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    My Neighbor

    (Current Rating 78/100, based on 200 votes)

    I was still in high school at the time and I was suffering from 'senioritis' I was a senior and it was a Monday in December and I really didn't feel like going to school in the freezing cold weather. So instead I just faked being sick and stayed home, even if it meant sitting in my room all day watching TV. Well when ten o'clock rolled around the 22 year old hot muscular guy who lived across the street from me knocked on the door I was in complete awe. His name was Joe, and we grew up together, but he was kicked out of the house when he was 16 and the last time he saw me I was twelve and less developed. But when I opened up that door I was an eighteen year old blonde bombshell. I didn't feel like getting dressed when I finally woke up and got out of bed, so I was wearing a tight, low-cut, spaghetti strap black top that showed off my 36 Cs and my pierced bellybutton. My pants were only slightly less revealing, starting at my hips, and hugging my shapely legs all the way down!

    to my knees, from there it flared out giving my long legs an even longer look and leaving almost nothing to the imagination. He stood in the door way for a few seconds and finally said my asked me a question with a composure I knew he was not feeling. "Does your dad have a power screwdriver I could borrow? I broke the door into my room when I was throwing a party the night before last, and the fact that it won't shut finally pissed my off long enough to fix it." I smiled, running my fingers through my long soft hair, "Why do you need the power tool, are your muscles not strong enough to handle the job with out the use of equipment?" I asked with sexy humor. After a few minutes of flirtatious arguing about whether he could handle unscrewing something without an electric tool, Joe smiled, and bent his arm and flexed, "Do I not look strong enough to do the job? Feel that muscle. It's hard as a rock. I'm just lazy, and an electric one would take less time than a manual screwdri!

    ver." Even through the sweatshirt he was wearing his muscle could be seen. I ran my long fingers over his taut, flexed muscle and nodded as I slowly pulled my fingers back in a way that caressed his arm. "Fine, macho man, I believe you. Come on, we are going to get the screwdriver. Just warning you though I have no idea where it is..." Joe rolled his eyes, but smiled good humouredly, "A quest, what fun" We walked to my garage with me in the lead, and when I opened the garage I said, "Watch your step" I said right as Joe tripped over the corner of a wooden box the jutted out into the middle of the walkway. He caught himself, but he pushed me over in the process. I hit my leg on the corner of my dad's metal tool box and groaned as I crashed painfully to the ground. His eyes grew wide as he looked at me. "I am so sorry..." (he was always sweet to me) He rushed over and he helped me up and I winced as I tried to put pressure on my right leg. He held me up and asked, "Are you oka!

    y? Did you cut your self?" I shook my head, "I don't think so." I bent down and slowly pulled my pants leg up, and even in the dim light provided by the garage light, I could see that it was already bruising and swelling. I tried putting pressure on it, but my leg shuddered and gave out. Joe swallowed hard as he said, "I am so sorry. I didn't mean to." I laughed from his concern and said, "Its okay, just help me to the living room, there's better light there."
    Joe picked me up by my back and behind my knee caps and carried me to the living room. He slowly put me down on the couch as if he might break me, and he softly rolled up my pants leg and gasped. "I'll be right back." He left and came back with a bag of ice. He took his jacket off to reveal a white work-out shirt, which flaunted his gorgeous muscles. He slowly pulled my pant's leg up obviously enjoying the feel of my smooth leg under his strong hand and he softly placed the ice bag on it and I winced from the pressure. He sighed and sat down on the floor next to me. "I'm sorry..." I smiled and flipped my hair off of my shoulder, "I'm not made of glass, Joe. I haven't changed that much since we were kids. I am still tough..." I said this softly and smoothly, letting the words slip out of my mouth like honey. Joe looked up and met my eyes and said, "Your hair is so much longer and you actually have changed a lot. I can't believe how gorgeous you got..." I smiled and was about!

    to reply when Joe pressed his lips to mine. I was surprised, to say the least, especially when he just softly kissed me, and then pulled back. He opened his mouth to say something, but I stopped him with a wet kiss. I pushed my tongue in his mouth and sensually moved it around. His hand moved to my hair, he intertwined his fingers in it and pulled my body close. I slowly slid down from my couch and lay down on the floor. I pulled Joe on top of me, and he stopped for a moment and asked, "Are you sure you want to do this?" I rolled my eyes and pulled him on top of me kissing him passionately. His hands moved from my hair to my waist, moving my shirt upward so he could feel my smooth skin, his hands went all the way up to my chest, feeling my erect nipples and my large creamy breasts. I took off his shirt in-between kisses, and I slid my mouth down to his pants, with Joe taking off my shirt as I went. I unbuttoned his pants with my mouth and I felt his hardness through the fab!

    rics. I pulled his pants down and Joe gently pulled me up towards him. I kissed his body as I moved up, enjoying the feel of his taunt muscles against my soft lips. His hands massaged my boobs and Joe slid down my body stopping to suck on my nipples for a moment before sliding down to my waist. He kissed me all over my body, as he slowly pulled my pants down and threw them to the side. I opened my legs and I felt his experienced tongue lick at me like a dog. I opened my mouth and my fingers clenched the carpet as a soft "Ohhh...." came out of my mouth. He teased me slightly with his tongue before sticking it in my already wet vagina. He sucked, kissed and licked it rapidly I wrapped my legs around his neck, tightening them every so often to encourage him to do it harder. He rubbed his hands across my boobs, pinching my nipples every so often, until I had an orgasm. I took in a sharp breath and sighed jaggedly. He continued to lick at me until I exploded with cum, and my juic!

    es shoot out at him. He stuck three of his fingers into me as he licked and sucked at my clitoris (sp?). I put my hands on his shoulder and I pulled him up towards me. His body rubbed against mine as he slid across my body and I became even wetter. He nibbled at the peaks of my nipple before surrounding them totally with his mouth, he sucked and bit at my breast, using his hand to play with one as he sucked on the other one mercilessly I felt his hardness next to my leg and I couldn't wait anymore as I slid down quickly and hardly and I forced his large dick in side of my swollen lips and wet vagina. Joe was startled for a moment, not expecting my sudden movements, but he recovered, and began rocking in and out of me. I muttered, "Harder, harder, damn it." He was surprised by my passion, but did as requested. I thrust my hips off of the floor causing him to go further inside of me than he already was. We both climaxed simultaneously; I moaned loudly saying, "Oh, God, don't !

    ever stop, and I felt him explode in side of me several times as he rocked hard and fast, spilling mine and his juices all over the carpet. We rolled over so I was on top, and I slid out of him and pushed my body downward so his dick was in front of my face. I took his 8 in dick in my mouth and nibbled on his head as I licked at him like an ice-cream cone. I kissed him all over his balls and dick, then I finally took it in side my mouth and, with my lack of a gag reflex, I pushed his dick as far as it would go back into my mouth. I felt him ejaculate in my mouth again and again; I let his juices flow out of my mouth as I sucked and licked harder still. I stopped for a moment to use my mouth to fondle his balls. I took him in my mouth again and he ejaculated several more times as I hardly took him in and out of my mouth. I heard Joe mutter, "Stop, for a second, just stop." I stopped and climbed on top of him so our faces were even and I asked sweetly, "What's wrong, can't han!

    dle me?" I smiled mischievously. Joe laughed slightly and replied by gently, but quickly flipping me over and saying, "I am just getting warmed up, sugar"

    Author: Cali Girl

    2007-10-23 17:47:49 Posted by
    i love that story got anymore Anonymous

    2007-10-24 15:47:12 Posted by
    How nice---A sweet young fuck. I remember a couple of hot chicks that I used to fuck almost daily. I would pull out and cum on thier bellys. They would wipe up the cum and put my dick back in to soak a while. I did not eat my first pussy till much later though. I am trying to make up for that now. Anonymous

    2007-10-30 20:10:54 Posted by
    I think the girl is hot lets have sex Man

    2007-11-06 08:05:43 Posted by
    you sound hot lets make uot

    2008-03-14 03:15:16 Posted by
    i would have fucked u so fuckin hard... u have no clue derek2000

    2008-03-19 21:38:34 Posted by
    i poo on your chest and rub it in with my hands pooman

    2008-03-22 23:03:22 Posted by
    lie story

    2008-03-22 23:04:12 Posted by
    seem fake story Anonymous

    2008-03-30 22:00:35 Posted by
    That story was so fake. It just so happens that she conveniently gets hurt. And he has to take her inside. And when they start making out suddenly her leg is ok. WTF? SexyHo6323

    2008-04-04 00:33:24 Posted by
    Shit cali girl i would ram you so hard that it would make this story look like a quick kiss Hornyguy

    2008-04-26 01:24:22 Posted by
    dayumm im fukin wet! i want that guy! lmao crazzisexchick93

    2008-05-06 18:38:43 Posted by
    damn i wanna blowjob willing? hardon

    2008-06-05 00:14:15 Posted by
    I would fuck the shit out of u Bob

    2008-06-15 04:26:00 Posted by
    It might seem a bit fake, but damn you are hot. i would fuck you so hard. I want you bad. dude

    2008-06-17 19:44:08 Posted by
    that was so hot. the grl reminded me of ME. sexxxxibitch

    2008-06-18 12:10:14 Posted by
    damn i would fuck that guy crazihunny2011

    2008-06-19 05:41:27 Posted by
    fukin hard now add me some chick on msn and play with me on cam

    2008-06-20 21:07:36 Posted by
    heres my story
    a hot guy came up to me at grocery store and said can i fck you. i said sure
    we fucked 7 hors

    2008-06-22 17:55:18 Posted by
    Sad Sad Sad People.. wanking over a piece of text, get a real girl :| God

    2008-06-29 03:09:12 Posted by
    Fake storie Pete

    2008-07-05 20:11:14 Posted by
    Yeah This Is Fake. ....

    2008-07-12 11:14:14 Posted by
    This Story Was Hot... I would totally fck this guy SexiGal

    2008-07-30 20:21:22 Posted by
    mmm im so fuckin wet i need some1 2 pound away at my cunt wetnalone

    2008-08-03 15:40:36 Posted by
    Aleast half these stories are fake you guys, and all I have to say is...

    does it matter?
    horny girl

    2008-08-09 21:02:40 Posted by
    O I luv that story. My 12 in dick is Cumming all over the place I am so ready to Fuck u until I pop ur cherry and eat ur driver. Let's go baby bigdick15

    2008-09-08 21:29:48 Posted by
    i thought it was a cute sexy story..the guy sounds hot hrtbr8kr8

    2008-09-23 07:11:55 Posted by
    im horny. it mite b fake. but it sure made me wet. i want a man to lick me out. mmm. fuckmehard.

    2008-10-09 04:35:53 Posted by
    im so wet right now im fingering myself fuck me so hard i want it Anonymous

    2008-10-23 17:57:28 Posted by
    story was cute and hot.. these other ppl must wake the fuk up.. of course its fake- its a story! brightsparks.. 2bnvd

    2009-01-06 09:29:40 Posted by

    2009-01-07 08:34:46 Posted by
    Do u guys have a better story of ur own. I thought it was good. I fuck my 40 year gf and tell her stories at the same time.we awant to be him. xterior

    2009-01-08 03:58:42 Posted by
    poop poop pee pee weiner weiner har har har i like egggs johnny

    2009-01-24 16:10:01 Posted by
    omg omg omg omg wtf whu u is? ahhhhhhh no not dat neting whoo i like 2 move it move it o yea move it suck it drive it fuck it harder noooooo oo winner winner winner yup yup suck cock u dumb nut nick

    2009-02-06 13:07:39 Posted by
    Sexy story Wetnwild

    2009-03-15 16:09:20 Posted by
    Who wants to suck my dick? (Ladies only) Thick-N-Black

    2009-04-06 23:42:25 Posted by
    thats an alright story... they dont HAVE to be fake... i think i mite put some of my real stories on here. and you ladies out there reading this, pussy drippin wet, put some "latin" in your life. you know we the nastiest freaks out there. Come wet, ill leave u soaked, drippin down ur legs n thighs. B on the look out for some of my true life stories. ( one takes place at a park ) RicanNick

    2009-04-09 16:01:01 Posted by
    Cum on fuk me hard! X x Babii gurl x x

    2009-04-17 21:28:16 Posted by
    oh-my-fukin-godddd so hot
    I wanna a guy like that...
    I hate to do this but I must relatectgis to Twilight
    The guy seems SO much like Edward Cullen
    Hottie with a body

    2009-04-26 14:15:40 Posted by
    damn fuck me 2 mister! HORNEYMOMA

    2009-05-18 01:14:31 Posted by
    damn i want this guy to fuck me too!

    2009-06-02 23:09:21 Posted by
    Good story, gunna jack right now ha young+hung

    2009-08-08 11:50:41 Posted by
    i thought that story was one of the best on here. omg it got me!

    keep it up :p

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