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    Married Bliss

    (Current Rating 81/100, based on 123 votes)

    The wedding had gone perfectly. Everybody seemed to enjoy themselves and after all the excitement the 18 year old couple, Jan & Rob, were pleased to be able to go upstairs to separate rooms and change, ready to drive to the secret Hotel for the first night of their honeymoon. Both came from Church-going families where morals had been a high priority, resulting in Jan having maintained the all-important virginity despite pleadings from Rob on a number of occasions when they were alone. She had occasionally let him to fondle her breasts – outside her blouse – and on one evening shortly before the wedding she had been out to a Pub with him and very nearly succumbed to his manual explorations when they were parked in a lay-by on the way home. Guiltily she had allowed him access to the sacred territory above her knees and when his hand reached the bare flesh above her stockings, she had experienced a temptation to let him continue, but with supreme self-control and a fear that she would be ‘Damned for ever’, she had pleaded with him to stop. Rob had become quite angry and when he delivered her to her door, admitted that he had had an unfortunate accident in his pants at the point when she had resisted him. Jan was ignorant of the pressures young virile men felt and had kissed him ‘Goodnight’ without really understanding what had happened.
    Now at last they were married, and without any fears of being branded “immoral”, her virginity would be taken by her new husband. That all sounded fine in theory but Jan had received scant advice from her Mother – even from the days when puberty was Jan’s concern; at that time a small pamphlet had been left in her bedroom explaining the problems for a growing girl, and now she had been given a rather ancient book, entitled ‘Marital Harmony’ that Mother had borrowed from a fellow member of the Women’s Institute. Jan had read it carefully, but the out-of-date contents had only heightened her concern and left so many questions unanswered. She knew she was duty bound to accept her husband’s intimate caresses and would experience pain & bleeding when he penetrated her for the first time - this did little to pacify her fears. One might have thought that Jan would have gleaned some information from girls at school, but she was an avid academic and had few friends, preferring to study rather than play games or indulge in idle chatter. Her current job as a secretary to a local firm of Accountants gave her little opportunity to extend her sexual knowledge and if her Mother had been less keen on the rapid production of Grandchildren, Jan might just have been told a little more about conjugal bliss, or even been dissuaded from marrying quite so young.
    So it was that after changing into her ‘Going Away’ outfit, that included some extremely expensive silk underwear, and sitting alongside Rob in the car as they drove away from the cheering family crowd, she felt anything but excited about the next stage of her marriage. She had not fully understood some of the cryptic telegrams read out at the reception, & certain lewd comments shouted by Rob’s friends as they departed had upset her; anyway she was tense and had a slight headache from drinking three glasses of Champagne.
    Rob, for his part, was looking forward to the privacy of the Hotel bedroom and already had a modest erection within his new slacks, the pocket of which contained the all-important packets of condoms. He was not greatly experienced but unlike Jan, who had never had another boyfriend, he had enjoyed fairly extensive fondling with a number of girls and on one occasion had been given rather messy oral relief by the girl from the local Pizza parlour.
    At the Hotel they registered with some embarrassment as ‘Mr & Mrs. Walton’ and booked a table for dinner. This left about three hours for something that Rob had been waiting a long time for.
    Once in the room he took his bride in his arms and kissed her passionately, suggesting that they unpacked immediately.
    Rob tossed everything from his case into one drawer and sat on the bed watching Jan carefully stow her clothes in the chest, drawer by drawer.
    “Come on” he said impatiently, “It’ll be time for dinner if we don’t get a move on”
    Jan looked at him with a blank expression, “Why the hurry?”
    “Why d’you think?” he leered at her.
    “What, now?” she had the look of a frightened rabbit, “Before dinner? – I thought we’d wait …until, well, … tonight”
    “Not so likely, I’ve been waiting a long time for this. You go in there and I’ll get ready in here”
    Jan realised there was no escape for her and gathering up her new nightdress and toilet bag she went into the plush bathroom, locking the door.
    Rob undressed quickly and after placing a packet of condoms on the side table, leapt into bed to await his bride. She seemed to take ages, but eventually the door opened and she emerged, carrying her clothes & clad in an embroidered long white nightie.
    The expression of abject fear had been replaced by a very sorrowful look and Rob saw she was crying.
    “Don’t worry, darling, it’ll be all right” he tried to assure her.
    “It won’t…it’s not that,” sobbed Jan, as she dumped her clothes on the chair.
    “Then what?” he asked, a questioning expression on his face.
    “I don’t know how to tell you,” she wept, sitting on the bed facing away from him.
    He reached over to put a comforting hand on her shoulder, “Come on, surely you can tell me”
    In a soft whisper she turned her tear-streaked face to him, “I’ve come on”
    “Sorry?” Rob queried.
    “I’ve started my period – it must be the excitement and the tension of everything”
    “Oh bloody hell” he exclaimed, thumping the bed with his fist “Just my luck”
    “I couldn’t help it – it’s not supposed to be due for another ten days – and I’ve ruined my lovely wedding knickers” she blubbered, “But I do love you Rob, and I can still cuddle you tonight”
    “That won’t make this any better,” he almost shouted, throwing back the duvet and revealing his rigid eight-inch erection.
    Jan’s gaze focussed on the wavering weapon that stood out like a beacon from between his thighs.
    The sight of her first erect male organ transfixed her, “It’s much bigger than I expected,” she gasped, putting a hand to her mouth.
    “And it was all set to pleasure you” he said tersely, “Are you sure you’re….you know”
    “Oh yes, I’ve had to use a thingy to make sure I don’t mark the bed. – and I’ve only got one until I can get some more in the morning”
    Rob’s brain was working overtime, but he calmed down, feeling genuinely sorry for Jan, “Come here and get under the duvet” he said kindly, an idea forming in his head.
    Jan climbed in alongside him and he immediately embraced her, his hand going inside the top of the voluminous nightie and cupping her breast. He kissed her hard and looked down at her as he continued to caress the full breast, feeling the nipple harden.
    “That’s not hurting, is it?” he asked solicitously.
    “No” she whispered, shivering as little shocks ran from her chest to her groin “But you mustn’t touch me anywhere else”
    “But you could” he encouraged, taking one of her hands and moving it down his body.
    She pulled it away, horrified, “I couldn’t Rob, it’s not nice”
    “It would be for me,” he said, forcing her hand as far as his pubic hair and finding it stayed there, “Of course you can touch me – you’re my wife, aren’t you?”
    Jan remained silent, her eyes averted, feeling the bristly bush under her fingers.
    Rob kicked back the duvet and turned on his back, grabbing her hand again and putting it right on the warm barrel of firm flesh, “Just hold it gently” he encouraged, his hand returning to massage her nipple.
    She trembled suddenly, “It’s sort of leaking and it’s all slippery,” she said, her expression implying revulsion.
    “That’s because you’re turning me on, you silly girl, it won’t hurt – that’s what would have made it easier for you … down there”
    She snatched her hand away, “But you can’t go near there, I’ve told you” she said in an exasperated tone.
    “I know, I know,” he said, “Stop being so nervous – and put you hand back - I like it”
    He kissed her again, “You could always take your nightie off” he suggested, “Then we could cuddle properly”
    Jan hesitated, “I suppose so – I’ve got panties on – just to be safe” and she let go of him, sat up, and lifted the garment over her head with some discomfort at the thought of Rob seeing her almost totally naked.
    “That’s better” he smiled at her, “Now I can see my wife properly. You’re rather beautiful and really sexy” and he bent his head to kiss the erect nipple.
    Jan shuddered & closed her eyes as she realised this intimate caress was rather pleasant – in fact it produced rather a disturbing sensation and her breathing quickened.
    Rob stroked her face and having kissed her again, looked at her with a serious expression, “You do want to make me happy, don’t you?”
    “Of course I do, darling, it’s just that I can’t” she said sorrowfully.
    “Oh yes you can” he said, “But you’ll have to trust me. I promise that what I want you to do isn’t weird or unnatural”
    She looked up at him with an apprehensive expression, “What is it?”
    “Well to start with you’ll have to sit up,” he said, putting a hand behind her back.
    Jan moved and Rob told her to replace her hand where he could feel it pleasuring him.
    “Now, hold it carefully and bend over so that you can give him a nice kiss”
    Jan turned to him abruptly, “Oh no…I couldn’t possibly…not there…it’s all horrid and sticky…. It’d make me sick”
    “Just try it once and see” he said quietly, putting a hand on her head to encourage her.
    She slowly lowered her head towards the erection, holding it tightly in her hand.
    “Don’t hold it too hard, it’s very sensitive” he cautioned, “Just a little kiss…please”
    She knew she couldn’t avoid it now, and pursed her lips to touch the wet tip of the circumcised organ. As she did so, it jerked in her hand and she let go.
    “There, you see, you’ve just made it even bigger, because being kissed there makes me excited” Rob gasped.
    He saw Jan run her tongue over her lips, “The taste isn’t horrid – it’s sort of…. salty” she said in surprise.
    “Then I’d like another one”
    She bent over again and this time let her lips linger for a few seconds before sitting up and giving him a strange look, “ When I do it, I get a funny feeling in my tummy … well, sort of … lower down” she said.
    “It’s a nice feeling though, isn’t it?” he asked, kneading her breast & nipple.
    “Well, yes – and that does it as well” She looked almost guilty and bit her lip.
    “Go on then, again” he urged, “While I touch your sexy titty”
    As she did so, she felt the sensation surge through her again and opened her mouth in an involuntary gasp, just as Rob gave a tiny thrust upwards, resulting in the first inch of his prick going between her lips.
    “Oh yeeess, darling, do that again” he moaned, “You’re really making aroused now”
    The sensations Jan was feeling – or the effects of the Champagne - seemed to quell her inhibitions and she bent again with an open mouth, tasting the dribbling pre-cum that oozed from him and deciding it was not such a repulsive task after all.
    She sat up, panting slightly, “What will this do if I don’t stop?” she asked innocently.
    “When you’ve ready to try something just a little different, I’ll tell you”
    “Not something else as well” she complained.
    “No” he assured her, “Just listen. If things hadn’t happened – to you – I would be pushing ever so carefully into you, wouldn’t I?”
    “Yes” she said in a whisper, not looking at him “If there was room for that – it’s so huge”
    “Well, your mouth could do just the same as your … other place, and I’ll come inside gently”
    “But it won’t all fit in my mouth,” she said in horror.
    “Of course not – but a bit would – try it … just for me, darling”
    “It’d be easier if I knelt up” she volunteered – suddenly quite keen to please her new husband.
    “OK, whatever is comfy for you”
    She wriggled up and bent her head again, her full breasts hanging down over his chest – exactly in a position where he could cup them both with his hands.
    Encouraged by the gratifying little shivers that ran through her, she took him in her mouth and cautiously closed her lips around him. Almost imperceptibly he started to thrust gently, revelling in the sensations it gave him. Soon she got the rhythm and as her head went down, he pushed up, knowing that he wouldn’t be able to take too much of this most sensual attention.
    He wondered what would happen if he was to cum in her mouth, but thought better of it; after all, he didn’t want to sicken her now she was being so obliging.
    He put a hand on her head, ready to grab her hair when the moment arrived. As he neared his climax, clutching her breast quite hard with one hand he realised that Jan was moaning & writhing as she administered the final strokes.
    He felt the telltale swelling in his scrotum and pulled her head up sharply as his orgasm burst. Blissfully ignorant, she tried to resist him but luckily he stronger, and as his muscles contracted, violent jets of semen spurted upwards and curled over to spatter on her breasts.
    She shrieked in total surprise as his prick convulsed again and again, her eyes wide as she felt his cum warm on her sensitive flesh, running down her cleavage in great off-white rivulets.
    “Oh my God” she blurted out, “It’s amazing. There’s so much of it”
    Rob relaxed, panting heavily, “That’s what happens when you make love to your husband”
    “And all that would have been…..inside me!” she exclaimed.
    “I hope it would have been inside one of those condoms,” he said, grinning up at her wondering face, “We don’t exactly want a family just yet, do we?”
    She looked away with embarrassment, “When I did that, and you were holding my breasts, I thought I felt myself ….well….sort of wet myself. It was ever such a funny feeling”
    “I think you’ve had a nice little climax”
    “What? …when I’m….like this” she said in surprise.
    “I’ll let you into a little secret” he said, cupping her slippery breasts, “Having a period doesn’t stop you having a climax. Maybe one day I’ll prove it”
    “I don’t think so” she replied firmly, “It’d be horribly mucky and not very nice at all”
    “Talking of being dirty, I know someone who needs a shower before dinner” he grinned at her, holding her in a close embrace.
    “I feel much happier now,” commented Jan, “I was so tense when we got here, but all that has made me feel more relaxed. I was even worried to let you see me totally naked”
    “I haven’t – yet” he smiled “But I want to”
    “What? – not while I’m like this, surely?”
    “Why not?” he smiled, “You’re going to have one of those every month during our marriage – except when you’re pregnant – it’s perfectly natural”
    “I suppose you’re right” she admitted, “But Mum’s book said it was a time when husbands didn’t want to be near their wives”
    “Then Mum’s book is way out of date. Not only might you need a little TLC when it’s near, but a man could feel rather turned on by it”
    Jan looked at him in amazement, “I can’t believe that”
    “Well, we’ll see,” said Rob, jumping off the bed, “Now then my girl, it’s time you had that shower and I’m going to have it with you, so get those panties off and come to the bathroom”
    “Just let me be in there alone for a minute, please,” she asked.
    “OK, but don’t be long”
    He heard the toilet flush and her head appeared around the door, “You can come in now” she said in a quiet voice, “And I’ve looked in my toilet bag and found one more thingy, so I’ll be OK until tomorrow”
    He joined her and turned on the shower, noticing she was still wearing her plain cotton panties. He turned and embraced her, reaching to draw the panties down over her pert bum. She didn’t object until he moved away to look at her, when her hands went straight to cover her hairy bush and she blushed bright pink. She felt his flaccid penis push against her hands and drew back, “It’s gone all soft but it’s still ever so big”
    “When a man’s on honeymoon it should be big all the time,” he joked as he helped her step out of the panties.
    Jan climbed into the bath, letting the shower wash his stickiness from her breasts and feeling him join her, standing close behind. She shivered when he started to soap her back and reached around to do the same on her breasts.
    “Uuum, that’s rather nice” she purred, “I think I’m going to like being married”
    He let his soapy hands run over her smooth stomach and made her gasp as he gently washed between her thighs, “You’ve made me have that funny feeling again” she said softly, pushing her bum back against him.
    Rob moved his hands back to her breasts and continued washing them although the movements could better be described as caresses.
    Jan shivered again and gave a low moan, “I feel all warm and cuddly,” she whispered.
    Rob let the water rinse the soap from her & turned off the shower.
    He clambered out of the bath and took the vast bath towel from the rail, wrapping it around her body and helping her onto the bath mat.
    She looked at him with a breathtaking smile and kissed him passionately, “You’re being ever such a kind & thoughtful husband”
    “And you’re a very attractive & sexy wife” he replied, running his fingers lightly down her spine before kissing her again. As he did so, her body swayed against him and the towel fell to the floor. He nibbled her ear lightly, feeling her breath hot on his neck.
    “You’re not soft any more – I can feel” she commented.
    With a swift movement that took her by surprise, Rob put an arm under her thighs and lifted her into his arms, carrying her back into the bedroom and laying her on the bed.
    No longer did she try to cover herself and was oblivious to the fact that she was spreadeagled on her back, legs apart & displaying all her womanly charms to him.
    He looked down at her, a lustful expression in his eyes.
    “I want to make love to you, my darling, and I don’t care about anything other than making you a proper wife – right now” he said, stroking her firm thighs.
    “No buts, just do one tiny thing for me” he pleaded, “I won’t even look,” he added, passing her a handful of tissues from the box on the bedside table.
    She knew exactly what he wanted her to do, but was more frightened of what might happen if she removed the protection than she was of him consummated the marriage.
    “It’ll be all right” he encouraged her gently, “Really it will” and he turned his back to give her privacy for this most intimate of feminine acts. Jan reached hesitantly for the tiny string and pulled gently; it came out easily and she saw it was only slightly soiled. She wrapped it quickly in the tissues and put the bundle on the bedside table.
    “It’s OK now,” she whispered softly, and he turned to her with his swelling erection now standing out proudly.
    Rob sat on the bed beside her. Leaning over to kiss her as he began caressing her breasts in earnest; he bent to kiss the erect nipples and realised she was obviously aroused although she didn’t seem to appreciate the physical signs.
    “I’m going to touch you there – very delicately - and see if we can make you ready for me” he said, one hand stroking her stomach and gradually nearing her prominent pubic area.
    “Please be gentle – I’m still not sure this is a good idea,” she muttered, flinching as his hand cupped the bushy mound. He pushed her thigh to make her part her legs further and his fingers prised apart the lips of her vagina. He didn’t want to put them inside her yet, but expertly located the tiny bud of sinew that housed her clitoris.
    She writhed violently and cried out, “That’s ever so sensitive – please be careful, darling”
    He felt the bud grow and the tiny penis-like clitoris emerged from its hood.
    “Is that nice for my wife?” he whispered in her ear, subtly arousing the tip with feathery strokes.
    Jan uttered a long low moan and her hips arched upwards, “It’s an incredible feeling” she gasped, “I’ve never felt such wonderful sensations – they seem to be shooting little shocks right through my body”
    Rob realised that she wasn’t going to lubricate herself and with one hand he squeezed the tip of his penis and transferred the slippery substance to her fleshy lips.
    “Does that feel better?”
    “Much – you’re fingers are all slippery on me and it’s more bearable”
    Knowing he was freely leaking pre-cum, he moved to kneel between her outstretched legs and saw a look of consternation in her eyes.
    “It’s all right, darling one, I shan’t hurt you,” he said, secretly unconvinced that his vast weapon would enter her without some pain.
    He rested the tip on her parted lips and pushed gently. Jan gasped as she felt him enter her but didn’t complain.
    He thrust a little harder and found the resistance he was expecting. He leant forward and kissed her breasts before planting a long passionate kiss on her open lips. As he kissed her he made a short sharp thrust and she screamed as he broke through the virginal barrier.
    Her legs scissored against his thighs, trying to expel the enormous attacker that had hurt her so much. “You said you’d be careful” she sobbed accusingly, “But you’ll have to stop – I can’t bear it any more”
    As she sobbed, he began to thrust more easily inside her, and knew she didn’t realise that she was now accommodating most of his eight-inch prick.
    “There won’t be any more pain, I promise” he assured her, stroking her brow tenderly.
    The look in her eyes told him it was no longer hurting, and her expression changed. “It doesn’t hurt now” she exclaimed, “And I can feel you inside me. It’s rather nice”
    Rob smiled down at her tearful face, confident that she would soon begin to sense what sexual pleasure really meant, “Then help me make this as perfect as it should be” he said, kissing each eyelid, “When I move, you can push up to meet me”
    “I’ll try, darling,” she said with surprising enthusiasm, adding “I want to make it right for you too”
    After a few hesitant attempts, she slipped into a rhythm that gave him all the stimulation he could have wished for and he knew he would soon be cementing their marriage in a completely satisfying way.
    Jan began to moan softly as her hips lunged against him, “I don’t know what you’re doing but I feel I’m bubbling over inside” she gasped breathlessly, “I really do like you inside me, though I didn’t think I would”
    Rob realised he was on the verge of another climax and pinched her nipples sharply.
    “Oh Rob…. I can’t stop,” she whimpered, “I think I’m going to do something wonderful. I feel sort of faint and there’s flashing lights everywhere. Oh, oooh aaaargh, Rob, Rob” she screamed loudly, “I’m ….really …..loving you, aren’t I ”
    “Yeeeesss darling,…you are….and I you” and he uttered a throaty growl feeling his prick convulse as it jerked fiercely and pumped into her. At the last minute he realised he had forgotten a condom, but it was far too late to worry about that and he let the spasms run their course before collapsing on top of her, his chest heaving with the exertion.
    Jan’s body shook under him and raising his head he saw she was crying.
    “It’s all right, darling – really, and I didn’t hurt you too much, did I?”
    “No…no, it was so heavenly” she sobbed, “I’m just so happy that our wedding day is complete now. Thank you, my darling, for showing me what to do. I’m sorry I was so silly to begin with, but I didn’t really know what to expect”
    He kissed her tenderly and brushed the tears from her sparkling eyes, “The only problem now is how to move without making a terrible mess on the duvet” he grinned, reaching for the tissues and slowly withdrawing from her. He quickly thrust a bundle of the soft tissue firmly between her thighs and helped her to sit up.
    “I think we shall need another shower before we have dinner – making love gives you an appetite”
    Jan stood up, her legs very wobbly and he helped her into the bathroom, steering her to the toilet where she sat, totally uninhibited, expelling the fruits of their lovemaking before reaching for her toilet bag and extracting her sole item of protection. She stood up, giggling as she inserted it, “I’d never have believed that a man – even my husband - would ever see me do this,” she said wryly.
    They showered together but without further sensual contact and returned to the bedroom to get dressed for dinner.
    As they left the room, Jan linked her arm into his, “I’m so happy that you’re taking a real wife down to dinner, although I hope nobody sees the satisfied look on my face”
    “I must admit you look like a cat that’s had the cream” he chuckled.
    “Well, I have, haven’t I?” she rejoined happily, squeezing his hand.

    2007-01-20 17:47:35 Posted by
    this is the nicest of the stories i have ever read.... :-* Anonymous

    2007-06-06 06:31:30 Posted by
    very wholesome story Anonymous

    2008-05-18 01:05:48 Posted by
    Took a bit too long to get passed the inhibited wife, very Christianly. However, it was romantic and definitely got me wet and my husband aroused. Thanks!!! mltryangel

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