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    Model selection

    (Current Rating 61/100, based on 52 votes)

    My wife and I were out shopping in town when this guy came up to us and
    asked my wife if she was between the age of 40 and 50. My wife is 47 and
    before answering asked the man why he should ask.
    The man said he had a task of selecting up to three women in that age
    group for a photo shot. He was looking for attractive women of that age
    and the magazine he worked for intended to do a special in February and
    would pay handsomely. He explained that whilst December and January were
    good months for the mag they wanted to increase sells in February. It was
    now October and they wanted to put some glamorous shots of a particular
    aged group as a sample in the December and January issue hoping that
    people would buy the mag in February when sells were low.
    This particular age group had a certain appeal at the moment and he said
    my wife was very good looking and she should exploit the fact and earn
    herself some money.

    My wife was flattered and I asked how much my wife would make.
    The man said probably enough to pay off your mortgage, somewhere in the
    region of 20 and 50 thousand pounds depending on the quality and level of
    the shots.

    He said they had to make selection today and that meant if she was
    interested she would have to undergo some test screen shots today and we
    would let us know by Monday if my wife had been successful. Of course if
    she was found to be the perfect model they would call me off looking for
    anyone else and sign her up today guaranteeing a minimum shoot of ten
    thousand pounds per session but she had to be quick to decide.
    My wife was not too sure but I persuaded her to say yes. She said she
    would try the sample shoot and thought she would not be selected. The man
    arranged for a taxi to pick us up straight away and took us to a hotel
    where we met the photographer and a make-up artist.
    They told me to keep in the background and not interfere and the makeup
    artist who seemed to be a very camp guy took my wife Sonia off to, I
    assumed, get made up for the test shot.

    The gay guy told Sonia she needed to shower for the fresh look and he
    would put star quality make up on her to look such a babe.
    Sonia went to the shower room and noticed there were not any towels. She
    called out to Mr Camp and he came in the shower room apologizing and
    handed Sonia a towel robe. She was shocked he just walked in on her while
    she was naked but he seemed more interested in guys and spoke to her like
    another girl and she soon did not mind him pottering around her half

    Sonia was still dressed in the robe while Mr Camp blow dried her hair,
    painted her toe nails and finger nails and painted her lips. When she
    came back into the studio she already looked like a model.
    The photographer, who was a grumpy sod and one of those guys who had to
    have his own way otherwise he throw his toys out of the pram and had a
    tantrum, asked Sonia to put on a pink slip and blue denim jeans and said
    he wanted he to look like she was doing some housework. She thought this
    ironic as she would never get made up to look pretty when she was doing
    household chores.

    Mr grumpy got Sonia on her knees pretending to scrub the floor and took a
    couple of shots. No No No he shouted this is not right you will have to
    wear a skirt as it just looks like any old women scrubbing the floors.
    You are meant to look attractive.
    Mr Camp told Sonia to hurry back to the shower room which was the only
    other room available to us and Mr Camp said as Sonia was a size 12 the
    only skirt he had for her was a denim one. She looked at it and said it
    was too short. Just then Mr Grumpy yelled out for her to hurry up and Mr
    Camp looked worried. She wuickly changed and went back into the studio.
    As Sonia pretended to scrub the floor Mr Grumpy took a couple of shots
    and got out his light meter. No No No he yelled why are you wearing
    yellow it is screwing up my shots. He told Mr Camp to sort it out and Mr
    camp dragged Sonia back to the shower room.

    Sonia asked what the problem was and Mr Camp said the polished floor was
    reflecting her yellow knickers and what ever colour she wore would get
    him in trouble. Mr Camp explained that he was on probation and if he
    screwed up he would lose his job. He said there was only one way to solve
    the problem and as he said it he pulled Sonia's knickers down and said
    you will have to take these off. Mr Camp rushed Sonia back into the
    studio as Mr Grumpy yelled for them to hurry up.
    Sonia posed again and this time Mr Grumpy seemed happy. He snapped away
    moving around Sonia moving towards her and moving away making pleasing
    sounds. Sonia thought this was good.
    Mr Grumpy said ok so far so good. Now what I need to know is what your
    figure is like. I want to do some silhouettes and I will take photos of
    you behind a screen.

    I noticed there seem to be some equipment moving around on a wire
    overhead and assumed it was to do with the lighting.
    Mr Camp rigged up the screen. Well it was a sheet that dropped from the
    ceiling hanging on a pole going across the room.
    Sonia stood behind the screen and Mr Camp turned the lights up where
    Sonia stood so it was brigt her side and dim the other side where Mr
    Grumpy stood.

    Mr Grumpy told her to stand with her hands on her hips and then said the
    shots emphasized the sharp bits in her bra and told her to remove it. She
    was going to go to the shower room and Mr Camp told her to do it there.
    As she took off her top I heard the camera shoot several fast shots. Mr
    Grumpy told her to remove her shoes and she kicked them off.
    Sonia was now stood with top and skirt on and Mr Grump told her to raise
    her arms.

    Mr Grumpy asked her if she wanted the job or was she just passing time
    and she said she was trying to do everything he wanted and was interested
    in the job.

    Mr Grumpy asked her to stand sideways and then shouted at her to remove
    her top because the silhouette shots made her look frumpy and he thought
    the scout had said she was attractive. She removed her top as it was only
    Mr Camp and her who could see and Mr Camp said she should do exactly what
    Mr Grumpy says and was on her way to earning big bucks.
    By this time Sonia was doing what Mr Grumpy wanted just to shut him up.
    He talked her into removing her skirt because it made he ass look big and
    then seemed to be clicking away quite happily.
    Sonia asked if there was much more to do and that really got Mr Grumpy

    He yelled to Mr Camp to hurry up and arrange the next prop as 'she' was
    getting inpatient.
    Mr Camp dragged a chair over to Sonia and Mr Grumpy asked her to sit
    behind the chair like Christine Gellar's famous shot in the sixty's.
    Sonia sat on it and Mr Camp pulled up the screen.
    Sonia was a bit startled but not for long as lots of lights went on and
    it was so bright and hot she could not see Mr Grumpy and he was shouting
    at her to pose that she did not have time to think.
    He span round her clicking away and said she was nearly done.
    He then asked her to walk slowly across the room and she hesitated then
    he screamed at her that if she did not obey she would be there all night.
    Sonia stood up and walked across the room completely naked.
    He said No No No do not gallop and told her to go back again and do it
    slowly. He told her when she was in the middle of the room to face him
    and slowly bend down to pick an imaginary button up. As she bent down her
    breasts hung and he told hr to hold that pose and snapped away.
    Ok he said I think we can run with you and told me Camp to phone the
    scout and tell him to stop looking for other women 'she' will do.
    He told Sonia that she would could earn thirty thousand if she was
    prepared to jet off for the final pics, She asked what he meant jet off
    was. He said it was a figure of speech and meant she would have to travel
    in the studio lorry to London now so they could complete the session as
    because she took so long they had to get to London as the printers needed
    to roll.

    Mr Camp gave Sonia the robe to put on and told her to go through the exit
    door where the mobile studio was waiting.
    I was told that I could not travel in the mobile studio for insurance
    reasons and I could either travel in my own car behind or wait until
    this evening when Sonia would be escorted home.
    Sonia told me to go home and she would ring me later to let me know how
    things were going.

    It all happened very quickly and Sonia was now in a mobile studio which
    seemed to be a lorry with lots of lights and furniture props inside.
    It was only her, Mr Grumpy and Mr camp and one other guy driving the

    They had not gone far when Mr Grumpy said they needed to pick up the
    other models. Sonia said she thought she was the only one. Mr Grumpy told
    her not to worry she would get her money and these we the male models
    that were selected in the near town.
    The lorry stopped and three guys climbed in. There were all in dressing

    Mr Grumpy said they needed to make a start and told them that the shots
    were of a pretend movie and Sonia must pretend she was sat on a beach and
    then a guy comes over to her to chat her up. Mr Camp gave her a bikini
    bottom and she pulled them on and asked about the top. Mr Grumpy sighed
    at her and told her in this shot she was sunbathing topless.
    The floor was made to look like sand and Sonia led down. The lights were
    bright and she could not see anyone else in the lorry.
    The guy came over and started to chat to put her at her ease and then Mr
    grumpy told them to kiss. Sonia was reluctant and then guy told her that
    he was married and they were only doing it for the money. He told her
    they would never meet again so what did it matter.
    Sonia kissed the guy and Mr Grumpy shouted to the guy that he was useless
    and swapped him over for one of the other guys. He too was replaced by
    the third guy and Mr Grumpy said none of them seemed very good at kissing
    and they would have to try something else.

    He told Sonia to sit on guy 1's lap sideways and push her head back so
    that guy 2 could kiss her and guy 3 could hold her feet.
    Mr Grumpy clicked away and said it was meant to look erotic and shouted
    at them to put some enthusiasm into it. He said he wanted Sonia stretched
    out so she looked sexy but it was no good they all looked like wimps.
    Mr Grumpy then said he wanted Sonia led on the bed and all three guys
    were to hold her leg up and pretend to kiss it.

    Mr Camp gave Sonia some cushions to rest her head and then strapped one
    of her arms to the bed under strict instructions from Mr Grumpy. Mr
    Grumpy then told Mr Camp to strap her other arm so she looked alarmed in
    the shot. Sonia and the guys giggled at it and Mr Grumpy got cross. He
    told guy 1 to pretend to pull off Sonia's bikini bottom and took a couple
    of shots. Guy 1 was told to pull off the bikini bottom's with his teeth .
    He then told guy 2 and 3 to hold a leg each and started to zoom in with
    his camera.

    Ok Mr Grumpy said now we need to pretend that 'she' wants to have sex
    with you all.

    Sonia was a bit alarmed but guy 1 said to Sonia he said 'pretend'.
    Guy one was instructed to kiss Sonia and pretend he was going to fuck
    her. Mr Grumpy shouted out that how the hell was he going to fuck her
    with a floppy dick? He instructed Sonia that she held guy's 2 & 3's dicks
    so they hardened for the shot while guy 1 tried to get his own dick hard.
    Mr Grumpy was now clicking away and as Guy 1 could not get a hard on they
    would have to change the shot. He instructed Guy 1 to look like he was
    licking her clitoris. As he focused his shots on guy 1 he told him to
    move his tounge closer and closer and then made him lick her for real as
    pretend shots were crap.

    He now urged guy 2 to put his dick close to Sonia's mouth and shouted at
    Sonia to make it look real or they could be there for days. Without
    hesitation she pretended to lick and the lorry jerked everyone forward
    and guy 2's dick went into her mouth. Mr Grumpy shouted out that that was
    great and told Sonia to keep sucking and Guy 1 to keep licking.
    He told guy 1 to replace guy 2 while e guy 3's dick was really hard and
    he told him to enter Sonia's cunt and told Sonia to wank guy 2 off.
    The guy's were instructed to change places until three had fucked Sonia,
    been sucked by Sonia and wanked over Sonia.
    Mr Grumpy told Sonia he was impressed with her realism and as he touched
    her legs he asked if she could perhaps do one more thing. Sonia was still
    tied to the bed and exhausted and asked when she would get her money. Mr
    Grumpy said he would pay her when he had what he wanted from her. She
    told him to do whatever he wanted and he did, he entered her by surprise.
    As he fucked he told the other guys to wank over her face and they did.
    When the lorry stopped Mr Camp untied Sonia and wrapped her in the robe
    and said the boss would give her her payment. Everyone got out first and
    the boss man climbed in the back of the lorry. He was Black and hugely
    built. He towered over her small frame and asked her for the signed
    contract so he could give her payment.
    Sonia said she did not have any contract and he told her not to waste his
    time as time was money to him.

    He asked her for her portfolio and she said she did not have a portfolio.
    The boss said how can he take her on his books if she does not have a
    portfolio or contract. He shouted at her and told her that at this rate
    she would be going home without any money. She pleaded with him and said
    she had delivered everything asked of her and wanted to go home with the
    money that she had earned.

    He looked at her and said that he would have to be satisfied himself that
    she was worth taking on and told her that obedience in this game was key.
    Would she obey his orders. She said she would and he said as a test of
    her obedience he wanted her to follow him and do what he said.
    He stepped down from the lorry which was parked in a field and told her
    to through her robe down and follow him into the field. She through her
    robe down.

    The cameras were rolling watching her every move.
    He walked her into the centre of the field and turned. The top of her
    head came up to just above his waiste. In a deep demanding voice he told
    her to unzip his trousers. She unzipped them and out fell his dick which
    was about twelve inches long. He looked at her and she started to suck.
    Her eyes watched his waiting for the next order and as he shot his load
    in her mouth he told her that he did not tell her to suck his dick and
    she had disobeyed.

    She said she had not disobeyed but had done something additional to his
    orders and he had not told her not to.
    He told her to turn around and go on all fours which she did.
    He knelt down and told her to grab hold of his dick and guide it in to
    the rear entrance. She had only ever let her husband fuck her up the ass
    once before and guided this big black dick into her ass. He pushed a few
    inches in and she yelped. He pushed a bit more in and fucked her.
    He told her she had disobeyed as he did not say he wanted to fuck her up
    the ass. She immediately pulled out his cock and stuffed it into her
    dripping cunt. He pushed his hard twelve inches into her and she
    eventually fell to the ground in exhaustion.

    He said her payment was in the envelope and as he through it at her said
    she was paid for what he thought she was worth.
    He went back to the lorry and everyone drove off.
    Sonia staggered back to the road and picked up her robe.
    She sat and a white van stopped and offered her a lift. It looked like an
    old guy driving and she had to get home some how so she climbed in.
    As they drove off she opened the envelope and found it empty. She
    started to sob and they old guy asked why she was crying. She said she
    had been fooled.

    The old guy said he and his mates would look after her if she obeyed
    them. She looked back and saw four sets of male eyes drooling in the back
    of the van.
    She asked the driver how long it would take to get home and he said
    thirty minutes.
    She said you all better be quick then and took off her robe and got in
    the back of the van.

    The rest as they say is history.

    author: Andrea Purly

    2007-06-02 11:33:36 Posted by
    It's not nice to fool a mentaly retarded couple. nyminus

    2009-07-17 11:11:24 Posted by
    It's excitent/written with tension this story, I like it very much and voted 9 gratekut

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