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    (Current Rating 79/100, based on 141 votes)

    Kate was newly married to John Newport, a young businessperson, who had his own
    auto-parts manufacturing factory in the outskirts of Cardiff. They lived in a big
    mansion at King's Lane with John's parents. John was an intelligent, handsome man of 26
    with black hair and bright grey eyes. Kate was 23, blonde and strikingly attractive with
    hazel eyes and a slim, sultry body. She had firm, well-rounded breasts and an incredibly
    tight arse. She was two inches shorter than her 5'10" tall husband.

    A few months into their marriage, John had purchased another factory in Edinburgh and
    seemed to be out of town a lot. Initially, Kate was supportive of her husband but lately,
    she had been feeling pangs of loneliness. There were only so many parties you could
    attend alone.

    In one of the parties, she had met Christopher Hayden. Chris, in his late twenties was an
    extremely handsome man. He was tall at 6'4 and was built like a tank with impossibly
    wide shoulders and huge barreled chest. She had later found out that he was an amateur
    bodybuilder and almost all of his 240 pounds was muscle. He had asked her to dance at
    one of the events and she had been thrilled against his incredibly hard body. She had
    never seen any man with such a muscular body. At times, he had lifted her off her feet
    without the slightest strain while they were dancing. She had danced with him for fifteen
    minutes without her feet resting even once on the floor.

    After the dance, he asked her if she would like to have dinner with him. She felt so timid
    in front of him as he towered over her, all big and handsome. However, there was a thrill
    in talking to him. She had never felt so overmatched, physically in front of another
    person. John was very good looking and intelligent but he did not have the build of this
    specimen of muscle standing in front of her. John was barely two inches taller and not
    so strong as to make her go weak in the knees. There was something brewing there and
    she was scared. She did not want to compromise on her marriage, as she still loved John.

    Chris seemed to sense her uneasiness and quickly switched his tone. He knew she was
    married, looking at the wedding ring around her finger and he had had million flings with
    women, both married and single.

    'All right, let's just sit here, chat and have some vodka.' He offered.

    She smiled and agreed.

    'So tell me Kate, what is such a beautiful woman, recently married doing here in a bar?
    Why is she alone?'

    'I'm not alone. I've come here with my friends.'

    'I know that. What I meant to ask was where is your husband?'

    'Oh...,' she said, 'he is a very busy man. He's gone out on business.'

    'Tut..tut. I can't believe that he would leave such a gorgeous wife behind, instead of
    taking her along.'

    She was silent for a moment. 'Let's not talk about me anymore.'

    'OK, what would you like to talk about?'

    'Tell me about yourself. Are you an athlete?'

    'Kind of. Why do you ask?'

    'You look like one. You're incredibly muscular and firm.' She smiled as she stressed on

    He didn't answer. Just kept smiling. Kate started to feel a bit embarrassed. 'Where do
    you work?' she asked.

    'I'm in construction business.'

    'Are you from Cardiff?'

    'Yes, born and brought up. In fact, my house is just round the corner.'

    She sipped on her drink.

    'There's a better bar about half a mile down the beach', he said. 'Let's go for a walk.'

    'I'm not sure Chris. My friends are here and... .'

    'Your friends will be able to carry on without you, Come on, let's go.'

    She was in a moment of indecision as he grabbed her hand and she was struck anew how
    large his hand was. They slipped out of the bar and walked in silence until the music got

    It was a warm night and there was not a single cloud in the sky as they walked through
    the sandy/stony ground. They had already walked close to a mile and there was no bar
    in sight.

    Kate was already intoxicated and didn't mind that he had lied. She was more concerned
    that he wasn't talking. She pulled on his broad forearm and said, 'Let's just rest here on
    the sand. It feels so good.'

    He smiled and threw his empty beer bottle away.

    'You're not talking.' she complained.

    'You're so beautiful', he said.

    'You've already said that more than once.'

    'I know. But I can't help it. I've never seen a face prettier than yours.' He said as they sat
    down on the sand.

    She was beginning to feel a bit tipsy.

    'Let's go for a swim,' he offered.

    'I don't know,' she answered, 'I'm not really in the mood.'

    'Oh, come on. Don't you love the water in these parts?'

    'Go ahead; I'll follow you in a while.'

    Chris removed his shirt. She gasped. The muscular development of his was simply
    enormous; he had a neck like a column, his shoulders were immensely broad and thickly
    muscled. His chest was enormous, defined, and tapered down to a V. His body was like
    that of a professional bodybuilder. It was tremendously muscled and even though he
    was huge, he didn't seem to have an ounce of fat - simply muscles and veins. His arms, as
    she later discovered measured just a shade under eighteen inches.

    Slowly, he lowered his pants. His mammoth thighs came into view; they were simply
    gigantic and as muscled as the rest of his body with huge calves and large, rough feet.
    She thought she had an orgasm just by looking at his chiseled body. He smiled at the
    effect his physique was having on her.

    He turned and walked away towards the sea. He didn't stop until he was knee deep in the
    water and looked back. She was nowhere in sight.

    That night, Kate's mind was in turmoil. Until now, she had never considered cheating on
    her husband, but now she was dying to make love to Chris. She had never seen a more
    delightful sight than his muscle-clad body; he was also handsome like hell.

    She was very careful when she dressed the next evening. She was going to her friend's
    marriage anniversary party. She knew Chris would be there since he seemed to know
    many people in the town. She looked in the mirror and was extremely satisfied with
    what she saw. She was looking drop-dead gorgeous in her pink evening gown. It was
    strapless and lay bare, her lovely, feminine shoulders. She had waxed her arms just a few
    hours back and they looked as smooth as silk.

    She noticed her Father-in-Law's eyes following her as she went out of the house. The
    traffic was smooth and she reached right on time for the party. She nodded a few hellos
    to acquaintances but her eyes were searching for Chris.

    She saw him having drinks at the makeshift bar on the lawn. He was looking as dashing
    as the other day in a blue suit. Then she realized that he was with some other woman.
    She was exceptionally beautiful and quite tall. She might have been just 3-4 inches
    shorter than 6'4 Chris. She had shoulder-length black hair and eyes as black as Chris'.
    She was dressed in a full-sleeved gown with a slit. She could see that her legs were large
    and yet well defined. They reminded her of Chris' legs from last night.

    Kate asked her friend about the tall girl in a roundabout manner. She found out that, the
    tall girl's name was Serena and that she wasn't Chris' girlfriend. Serena was actually
    Chris' younger sister. She was merely twenty-one and owned a gym in partnership with
    her elder brother. She was managing it quite successfully as well.

    Serena seemed to have captured the attention of lots of men at the party. The sight of
    her full young breasts being restrained by her snug fitting gown seemed to transfix Kate
    as well. She didn't even realize that she had been staring at Serena for close to a minute
    without taking her eyes off even for a second.

    Suddenly, Serena looked in her direction and Kate was a bit embarrassed at being caught
    looking unabashedly at the sexy, young girl of 21. She turned away and spotted a few of
    her friends. Before she could walk towards them, she felt a masculine hand on her bare

    She was startled for a moment but regained her composure quickly and turned around
    to face Chris and his younger sister Serena.

    'Hi Kate, You're looking absolutely ravishing in a gown of yours.' He said bluntly.

    'Thanks, Chris. I wanted to apologize for last night...'

    'Forget about it,' he said, cutting her short. 'I want you to meet my younger sister,

    'Hi Kate, nice meeting you,' said Serena and bent down to plant a kiss on her cheek.
    Kate felt completely dwarfed by both Chris and his sister, towering over her as she
    returned the salutation.

    'I had heard so much about you,' continued Serena. 'I'm so happy I got a chance to meet
    you today.'

    Kate was surprised at her comment. 'How have you heard about me?' She asked.

    'I know your husband quite well. Didn't you know that my brother Chris and your
    husband were friends in school? John used to visit our house quite frequently. We used
    to have so much fun with him around. But I haven't seen him for close to six years. How
    is he now? Is he here in the party?'

    'Calm down, Serena,' interjected Chris. 'At least give her a chance to answer one question
    before you bombard her with others.'

    They chatted for a while and Serena didn't let go of Kate's hand all this while. She kept
    on squeezing it playfully and truth be told, a bit sensually. Kate had never been attracted
    to any woman before but that day, she was confused. The close proximity in which the
    two women were standing suddenly seemed even smaller as Serena's perfume seemingly
    made Kate a bit light headed.

    Kate was aware of her pubic area getting wet as she continued to answer Serena's
    questions. Till now, Kate had been very proud of her full, round, shapely breasts but
    today they were being eclipsed by Serena who had if not a lot larger bust size; but they
    were definitely firmer as they seemed to almost tear through her dress.

    After talking for a while, Chris and Serena excused themselves. Before leaving, Serena,
    who had still not let go of Kate's hands lowered her face near Kate's ear. Brushing her
    big, firm breasts against Kate's smooth arm and pretending to whisper something in her
    ear; she took a playful nibble and licked Kate's ear with her long tongue. Kate was
    shocked but somehow she seemed to like it. As they walked away, she saw Chris smiling
    mischievously at Serena.

    After three days when John returned, she asked him if he knew Chris and Serena. John
    was a bit perturbed by this and mumbled something.

    'What did you say, dear?' asked Kate.

    'Yes, I remember Chris. He was a classmate of mine. I didn't know that he had a younger
    sister as we weren't very close friends.' He answered.

    John was a pathetic liar and Kate figured he didn't want to talk about them. She was
    curious to know why John had lied but kept her inquisitiveness to herself for the time
    being. As it is, she was feeling very horny after the episode with Serena and pounced on
    her husband. Unfortunately, that day, John was unable to pleasure Kate and ejaculated
    excessively soon. She didn't even feel a thing. John wasn't the most gifted of lovers, but
    she always enjoyed sex with him, as she loved him so much. The truth was that his penis
    was barely six inches long and not very thick.

    That night, Kate was very unsatisfied with the lovemaking and kept on tossing and
    turning thinking about Chris and Serena. In the morning, she asked John about Chris
    again. This time John was more forthcoming with the truth.

    'When we were in school, Chris and I were quite close', he said. 'We had crush on the
    same girl, Anna and she chose him, knowing very well that he was bit of a playboy with
    numerous affairs even at that age. After going out for a few days, he dumped her and
    she was heartbroken. She found a good friend in me. Slowly our friendship evolved into
    a relationship but she was still in love with Chris. After a few weeks of going out, I
    found out that Chris and Anna were still at it behind my back. I broke off with her and
    started to avoid Chris. I didn't want to confront him cuz to tell you the truth, I was a bit
    scared of him. He was a savage rogue and I think he still is.'

    'So now you know,' he continued, 'why I lied to you last night. However, honey, I really
    want you to stay away from him. You have no idea how dangerous he can be.'

    Kate felt scared noticing the seriousness in his voice. It was apparent he still feared
    Chris. Still, the very thought of being fucked by such a man got her juices flowing.
    After John had left, she masturbated thinking of Chris and Kate. She found both of
    them so exciting. They were tall, strong and incredibly confident and fearless and that
    was a quality she admired in others.

    For a few days, she stayed well clear of both Chris and Serena and started avoiding
    going to events where she might run into them. In any case, she hardly had time as she
    went out every evening with John dining at nice, expensive restaurants, catching the
    latest movie etc.

    One day, she thought she'd go and buy herself sexy lingerie. John hadn't been very
    effective in bed for a few days now. She wanted to surprise John and that may probably
    improve their sex life. She went to a very expensive shop and perused through any
    lingerie she found appealing. She found what she wanted and as she was holding it up to
    inspect for any defects, she heard her name being called.

    She turned around to see Serena, who again proceeded to kiss her on the cheek after
    which she squeezed Kate's delicate body in a quick hug. Noticing what Kate had in her
    hands, she said, 'That would look real sexy on you Kate.'

    Kate smiled at her compliment and asked the sales clerk for a larger size.

    'Come on Kate, I think this size would fit you fine. After all, it's meant to show your
    boobs, not hide them.'

    Kate blushed a little at the careless way in which Serena was talking about breasts.
    Serena was already having a very unsettling effect on her. She had a tight top on and
    sported a good deal of lean, hard looking muscle; the top was cut off over her navel and
    her abs looked chiseled from granite. She had never seen such amazing definition in
    anyone, not even in Chris. Her midriff muscles looked so well defined that she couldn't'
    take her eyes off them for a few seconds. It was too bad that her midriff baring top
    wasn't sleeveless; Kate was dying to see the muscle definition of her arms and shoulders.

    After swiping her credit card, Kate started to leave but Serena would have none of that.

    'Come on,' she said, 'let's have lunch.

    'I'm not sure Serena. I really need to get back.'

    Serena wouldn't have no for an answer and seeing her resolution, Kate acquiesced. As
    they walked out of the shop together, Serena told her that they would go to her house
    and pick Chris from there and then all three of them would have lunch together. Kate
    was a bit apprehensive, but at the same time, she was excited at the prospect of spending
    time with the siblings.

    On the way, Serena informed Kate that the siblings lived together under the same roof.
    Their parents had moved to Liverpool soon after she reached her 20th birthday. She
    was evidently very fond of her brother and had a very high opinion of him.

    On reaching their house, Serena excused herself to go to the toilet while Serena was left
    alone with Chris. He smiled brightly and kissed her on the cheek. 'I had no idea; my day
    was to brighten up. Come sit here.' He pulled her down next to him on the couch. Her
    first instinct was to move away and sit farther away from him; but then she reasoned
    that it would be too rude.

    Serena was back in the room and asked if they were ready to leave. They went to lunch
    at a local restaurant. Chris made sure he sat next to her. His leg casually brushed up
    against hers several times and was met with little resistance. His touches were returned
    and the electricity between them began to build to a crescendo.

    After the lunch, Kate asked Serena if she could go back with them as she had left her
    lingerie at their house. Serena said, she had to visit a friend; so it was decided that Chris
    would take Kate home and from there she would take her car and return home.

    At the house, Chris asked Kate if she'd like a drink. She shook her head. He looked at
    her and commanded, 'Come over here.' She flew to him and their lips met. She felt
    helpless in his strong, muscular arms. His large hands virtually covered her back as he
    grabbed her and his ponderous strength practically crushed the breath out of her. He
    was a heavily muscled man but his touch was soothing even in his enormous strength.

    He picked her up as if she was feather light and carried her to the bed where he laid her
    down. Kate was breathing hard and her body was in flames. His lips began caressing the
    sides of her neck and reached to her earlobes. With one of his hands, he removed her
    blouse and unhooked her bra. His eyes widened at the fullness of her toned breasts and
    he started to squeeze them.

    His hand had now moved to her flat stomach, feeling the smooth skin. She felt his hands
    unzipping her jeans and a moment later, she was in her panties. He grinned feeling the
    wetness of the cloth. He pulled it down gently and she felt his finger trying to move
    inside her. She arched her back; his finger was lot stiffer and almost as thick as John's
    erection. She had never experienced this purely animal thrill with anyone before.

    He straightened up for a moment to remove his shirt showing the same hard muscle
    definition she had stared at that night at the beach. She sat up and undid his trousers. His
    legs were mammoth with hard muscles. They felt like steel. She could see the huge bulge
    in his underwear. With shaking hands, she lowered the underwear and his penis sprang
    out. She gasped in shocked at the size of it. Not only was it twice as thick as John's, it
    was almost 8 inches in length. For the first time, she was really frightened. She had never
    seen as large, as thick, as hard a penis in her life.

    'Oh my God!' she exclaimed, 'it's monstrous.'

    Chris smiled and inched closer so her penis was right next to her mouth. Involuntarily,
    she opened her mouth. He came closer and expertly pushed his penis in her mouth. It
    was so big that she started gagging as soon as he entered her. Chris removed it and
    rubbed it on her face. She felt the muscular, sinewy penis on her skin and liked the feel
    of it. Throwing caution to the wind, she grabbed his shaft with both her hands. It was
    wonderful to see that even with both of her hands, a good portion of his large penis was
    visible. She remembered John's and how small it was; she barely had to grab it with one
    hand and only the tip would be visible. She started to lick the erection, tasting it, feeling
    the power in it's throbbing. She threw her hands around Chris, feeling his immensely
    hard buns. They were like steel; it was like touching a bowling ball. She tried to take the
    entire penis in her mouth but that was impossible. She had been able to do that with
    John but with Chris, the sheer size of it would make the penis go half way down her

    Chris grabbed the back of her head and started thrusting it in her mouth. He started with
    slow thrusts and then with fast jabs. Kate was loving every bit of it. He was careful not
    to shove his dick in, a long way; he knew he was gifted. Slowly his body started to
    shake as he came in torrents filling her mouth with loads and loads of semen. The sheer
    quantity of it made her mouth full and streams of his semen started running down her
    mouth. He was surprised as she gamely lapped it all up. She sucked and licked his penis
    dry of semen.

    Suddenly she felt a strong muscular hand grab her face from behind. She turned in the
    direction and was pleasantly surprised to see Serena. Without any word, Serena
    grabbed her sides and lifted her up in her arms.

    'It's just the beginning, Kate,' she said seductively. Kate was scared at the ease with which
    Serena had lifted her up from the bed. She now realized that Serena had removed her
    top and was now butt naked. Her shoulders were immensely wide with thickly ridged
    muscles and her arms were very well muscled.

    Being cradle-carried as if she was a baby was very exciting for Kate. John had never
    been able to carry her so effortlessly. Serena was also excited at the smoothness of
    Kate's young, hot body. Still carrying Kate in her arms, Serena knelt forward on the
    bed. She laid Kate down on the soft mattress and started to lick her face. She ran her
    rather long tongue all over Kate's face before kissing her full on her lips. Kate
    responded to Serena's kisses with gay abandon; whimpering and moaning loudly.

    She grabbed Serena's thickly muscled back and fastened her mouth on one of her
    swollen nipple. The sight of Serena's large pecs and the roundness of her breasts was
    too much for Kate. She started to suck on her nipples like a starved infant.

    In between the sucking and licking, Serena's cell started to ring. Serena made a face of
    intense frustration but still answered it. It might have been important as she excused
    herself from the orgy and left the room. Kate looked at Chris with hooded eyelids,
    inviting him with his eyes. Chris was only too happy to oblige, his erection was still
    strong as he had been witnessing the lesbian scene.

    He surveyed Kate's trimmed pussy with interest. Kate was already lying on her back; her
    cunt engorged with blood pumping and dripping wet. As he advanced, she raised her
    slim, sexy legs and rested them over his muscular shoulders. He bent forward and
    pierced the bulbous head of his penis into her cunt. She had never had such an enormous
    penis try to impale her before. Although, he had just inserted the tip of his penis in, her
    outer cunt lips were stretched completely.

    'Ohhh my Gaawd,' she cried as the pain in her pubis became unbearable, 'take it oowt,
    Chrissss.' Her forehead was perspiring and her eyes were squeezed shut with pain.
    'Chriss, you'll tear me apart if you don't....'

    Even though, she had had sex hundreds of times with John, she had never felt such a
    monstrous thing inside her before. John's medium sized penis with half the girth as Chris
    never really forced her insides out. Chris on the other hand felt like a God. He was
    excited beyond sanity. He plunged in with the force of a bullet and Kate screamed
    louder than she had ever in her life. For close to a minute she kept on crying, begging
    him to spare her but as he continued, they settled in a rhythm. Kate was still in pain, but
    was getting aroused slowly, yet steadily. She raised her back as his large nuts started
    thrashing against her hips.

    Her juices were flowing freely now as she felt like she was in a rollercoaster ride against
    which she was powerless. Her body was being pummeled around like a top; Chris'
    strength was too great. Yet she was loving it.

    His tongue began tickling the sides of her neck and working toward her ear lobes. One
    of his hands had grasped her left nipple and was slowly squeezing it, driving waves of
    excitement from her breast toward her stomach. She could feel the fire beginning to
    build in her clit as he began to increase the strokes he used in fucking her. Her toes
    started to curl, her knees began slowly to straighten, her stomach was beginning to
    tighten. She had never been here before. Suddenly, her breath left. The fire from her clit
    met the waves leaving her breasts in the middle of her stomach. Her toes completely
    curled up. Her buttocks heaved in excitement and her legs wrapped around her lover as
    she pulled him harder and harder into her clit. Slowly soft moans began escaping her
    lips. They became louder until she was screaming. She bucked with her lover and her
    whole body spasmed against the climax. She had never had a feeling such as this. She
    thought she would pass out as she lost track of time, space and everything. She felt as if
    she couldn't breathe, yet she could hear screams of joy coming from her mouth. As he
    exploded inside her, she felt herself lift another notch up the climax ladder. "How far
    can this go," she wondered as she screamed louder. She could not quit bucking and
    swaying against the force that was bringing her to this feeling. She wanted it to last
    forever, but it began to subside.

    She could hear the screaming and moaning beginning to subside but the rhythm of
    fucking was still making her pussy and clit cause her to drag her lover deeper and deeper
    into her vagina. Harder and harder, she pulled at him. Slowly, she regained some of her
    consciousness. She could see the sweat on his chest and she began to feel her breaths
    coming in somewhat of a regular fashion. Her lover began to slow his strokes and caress
    her forehead. Slowly his lips found hers and his tongue eased itself into her mouth. The
    spasms in her stomach muscles began to subside and the slow strokes in and out of her
    pussy began to feel like rhythmical interludes. Her toes uncurled and her legs slowly
    dropped to the bed.

    'Looks to me like you enjoyed that,' he said as he lowered himself to the side of her. She
    tried to say something but her throat was so dry, not a sound came out. She felt as if her
    throat was sore as she cleared it trying to get some moisture to her vocal cords.

    'That was wonderful,' she breathed. 'I have never, ever, cum like that before. Where did
    you learn to do all those things?' she asked.

    He smiled his cocky smile and didn't answer. She bit her lip as she realized where she
    was, what she had done.

    Author: Vampire

    2008-03-10 21:48:08 Posted by
    What happened with Serena and Chris together? Anonymous

    2008-03-11 16:41:15 Posted by
    It would have been better if serena stayd Anonymous

    2008-03-20 10:11:11 Posted by
    too clinical with the words. Anonymous

    2008-03-30 17:16:33 Posted by
    some of the words were messed up like her penis should be his penis etc. but very good but what happened? Anonymous

    2009-03-12 15:08:06 Posted by
    yes, agreed a few areas missing, but pretty good anyway. Mike

    2009-05-18 01:36:59 Posted by
    mmmmmmm i'm so fucking wet!

    2009-05-25 10:34:29 Posted by
    Is there a follow up where cuckold hubby is punished and put down by Chris? Chicagomike

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