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    Let me show you something

    (Current Rating 80/100, based on 446 votes)

    “Kate was lying outside in the back yard soaking up some sun. Her yard was private so she slipped off her top to avoid tan lines. She started to get warm and decided it was time for a break. Besides, she needed to get some groceries in the house and thought this would be a good time of day to avoid the grocery store rush.

    Not wanting to fuss much over herself, she slipped on a short skirt, a white blouse and some sandals. She didn’t bother putting a bra on because she had planned to come back home after shopping and do some more tanning in the yard. She threw her hair into a quick ponytail and jumped in the car.

    The store wasn’t very crowded and Kate buzzed through like a pro. She picked up her husband’s favorite items for when he came home from his business trip. She was anxious for him to come home. It seemed to Kate that Don was gone a lot these days and she seemed to be getting used to the empty house and the lonely dinners.

    Kate wheeled the cart to the car and started loading the bags into the trunk when she heard a familiar voice call to her from across the parking lot


    It was John. John was an anatomy professor at the local college and the husband of er best friend Jen. Kate had always liked John. He always seemed to have a pleasant smile and was friendly to Kate whenever she saw him. He was confident, handsome and very intelligent.

    “Hi John, I’m just putting the groceries in the car. How’s Jen doing?”

    “She’s fine. She’s at her mother’s house for the week and I don’t have classes today. Here, let me help you put those groceries in.”

    John lifted the bags into the trunk for Kate as he flashed her one of his famous smiles. He reached over to close the trunk and accidentally caught Kate’s hand on the latch.

    “Ouch!” Kate pulled her hand back and looked at it. John reached out for her hand right away and with a look of horror he began to apologize.

    “I’m so sorry Kate, I didn’t realize your hand was still in the way. Let me help you home with the groceries. Please, it’s the least I can do.”

    John followed Kate home and watched her park the car in the driveway. After Kate got out of the car John opened her trunk for her and began reaching for the bags.

    “Go inside and get some ice on your hand. I’ll bring these in for you.” Kate did exactly that. She went inside, washed off her hand and put a little ice on it. Fortunately the swelling wasn’t bad and her hand really didn’t hurt much. She smiled at her good fortune as she watched John bring in the bags of groceries.

    “Thanks John, but I think I can get it from her. I don’t think there’s any permanent damage.” Kate let out a little laugh and John smiled at her. The two of them stood motionless for a brief moment and Kate couldn’t help but feel mesmerized by John’s beautiful blue eyes.

    “Nonsense!” Let me at least help you put some of this away.” The two of them started to unload boxes, cans and frozen food. Kate opened the freezer and put the ice cream in before it had a chance to melt. She turned around and John was staring at her with a grin on his face that she had not seen before.

    “Kate. Do you know that the mysteries of the body are a fantastic thing?”


    “Your nipples. They are hard and I can see them through your blouse.” John let out a little laugh and Kate was instantly embarrassed.

    “Now Kate! You don’t need to be embarrassed. It was the cold air from the freezer. Here, let me show you something.” John moved closer to Kate and told her to warm her breasts up. She felt uncomfortable but thought to her self that John must know what he was talking about since he was an anatomy professor. She rubbed her breasts with the warm side of her hand and her nipples were soft again.

    “See!” Here, let me show you something else. Did you know there are many things besides the cold air that will make your nipples erect? For instance: If I were to move closer to you…with that John took a few steps closer to Kate until he was almost touching her…..and if I were to whisper softly in your ear….John brushed Kate’s hair to one side and started speaking softly in her ear….and if I were to lightly run my fingers across your breast then your nipples will probably get hard again.”

    Kate tried to back up but the refrigerator was in her way. John was right. Her nipples were getting hard and she felt as if her own body was working against her. “John I don’t think..” But before Kate could finish what she was going to say John backed up and laughed.

    “SEE! I know all about this kind of stuff. Remember, I teach it all day long.” With that John started to put more of the groceries away. Kate got quiet and was hoping that John wouldn’t notice how uncomfortable she was.

    “Oh Kate. You’re not embarrassed again are you? There’s no need to be embarrassed. It’s just the involuntary response of the body to certain stimulus. Let me show you what I mean. Do you have a rope?”

    “I think Don has some rope in the garage but it’s ok, you don’t need to explain anything to me.”

    “Nonsense! It will just take a minute.” John opened the garage door and emerged with the rope. Kate was putting the last of the groceries away and John noticed that she was wearing nothing but a little thong panty as she bent down to put the lettuce in the crisper. John smiled as Kate stood up to see him standing there with the rope in his hand.

    “Here, let me show you something else. If I were to take this rope and rub it harshly against your arm it would feel like a burn.” John ran the rope across Kate’s arm and she pulled away just as it began to sting a little. “Now see how your body responded to that stimulus?”

    “Yes” Kate wasn’t sure where John was going with this but figured this was probably some object lesson that he most likely taught at the college.

    “Now I can take this same rope and run the very end of it over your breast, ever so lightly.” With that John teased her nipples with the end of the rope. “Instead of hurting it feels good and now your nipples are getting hard again aren’t they?”

    “Yes they are but I don’t…” Again John cut Kate off and didn’t let her finish her sentence.

    “Now let me show you something else.” John took Kate by the hand and walked her over to the kitchen table in the corner. “Now lean over the table.” Kate gave John a puzzled look and he insisted, “Go ahead. I want to show you something.” Kate leaned over the table and John pulled the hair tie out of her hair so that her hair spilled over her shoulders. Then he put his hand on her back. He could see the bottom mounds of her soft ass peeking out from her tiny skirt. With one hand on her back he started to talk to her.

    “Right now I have a hand on your back. If I lean over you and whisper again in your ear and I place my other hand on your inner thigh, you will feel a tingling sensation throughout your entire body.” John put his other hand on Kate’s inner thigh and he pressed his stomach against her back. He blew softly in her ear and spoke gently to her. “Now do you feel it?”

    Kate started breathing heavily. She wanted John to stop this line of questioning and his object lesson but at the same time she was enjoying the tingling that John had caused her body to feel.

    “You’re breathing gets heavier and your body starts to tingle, doesn’t it Kate?”

    “Yes it does” Kate wanted to run but didn’t want to move all at the same time.

    John pulled away from her and told her to stand up again. He looked at her. Her face was flush and he could see that she was excited.

    “Kate the body is an amazing thing. It can go through so many changes in less than an instant. Do you have any pillows?”

    “Pillows?” Why on earth would John need pillows?

    “Yes, I want to show you something.” Kate was torn. She wanted John to show her more but he was her best friends husband and she was married. “Oh come on, surely you have pillows!” John smiled and let out a little laugh.

    “Well of course I have pillows. They’re upstairs in the bedroom. I’ll go get some.”

    “No that’s ok, I’ll come with you and just show you something real quick.” John followed Kate to her bedroom. He watched her walk up the stairs and he could see her sweet cheeks again, peeking out from her little skirt.

    The bedroom was fairly bright with white linen on the bed. Kate was a good housekeeper and everything seemed to be so tidy. John looked around the room and flashed Kate a smile. “You and Don have a lovely bedroom Kate.”

    “Thank you.” Kate reached for the pillows and John stopped her.

    “No Kate. Let me show you something. Lay down on your bed and rest your head comfortably on the pillows.” Kate didn’t know why she was letting John talk her into this but figured it would be ok since he didn’t seem to be serious about doing anything “inappropriate” with her. She adjusted herself on the bed and put her head on the pillows.

    “Are you comfortable?”


    “Now let me show you this. Close your eyes for a moment.” Kate closed her eyes. “Remember the rope and how it felt when we ran it across your breasts?”


    “Now feel this.” John reached for Kate’s hands and wrapped the rope around them. He whispered to her as he did so. “Remember the tingling sensation you felt as you were bending over the table?” Kate started to open her eyes and John whispered to her. “No, no. Keep your eyes closed.” John tied Kate’s hands together and pulled them above her head. He tied the other end of the rope to the headboard on the bed. Kate started to get panicky and tried to pull her hands away but John was too fast and too strong. He straddled Kate and leaned down to whisper in her ear. “Don’t fight against the ropes Kate because it only excites your body more. That tingling feeling you felt downstairs is probably happening to you again. Do you feel it? It’s building up in between your legs and your probably feeling a little moist right about now. Aren’t you?”

    Kate hated to admit it but John was right. She was tingling and she could feel herself getting wet. “Yes John but please, can we stop now? Can you untie the ropes?”

    “Kate? The body is an amazing thing. I can untie the ropes but your body doesn’t want me to. Let me show you what I mean.” As John straddled Kate he sat up on her. He reached for her blouse and slowly started to unbutton it. He took his time with each button and he spoke softly to her. “ It’s an amazing thing. The combination of you hearing my voice and feeling my hands unbutton your blouse, gets you excited. You have no way of knowing what’s going to happen to you next and that makes you wet, doesn’t it?”

    “It does.” Kate started to feel warm all over as John finished with the last button and exposed her soft breasts to the cool air. Her nipples hardened and she could feel him brush the tips of his fingers across her breasts.

    “You see it isn’t just you that gets excited by the stimulation. Let me show you something.” John unzipped his pants and slipped his cock out. He was mostly hard and Kate took a deep breath. “Now don’t be worried. This is quite natural. There’s now way I could keep this from happening when I have such a sweet body under my hands.” John stroked his cock a few times and then leaned over Kate and rubbed her breasts with his hard cock. He whispered in her ear. “There are things you can do too that will cause a person to have an involuntary response from their body.” With that John rose up and moved his cock to Kate’s mouth. “Go ahead, give it a little taste. Kiss it a little and see what happens to it.”

    “John no!” Kate wanted to but she was afraid.

    “Oh now, go ahead. It’s nothing to be worried about. Right now I bet you’re pussy is getting wet with anticipation and I can tell you want to taste it because you’re breathing is shallow and you’re starting to get warm.” John placed his cock on her lips and pressed it firmly against them until she opened her mouth for him and licked him. He slipped the tip of his cock into her mouth and she began sucking lightly on him. Her tongue moved slowly around the head of his cock and he got even harder than he already was. After a few moments John pulled his cock out of her mouth and smiled at her. “See, you stimulated my cock and now it’s harder.”

    John moved down on Kate and slowly pushed her skirt up. He stared at her for a moment and that playful smile that he had on his face earlier was disappearing. “Let me see how wet you’ve become.” He ran his hands very slowly up her skirt and along her inner thighs. “Your body likes it when I do this, doesn’t it.”

    Kate closed her eyes and moaned in anticipation. She wanted him to feel how wet she was now. “Yes.”

    John slipped her panties off. They were soaking wet. He smiled. “You see you’re no different than anyone else. You respond so well to stimuli Kate. I think you’re a natural.” John looked Kate dead in the eyes and spoke firmly to her. “In a moment I’m going to slide my fingers inside of you and play with your wet pussy and you’ll enjoy it and get wetter and wetter. You won’t be able to stop me and that’s just going to make you all the more excited. And then, just when you think you can’t get any more excited, I’m going to lick you. I’ll run my tongue across that wet pussy and I’ll tease your clit with it.”

    Just as Kate was paying attention to everything that John was saying, he firmly slid a finger deep into her as he stared deeply into her eyes. She moaned and John whispered to her some more. “That’s it. Enjoy it.” He pushed his finger into her pussy and pulled it out. He did it over and over and then stopped and slid two fingers into her. He banged against her with his hand and then finally pulled his fingers out. He tickled her clit and she moaned a little more. Then he stopped and put his body firmly on top of hers. He pushed her hair aside and kissed her ears. She could feel his cock getting harder as he pressed it against her belly. “You’re getting wetter just as I knew you would. You respond so well Kate. Now I’m going to lick you like I promised and I want you to feel how tingly you get.

    John sat back up and straddled Kate again. This time he took off his shirt and she could see his muscles tighten up. He scooted down and placed himself between her legs. “Open your legs wider for me Kate.” She opened her legs and he put his hands on her inner thighs. His fingers slightly touching her butt and his lips gently kissed the outside of her wet pussy. He looked up at her for a moment and smiled an almost wicked smile. Then he dipped back down and started to tease her clit with his tongue. A finger found it’s way into her pussy as he licked on her and teased her. First slowly, then faster and firmer.

    With no warning John stopped what he was doing and looked up at her. “You’re breathing heavy now. Relax. In a moment I’m going to give you the tingling sensation of a lifetime. Let me show you what I mean.” He grabbed her inner thighs again and this time he held her legs firmly as he sucked and licked her clit. Within a few moments a warm sensation filled Kate’s entire body. She didn’t want what was going to happen to happen but she couldn’t stop it. She let out a loud moan and as her body filled with warm tingles all over, her pussy started to contract and she reached an orgasm. John didn’t stop and it was driving Kate mad.

    “Please, please John! No more!” John slowly stopped. His tongue moved away from her clit and he kissed the inside of her thighs. Kate lay there drenched in the heat. John moved away from Kate and stood near the side of the bed. He took his pants off and stood there looking at her.

    “Let me show you something Kate. You see you’re not the only one who gets stimulated. Your tight blouse and no bra? That little skirt with those beautiful cheeks peering out? Your soft skin? Really Kate! You have to know that my body can only take so much too. Now It’s my turn to take that stimulation to its final stage.”

    John climbed back onto the bed. He ran one hand up to Kate’s face, stroked her cheek then wrapped his fingers around her hair and pulled her head back slightly. With his other hand he pushed her legs apart and pushed his hard cock into her tight pussy. He moved his cock in and out slowly. “Take all of it. Feel my hard cock inside of you and enjoy it.” Kate moaned and John pounded her a little harder. He pulled on her hair a little harder and within a few moments the tingling in his own body became more than he could handle. Kate could feel his cock swell inside of her and she squeezed her tight pussy around him. “Now let me show you this!” With that John plunged as deep into Kate as he could and she could feel his cum squirting inside of her. She tightened her pussy around him and he held her firmly down on the bed. He moaned with pleasure as he let all of his cum fill her.

    John draped over Kate. His breathing was shallow and fast and he was warm with the rush of passion. As he lay on top of her he kissed her nipples and slid two fingers inside her full pussy. He let his body calm down and then he sat up again, pulling his fingers out from inside her.

    He started to run his hands along Kate’s body then he stood up, put his pants on and began untying the ropes that held Kate’s hands above her head.

    “You see Kate. The body is an amazing thing”

    Author: Natsy

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