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    Latest FleshLight Reviews

    I have a fleshlight for over a year and love it !
    Fleshlight from my girlfriend
    today was my 1st try of the FL
    I am a Fleshlight Fan
    I love my Fleshlight
    Fleshlight Ice - the asshole
    Awesome product
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    Fleshlight Reviews

    I got him

    (Current Rating 80/100, based on 75 votes)

    A young guy moved in about half a mile from me three months ago, and the first time I saw him I knew I wanted to fuck him. The next day I stopped on my way home from work just to get aquainted, he was in the yard, I could tell he was early 20s, 5/6, perhaps 150lbs, with a real nice tomboy figure that was really highlighted by the levi lowrise jeans he had on. We talked for a few minutes then he asked if I'd like a beer, I said sure, bush if you've got it, no problem was his answer, turned around and headed for the house and watching him walk got my cock hard as a rock. In a few seconds he came out, I wear boxers and my dick was sticking straight down my left leg and damm it was uncomfortable. I saw him glance down at my crotch and I knew he could tell by the way he inhaled, I've had this happen before and an 11 inch hard dick straining against a trouser leg makes quite a sight. He only made eye contact for a split second but I knew he liked what he saw by the way he walked in front of me over to a picnic table. We sat and sipped the beer and after a little my dick started to relax, I found out that he has about the same interests in old cars and trucks as I do, so I told him that we'ed have to hit some car shows and he agreed, I felt that I was one step closer. I stopped by as often as I could and each time he got a little more friendly, not that he wasn't right from the start,but friendly in a flirting little way, and I don't know how many times I went home and jacked thinking about him. The first time we went to a car show he wore the lowrise jeans and a short length tee shirt, the show was about 50 miles away and I got some very good crotch shots when he was looking out the window, yeah it made me get hard. On the way home he instead of sitting next to the door he slid over a toward me, then he dropped a paper he had and when he leaned over I could see down the back of his jeans,and he was wearing lace top panties. MY cock made four throbs and I thought I was going to shoot my load right there in my shorts. I knew right then that I was going to fuck him, it was just a matter of time. I got to stopping at his house more often and the more I stopped the more he teased, so I started comeing back later in the evening and we'ed go for a ride down the old country roads. One night it was just after dark and I pulled off onto the field road and parked. I got out and took a piss, and when I got back in he reached over and put his hand on my crotch. I asked if he wanted to feel it in his hand, and he said sure why not, I thought I had him for sure, but after he played with it for a little while he slid over and said he had to get up early next morning. I dropped him off at home thinking that the next time would be it, but it took almost another month before I got my cock in his sweet tight ass. I'd got him to suck my dick and let me finger fuck him, one night we were both naked in the truck, he was on his back on
    the seat and I was on top of him, he had his legs pulled up, I had my dick in the right place, but he kept me from penetrating him, and ended up shooting my cum all over his his ass. He never wiped it off, just put those pretty little panties and jeans on, I got dressed and we went home. The next saturday night we parked in a defferent place and that was the night I'd been waiting for. It started with him getting undressed and sucking my dick, I fingered him using saliva, he was sucking my dick when suddenly he stopped, turned around, layed on his back, put one leg over the seat, the other on the dash and said I want you to fuck me. I'd been waiting a long time to hear those words, so I wasn't going to be in any hurry. I'd found out that he was 23 and I was 46 at the time but I was going to show him what a little age and practice means. I had a small tube of ky jelly in the ash tray and he didn't even see me get it, but I lubed the whole length of my cock, got over him
    , I had one hand on the seat bedide of him, the other on my dick, I lowered myself a little, I found his hole with my finger and pushed it in, and a few seconds later I replaced it with 11 inches of rock hard cock. I shoved it in slow and steady untill my nuts were touching his ass cheeks, he drew in short hard breath, pulled his legs up and back untill they were just behind my arms, that pushed his ass right up against me, and I fucked him like I'd wanted to from the very first time I saw him. He had to know that I didn't have on a condom, but he never said a word. I shot my load in him while I was buried to the hilt, and when I cum I cum hard and there is lots of it, so I know he knew that I'd (bred him) he never said a word after I got done, he got dressed as I did and we went home. When I pulled into his yard he never said thanks, see you later, that was good, come back or anything, just got out, walked in front of the truck and headed for the house. But when he got o
    ut I could see a wet spot on the seat of his jeans, and I knew what made it and that made me get hard again. I couldn't figure out why he acted like that, hell he was red hot for the dick and took everthing I gave him, oh well I'd fucked him and thats what I'd wanted to do. I didn't see him for several days, then one night on the way home he was out mowing the yard, he was mowing next to the drive way and as I got there he waved so I pulled in, he was wearing the same hot looking jeans as the night I fucked him, I got out he got us a beer, he was his old freindly flirting self agian, he said if you've got time come over later tonight and I'll let you take off my new panties. Wow my dick got hard in two seconds, he saw my discomfort and siad you're gonna need some relief before you get back, he pulled down his jeans, backed up to me, I took out my cock, he had me stick it in the leg band of his panties and and very shortly the crotch of those prettle panties were soake
    d with cum. I went back about 7:30 and that time I fucked him in the house, and it was better than the first time, and this time when I pulled out I got to see what my cum looked like between his legs. But unlike the first time he didn't get moody after I got done, in fact about an hour and a half later I was fucking him again. I don't know how many times I fucked him that summer but it was always good.

    Author: Stud

    2008-07-19 04:15:45 Posted by
    cum i hve 12 inch mamba for u g reat stud

    2008-08-21 22:07:06 Posted by
    I would love to take your 11 inch cock between my legs. ronnie

    2008-08-22 03:17:30 Posted by
    mmm sure would like both your 11 and 12 inches at the same time nudey

    2008-08-22 21:23:23 Posted by
    you sound like a real stud, wish you lived close to me. mark

    2008-08-29 17:18:43 Posted by
    some guys are like that, they know they want it, but they just have to play hard to get, but once you've stuck the cock to them they know who's the boss and its a lot easier the next time. Anonymous

    2008-08-31 16:38:35 Posted by
    sounds like it was worth the wait and time spent. ralph

    2008-09-12 16:53:22 Posted by
    As stated by anonymous its true, I teased the older neighbor guy for a long time, then one weekend his wife was away, he came over and I teased a little too long, I ended up getting fucked and I hated him for doing it. But the next day I couldn't wait for him to get hard. arnold

    2008-10-01 19:34:14 Posted by
    well arnold, thats what happens when you tease a stud, and it sound like he did a good job. billy

    2008-10-09 20:20:12 Posted by
    the guy in your story sounds really hot, and by the way he teased you I think he had done that before. Perhaps the reason he got pissed after you dicked him the first time was because he wasn't quite ready, but it sounds like you did him good enough that he knew better than to play hard to get the next time. peter

    2008-10-14 21:20:41 Posted by
    He must have know that when you buried that 11 incher in him he wasn't going to get away, and I'll bet he knew when you shot your load, did he milk you after you were done? Anonymous

    2008-10-28 20:47:08 Posted by
    I ran into a guy like you one time, I could tell he was a stud, and I guess he could tell that I wasn't. He kept hanging around, I knew what he wanted and he got it, but like the guy in your story I made him work for it, but damm when I did let him I didn't think he was ever going to stop. nick

    2008-11-12 20:44:20 Posted by
    I like a guy that plays hard to get, they want it more and take it harder than the easy ones. Anonymous

    2008-11-24 02:48:19 Posted by
    thats so hot i want his 11 inch inside of me and for him to cum inside me so i can lick it of his tip Anonymous

    2008-11-29 20:19:58 Posted by
    Anytime I get around a stud like you I always end up pissing in my jeans just thinking about what is going to happen, did you make him piss? matthew

    2008-12-06 20:48:21 Posted by
    for an eleven inch dick I wouldn't make you work that hard to get a tight piece of ass. pete

    2009-01-21 23:47:27 Posted by
    my dick got so hard i put a cum spot on my brif! big dick

    2009-02-06 21:25:12 Posted by
    truly speaking, i have an 18 inch dick,, want a prof? give me your email and i'll send you a video haffer

    2009-02-24 20:11:08 Posted by
    could I sit on half of it two times. Anonymous

    2009-03-21 21:37:03 Posted by
    I wish I could park in some out of the way place with you. Anonymous

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