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    I lose a bet

    (Current Rating 80/100, based on 49 votes)

    I had made a bet with my hubby, Frank, and I lost. I had to do whatever he set me up for. It turned out he wanted me to strip and fuck some frat boys.

    Joy was stunned, but as the thoughts sped through her mind she came to a quick conclusion. Her logic was simplicity itself as she ran it in her head one more time: "I agreed to this, and at times I was hoping that Frank would lose. I do want to fuck Leo, and these other two guys are doable, too," and as she looked at Carl she thought "and it would be one more 'what if' answered." So what's the big deal? It's just one more step up the slut ladder. In for a penny, in for a pound, as my ol'
    granny would say."

    She looked to Frank, then to each of the guys, her eyes coming to rest on Leo. "Okay, a deal's a deal, I understand that. It's just that I really didn't think about it all that much. Needless to say, I bet against Frank, a mistake I'm not likely to make again any time soon. But I'm not going to try to whine my way out of it, I hate that. So how do we do this?"

    The frat boy mentality took over, TJ and Carl yelling "show us your tits!." Leo smiled at her. "I've been imagining your body since you walked in; I hope it's even half as nice as I've been thinking it is. You can start there, if you're really serious about this."

    Joy moved so that she was facing all of them. She was nervous and anxious, about to strip for a bunch of young guys, and they were all expecting much more than a strip show. But it excited her, too, knowing that she had only a little control over what might happen, what would happen. For today, and tonight, she was theirs and she felt a flash of heat coursing through her body, coming to rest in her wet pussy.

    Joy glanced from one to the other of the three men who were new to her. Leo was very good looking. Dark hair, dark eyes, nice body. He had that impish quality that could make you laugh all night, and she saw that he was the one that didn't get into the silly macho role playing, although he seemed to be at ease with the guys.

    TJ was an average looking guy, not the first pick if you were out looking to get lucky, and she saw that he liked to be the joker. Joy liked the bulge she saw in his jeans, though. She gave him a sultry smile as their eyes met. Was he blushing?

    Carl was the wild card, tall and dark brown, very good looking, with black shining hair, a killer smile but quiet, and Joy was so curious to find out if the rumors she'd heard all her life were true. She wondered if the saying "once you have black you never go back" would entice her to go back for more. This was one 'what if' she was going to find out about. Worse case would be that he was small and quick.

    She was thinking about how to give them the best strip show they'd ever seen, and now she cursed the fact that she had so little to take off. No bra, only the sheer silk top and her shorts and panties, no stockings. "I could be naked at the count of three," she mused. "I'll have to make up for it some other way."

    "Okay, music. I know you guys have that Shakira CD; put it on while I get my courage up." Joy also considered that this might be a good time to get herself past any inhibitions she might have, that it would be easier later if she prepared herself now. Then she made herself another vodka and tonic, drank half and again topped it off. She sipped the rest as she thought of what she'd do while she was dancing, what she'd like to have happen later. She realized that the more of these slut rungs she climbed the easier it was to go up the next one. Or was it down?

    Joy felt a comfortable buzz as she walked in just as the music began. She could imagine the singer's moves, more like a belly dance than a stripper, and for this it was perfect. Instead of doing what she thought a stripper would do, which was to take her top off first and flash her tits, she began dancing, all hips and ass, her luscious tits naturally swaying and jiggling, the white silk lace hiding nothing, accentuating everything. After a minute she began caressing those enticing tits. With no bra her nipples had popped out in a few seconds; now she was rubbing them, giving them gentle tugs. Her hands went to
    her waist and now that the guys were anticipating her top coming off she unbuttoned her skirt, turned away, her back to them now, and began pulling it down with the music, her hips shimmying and rotating.

    "Oh, man, what a fine ass on this chick!" and "Fuckin' legs go on forever!"

    When the skirt was below her cheeks Joy slid her hand in, and the guys applauded as her hand moved up and down. After a few seconds of teasing she pushed it down, bent to move it away from her feet, making sure that her legs were wide enough to show some pussy, and stepped out of the skirt, threw it over her shoulder and turned to stand in profile to
    them, her hands caressing her belly and ass as she continued shimmying along with the music.

    Joy turned back to face them. "What's next, boys? Tits, or twat?" She moved one hand to cup her breast, the other cupped her pussy. She felt so bold, knowing she had all the power now, short lived though it would be. Without waiting she slid her hand into the front of the tiny thong, her thumb and pinky exposed on either side, her three middle fingers left to the imaginations of her audience. She gazed at each man as her fingers moved on her pussy. Her hands moved to the waist band of the thong, turned her back to them again and slowly pulled it down to her ankles, and as she stepped out of it, still bent over, she looked around her shoulder to them, her lovely ass staring them in their faces, and when she widened her stance she gave them a good glimpse of her pouty pussy lips clearly visible beneath the lovely cheeks of her beautiful ass. Groans of disappointment changed to a chant of "show us your tits, show us your pussy," until she stood up, carefully peeled the fli!
    msy top away from her double dees and over her head, pulled it away, dropped it at her feet. Her nipples were on fire now.

    She turned to them, naked but for her heels, her hands covering her breasts, one knee raised and bent to close her legs, her landing strip still visible, but trying to be as coy as she could be, and now she wanted this more than they did. She stood there, swaying to the music, and as she swayed she played with her nipples. At first she was squeezing them, and the guys weren't paying total attention to any one part of her body, but when she began twisting them and pulling them
    and shaking them, letting them fall and jiggle, the room turned quiet except for the music. When she lifted one to her lips and licked the firm tip someone gasped "oh my fuckin' god!"

    The song ended but Joy kept on, moving slowly, her fingers continuing to play with her tits, her teeth pulling at her nipples, and she was sighing from the erotic tit torture. More music, and her soft sighs had turned to low moans, and from the sensuous look on her face the more experienced of them knew she was probably building to an orgasm.

    "Joy, are you gonna cum? Are your tits that sensitive?" Joy nodded her head, her eyes closed, soft waves of hair falling to cover her face. She continued, threw her head back, tits thrust out boldly, fingers still grasping her nipples, and in her mind she was alone, dancing in her bedroom, and then it came to her, where she was and what she was doing. She felt the flame rippling from her nipples down through her belly and her knees buckled slightly, a strangled sound escaping
    between her clenched teeth. Had she been alone she would have dropped one hand to her pussy, but as her orgasm flowed over her she again became aware of her audience.

    "You like doing that, don't you."

    "Umm hmm, yes, I do." Her voice was soft, quiet, her words a long drawn out sigh.

    "What else do you like doing?"

    Joy thought she might blush, but realized that she was beginning to become accustomed to being the center of sexual attention and it gave her the final spark of courage she needed to fan the flame for what she knew was going to happen.

    "I like this," and she let her hand slide down her belly, slowing as she reached the slight strip of short hair there, "I like how I feel here," her stance widening, fingers running down her slit, "how wet my pussy gets," and her middle fingertip explored inside her slit, "how I feel inside here," her moan longer, her finger coming to her mouth, "how nice my pussy tastes," and she licked. She dipped her finger again, rubbed the sweet slick syrup on her aching nipple, taking several seconds as she sucked it away, licking her lips like a contented cat, her moan like the ragged purr of a tiger.

    "Oh, fuck, I can't stand this," and TJ stood up and unbuckled, pushed his jeans down to show his full blown erection. He sat again, legs splayed, stroking in time with Joy's fingers at her pussy. She saw him, giggled, and sat across from him in a kitchen chair. She opened her legs and rubbed her slit, her middle finger dipping in, coming up to rub across her clit. He watched her fingers, watched her eyes.

    Joy was panting, her mouth open, legs open, pussy open, and as she watched TJ she giggled again. "TJ, such a beautiful cock! I guess it's just you and me, baby. The rest of these guys are no fun."

    "Fun! Hell, I'll give you fun, all the fun you want!" Carl kicked his loafers off, tore his khakis off and sat beside TJ. Joy tried not to stare at the first black cock she'd ever seen but she was impressed with what she saw. Very impressed! Not wanting to be left out, Leo quickly followed, then Alex.

    "Am I excluded or can I join this little circle jerk?"

    Everyone laughed and Leo spoke up. "Dude, you lost everything, including your girlfriend here, so you may as well hit the shower, unless you think you might be able to catch the last ride at the end of the train. You can sit there and watch if you want to, though."

    Joy was about to explain that she wasn't Frank's girlfriend but she didn't think it was really necessary to clear that up. If he'd given them that impression she didn't care enough to dispute it. But when she heard what Leo said, "the end of the train," she almost came on the spot. "OHMYGOD!" She swallowed, her mouth dry from nerves, tried to keep her voice from shaking.

    "Alex, you know what I like, don't you! How I love to see you cum, especially on my tits? Are you going to do it for me again, baby?" Groans from the gallery, and Joy knew that she was in the zone again, different than when it had first occurred, and she knew that she would do anything now, whatever she thought of or that they would try. It gave her chills as to what might happen, but there was no fear, only excitement and anticipation.

    Joy was close to cumming, and when it happened she wanted it to continue for as long as she could maintain it, for as long as she could possibly stand it. She slowed her fingers, licking them, dipping in again and spreading her pussy cream on her aching nipples, licked again, knowing that it excited everyone, herself included. She sat on the floor, looking at the array of man meat being stroked in anticipation of what she would do, what she would allow to be done.

    "Alex, I like the way my juice feels on my nipples," and she held her breast, "and how good it feels and tastes when I lick it," and she demonstrated yet again, her pink tongue licking her darker pink nipple, then sucking it, "but I want yours here now, your juice. Will you do that for me?" She looked to TJ. "And maybe you'd like to do one, too?" She held both breasts now, the nipples crushed between her fingers and thumbs, rolling them until it hurt, daring them to come to her, pulling them to her with the carnality that glowed in her green eyes. As soon as Alex was on his feet she went back to playing with her pussy, her gaze now concentrated on TJ, who was clearly in a state of minor shock, as if to be saying, "who, me?" She raised her eyebrows, smiled just a bit, and when her tongue came out to lick across her lips, she had him. When she realized what had just happened she shuddered, her orgasm so close she had to remain still for a moment.

    Two hard cocks at her disposal, one on each side of her, and she gripped them, stroking the long shafts, TJ nearly as long as Alex but not as thick. "Oh, this is even better than I'd expected," Joy said. She licked TJ, excited to hear him moaning from her attentions. "Hold on, big boy, hold on!" She stroked him as she licked Alex. Then, looking up into TJ's eyes, she slipped her luscious lips over the head of his cock, cupped his balls, and took him in, all the way in. Alex was fondling her breast and stroking his cock.

    Joy sucked TJ, their eyes locked, his stomach muscles clenched. She did all the things she'd learned in high school and college about blow jobs; licking, nibbling, sucking, stroking, and he was so close, but he held on.

    "Joy, ... " and when she turned to Alex he sprayed her open mouth, sprayed her neck, her tits, pumping his thick cock furiously, a long low growl escaping his throat. "Sorry, babe, but I couldn't hold it. You're too fuckin' hot!"

    Rather than be pissed, Joy was thrilled that she still had that kind of effect on him. She cupped his balls and licked his still seeping cock. "Thank you, Alex. I hope you're not done already, though." He leaned in to kiss her, then went back to his seat, his half-limp dick swaying as he moved. Joy got a jingle in her pussy every time she saw that bad boy, whether it was hard or soft.

    TJ was no slouch in that department either. Joy cradled his hardness in the softness between her breasts, and as she held them tightly around him he began moving, the slick cum from Alex providing perfect lubrication for their tit fucking. "TJ, you have such a nice cock! I love big cocks and all you guys fit the bill." She was moaning softly as she watched the little slit come closer and then back away, and again. She wanted to lick him, but she had a better idea.

    "What I really enjoy is having two at once. TJ, I'll suck you off in a minute, but right now I'd love having another one to play with too." Before she could finish the sentence Carl was by her side, his long thick rod rubbing across her lips. He was almost the same size as Alex and bigger by far than the rest of the guys.

    "Her ya go, sugar, and I'll try to make it last a good long while, too. Nothing I like better than an enthusiastic bj." He held her head, his large hand palming it like a basketball, fingertips gripping as he fed his chocolate rod into her willing mouth until she was gagging. He stopped for a second. "Are you okay? We're almost there." Joy gargled in agreement, not being able to move her head. Her eyes were watering, his girth making her jaw ache. He pulled her head to him and her throat was filled, she could barely breath. Carl fucked her throat for a few seconds and then pulled back, seemingly taking forever until the saliva covered head emerged from her lips, allowing Joy to cough and then take in a huge breathe, and then he was in her mouth again, but only the dark plum and a few inches of the thick shaft, her tongue licking around the underside of the crown of his helmet which Joy was fascinated to see was dark pink.

    Both her partners were close to letting loose, but Joy wanted to make the most of this while she still had some small amount of control over the situation. After sucking Carl for a few minutes she took her mouth away, her hand continuing the rhythm as she stroked his thick shaft and TJ's.

    "Leo, you're all alone. Poor baby. Can we come play with you?" She got up, moved to Leo, sat on his lap facing him. "Don't go away, guys, I just want to get situated here," and she held Leo's cock, which although was the smallest in this crowd was still at the high end of the average range in both length and girth. She watched his eyes as she rubbed the head against her dripping lips. Not willing to wait, Leo thrust his hips upward, his hands on her hips pulling her down onto
    him. Joy gasped, not only at the feeling of a hard cock finally burrowing deeply into her cunt, but from his forcefulness, too, not allowing her to control their actions. Joy found that she liked being dominated sometimes. She knew she and Leo were going to hit it off.

    A few minutes of delightful fucking was getting to Leo, Joy could tell by the tenseness of his body, the look on his face. "Leo, wait a sec, let me turn around." She eased herself off, then turned to TJ and Carl. "Okay, let's try this," and she let Leo maneuver her onto his upright erection again, moaning as she sank down on it, all the way down.

    She moved on Leo slowly enough to be able to take turns with TJ and Carl, and Leo didn't mind a bit that this beautiful woman was blowing his friends while she was riding his cock, the walls of her tight little cunt giving him one of the best fucks he'd ever enjoyed. And looking at her gorgeous ass right there in front of him was the icing on the cake. As she moved he played with her tits, gripping them and pinching her nipples until she would gasp. When she leaned to the cocks
    in front of her he'd play with the puckered pinkness between her cheeks. He eased his thumb into her. She moaned, grinding her hips against him, tightening around the invading digit.

    "At the same time, if you can, I want you to cum on my tits together, ohmygod, I'd love that!" And it was close, TJ blasting off first, with Carl letting his first spurt go as TJ shot his last. Joy was cumming as she massaged the thick fluids across her chest and mouth, licking her lips. But the thing that had gotten her off was when Leo drove two fingers into her ass. Ohmygod!"

    When she could breathe again she leaned back, Leo holding her waist with one hand, the other still at the base of her spine, two fingers still probing inside her, and she whispered into his ear. "Leo, fuck me there! Fuck me there!" He knew exactly what she meant, what else could it be?

    "You like it like that, baby?" He was whispering as well.

    "I don't know, but what you're doing feels great, so I guess this is the day to find out." She moved her hips to give him more room to play, groaning as she grew more accustomed to what was happening in her body.

    "You know what's going to happen once that line is crossed."

    "Yes, and I may as well cross it. I'd like it to be you first, though." She pulled his head around and kissed him, her tongue licking his lips. "I want it to be with you, baby."

    "Ah, Joy, you're gonna make me cum with thoughts like that. Turn around, I want to watch your eyes. You have such beautiful eyes, brown, and they go with your long brown hair."

    Joy was loving this. She moved off him, and once again turned her body, sank onto him again and immediately began fucking him with her best hip moves, her ass going up and down and then in slow sensuous circles. When she knew he was about to erupt she bounced her hips as fast as she could move them, her fingers on her clit.

    "Come for me, Leo, cum in my tight pussy, baby, c'mon, oh now, ohfuck ohfuck!" Leo was as deep in her cunt as anyone could be, and as she came she felt her vaginal muscles squeezing him. When she opened her eyes he was looking at her, his eyes wide, a startled look on his face.

    "Man, that was one terrific ride, babe. I could get used to this." She blushed, her body still humming from their mutual orgasm. Ordinarily she didn't care if she came with her partner, whoever it happened to be, but this time it was special and she knew she'd remember it for a long time.

    Joy felt hands on her hips. "Hey, take your time," Leo commanded. "Let me get out of here, and since I won the pot, I have one thing I want you guys to do. Size matters, so line up that way. Alex, you're last; sorry buddy, but you've been hitting this for awhile now so it should be no big deal."

    "I think I might pass today, Joy. You really got me before, and I'm hoping this won't be your last visit. But maybe I'll change my mind and take my shot, who knows?"

    Joy gave him a big smile, blew him a noisy kiss.

    "TJ, let's go into the bedroom, huh? I don't want to get all banged up." She thought of what she'd just said. "I mean, on the chairs, I don't want to, um, ah hell, you know what I mean." Joy took him by the hand, led him into the spare bedroom. She turned to him, kissed him, her hands on his shoulders. "Play with my tits, TJ, I like that."

    "What I'd really like to do is to eat your pussy, Joy. Can you get cleaned up a little, though? I'm not into cream pies, even if it's my cream."

    "Even if that was the only way I'd let you go down on me?" She watched his face, then laughed. "No, I'm kidding. I don't mind, I'll be back in a sec." She went into the bathroom, and as she found a clean wash cloth she heard TJ behind her.

    "Mind if I watch?" Joy blushed, then giggled. She'd had sex with these guys now and they'd been watching, but this was something else, something private. But she was thrilled that TJ would find it erotic, and so now she did as well.

    "I'd like that, TJ, yes." Joy hiked her foot up onto the rim of the sink, giving TJ a clear view of her pussy. She opened the lips, wet and glistening with the mingled fuck juices, gave her soaked pussy a quick but thorough whore's bath, watching his face as she took her time.

    "TJ, you can help me if you want to. I'd like to douche but these guys don't have the equipment. But you can do something for me, and I think we'll both like it." Joy had him take a mouthful of warm water and as she sat back on the toilet seat she spread her legs wide, opened her pussy with her fingers and had him bring his mouth there.

    "Now, blow it in like you're spitting, hard as you can." TJ sucked her lips into his mouth, opened them with his tongue and blew the water up into her cunt.

    "Oh, fuck, that's amazing, oh!" The warm water, mingled with her kitty cream and some cum, flowed out of her and TJ quickly pulled away. He got another mouthful and did it again, but this time he didn't pull away, apparently satisfied that she was clean enough to eat, and then he covered her pussy with his mouth, his tongue delving deep into her cunt.

    When she could breathe again after a very satisfying orgasm Joy dried herself. As an after thought she wiped her breasts as well, the cum there getting itchy as it caked, coming off in flakes. Then she lifted her gaze to TJ.

    "What now, big guy?" He grabbed her hand and walked with her to the bedroom, pushed her down on the bed.

    "TJ, let me get my pussy a little juicy for you," and she lay back, her long hair spread in a halo around her beautiful face, eyes closed as she rubbed her slit. "You like to watch a girl playing, huh?" In a minute she was tasting her pussy juice, and she was ready. Then she turned to the door, Carl standing there. "You like to watch, too, Carl?"

    "A gorgeous girl like yourself? Hell, yeah! But if you guys want some alone time, that's fine too."

    Joy gave him her brightest smile. "No, baby, I don't mind; we're not on a date or anything. But it's up to TJ as to what you can do, okay?"

    "Babe, I'm gonna eat that sweet peach of yours again, and then I'm gonna fuck you for as long as I can," and he turned to Carl, "but if you want to do anything while I'm getting mine, Carl, feel free to get a head start." TJ wasted no time, laying between Joy's wide open legs, his tongue licking the slick frilly lips, making Joy moan with delight.

    "TJ, you do that so fucking well! You're the best pussy licker I've ever had."

    Carl came onto the bed with them, sat beside Joy, leaning against the headboard, his legs out and open, his long cock semi-erect. "I'll be happy to watch for awhile, see what happens. Sugar, you're so hot I know I won't be able to wait too long, though."

    Joy lay her hand on Carl's thigh. "I think I'd like to lick you while he's down there. I'd like that a lot. And I'm going to suck your balls, too." She fondled him, watching him grow harder and thicker, and when he was at full blown ohmygod size she pulled him closer to her. As her tongue flicked around the head she murmured to him. "It's so silky, Carl, so silky smooth, ummmm, it feels so good against my lips. Kiss me, Carl." He leaned to her, cupping her jaw in his hand, his dark lips
    brushing against hers, then kissed her, their tongues probing. Joy was building to an orgasm and this was adding fuel to the fire.

    "Carl, I can't believe this beautiful thing is going to fit in my tight pussy. You must hear that a lot, though, huh?" Her hand was caressing him, lightly stroking him.

    "Yeah, first time almost always, unless the girl's been with a brother before. But you'll see, you adjust to what's there, no problem."

    TJ was taking his time, clearly enjoying his second taste of her sweet pussy. His fingers were in her, but so far he either hadn't tried or simply had missed her g-spot. Joy thought about telling him what to do but decided that she had enough ways to get off now than to start something else. If no one found her button in there than maybe she'd bring him back, show him what to do.

    "Carl, get on me, so I can lick your balls." He straddled her chest and she lifted his cock to get at him more comfortably. "Carl, do you shave your balls? I was wondering before."

    "No, sugar, it's just naturally like that. So you can suck all you want, no hairs to get in your teeth," and he laughed. Joy squeezed his balls so that one was sticking out of her fist. It looked to be the size of a baseball, but she was determined to at least try. She let it loose, sucked on the nugget, then sucked in the sack. She'd wanted to try this before so she was happy that it had worked out. She sucked gently, not wanting to hurt him, and as she did she stroked his cock as well as she could in this position. Her other hand was between his ass cheeks, fingering him, thinking about probing his rectum.

    "Sugar, I'm gonna cum soon, so get ready."

    "I want it in my mouth this time, I want to taste you and swallow you." Joy had him move so that he was kneeling over her, his cock hanging down and into her mouth. She grasped his hand and had him stroke it for her. "Yes, like that, Carl, slowly, slowly, yes." She cupped his balls, massaging them lovingly. "I want it, in my mouth, stay right like that." Her mouth was open, her tongue out, waiting, wanting.

    Carl relaxed, still stroking, until he was cumming in Joy's mouth, more like flooding than spurting, and Joy swallowed his load as it flowed onto her tongue. "Umm, yummy! I should do that more often!"

    It was only a minute later that TJ lifted her hips from the bed, pulling her legs over his shoulders, his mouth cupping her pussy, his tongue fucking clit and her slit. "TJ! Ohmygod, TJ, that's amazing!" That was the last thing she said; what followed next were moans of pure delight as her orgasms cascaded through her body, one after another, until TJ
    raised up, knelt between her thighs and rammed home. "Oh, fuck, TeeJaayyy!"

    This was pure sport fucking, fast and deep and hard, Joy grunting with each violent thrust, her tits rolling up and down on her chest until she held them to stop them from bouncing. She always wanted someone to do this, but now that it was happening it wasn't at all as exciting or erotic as she'd thought it would be, it was just brute fucking. She couldn't wait for him to finish, and thankfully it took only a minute until he was squirting deep inside her.

    TJ lay on Joy, her legs still draped over him, and as he gasped for air she wriggled around until she could get out from beneath him. "I'll be right back, guys; I have to pee."

    Truthfully, she wanted TJ to leave so she and Carl could have some time together. This was one exploration she wanted to do at her own pace. She was willing to wait until he left but that wasn't necessary, she heard him leave after only a few minutes.

    Carl was lying prone on the bed, his head propped on one hand, watching her as she entered the room. "I could look at you all day, sugar, and all night, too. You are all that and a lot more."

    "Aw, Carl, you're too sweet! Thanks, I like that. I want to get to know you better, you and Leo. You guys have been so good to me today. I never expected today to end up like this, and you and Leo have made it fun for me." She watched his face, his smile never changing. "Do you think I'm a slut, Carl?"

    "Sugar, you're a sexy girl who got pushed into a corner by someone whoshould have known better if he cared about you at least a little. But, hell, you're no worse than we are, so don't feel bad about this. But I don't think you do, do you? I think you're having some fun." She smiled at him, lying down beside him.

    "To tell the truth, this is something that a lot of girls wonder about but never get the chance to live out, so, yes, I'm having fun." Joy kissed him, again marveling at the softness of his lips, and as her hands moved over his body she found that his skin was as soft as hers. She looked up into his big dark eyes.

    "The moment of truth, Carl," as he eased her onto her back. She was ready to find out how his long thick rigid cock would feel as it pushed into her body. She'd been visually comparing him to Alex and decided that although Alex was thicker than Carl, Carl was longer and nearly as wide, so she wasn't afraid. Anxious, but not afraid.

    Carl was a playful and attentive lover. He leaned over her, holding her hands beside her body as he kissed her, his head upside down from hers, which is always strange. As he held her hands firmly she felt as though she was his captive. She liked feeling helpless, knowing that some women would use this as an excuse to allow men to have their way, with no remorse since they were helpless. Joy knew she was past making up phony excuses. She arched her back in an attempt to bring her body to his mouth.

    Carl was kissing her from her lips to her mound, taking his time to linger whenever she moaned, his tongue and lips playing on her body like a musician, sometimes softly, sometimes with more pressure, a surprise move here and there. When he moved to her pubic patch Joy gripped his head, not allowing him to go any lower.

    "Carl, how long are you going to tease me!" His answer was to lick her slit, his tongue opening her lips, tasting her sweet sugar until he was licking her clit.

    "Come for me, sugar, come right now," and she did, unable to hold back, her hips undulating as wave after wave washed over her. She was still cumming when Carl rubbed the head of his cock against her slit, the friction against her clit keeping her orgasm rolling along.

    "In me, Carl, I want you in me, now!" He complied, with one smooth ovement, in and in and in, until he was flush against her, her arms around his neck, her mouth on his shoulder. "Oh, this is soooo nice!" They moved together, slowly, then faster, then one would stop and they'd kiss until one would move again. Both of them had already had more than one orgasm so there was no hurry, no need to rush. It was long and sensual and erotic.

    "Carl, I'm right there! I'm right there, right there, ... , yes, . ,are you close?"

    "Any time, sugar," followed by a long groan, "I've been waiting for you. This is one time I want the music to be in harmony."

    Clinging together, crushed against each other, teeth and nails biting and gripping, muscles straining, nerves screaming, they brought each other along, gasping and groaning, and then laughing, then whispering and murmuring.

    Carl was nearly nodding off, still inside Joy. She moved away until his long cock slowly slipped from her pussy. She crept down, held it in her hand, mesmerized at the size and beauty of it, hefted it in her hand as though trying to estimate its weight, licked him clean, soft sucks at the end. Next to him again, she nibbled on his lower lip.

    "Hey, this has been the best ever, I think you know that. Now don't think I'm selfish, but I want one more thing." She told him about what she'd asked of Leo, and what he'd alluded to what might happen.

    "Carl, I want it to happen, I want you and Leo and me, together, all together. Is that a bad thing? Will you do that for me? I'd really like that. I may never have another chance, and I want to try everything I possibly can. Will you do it, for me, please?"
    "Give me a few minutes, sugar; how can I say no to you with a request like that after what just happened?"

    Joy kissed him lightly on the lips. "Back in a sec, baby," and she went to the door, saw that only Leo and Alex were still there. "Jeez, those other guys didn't even say goodbye."

    "TJ could barely walk," Alex said. "I was just coming in to tell you that I'm going out, maybe I'll see you later if you're here when I get back. You guys can stay as long as you want. Joy, I have to tell you, you're the greatest. Jon should never have done this, but you showed a lot of class today, as well as a lot of everything else. I just might take you up on that last ride on the train." Joy was blushing as he kissed her, hugging her tightly.

    When Alex had gone Joy sat beside Leo. He was smiling so she felt that everything was alright between them. Joy told him what she'd asked Carl, about what he thought of her, and Leo's response was similar, so she felt that she needn't worry.

    "So, I think you like playing the slut, I know you do. It's not you, you're not a slut, but you like to go out to the edge, don't you! Are you my slut now, are you my little cock slut?" She knew he was playing along with her, that it wasn't malicious or demeaning.

    "Yes, I'm your slut, I'm your cock slut, your cum slut! Yours and Carl's! And you know what I want now. I want both of you to fuck me, both, together! I want to be your back door slut!" She led him into the bedroom, her arm around his waist, her head leaning against his shoulder. "I should have you dragging me in by the hair!"

    "Or you could drag me in by the dick," and he moved her hand to between his legs.

    Joy laughed. "Leo, I can't, it's too hard to walk. Behave yourself or I'll have to slap your ass." She had a moment of thinking, "Could I do that? Would I like it?"

    "Looks like the party's down to just us three," Joy said, excited now that she was with what had turned out to be the two guys she found most attractive. Alex would be a bonus, but "I guess I have to work with what's at hand." Sometimes things work out in ways that seem at first not to our liking, but as the sage said, "Life happens while you're planning other things."

    Joy got on the bed beside Carl, kissing him as she felt Leo nestle in behind her. Everyone knew what was about to happen, everyone had a certain amount of apprehension at first, but when Joy broke away from the kiss she turned to Leo.

    "How do we do this; you know it's my first time. Is there one way that's better? Do you know?" She was hoping she wasn't the only one here who'd never done this before, that one of these guys had some experience.

    Carl took her hand. "Joy, as long as you relax, that's what's best. We can try whatever you want, see how it goes for you. My inclination is that if you're on top or he gets behind you, you have control. Let's see how it goes."

    Joy looked to Leo, saw that he was more than ready, his erection throbbing and bobbing as he knelt beside her. His hand was slowly stroking as he looked at her. "I wouldn't mind if you got me a little wet now, Joy. I found some KY in the bathroom but I'd still love to have you start with a little of your mouth magic." Without a word Joy leaned to Leo, began licking and then kissing his cock, his hands on her face and in her hair.

    As she took him into her mouth she felt a sense of urgency, of wanting to get this thing going, get past her fear once and for all. She realized now that she'd been wanting this to happen for years, ever since the first time she'd talked about it with her girlfriends in high school. She'd avoided it since then but there had always been that question, what's it really like?

    Leo was as hard as quantum physics. He brought her head up, kissed her. "Joy, turn around," and he parted the gorgeous globes of her ass. When she felt his finger probing, sliding in easily with the jelly lubricant covering it, she felt a rush. She could barely breathe, and thought she was going to cum. He worked the finger in and out until there was no resistance and pulled it out, smeared more jelly on her tight little dot and she felt his finger, no, fingers, probably two, enter her and begin again. This time it felt good from the start and she knew she was as ready as she would be.

    She turned to Carl, happy to see that he was, um, fully recovered. She slid her lips over his smooth cock and as her lips engulfed the crown she felt Leo's hands on her hips. He was rubbing up and down from the base of her spine down to her pussy, and then he moved to her, his cock rubbing against her slippery rosebud.

    "Leo, do it, I'm ready, it's okay, do it now."

    He pushed in. Joy pushed back, "ohhhh!" as he slid in until his balls were pressing against her thighs. He went slow and easy, but deep, and in a minute Joy was moaning, and her moans were working their magic on Carl. Working all too well and too quickly.

    "Sugar, stop for a minute or it's not gonna happen, or it's gonna happen without me." Joy pulled away from Leo, sighing as she felt the emptiness, but she crawled onto Carl, raised herself enough to get situated over him and guided him to the wet entrance to her pussy. She moved her hips, feeling the head easing its way inward, parting her lips, nudging against the tight walls of her cunt.

    "Ohh fuck!" as she slid down onto him. He raised his hips, feeling her tightness, biting his lip to keep from blowing right away. Her lips were pursed, a low whistle sounding as she breathed quickly, her eyes closed, hair hanging down over her shoulders, "ohh fuckkk! Ohmygod, I could cum right now!"

    Leo's hands were on her hips, his lips on her neck as he straddled her, his slippery jelly covered cock pressed against the crevice of her ass again, rubbing as Joy moved on Carl.

    "Tell me when you're ready, babe," his breath hot in her ear. She turned her head to him, kissed him, sucking gently on his tongue, wanting to feel full everywhere now.

    "Now, Leo, now, I want to feel you now." She leaned on Carl, her fingers gripping his broad shoulders, her nipples hanging over his nicely muscled chest. "Carl, rub my clit, oh, rub it, yes!"

    Leo dripped more of the slippery lube on his swollen erection, stroked to cover it completely. He held it in his fist, nudged it against Joy's rosebud and pushed, slowly but steadily, filling her ass again as she groaned in pleasure.

    "Okay." Leo would move in an inch and Joy would hold still, and then after a few times she began to move with him. When Carl began moving with them Joy groaned.

    "Oh, I can feel you rubbing against each other and it feels so, satisfying! It's like having a vibrator in me, buzzing away, but more softly."

    Joy could feel Carl deep in her pussy and her body would move on him, trying to feel him on every inch of the walls of her cunt. When she would lift herself up and nearly off she would fall back, Leo filling the void. After a few minutes Joy stopped, and they stopped with her. She was full of hard throbbing cock and it was all she could do to breathe. Leo was the first to move and the dance continued.

    She heard the outer door open, close, footsteps cross the floor. She looked to the bedroom doorway, saw Alex standing there, smiling his dopey grin. "I couldn't stay away."

    Joy was sitting on Leo, who was lying on the edge of the bed, his legs hanging over the edge, his cock snug in her ass. She was leaning backwards on Leo facing Carl, Carl standing before her, deep inside her pussy, her legs wrapped around his hips. "Alex, I can barely move, every single nerve in my body is on fire now, and you're the answer to my fantasy. I guess I really am a lucky lady."

    He came to her, removing his shirt as he approached, and he was naked in another instant. Already hard, he knelt on the bed, holding Joy's shoulders as she took him into her mouth, moaning loudly as he pushed as far into her throat as he could go. She was holding her breasts, her fingers tightly gripping her nipples and she began a stream of seemingly endless orgasms.

    Author: EasyLady

    2007-10-18 10:41:35 Posted by
    Waaay to confusing!!! It started out in the first person, then it went into a story about this Joy chick. Where was Frank during all of this? Who the hell is Jon and what did he do to her that he shouldn't have? The story was o.k. just way too confusing at times. Slick Mugger

    2007-10-23 17:27:42 Posted by
    agreed. lost it half way through.
    promised such a good story - just ddnt quite deliver.

    2007-11-03 19:48:52 Posted by
    you guys are crazy lol this story was AMAZING!!! Was about to cum less than half way through Anonomus

    2007-11-04 00:50:21 Posted by
    omgggggg,sooo got me soaked!!mmmmhmmm titty_fucker

    2007-12-23 04:43:42 Posted by
    the first half SOAKED my keyboard horny dude

    2007-12-26 03:55:41 Posted by
    this is sexy Anonymous

    2008-01-03 19:48:35 Posted by
    Not written very well. If you aren't picky about that, you'll enjoy. Alex

    2008-03-15 17:16:56 Posted by
    OH MY GOD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! fUCKIN HORNEY GIRL

    2008-03-25 18:14:01 Posted by
    it got me so horny i had an orgasm with out touching myself. Anonymous

    2008-03-25 22:14:41 Posted by
    i cumed all over!!!! fuck man

    2008-07-28 13:09:54 Posted by
    you can cum and soak me titty_fucker! cuminside

    2008-08-04 02:16:00 Posted by
    No the first guy is def right. why did frank turn into Alex? And who the hell is jon!? HB2

    2008-10-28 07:55:07 Posted by
    Don't let the complex details put you off, the energy and flow of this story is great (and got me cumming and soooo horny..)
    But how could one woman have so many orgasms?? Thats funny.
    wet Asian

    2009-04-05 10:48:25 Posted by
    got me so wet i couldt resits fingering myself. Anonymous

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