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    My famine body

    (Current Rating 57/100, based on 9 votes)

    As I was a kid I waz soo slim (as a stick) famlily wanted huge boys in the family but I was often ashamed by their insults of being I grew older I eat a aloot and drank aloot...da wworst part is I never workout or play sports often.! As months passed by I became huge ! The first thing I noticed was my ass grow huge and later I had boobs! I felt baad ...and I started to workout but as much as I work in the gym the only thing slimming is my belly! Soo I stopped ! After dose days I never took off my shirt because I feared what people wud say! I cudnt go for swimming, or fun like that which involved me taking off my shirt! The thing was that at that time I had very less belly (due to the workout) and I had beautiful breasts and a huge and bubbly ass! As years paased by I gained wieght and the only thing that grew was my boobs and ass! I wanted to earn on my own soo I went to work in a grocery store ! My only co-worker was sam and he was very friendly!

    Once after lunch we closed our store and he said we ll rest inside till evening and reopen the store was a new rule by some local union that shops to be closed in the afternoon till the evening and we did the same as the other stores near by! I was sittin near sam! All these days working together made us close to openly say anythin! He told me he admired my body! At first I thought wtf? Is he maad I luk yuck!

    As he continued I understood he took my body in a feminine way! He said that he often stares at my huge ass ! He mentioned about stroking everyday thinking of it ! At first I go angry but soon I felt my my cock stiffen! And later he said that he'd seen people staring at my ass when I help them in getting their groceries! He suddenli put his hands on my breast and said he wanted to see them!

    I said fuck off u bastard I'm not gay! And he didn't care whbat I said and he just cupped my breasts and said take ur shirt off! And I just sat their thinking of wot was happening ! He himself took it off! I waz amazed in my self that I didn't even reject! After he did that he got the full view of my breasts! Of a sudden he was lyk omg! Wot a sexy bitch u are ! Luk at dose tits and he pinched my nipples ! I couldn't believe my eyes that my boobs felt bigger and stronger and my nipples was erect! Afer that I just stood upp and ran off ...! The next day I quite my job! And as my famliy was going on a tour they asked me to stay alone as I cudnt go with them bcuz of my studies! I started the new year at college! College life turned into unexxpected shits! The seniors raggged me and then they put my name as slut! Every one in the class called me slut ! Including the girls ! I felt baad! I had guyz slapping my huge ass while I walked!aloot of my class mates asked me if I they could just fuck me for once! I denied every single propsal! I had a close friend named benson! I asked him once what he feels about my body! He said that I looked like a slut! I was ashamed and I asked ..y do guys always slap my ass! He responded by slapping my ass and saying that my ass was the biggest of the college and it shook whenever I walked ! He said it was too bubbly and huge that any one would wanna spank it or ride it ! I felt horny suddenly thinking of my own ass! I asked what he felt about my bubbly ass and did it ever get him horny ! He said I he would die to fuck me! I asked him if it would hurt ! He smiled ! We were in the classroom(empty)

    he came close to me and said just let me feel u for once and I ll never ask again! He slid my pants off ! He was shocked too see my ass! And asked why I did not wear any underwear ! I said I m sorry i don't know why! He slapped my eyes 4 times and said look at the way its shaking! Itz soft and supple! I'm gonna fuck u like baad! I was soo scared at first! But due to his spanking I got hard! He put his cock out ! I cudnt see it properli rather just a glimpse he shoved his cock into my asshole I thought I'm going to die then slowly I felt pleasure wen he spanked my ass ! He thrusted his cock back and forth and I must say I had no pain but some pre-cum ! He asked me to shake my ass ! And I did ! I felt soo hard! He said he would fuck me daily! I just enjoyed that day! After somedays I got a proposal saying that he would like to fuck my ass! I rejected and the guy said he would tell everyone that I was fucked baad my close friend! I was soo sscared and wondered how he knew! I couldn't reject for long ! He took me outside the college and we went to his home ! I was shocked to see 13 guys all my class mates ! Every one came and hugged me while some of them hugged they tapped my ass ! I started too feel horny ! The guy who proposed me took me too the bedroom ! I went with him alone rest of them was watching some program on tv!he said only he would fuck me and I shouldn't worry! He took a bag from underneath the bed and in it was silkish top and mini skirt . The top was having some laces to it! He gave me a new set of lingerie and said there make up in the drawer and ask me too get dressed ! I did as he said ! I put on the bra and I felt hurt as it was too tight but it was the right size 38! And I put the rest on! I had trouble putting the silky top! I pulled out the make up stuff and put on mascara and lipstick! I was very fair and I had no beard and no hair in my body also! I went to the living room! Evvery one got up and said what a perfect match!I had a feeling that I was going to be laid by all of them! I tried to go back but then they pulled me near! 1 guy slapped my ass and said it was his dream come true! All of them forcely ripped me off at first the guy who proposed me asked me to suck his cock ! I felt baad but I sucked it! Soon he was going to cum ...he said he is goin to cum in my mouth I pulled his dick out !

    He shouted u bloody slut! And cummed all over my face! I had another guy pressing my breasts! I looked at him .he was caressing it soo nicely I felt horny ...while I enjoyd that another guy fucked me brom behind ! I didn't hav pain at all..don't really know why! He fucked me for about 12minutes and cummed inside my ass ! It was the first time I had cum in ma ass! The other 3 guys asked me suck their cock while each one take turns in fuckin my huge ass ! The next guys cock was really huge and I had some pain for sometime...he shot me as the same ..inside my ass! All the thirteen took turns on my ass! I felt horny more and more...I cummed about 5times while they fucked me lyk a bitch! At laast I had 6 of the guys in a circle around me cumming on my body ...I tastes each one em! It tastes good.. Some were a bit salty though! I cleaned up! And next week I had other guys mostly seniors asking me to give my huge ass! I denied ! The 3rd day of the week some guys came to me and said they wanted to fuck me for a whole day..cuz they admired my breasts and ass! I smiled and as usual I denied! On of them took his ipod and showed me a video ! I got a heart attack! It was me getting fucked by 13 guys! I had tears in my eyes but still I had my cocck stiffen up looking at they way I was caressed by my classmates! I got soo angry , and scared too ...but I had no option ! If I deny it they would flash the video to the whole college! I went with them and every one used me! But I did not enjoy it! I was scared about the clip! After a month the clip was on our student community website! I was ashamed ! Every guy and girl saw the clip! I cried aloot! I quite studies! Now I'm in india! Working in bar! I often get laid by customers and my hot boss! I love my boss! He gives me all the freedom in work! My family and I had some problems we are not in contact!I hoped u like my story of how I got my good life into being a slut! But now I enjoy being fucked! My ass has grown even bigger! I would be writing more if anything strange happens soon...enjoy life !

    Author: bubble boy

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