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    My Hot Wife!!!

    (Current Rating 80/100, based on 25 votes)

    My wifes name is Lori. She is very outgoing and attractive. I enjoy watching her flirt with other men and see them get turned on. We were heading out for the evening to meet some of her old high school friends. While we were getting ready she wore a very nice shirt that was low cut and had on a tight pair of jeans. Her hair was done very nice and she looked amazing. We arived at the club and we had a few drinks as she introduced me to her friends from school. Lori introduced me to a guy named Steve. She told me later that she had always had a crush on him, but they never dated. As the night went on Lori and Steve laughed and had a great time and I could tell that he was checking Lori out and was very attracted to her. As they continued to talk and have fun Steve was doing all he could to not put his hand on her.

    As the evening began to end Lori invited Steve back to our place for a drink. Loris breasts looked amazing in her shirt and her nipples were hard. Steve was checking her out in every move she made. I told them that I had to run to the store and I would be right back and I gave Lori a kiss. I went out of the house to the side window were I could see through the blind. Steve began to move closer to Lori and they began to look around. He the reached out and grabbed her pulling her towards him and began to kiss her. They stepped back for a second and looked at each other as Lori grabed Steves hand and put it under her shirt. He began to rub her tits. Steve then lifted her shirt and began to suck on her nipples as his other hand was feeling her pussy from outside of her jeans. I stayed away until they were both very turned on and then made some noise and came in the house. They were standing away from each other but the look on there faces was of nervousness and Very turned on.

    I hung out with them for a bit and then asked if they would excuse me so I could go upstairs and do a couple things. Lori and Steve both said no problem as I could see the excitment and anticipation begin to grow. I went upstairs and left the door open a crack so I could just see them in the living room and hear them as well. Steve walked over to Lori and began making out with her again. Lori reached down and was feeling steves cock as it was very hard. Lori knew that I was watching and enjoying and knew that I would not interupt if things went further. Lori began to remover her shirt and told steve that I will be upstairs for a bit. Lori then removed her bra as her tits looked amazing and her nipples were very hard. Steve begand to suck on her nipples as Lori reached down and unbuckled steves pants. She reached inside his underwear and grabbed his cock and I heard her say that you are so long and thick. Lori told steve to sit on the couch as she began to lick the head of his
    cock. She slowely stroked his cock with her hand as she began to lick his shaft. After a few min. Steve sat up as he was to turned on for Lori to continue. Steve began to suck on her nipples again as he reached down and unbuckled her pants. He slid his hand inside of Lori's pants and slowely bagan to feel her pussy. I heard Steve tell Lori that your Pussy is so warm and wet. Steve laid Lori down on the floor and began to kiss her stomach as he slowely began to Lick his way down to her Shaved, wet, warm pussy. Lori's head was tilted back as she was very turned on.

    Steve continued to lick her pussy and feel her clit. Steve said to Lori that your pussy is ready to be fucked. Lori asked steve how would you like me? Steve said on your hands and knees please. Lori removed the remainder of her clothing and turned over on her hands. Her back was arched and her ass and pussy were sticking up in the air. Her pussy was dripping wet and swollen. Steve moved behind her and began to rub his cock on her wet lips and clit. Lori said please fuck me hard!!! Steve slowely bagan to slide his large and thick cock inside Lori's pussy. He slowely bagan to go deeper as lori said, Please fuck me hard!!! Steve began to pick up the speed sliding his cock in and out faster and harder. Lori was saying come on fuck me, fuck me......

    Steve continued to fuck Lori as Lori began to say OH FUCK ME!!! I'm going to cum so hard!!! Lori then said OH GOD Im CUMMING... Steve said I am going to Cum as well. Steve thrusted his cock in one last time and filled Lori's Hot Warm Pussy full of Cum.

    I gave them enough time to get dressed before going back downstairs. I then shook his hand and Lori gave him a hug and thanked him for stopping.

    Lori and I then went to bed and I made love to my wife...And it was the best sex ever!!!

    Author: WillingToShare

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