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    Lactation room

    (Current Rating 82/100, based on 659 votes)

    CRASH!!! "What the hell was that," Andy Ozinski said to himself, as he walked passed the closed office door on his way to the copy machine room! The long corridor was empty, as most of the staff were out to lunch, and Andy wondered who could possibly using the vacant office at this hour. Well who ever it was, they sure as hell were making quite a racket in there, so Andy put his ear to the door, listened for a few moments, and then slowly turned the handle and pushed into the supposedly empty office. What he saw totally floored him, and for several seconds he stood there slack jawed, and quite unable to speak! "I-I-I'm sorry," a red faced Andy stammered, "I heard the glass breaking and just wanted to make sure everything was okay!" The reason for his discomfort was seated in a straight back chair next to some sort of contraption with hoses and wires connected to her chest, it was the new secretary, Donna Wilkens with her breasts exposed!!! "That's all right Mr. Ozinski, I have a new baby at home, and every four hours or so I have to milk by breasts and save it for later," she replied, "but I'm having all sorts of trouble with the stupid machine, and I just knocked a jar of milk on the floor, and well, nothing seems to be working out today!!!" Andy was listening to what Donna Wilkens was saying, but his eyes were riveted to the magnificent tits that sprung from Donna's slim chest! Andy remembered when his own wife, Sheila, was pregnant, but even on her best day, her boobs couldn't have held a candle to Donna's incredible mammaries!!! "Do you think you could check out my breast pump," she asked earnestly, "it seems to have stopped working, and my breasts are starting to hurt from all the milk!?!" "Uh, sure," stammered Andy, "I've never worked on a breast pump before, but I guess I could give it a look!" The closer he got to Donna's chest the harder his pecker became, and he hoped that she wouldn't notice!!! "Let's see what we've got here," he said, as he began checking out the hoses that ran from Donna's dark distended nipples back to the pump unit. After a minute or two of examination Andy offered, "Ahhhh, I see what the problem is, there's a small crack in the suction hose right here, see it!?!" Donna leaned forward to get a better look at the hose, and in the process her boobs jiggled from side to side, making Andy let loose with an audible groan! "Here it is," Andy said softly, "that little crack keeps prevents the machine from making suction, which in turn doesn't allow the milk to be pumped from your breasts!!!" "What am I going to do," Donna said in a half wailing voice, "I've gotta get this milk out of my breasts, they're starting to hurt!?!" "Well," Andy replied, "you're going to have to replace that hose, until then you're out of luck, I'm sorry!!!" Andy turned around and was about to leave when Donna asked, "Do you think you could milk them for me, once at home during a power outage, my husband milked them enough to take the pressure off them!?!" Andy was dumb founded at the request, but as soon as he realized that she was serious, he went over and locked the door, pulled up another chair next to Donna and asked, "How do you milk them?!?" Donna pulled the two suction cups off of her nipples, put a mason jar under one of them and with her free hand showed Andy how to force the milk from her breast! "See, you just gently squeeze just above the nipple and pull it a little, and voila, the milk squirts out!!!" "Now," she ordered, "you try it!" With trembling hands, Andy took hold of one of Donna's nipples and using the same technique she had just demonstrated, he began extracting the milk from her breast! "Hey," he said excitedly, "it's easy, look at how much we have all ready!!!" Donna leaned back in the chair, and relaxed while Andy worked on her breasts while asking, "Am I hurting you," wanting to make sure that everything was okay?!?" "Oh no," she replied, "on the contrary, your fingers feel wonderful, much better than that old breast pump!!!" Andy continued milking the young woman, still unable to believe that she was allowing him to have his way with her spectacular chest! Andy alternated from one breast to another, giving each one a rest from the constant squeezing and pulling, and he was just about to ask Donna how much more they needed to extract when he heard the unmistakable sound of a woman who was sexually excited! Donna had made a soft moan and unconsciously pressed her thighs together, sure indicators that she was highly aroused!!! Licking his lips, which had now become very dry, Andy decided to take a chance and without even asking, he leaned over and took a dark nipple into his mouth! "Oh, god," Donna groaned, "you do that so well!!!" "Sweet jesus," Andy thought, "I don't believe this is happening to me," as he slurped on Donna's chest!!! "Andy, dear," she cooed softly, "suck some milk from my nipples, it turns me on so much to breast feed a man!!!" Andy didn't need another invitation, and using his lips and tongue he drew hard on the puffy nipple, and incredibly his mouth was flooded with sweet tit milk!!! Donna hissed loudly as he nursed harder and harder, while he alternated between the two dark nipples!!! "Andy," she asked again, "would you do me a favor!?!" By now Andy would have walked over burning coals for this big titted bitch, and he pulled away long enough to pant, "Anything, you just name it!!!" "Andy darling," she went on, "my vagina is so wet and squishy, and you suck so well, do you think you could suck my vagina for me!?!" Andy, now delirious with lust, didn't even reply, but instead reached under Donna's skirt and pulled off her lacy pink panties, while the big tittied bitch moaned again, spreading her legs wide, and asked in a pleading voice, "Please, Andy, do me now, please do me now!!!" The musky aroma of wet pussy filled his nostrils, which of course had the immediate effect of turning his pecker into a piece of blue steel! Donna's pussy was a mass of tangled black pubic hair with a bright pink pair of lips running right down the middle it! Andy nosed around the out side of pussy while savoring the sweet smell of an aroused vagina, while Donna squirmed her ass around, trying in vain to get Andy to make contact with her protruding clit!!! He teased her for a few moments more, before burying his tongue deep into her love canal, and almost the instant his tongue made connected with her throbbing clitoris, Donna arched her back, took her huge chest in her hands, and seconds later was engulfed by a shattering orgasm!!! "Oh, Andy," she moaned loudly, "you are the best tit-clit sucker I've ever had!!!" Andy bored in hard, making sure that her orgasm was over before he removed his mouth from her split wide apart organ! "Andy," she asked breathlessly, "would you show it to me, please!?!" Andy fairly leaped to his feet and with shaking hands opened up his trousers and extracted his seven inches of thick gristle!!! "Oh my," she said softly, "what a beautiful erection, may I suck it for you, please!?!" Andy stepped closer, so Donna didn't have to stretch, and seconds later the head of his cock was surrounded by the softest, sweetest mouth he had ever felt and he panted, "Oh, god, suck it harder!!!" It seemed that her mouth went into overdrive, and Andy's pecker was getting the sucking of its life!!! Looking down at her sweet innocent face, huge chest, and wide open crotch was just too much for Andy to take, and the only warning that Donna got was a low moan that became a crescendo as his balls emptied their sperm into her sucking mouth!!! As his cum blasted into her throat, she reached down to her pussy, and with two or three hard fast strokes on her clit, she had another orgasm that coincided with his own!!! All Andy could say was, "Wow!!!", while Donna just lay there and savored the feeling that still pulsed through her groin!!! "Andy put his pecker back into his pants and said, "Now make sure you replace that hose, and I think your pump will work just fine!" She rolled her head to face him and replied sweetly, "Mmmmmmm, I will, but I think you'd better check it out for me tomorrow to make sure it works, okay!!!" Andy smiled down at her and answered, "Yeah, good idea!!!"

    2006-08-19 07:27:18 Posted by
    Thanks, I loved it! Anonymous

    2007-10-15 23:48:37 Posted by
    naughty hmmm

    2007-12-27 13:03:48 Posted by
    that was delicious my cock is so fucking hard sexii

    2008-01-13 14:13:53 Posted by
    helped me pump my own tits milkyones

    2008-01-13 14:14:15 Posted by
    helped me milk my own tits! wettits

    2008-01-18 00:07:57 Posted by
    I'm wet from reading that..very hot sammy

    2008-02-01 17:44:37 Posted by
    Wonderful! Read my stories on Land of Milk and Honey. Summer xx Anonymous

    2008-03-02 13:00:21 Posted by
    Wow,, i wish sumone milk me like that all time.. i stopped feeding my 5 mnth baby last week.. and hell i cant stop producing milk.. i just love when my husband sucks my tits... but now hes 2 busy.. i cant find ny guy who appreciates my milking tits.... dchick

    2008-04-07 04:08:31 Posted by
    If i get a chance like that i will pump her ass also thund

    2008-04-07 09:14:08 Posted by
    Wow! I just tried to do the same thing with my friend's wife. Its a great success Leon

    2008-04-28 17:47:00 Posted by
    need more milking stories!!! Anonymous

    2008-06-05 14:07:30 Posted by
    well that was great and it made my nipples get damn hard and my milk going, lol. I hope to have more like that soon!!! Anonymous

    2008-06-23 22:20:00 Posted by
    dhick I'll help you out. Where are all the milking teats? Best sex I ever had was with woman with milk. Hotter than hot.... clittytittylicker

    2008-06-25 19:36:06 Posted by
    whoa dick

    2008-07-14 01:25:30 Posted by
    sexy.........veryy sexxy p

    2008-09-12 20:22:10 Posted by
    really funny, I liked it Boobstar

    2008-10-19 15:15:12 Posted by
    got a rock hard cock now! perv

    2008-11-04 14:24:15 Posted by
    nice one !!!!!!!!!!!! rajbi

    2008-11-10 21:52:03 Posted by
    My cock began dripping sticky pre-cum by the time I got to the second paragraph. By the time I finished reading how, with dripping milky tits she sucks him off, that did it for me. How I wish to have such a woman, full of milk and a wonderful cocksucker! Anonymous

    2008-11-16 14:15:11 Posted by
    awesome story dude...i smothered myself in my wife's huge lactating tits after readng it.. bob

    2009-01-12 11:40:25 Posted by
    hey!it made my nipples hard... jiah

    2009-01-15 14:40:35 Posted by
    so so so so so baaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaad besbes

    2009-01-20 10:20:21 Posted by
    i want milk too Anonymous

    2009-07-16 11:49:20 Posted by
    thats one hell of a lucky bastard
    god i wish i could be him

    2009-07-29 06:58:18 Posted by
    milk............. milk

    2009-08-09 15:18:41 Posted by
    Hi I wish I could suck you up. Best hot story. Bapi

    2009-08-15 10:45:02 Posted by
    wish i culd find a milkin tit

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