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    My Daughters Friend is a Fathers girl

    (Current Rating 57/100, based on 201 votes)

    My wife said she would pick up my daughter this evening but I said that
    as it was very late I would go.
    Mt daughter Laura phoned on her mobile and said she was outside a pub on
    the edge of town.
    As I drove up to the pub I could see Laura with her friends.
    Laura said she had just phoned her mum and she had said it was ok for her
    friends to stay the night.
    They all piled in the car and I drove off.
    My daughter was a good looking eighteen year old and her and her friends
    all dressed the same and had the same hair styles. Some styles worked and
    some didn't but mostly they all looked young attractive young ladies.
    As we drove into our street a mobile went off in the back of the car and
    one of the girls started crying.
    When I pulled the car up they all got out and Laura explained to me that
    Jemma had a call from her boyfriend and she had to meet him it was life
    or death.

    I said I didn't mind driving her there and Jemma sat in the front and the
    rest of the girls went in our house.
    As I drove I could not help notice how short Jemma's skirt was and how
    her blouse sold her cleavage off very well considering she was only
    Jemma took another call from her boyfriend and then she burst into tears
    saying he had just dumped her.
    We were just driving through a dark patch of trees and I pulled over in a
    lay by.

    I put my arms round Jemma and said she would easily find another boy as
    she was so good looking.
    She stopped crying and looked up at me and said her boyfriend had chucked
    her because of sex. I assumed she meant because he was not getting

    I told Jemma that she was very attractive and it was his loss not hers.
    Jemma said she was concerned about sex and I told her not to worry she
    had plenty of time for sex.
    Jemma said she was concerned she would not get any and put her hand on my
    groan. I could not hide my desire and she said I felt hard.
    I tried to resist but I guess I also did not want to and Jemma asked me
    if she could she my cock and unzipped my jeans and began to suck it.
    I just sat there until Jemma decided to take off her top and pull up her
    skirt and put one leg over the other side of the seat and got on me and
    shagged me.

    When we finished Jemma explained her boyfriend chucked her not because he
    was not getting any sex but because he was getting too much.
    I drove Jemma home and she said she would stay with Laura in the week and
    hoped I would fuck her again then.
    When Jemma stayed she crept out of Laura's bedroom where she was sleeping
    on a camp bed and went into our spare room. I had arranged to meet her
    there at midnight. We fucked and this went on for a week or two and then
    Jemma started staying two and then three nights and then four nights a

    I was shattered but Jemma said if I did not fuck her she would tell my
    wife and Laura.
    I kept it up for as long as I could and was finding I was sleeping at
    work and taking extra vitamin tablets and extra juice and chocolate to
    keep me working.
    I finally phoned Jemma up on her mobile and chucked her.
    I later found out that Jemma's boyfriends were not eighteen year old
    lads but the Father's of Jemma's friends.
    Oh well it was great for a while I just wish I had the stamina of a
    eighteen year old and not the body of a fifty year old.

    Author: Fetisish

    2007-04-23 15:05:53 Posted by
    Not bad, but you need to proffread before posting, or better still have someone other then you do it. 2 sets of eyes are better then 1. drabt0e

    2007-05-02 15:44:11 Posted by
    and what about you hypocrite? proofread* than* jeez all this bad spelling would kill an english teacher Anonymous

    2007-07-05 08:07:41 Posted by
    Not only would the spelling kill an English teacher, but the sentance structure as well. For starters, you never start a sentance with the word AND. The word 'English' should always be capitalized, and the word 'proof read' is two words, not one. HA! Who's the hypocrite now? It's a sex story meant to make you horny, you still got the jist of what happened didn't you? Lay off the poor bastard! P.S. The word is spelled Fetish not Fetisish! English 69

    2007-08-25 18:50:26 Posted by
    For gosh sakes, guys...chill out...! It's only a freakin fantasy...
    By the way, English is only capitalized when used as a proper noun...ok...?

    2007-11-22 08:39:29 Posted by
    Oh wow....

    "sentance" structure????! Just give up already. But I agree, it is just meant to be a fantasy. Not particularly erudite stuff.

    By the way, I'm pretty sure "English" is always capitalized.

    2007-12-22 14:40:51 Posted by
    firstly.. there is nothing wrong with starting a sentance with the word 'and': grammatically its completely correct and anyone should feel free to do so. English is always capitalised... its a nounal adjective in this sense but still needs to be capitalised and ffs you're on about a story including a fifty year old man fucking an 18 year old girl... and you're on about spelling and grammar... yeah. because that's logical. Anonymous

    2007-12-22 23:11:38 Posted by
    u guys are gay who cares cock

    2008-01-14 12:27:39 Posted by
    It's sentence btw... not sentance Beauty

    2008-04-03 21:25:24 Posted by
    Dont worry baby i think they all are hater from what i have red the story was perfect i would love for a man to fuck me all night all week Nikita

    2008-04-05 11:19:02 Posted by
    U people are all weirdos for commenting about grammar. But yeah-yeah all of u are right- next time, after reading the story, just get out and masturbate or ya know, something else...just commenting on this proves u people have no life...and fetisish is supposed to e cute...not realy meant as "fetish" PlayingwithaDildo

    2008-07-20 02:17:03 Posted by
    could hav had a bit more detail... sexie alexie

    2008-07-29 08:09:30 Posted by
    it really rushed into it two quick there was no story line admj

    2008-08-09 15:40:56 Posted by
    It sucked. It didn't describe anything really. .

    2008-08-28 06:00:14 Posted by
    seriously? all you losers can do is sit here and talk about what's right and wrong about the english language?? get a f u c k i n g life!! fuckers

    2008-11-15 00:24:22 Posted by
    I think it read as a real experience and not a made up story. It needs more detail. Tell us things like. How an eighteen year old vulva looks smells and tastes Stormy Tounge

    2009-03-20 08:46:42 Posted by
    i wanked ova this jt

    2009-08-15 11:55:06 Posted by

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