level increased. ‘Suck it like it’s an all day sucker’ I said ‘run your tongue over the head and up and down the shaft.

    Toni was a very quick learner and was soon giving head like an expert. She continued to move her pussy to give me greater access for my tongue to tease and tantalise her, but any time I brought my hands near her pussy, she pushed them away. Taking the hint I allowed my hands to wander over magnificent arse. Slapping her lightly - both of our intensities rose. I ran my finger over her puckered little hole and this made her body jerk, so becoming more daring I positioned my little finger over the top and pushed it into her tight arse hole. She took my cock out of her mouth and bit into my leg and began moving her arse onto my finger. I began working my finger in and out of her tight butt hole and from her increasing moans she was definitely enjoying the sensation. I removed my little finger out of her arse. ‘No, don’t stopped’ she said in a hoarse, dreamy kind of voice, so I slipt my middle finger into her butt. She began to ride my finger, moving faster while pushing her
    pussy harder onto my probing tongue. Without warning, her body went tense and she came, screaming loud enough to wake everyone for miles. I could take no more and I sprayed my load over her face, she took my pulsing cock into her mouth and sucked the last drops of cum from my cock.

    ‘That was great’ she said as she turned to join me on the bed. ‘I’ve never, I mean I didn’t think it could feel so good, show me more. I was mesmerised as my hands continued to explore her body, tracing the contours of her face, her nose, and her ears. As my hand took in the feel of each I began to understand the tactile needs of the blind. I replaced my fingers with my tongue and mouth as I continued to explore her face, nibbling on her ear and ever so gently running my tongue down her cheek before kissing her, deeply, passionately, affectionately, wantingly, lustfully – She had possessed me and I could not get enough of her.

    Her hand found my cock, as my tongue continued to explore her body, stopping to take in the splendour of her breasts and nipples. Her nipples were hard but pliable, erect and drew me to them. Between my lust for her breasts and her hand working on my now very erect cock, I didn’t know what to do next, every time I made a movement towards her pussy, I was turned away so it came as a surprise when Toni said ‘I want to feel your cock inside me – now!’

    I went to take off my mask but she placed her hand on top of it and said ‘No’. My disappointment was only short lived as she positioned herself on top of me. She took my cock and guided it into her. She was extremely tight and I didn’t think that she was going to be able to take me. ‘Relax and it will just slip in’ I said ‘if you remain tense it will hurt too much’. As she relaxed my cock sunk further into her - It felt unbelievably tight but felt like my cock had been made just for her. When she finally got all of my cock into her she fell forward onto me ‘Don’t move, just let me take in how great this feels’ she said in a voice that made her sound like all strength had been taken out of her. Finally she sat up and began to rise and fall on my cock – I had never had sex that had made me feel this good. My hand went to find her clit and as I ran my finger over her tiny bud, I realised that something was wrong – I could stand it no longer, I whipped my
    mask off as Toni continued to ride my cock. The sight that greeted me shocked me – my cock deep in Toni’s arse and her near hairless pussy staring me in the face.

    Toni had her eyes closed as she rode my cock – she looked so erotic, so beautiful, so alive – her body was magnificent as I watched the rise and fall of her breast as she devoured my cock, giving herself over to lust. I placed more pressure on her clit with my fingers, this made her moan and as her body began to tense into orgasm, I slipped a finger into her pussy until it hit an obstruction – her hymen – She as a virgin! My finger entering her pussy made her eyes open and brought a smile to her lips, ‘OH, YES, MORE, MORE’ she cried as her body shook with orgasm. ‘I want you to take me, fuck me, I want to feel your cock in my pussy – If I’d have known that sex would make me feel like this, I’d have started years ago. Tell me what to do and I will do it!’

    I lifted her off my cock and lay her down beside me, kissing her hungrily as I tried to work out what to do next. ‘Are you sure that you want me to take your virginity?’ I asked as I lift my mouth from hers. ‘OH YES, my whole body is tingling from what we have already done and something tells me that it is going to get better!!!’ Rolling her onto her back, I positioned my cock at the opening of her pussy. It glistened with her cum, her flaps looked like rose petals, opening to the sun as the tip entered her. It came to her hymen and before I could work out what to do, Toni had grabbed me driving her nails into my arse, forcing me to thrust into her - tearing her hymen in the process. With this out of the way, I slowly started to move my cock in and out of her pussy, forcing it deeper with each thrust until I was fully inside her, pelvic bone to pelvic bone. Toni bit into my shoulder and began to cry as I slowly pulled my cock out of her before driving it back in again
    . ‘Are you alright?’ I asked, thinking that I had gone too far too quickly. ‘OH Yes’ she replied, it’s hard to describe how wonderful it feels to have you inside me – my tears are from joy not pain – just fuck me, I don’t ever want this feeling to stop.

    I needed no more encouragement, as our bodies found there natural rhythm, stroke after stroke as we enjoyed each others bodies, my cock burning from the tightness of Toni’s well lubricated pussy. I pulled out of her and turned her around and entered her from behind. Toni seemed to like this position more than missionary as it gave her greater freedom to dictate the pace that we fucked. Her pace continued to increase until her body went through as series of spasms as she again orgasmed and collapsed onto the bed, but I had not yet reached my climax. I rolled her onto her side, and in the ‘spoon’ position continued to drive my cock into her pussy while my hands explored her upper body, giving her breasts and nipples the attention that they deserved. I felt the pressure building up in my balls and pulled out of her, much to her dismay and sprayed my cum all over her, I can’t ever remember cumming so much or feeling so good. We lay in each others arms for what seemed like
    an eternity before she said that she had better go back to her own bed. She kissed me god night and did the same to my cock, giggling as she left.

    I was woken at about 11 o’clock by noises in the kitchen, when I entered both Mandy and Toni were having breakfast. I looked at them with lust in my eyes but they acted as if nothing had happened, but both girls had faint love bits on their necks that I had left so that I could prove that what had happened was not just a dream.

    Over the next 12 months I ‘saved’ both Toni and Mandy from men at the Jungle Bar and went back to their flat and played the same game – Always Mandy first, blind folded with my wrists cuffed to the bed post; followed 30 minutes after Mandy had left by Toni. Toni and I left the blind fold on some time and removed it on others and we explored the full boundaries of each others bodies.

    Once I suggested to Toni that she should join Mandy and I and turn the session into a three sum, but she looked at me bewildered as if she had no idea what I was talking about and, as she took my cock deep into her butt, I didn’t care…………………..

    Author: Max

    2009-05-26 00:58:44 Posted by
    I want someone to eat me out so badddd. Anonymous

    2009-05-30 16:10:29 Posted by
    kinky tk

    2009-06-04 20:46:20 Posted by
    ohhhhhh sexy go mandy and toni!!!!!!!!! sexygirlcum12

    2009-06-22 06:04:47 Posted by
    u don't know how tro write fucker horrible

    2009-06-22 22:58:43 Posted by
    epic. that's all i can say. Anonymous

    2009-06-23 11:25:07 Posted by
    Wow, I usually read the lesbian stories cos they seemed more exciting than straight sex but omg! My clit is tingling so hard, the only thing that could make this better right now is if I had someone to recreate mandys part of the story. Well done Satisfied

    2009-06-24 19:39:48 Posted by
    Well written

    2009-06-27 23:57:37 Posted by
    very good
    2 tumds up
    best i've read in months

    2009-07-02 06:28:03 Posted by
    great story :) Tim

    2009-07-06 03:46:58 Posted by
    very nice hmmmm...

    2009-07-06 19:39:04 Posted by
    indeed Anonymous

    2009-07-14 10:36:58 Posted by
    Got me wet mmm! x Nina

    2009-07-20 01:42:26 Posted by
    nice one rick

    2009-08-02 17:59:07 Posted by
    It' only kinky the first time!!!!
    Great fuck story
    Hard and Horny

    2009-08-06 22:38:42 Posted by
    I wish u could fuck me hard 2 Anonymous

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