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    Latest FleshLight Reviews

    I have a fleshlight for over a year and love it !
    Fleshlight from my girlfriend
    today was my 1st try of the FL
    I am a Fleshlight Fan
    I love my Fleshlight
    Fleshlight Ice - the asshole
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    Fleshlight Reviews

    Me and my aunt in all in the family

    (Current Rating 45/100, based on 106 votes)

    I was sitting home one day waiting for my girlfriend to come over and I was pretty excited and horny cuz we were gonna have sex sitting in my living room getting ready for the fun we were going 2 have about a half hour later she caleed and said she could not come cuz she was sick and had 2 go 2 tha doctors and didn't wanna get me sick I was pretty bummed but I understanded she was looking out for me when we hung up I was sitting there and I decided 2 play with myself cuz I was so horny I pulled it out and started to stroke myself it felt so good that about 5 min later I didn't notice someone walking down the hall and opening the door my aunt walked in and I noticed I said shit as I scrambled to try to put it away she said no its okay I'll leave as she was about to leave she noticed how big it was and said omg damn ur huge she comes back in and shuts the door and stared at me and ask if I wanted some help and I said sure she walked towards me and asked Ithought ur girlfriend was coming over and I explained the situation then she reached down and grabbed my cock and held it tight in her hand as she sat down next to me and began stroking me and getting me bigger and harder as she stroked my cock I played with her voluptous tits they felt and looked so good for her age she was 40 5'8 130 pound nice ass and a pair of huge tits at 38dd they were not quite as big as my girlfriends as she was a 42dd she kept stroking for a while longer until she got down on her knees and tounged my cock she licked from my ball to the tip of my dick for a while occasionally sticking the head in her mouth un til she went down and nearly took almost all my cock wich suprised me cuz I've been with aloota girls and only one other came close to that wich is my girlfriend by the way I'm 14 inches and she took about 12 1/2 inches getting me to a full erection she stood up took off her shirt and I sucked her tits and got he nipples hard flicking them and biting them then we took off our pants and I tiity fucked her as she tounged the tip of my cock as she did that I rubbed her clit and squeezed her ass with the other hand I played with her pussy until she was nice and wet I layed her down on her back and stuck my cock deep inside her pussy fucking her for about a half hour until she climaxed into an amazing orgasm and we swittched positions so now she was on top of me riding my huge stiff erection for about 40 min until we switched to doggy style and made her climax twice more then fucking her doggystyle in her ass well rubbing her clit an squeezing her tits until she had another orgasm then I pulled it out and turned her around and let her suck me off while I rubb her pussy and play with her tits she moaning liuder and louder until she cums by then I coulldnt take it anymore I shot of my loud of hot creammy cum down her throat as she swallowed ecry drop.

    Stay tuned for part 2

    2008-05-06 09:51:02 Posted by
    Out of breath reading it! Ever heard of grammar? You should try it some time! breatless

    2008-05-06 10:32:18 Posted by
    your cock aint no 14inches.
    and if your aunties a 38DD and your birds a 42DD that dunt mean her tits are bigger. PAH!

    2008-05-06 11:08:06 Posted by
    You might look for another hobby....this isn't working.....

    2008-05-06 16:57:52 Posted by
    you are sick ttttt

    2008-05-06 17:55:12 Posted by
    Terrible spelling and grammar Anonymous

    2008-05-06 19:56:36 Posted by
    This guy was fucking someone or jacking off in the back of the English classroom whe he should have been paying attention. anon

    2008-05-06 20:43:35 Posted by
    ever heard of punctuation Anonymous

    2008-05-06 23:36:46 Posted by
    i couldnt even read this whole story. someone needs to go finish school and pay attention in english class. Anonymous

    2008-05-07 01:04:40 Posted by
    you write like a moron Anonymous

    2008-05-07 04:42:06 Posted by
    very worse language & presentation. horny reader

    2008-05-07 17:17:18 Posted by
    please... No more. Oh and spellcheck. annoyed

    2008-05-09 00:43:03 Posted by
    Please don't write anymore. This made my eyes hurt

    2008-05-10 16:11:44 Posted by
    Better spelling, please. Dave

    2008-05-10 17:20:03 Posted by
    I love these stories! Anna

    2008-05-11 04:25:45 Posted by
    the story was amazing & made me hot & i had to do mustarbation twice esee

    2008-05-11 23:46:30 Posted by
    ow Anonymous

    2008-05-12 07:16:23 Posted by
    cant say i have read worst than this, cause .... this is shit boring Anonymous

    2008-05-12 07:23:56 Posted by
    no comment. cant even get a semi from this NON

    2008-05-12 07:25:57 Posted by

    2008-05-12 09:16:07 Posted by
    make it more reall. the size of your dick and there boobs is way to big. not realistic at all Anonymous

    2008-05-12 15:08:23 Posted by
    I take it your Aunt likes to fuck and suck. Not a bad passtime. Anonymous

    2008-05-13 03:21:21 Posted by
    crap! sam997

    2008-05-14 15:27:22 Posted by
    Wow,is that one sentence? Anonymous

    2008-05-14 16:26:34 Posted by
    That made me so horny! Anonymous

    2008-05-15 02:55:23 Posted by
    fantastic leeeis

    2008-05-18 21:52:40 Posted by

    2008-05-19 13:39:20 Posted by
    You didn't say your girlfriends boobs are bigger, you just said she's fatter... and 14inches? Please... also, your writing isn't sexy because your grammer changes your tone. revise your writing before you post it.. Anonymous

    2008-05-25 12:29:33 Posted by
    Load of crap, 14 inch cock, what are you, a donkey? Start again, use spell check, and dont exaggerate the size of your cock, make it realistic! Exeterpussylicker

    2008-05-28 08:14:32 Posted by
    Quit beeting ur meet long enuff to read da grammewr buk. also stupid

    2008-05-29 00:29:13 Posted by
    Man! You suck at writing. Go back to first grade and learn how to puncuate and spell! Horny slut redhead

    2008-05-31 20:05:34 Posted by
    14 inches Fuck no and your Aunty you might as well do your Grandmother Anonymous

    2008-06-05 12:15:52 Posted by
    That has to be the shittest story yet... 14 inch? Dream on babe... And please sort out ya punctuation... Thought i wud pass out from no spaces Annonomous

    2008-06-07 17:11:14 Posted by
    man u a bullshitter fucking here all that time nd u only come once hahaha Anonymous

    2008-06-10 13:34:50 Posted by
    since when do you accept stories from half wits. There are better writing on public toilet walls. Give it up, and go back to school Gropingramps

    2008-06-23 22:37:06 Posted by
    Reading the comments about ur story was a way better read than the story. Don't give up your day job. That is if your education even allows u to have a job Anonymous

    2008-06-24 06:51:50 Posted by
    wow...I think I threw up in my mouth a little
    I know everyone keeps telling you this but not to be rude or anything you need ALOT more practice before you ppost these kinda of things p again

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