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    I had always wanted to watch my wife with another man and finally with enough coaxing I got my wish. It all started by getting on Adult Friend Finder. After a little searching she found the person she thought would be perfect. His name was Dan and he lived about 3 hours from us. So she emailed him and he was interested and suggested that he call and talk to her a little which was fine with me. That night he called and they seemed to hit it off really well, so they decided to exchange pics and go from there. Dan emailed his pics and my wife was very pleased with his looks and even more pleased with the size of his cock. According to Dan he was about 7 1/2", but he was very thick just like she liked, but hat she really liked the most was the head of his cock it was even wider than the shaft and she said she couldn't wait to feel his cock slide inside her pussy. The next night the phone rang and Shauna answered it. I couldn't hear all the conversation because I was in ano!
    ther room. It wasn't long and things got quite so I thought he hung up, boy was I wrong I went to the living room to find my wife moaning and rubbing her pussy while listening to Dan on the phone. She was so worked up, apparently he knew how to turn her on. It wasn't long and she was cumming on her fingers. I heard her tell him she couldn't wait to feel him stretching her pussy open and my cock was instantly hard.

    After all this phone sex took place we all decided to meet. So two days later we met in his hometown. We met form dinner and all through the meal I could tell she wanted him so bad. He was very nice which made me feel very relaxed as did so my wife. We had already gotten a room so after we ate we asked Dan to ride with us back to the room which he gladly accepted. When we got to the car Dan got in the backseat and to my surprise so did my wife. I quickly adjusted my mirror so I could see. I noticed Dan quickly, but gently began to kiss my wife and she didn't hold back either. I could hear her moan from the kissing. Dan began to touch her breast and I knew she was already soaking wet. I could see her hand rubbing his crotch, she moaned as she felt how hard he was. I drove slowly letting them enjoy each other in the backseat. Shauna undid her blouse letting Dan have a taste of her very hard nipples. He began to rub her pussy through her jeans and she was getting louder by !

    the minute. My cock is so hard and Iam trying to drive and watch all at the sametime. Finally we get to the room, once inside clothes start coming off. Shauna is down to panties and bra and Dan is about to cum in his pants. She pushes Dan back on the bed pulls his pants completely off and begins sucking his cock and making loud slurping noises Dan is moaning and believe me I know what he is feeling because my wife can suck cock very well. She is working his tool over the best she can. Dan is much thicker than me and she's having a hard time getting him in her mouth. Dan pulls her from his cock rolls her over and slowly licks up and down her wet slit. My wife is going crazy trying not to cum on Dans face as much as she wants to she is waiting for his cock. I heard her say to Dan please let me feel you inside of me. My cock was dripping pre cum just watching the show in front of me. Dan quickly gave her the request she asked for. He slowly moved between her legs i could see h!

    is cock form where I was sitting I could see just how thick he was, she was moaning and he hasn't even slid it in yet. I could see it in her eyes when the head slipped in. Her eyes opened wide and I heard her say, Oh yes baby give it to me and he did he gave it to her slow and deep over and over I could see her pussy stretched around his fat cock she looked down between her legs wanting to see how stretched her pussy was which really turned her on. She kept telling how full she was and how good he felt inside of her. I was stroking my own cock now while watching Dan fuck my wifes pussy. Dan was moaning my wife was moaning and i was moaning. Shauna decided she wanted to ride his cock so he rolled over and she climbed on top and slowly slid down his big cock. I could tell she wasn't goona last long when she sat down fully on his cock and began slowly rocking back and forth. I heard her say she could feel the head so deep in her pussy and instantly came on his cock screaming !

    his name as she did. Dan rolled her over put her legs over his shoulders and really gave her a fucking over and over he pounded her pussy she pulled at his ass trying to get him deeper. I heard Dan say he was gonna cum he pulls out and cums all over her tits. Afterwards they lay there trying to calm down a little. Iam the only one who hasn't cum. My wife comes to me as Dan watches her take my cock in her mouth I didn't last very long, once she put her mouth over my hard cock, it was all over. What a night!!!!!

    Author: The Hubby

    2007-11-12 15:26:26 Posted by
    Never had a threesum, but it sounds like a lot of fuck fun. Came close once, but after I had her mother I could not get another hard on. Both of them sucked on it, but lo and behold, I was done for the evening. Never had another chance. Anonymous

    2007-11-21 16:20:09 Posted by
    OH MY GOSH! That story was amazing. After I read it,I called my boy friend and slid his cock far down! DICK ADDICT

    2008-11-03 02:04:20 Posted by
    Hi , I had my wife susan get fucked by another man, cause she is such a slut. and that makes her really hot when she had two cocks to tease.
    Man ho

    2008-11-03 02:08:50 Posted by
    I am hot as hell now, anyone want to fuck a hot horny slut with long legs and a hot slut body?

    carol L

    2009-02-21 11:25:36 Posted by
    My wife is also Susan and I shared her with some friends and one was black. Only one extra man per event horndog

    2009-02-26 20:49:15 Posted by
    My wife was taking a bath one night. My buddy showed up and asked where she was so, i showed him. we ended up in bed with his cock in her pussy and my cock in her mouth. clit licker

    2009-05-07 15:12:59 Posted by
    horny slut bitch your hott Anonymous

    2009-06-21 20:23:47 Posted by
    I have to say.. that was quite hot.. im not sure why I like this story becuase im a lesbian.. and dick.. or the thought of dick doesnt do anything for me..(also im quite faithful with my wife)..I get confused why someone would just watch their wife get banged... becuase i would rather join in from the start.. but im so wet right now! congratulations!! confused

    2009-07-09 12:03:22 Posted by
    any one want fuck my sexy girlfriend well i watch? Anonymous

    2009-07-15 08:20:26 Posted by
    Ito have enjoyed the ultimate thrill of seeing my lovely erotic,exotic Asian Wife beeing pleased by other mens rigid dicks as I watch & J.O.,AS I photo & video tapeher fucking & sucking "my Big Dicked Brother in Law", & eagerly await the thrill of licking her fresh fucked bald drippin Asian cunt!!!! Kinky Hubby

    2009-08-06 09:37:37 Posted by
    wow wish be like that all the time,

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