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    Lori and the Stranger

    (Current Rating 46/100, based on 476 votes)

    Lori began fantasizing about having sex with a man she had just met a few months ago, without knowing anything about him, not even his name. I had fantasized about watching her with another man, seeing her body arch in orgasm with somebody else's cock spurting into her.

    She had confessed to the fantasy one night when the drinks had flowed freely; Lori had responded with her fantasy, and by the time we quit talking our clothes were scattered around the bedroom. The sex was better than it had been in a long time —and it had always been good.

    We had been to the club several times. The last time we came we pretended we didn't know each other, and I "picked her up." We had sex in the car before going home for more, and it was exciting, but it was only pretend and we both felt a little silly. At home in bed, I suggested that she pick up a real stranger next time. She was scared, but the idea turned her on. I was in her, stroking strongly, and when her climax neared she agreed. We climaxed together, and in the night she got up and masturbated to another orgasm, thinking of anonymous strangers.

    She bought a dress. It was black, and very tight. She couldn't wear a bra with it, because it was backless, with a halter top that showed the sides of her perky breasts. The skirt was short and tight, but in a fit of bravery she shortened it even more. If she bent or sat down she would show everything. She looked sexy in it, and she wondered if she'd have the nerve to wear it. I loved it. Plus, I didn't want her to wear panties, but that was going too far. "If I meet a guy I'll put them in my handbag," she said, "and let them hang out a little. That can be our signal."

    We drove to the club with my hands between her legs. I could tell that she was thinking, ‘How can I do this? I can't just pick up some guy and fuck him in the parking lot! What if nobody wants me? What if some guy offers me money? What if Harry gets jealous...? But my finger was moving on her clit through her panties, and I kept her aroused. And when she reached over, my cock was hard. Maybe it will work. Oh God wouldn't that would be hot.... We parked in the back corner of the lot, just as we had planned.

    "Honey are you sure...?" I don't think I want to do this. Maybe he'll change his mind and I won't have to....

    "Go on... It'll be so hot... geez you look so sexy...!

    Reluctantly, Lori got out of the car. "I'll give you five minutes and then I'll come in," I said. I watched her walk toward the club, ass swaying as she walked in her 4-inch heels, trying to pull her skirt down, and knew it was going to be the night of our lives.

    Lori sat at the bar, carefully crossing her legs, and looked around. There were a lot of guys trying to catch her eye, but nobody who really turned her on. Then a tall slim guy slid onto the stool next to her and the juices started to flow. "Hi," he said. "Tell me you don't have a jealous husband with big muscles." He grinned, and she grinned back at him, but she could feel herself trembling.

    "No jealous husband," she answered. This stranger was a little over six feet tall, with a nicely muscled body.

    "Buy you a drink?" Lori swallowed the rest of her wine-cooler and nodded. The guy looked good: kind of tough-looking. Nice eyes. Good shoulders. He signalled the bartender and turned back to her.

    "My name is—"

    "I don't want to know. And you don't want to know mine. Ships in the night, know what I mean...?" She smiled, looking at him, and she licked his lips.

    "Yeah," he said. His eyes went down her body. Very short, very tight red dress. Long smooth legs crossed, sandals with very high heels showing hot pink toenails. She was looking at him, too: Flat stomach under the white tee. Tight jeans with a bulge down one leg. This could be it, she thought, and her heart pumped. When he asked her to dance she only nodded, not trusting her voice.

    On the floor they slipped into a rhythm with each other. It was as if their bodies were connected by the music, and now, after dancing with him, Lori knew she really, really wanted him. She took a deep breath. Her heart was pounding with excitement: she had never been so brazen before. The man's eyes were fixed on her.

    But what a thrill! For both of them, it seemed. In the ringing silence after the music reached a pounding crescendo and stopped, she saw a bulge down the leg of his jeans. Lori looked up at him and saw nothing but his eyes. She trembled a little, but the decision was made, and when he said, "The next one will be a slow dance," she moved into his arms.

    I was at the bar, watching as Lori danced with this guy. Oh, I am so hot! The stranger's arms slid down to her waist while hers went around his neck. Her body melted into his and she savoured the feeling of his body moving against her naked breasts. Their feet hardly moved as they swayed together and Lori tilted her head back for his kiss. Their mouths opened, his tongue thrust, and she moaned into his mouth. I'm gonna fuck him. I am going to fuck this guy. Tonight, she thought.

    One of his hands cupped a breast. Her nipple hardened immediately and he tweaked it, making her gasp and hump her hips against him. She took one arm from around his neck and slid it between them. The hardness down his leg was bigger now and she moaned softly, rubbing it. Oh, it's warm. Oh it's big ... Ohh I want it in me! God, have I ever been this wet before?

    His hands slid to her ass, lifting her skirt until it was around her waist. She heard somebody whistle softly and knew they had an audience. Thong panties divided her cheeks, hid almost nothing. She moaned again and pressed closer to the man, her hand squeezing the cock under his jeans. I'd fuck him right here on the dance floor!

    The music stopped and they stood still for a moment, mouths locked, with her skirt exposing her bottom. When they moved apart Lori tugged her skirt down and pulled her halter top up. As they walked slowly toward the bar she saw me, at the end of the bar, licking her lips. He had his hand in his lap. He's hiding a hard-on, Lori guessed. That settles it. (As if it weren't settled already!) "I have to go to the Ladies room," she said. "Don't go away."
    He grinned. "Are you kidding me?"

    In the bathroom Lori waited for a stall. Her legs felt weak and she could feel her heart beating fast. I'm going to give myself to this man and I don't even know his name! I'm really going to do it! It was crazy — but she was so hot...

    In the stall she pulled up her skirt and took off her panties (They are so wet!) and stuffed them into her handbag, then crouched slightly, spreading her legs, and rubbed between them. Her finger slid in her wetness, and she moaned softly, I am such going to get laid!

    Stepping out of the stall, Lori touched up her lipstick. In the dimness outside the bathroom she pulled her panties halfway out of her handbag. It was obvious where they were, and she took a deep breath then walked back to the bar.

    Passing me, she ignored me and strolled directly to the stranger. He grinned at her, then he noticed her bag, with her panties hanging out of it and his eyes widened. "I'm back," she said as she moved closer, almost straddling his knee and slowly rubbing her cunt against it. "Let's get outta here."

    "Yeah..." They walked to the door with their arms around each other, rubbing hips. Lori noticed that I was gone: I would be waiting in the dark behind their car where I could watch. She pointed: "My car's over there," she said, "in the back corner."

    As they walked his hand moved down to cup her butt. Oh my God, she thought, I'm gonna fuck him! I'm really gonna fuck this guy! Oh shit, I'm gonna....

    He put her up on the hood of a car and stood between her legs. It wasn't her car, but it was near by, and she knew I could see. She put her arms around the strangers neck and moaned as his tongue fucked her mouth.

    She went for his belt. It came open; she pulled the zipper down and then his underwear. Suddenly his cock was in her hand. Big. Warm. Hard. She stroked it, and when he broke the kiss she looked down at it. It curved up and to the left, seeming as thick as her wrist. The veins stood out and the head was huge. She wanted it inside but he backed away a step and she saw him looking between her legs. "No panties, she whispered, kicking her shoes off."

    "I know... they're hanging out of your purse."

    She raised her knees, putting her feet on the car. "That was so you would know", she whispered.

    "Now fuck me... please." She lay back.

    He walked into her, his cock swinging ahead of him. She put her legs around him and guided his cock inside. They both moaned as he entered her, and when he started to move she couldn't catch her breath ... she shuddered and finally found breath for a suppressed scream. Her back arched with her explosive climax, and her hands tried to find purchase on the slick surface of the car's hood.

    But he didn't stop or even slow down and she grunted with every stroke as his belly slammed her clit. The feeling was rising in her again and she heard herself babbling: "fuck me, oh God fuck me, it's so fucking good I can't stand it, oh shit, oh shit, oh your cock is so—, oh my God I'm gonna cum again!" Then she screamed, spasming, thrashing in a long, pounding orgasm that left her gasping.

    And still he fucked her, pounding into her until he grunted, groaned, spurted once— and pulled out of her. "Nooo," she moaned! Open-mouthed, she watched his cock jump as it spurted again and again. Some went in her mouth, some landed on her dress, some fell on her belly like warm rain.

    He stepped back again and pulled his clothes together, looking at her spread wide and wet. "You are one hot girl," he panted. Her legs still in a slutty sprawl, Lori pushed herself to her elbows. I did it! I picked up a total stranger and fucked him ... and oh my God it was good! One hand went between her legs, and she hoped I would be so turned on he would take her home and fuck her blind.

    2006-11-30 05:47:27 Posted by
    What the story dont say is that afterwards he fucked hubby as well!!! sixty

    2007-10-08 21:36:47 Posted by
    Good story but the author needs an editor for grammar and spelling. fuckmegood

    2007-10-14 07:52:17 Posted by
    The hubby should have joined in and fucked the piss out of slut lori Anonymous

    2007-10-21 19:02:30 Posted by
    difficult to read but love the story, it explains the mess on my hood that night. vern

    2007-12-31 18:16:31 Posted by
    would of liked to here how good or how hubby was after did he eat the guys cum out of her slutty pussy or did she go back in the club while hubby sucked of the stud then smack the shit out of her when he went back in and she was in the mens room with a line out to the parking lot while she took 3 men in a stall at a time yes ass mouth pussy fucked all at once the licker

    2008-06-29 12:48:30 Posted by
    in the 4th paragraph she bought a black dress, later on in the story shes wearing a RED dress.. hmmmm guess she didnt like black... Anonymous

    2008-07-09 16:05:28 Posted by
    Nt that gud needs more intrest to read this Googer

    2008-08-08 06:36:51 Posted by
    yea I picked up the odd coloured dress too
    Black then Red

    2008-11-08 22:20:41 Posted by
    Luv the story but the hubby should have fucked the hell out of her Monk

    2008-12-13 16:41:01 Posted by
    Hey,that was my girlfriend Anonymous

    2009-05-28 15:48:01 Posted by
    I was also was a black short gown at first,I wonder what turned it to red later on...its a good story but never ended well...

    2009-07-03 01:11:44 Posted by
    was it a skirt or dress i like both i bet she has hot legs

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