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    My Wife and My Army Buddy

    (Current Rating 75/100, based on 34 votes)

    This is a true story. It happened about six months ago. I am a veteran of Desert Storm. While serving I made a very close friend in the way I think only serving together in combat can make two men friends. Taylor is an African American who lives in St. Jo. We are in Cleveland so although we are not that far from each other and we have kept up with each other, the first time we actually got together was last December right before Christmas. My wife and I have been married about 15 years and have two kids. Our marriage has been a good one. Kristie is a tall brunette with a good figure and very pale skin – she keeps herself in shape. After the kids were born she got a little fat but lost that and has been slim and very sexy ever since. Our sex life has been what you might call “normal”. We have not fanaticized about swinging or bringing another person into bed with us. Kristie does not like giving head but she does like getting it in the ass – go figure.
    Anyway Taylor and I finally figured out a time we could get together. He flew in Hopkins Airport late Friday and I picked him up. It was so strange and great to see him – we have emailed all this time and shared almost everything there was to share about our lives with each other.

    We are on a tight budget so decided to have dinner at home that night. Kristie made lasagna and we all drank a lot of red wine. After the kids went to bed we stayed up drinking and having a great time. Kristie of course knew all about Taylor but they had never met. They got along very well – joking and laughing about everything you could think of. I had had a long day so about 11 pm I excused myself went to bed. At 2am I woke up and instinctively reached over for Kristie – the bed was empty. The house was dark and quite so I got up and went out to see what was up. The living room was dark and empty. I walked down the hall to the bedrooms on the other side of the house. Each of the kids has a room and we have a guest room. The door to the guest room was ajar. Assuming Taylor had crashed and Kristie was off in the garage or somewhere I walked up to the guest room door and was going to pull it shut so that the kids would not wake Taylor when they got up the next morning. As I approached to door I could hear muffled sounds. Looking in I could see Kristie on her back with her white legs splayed open as wide as they could be. Taylor was between those legs with his little black ass pumping up and down rapidly. I was shocked and scared and freaked out in more ways than I can explain. I was also frozen in place and it was like I could not move or talk or feel. They were obviously trying to stay quite so you could not hear much more than the bed making a steady rhythm. I stood there transfixed for a few minutes as I watched Taylor’s ass pumping up and down up and down between Kristie’s legs. The white on black contrast in the dark was riveting – I will never forget that vision. The door to the guest room is at the bottom of the bed so their heads were away from me and they were too busy to pay much attention to anything else anyway so I stayed there undetected and transfixed on that ass pumping my wife. I don’t know how long – it seemed like hours but I realized later is was only a few munities. Then Taylors ass cheeks tightened and he pushed into Kristie hard and stayed there. He was obviously coming. Coming inside my wife. I slipped away and got back into our bed.

    Less than a minute or two later Kristie came into bed. I pretended I was asleep and rolled over to greet her as I always had done when she came to bed after me. Slipping my hand casually onto one of Kristie’s legs I could feel dampness. She rolled away from me and went into the bathroom. I could hear the water running. I smelled my hand and it smelled like sperm. Reaching over I felt the wet spot she had left and rubbed it and smelled my hand again. Sperm. Taylor had come inside Kristie with no condom.

    The next morning we all got up and nobody said anything. I did not know what I wanted to say or do. I had been betrayed by the two people I was closest to in the world. I didn’t say anything – neither did they – it was like nothing had happened. At 8:30 it was time to take the kids to hockey practice. This is something I do every Saturday morning so to hang around would have been weird – to say nothing about disappointing the kids. So we got ready to go. I don’t have a video camera or any other fancy electronic equipment to speak of but I do have an old portable cassette recorder. The recorder holds a 60 minute tape. I figured what the hell – and just before leaving I excused myself and got the recorder and turned it on record and put it under the bed in the guest room – then ran out the door and took off with the kids to hockey.
    We got back to the house a little after 10 am and I found Taylor and my wife sitting in the kitchen drinking coffee and talking – just as I had left them.
    Later that afternoon we went to the Cleveland Chophouse & Brewery for lunch. We had a few beers and a good time. When we got back to the house I quickly went into the guest room and got the recorder and moved it to our bedroom and slid it under the bed. Then I announced that I needed a short nap and retired to the bedroom.

    I shut the bedroom door pulled out the recorder and listened. I heard muffled sounds and then a door closing and I could hear the bed creak as someone got on. A few seconds later I heard moaning and the rustling of sheets. Then I heard Kristie….

    “Not there” Kristie said. Taylor replied, “What’s wrong?”
    “I want to but don’t put it there – here let me show you” More rustlings and muffled sounds.
    “In your ass?”
    “Yes I like that, but go slow ok?”
    “Whatever you want” More rustlings, then Taylor says. “Shit that is tight – feels good are you OK?”
    “Yes harder. . . harder. . . yes”
    Then no sounds for a few minutes and I can hear Kristie climax and Taylor say “I’m coming” and then he grunts like a rutting pig.
    All of this takes about 10 minutes and then they left the room. To my surprise I have a hard on and realize that the entire thing made me horney. I listened to the tape again as I beat off.

    The rest of the weekend was uneventful. I love both these people and in a strange way I can forgive my best friend for taking some pussy – he is a guy and that is what we do. My wife is more complicated. I feel as though she really betrayed me. But I love my life and would not want to ruin things for the kids so I decide to wait it out. Sunday morning I took Taylor to the airport. In the car he says “Buddy there is something I have to tell you” I am thinking oh shit here it comes – gotta deal with this now. “What it is Tay?” He says. “Lunette wants to fuck you” This blows me away. Lunette is Taylor’s wife and we have never met. “Tay” I said, “She has never met me, don’t fuck with me what is going on?” He says. “No shit man – I have talked about you a lot and she has seen pictures and she knows that with you I would be cool with it – you gotta get your ass out and do her – I get hot thinking about it.” “Whatever buddy, it was good to see you – we can talk later” Nothing was said for the rest of the trip to the airport. I dropped him off and went home.

    In the 6 months since Taylor came over he has sent me several emails with pictures of Lunette, one with her spread eagle rubbing her pussy. She is very attractive. Meanwhile every few weeks Kristie asks me if I have heard from Taylor and asks when I think he might come out again. So far I have put them both off but now I am thinking about having Taylor and Lunette both over and see what develops.

    Author: Army2543

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