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    My Wife Becky

    (Current Rating 85/100, based on 64 votes)

    Because of my job I have been away from home for four months and I was really looking forward to returning. I wanted to look extra nice for my wife, Becky, when I saw her so I went the extra mile to shower, shave, and put on her favorite cologne before leaving to the airport. I pressed a dress shirt so it displayed crisp creases and hung nicely on my physique. I left the top two buttons of my shirt unbuttoned so a gap exposing my chiseled hairy chest was visible. Becky enjoyed running her fingers across my chest and that’s just one of the many things she does that turns me on. I wore a pair of tight jeans and went commando so my cock was plainly visible. I knew the first thing Becky would do is stare at my cock from a distance as I walked down the corridor. I felt really confident as I noticed several women staring at me in the airport. I was surprised that they were staring directly at my cock. I was second guessing myself and thought maybe I should have worn underwear because I was feeling a little self conscience. I must admit though that the thought of getting all this attention only added to my confidence and was making me semi hard. Not hard enough to rise up my jeans, but hard enough for the full length of my cock to extend down my leg and expose its full size through my jeans. “Sorry ladies this cock is reserved, and there is only one woman I want to fuck.”
    I made it to the gate just in time for boarding and walked right on the plane. I found my seat next to the window and gazed out letting my mind wonder to extremely sexual thoughts of fucking my wife any way I wanted. The fact that I hadn’t had sex in more than four months entitled me to have my way with her and I knew she would let me. My eyes closed and I let my imagination run wild. I could visualize her perfect breasts teasing my lips and her perfect round ass sticking up in the air exposing her perfect engorged pussy. She knew how much I loved peeking at her pussy and now my imagination was so vivid that I could almost feel her lowering her body onto me taking in all eight inches in one slow plunge. This was more imagination than I could handle right now. I was so hot by my thoughts that I decided I should go to the bathroom and beat off to relieve some of the tension before I got home.
    As the aircraft pulled away from the gate and taxied to the runway I kept my eyes closed and let my thoughts take in every inch of Becky’s body. Damn, I was horny and I needed to relieve the tension in my loins as soon as possible. When the plane reached its cruising altitude I opened my eyes and unhooked my seatbelt. What I hadn’t noticed was a woman sat down in the aisle seat next to me and I would have to disturb her to get out. This would be a problem with my bulging hard-on barely hidden under my jeans.

    She was an attractive looking woman in her early 40s and didn’t appear to be paying any attention to me. But when I made a move to get up I looked over and caught her eyes staring directly at my swollen cock. She glanced up to look at my face and immediately turned bright red. I too was incredibly embarrassed and now too self conscience to try and climb over her. My cock was throbbing and I was having a difficult time sitting still. Trying not to bring attention to myself I picked up a magazine and set it on my lap to cover up my predicament. I glanced over to the lady next to me and noticed her nipples were hard and poking through her very thin silk blouse. Normally I am not a tit man but I couldn’t help thinking “wow, this woman is really turned on and it is my cock that made her that way.” OK, this wasn’t good; and I needed to adjust my cock because it was now painfully all bunched up in my jeans. First I straightened my legs and hoped that would allow my stiff c
    ock to adjust itself and my discomfort would subside. As I did, my thigh bumped the woman’s thigh next to me. Surprised, I looked over to apologize but noticed that her legs were spread apart and she had let the hem of her already short skirt ride up her thigh. This revealed her to top of her silk stockings and lacy black garter belt. I was trying not to stare but this woman had lifted her knees and positioned her body toward so I could see her thin white panties between her legs. OK, this was hot, a little slutty, but hot? I quickly turned away trying not to get caught looking at her crotch, but I am sure I did because that is what she wanted me to see. Faithful or not when a woman is flashing her pussy at a man, it’s hard for him not to stare. This only made my situation worse and I needed to adjust my cock immediately. I really didn’t care if anyone saw me or not, so I reached down my pants and pulled my cock to a more comfortable position straight up the middle.

    As I did this the tip of my dick popped out above my waistband. This caused me to be embarrassed and hoped I didn’t get caught. I stealthily looked to over to my neighbor and knew immediately she watched the whole thing. Her eyes were as big as silver dollars and her cheeks were bright red.
    I turned my body to the window and did my best to not think about the pussy that was just flashed at me. Sorry lady, I have a wife who I love and I am going to fuck in short order. Fortunately it was a short flight and as we exited the plane the woman quickly gathered her things and left without saying a word. Thank goodness, this was way too embarrassing to deal with.
    As I exited the plane and walked down the corridor I could see Becky waiting for me toward the back of the crowd. Damn, did she look hot. Even after 17 years of marriage she radiated sexuality and I could hardly wait to get my arms around her. She was wearing a tight silk blouse and this time I wasn’t afraid to stare at her nipples that were slightly exposed through the fabric. Draped around her hips was a beautiful skirt that highlighted her thin waist and shapely thighs. Even from the distance I was once again getting turned on and quickened my pace knowing that the sooner we get out of this airport the sooner I get to relieve my aching balls and satisfy my wife.

    As we met, I wrapped both my arms around her and pulled her tightly against my body. We kissed passionately and held each other closely. “Hi lover, did you miss me,” Becky said to me once our lips parted. “Hi baby, you bet your sweet ass I missed you, thank you for being my wife”, I replied. Becky whispered into my ear, “I can tell you missed me by the size of that rock hard cock pressing up against me, what have you been thinking about,” Becky said with a slight giggle in her tone. “Baby, I am so horny I could make love to you right here and now. My cock has been aching for you for months and I can hardly wait to bury it deep into your pussy,” I answered.

    We walked down the corridor with our arms wrapped tightly around one another and I was doing my best to hide my bulging dick for all to see. Fortunately the airport wasn’t busy so not many people were around to notice. As we reached the end of the hall, Becky said she needed to use the restroom and asked if I would wait for her right outside the door. “Of course baby, but don’t be too long, my cock is about to explode.” Within seconds she entered the women’s room and was back out. “What’s the matter, I said. “Is the restroom full or you decided you didn’t need to go?” Without saying a word Becky grabbed my hand and dragged me toward the door. “What are you doing Becky? I can’t go in there with you.” “Shut up and fuck me, I can’t wait to get you all the way home without feeling that huge cock inside my pussy.”

    Now this was a bit unusual for me, although Becky and I share lots of great uninhibited sex, my wife was still modest and prefers privacy when it comes to being intimate. But right now I was in no position to argue, my balls have been aching for more than four hours and pre-cum had already soaked all the way through my jeans. My wife had a death grip on my wrist and was pulling me like there was no turning back. The excitement made me feel like a teenager getting laid for the first time again.
    She pulled me all the way to the last stall and I don’t know how, but I took notice that we were the only ones in the restroom. This was not going to be a love making summit, there was no question we were going to fuck and I was more than ready. Becky swung the door to the stall open and pulled me inside. Fortunately she picked a handicap stall so there was plenty of room for us to move around with wild abandonment. I pulled the door shut and as I turned around to lock it, Becky wrapped both her hands around my waist and grabbed my cock through my jeans and was stroking me from the base of my balls to the tip of my dick. My knees shuttered as the pulse in my dick began to throb. If she didn’t stop I was going to blow my load right in my jeans.

    I found the focus to get the door locked and quickly spun around to face my wife. As I did Becky grabbed my belt with both hands and pulled it open in one swift tug. She then unbuttoned my jeans and ripped the zipper all the way down allowing my swollen cock to launch into the open air. Before I could think of my next move her lips were wrapped around my dick and her tongue was lapping up pre-cum from my shaft. “Fuck” is all I could say.
    This felt so good I wanted to shoot my load down her throat right at that moment. Fortunately all the tension from holding back for the last four hours prevented me from cumming immediately. Becky only sucked me for a minute or so and rose to meet my lips with hers. As I pulled her close and firmly kissed her lips I could taste myself in her mouth and this only added to the feverish passion I was feeling. My dick was rock hard and poking her so hard that her skirt was getting pressed into the crease of her pussy. I broke our embrace and grabbed the hem of her skirt. As I elevated it I was in for a pleasant surprise. I hadn’t noticed before, but now all my senses were keenly focused on my wife’s hot body.

    Her body was a feast for my eyes. She was wearing black silk stockings and a lacy black garter belt that pressed firmly against her smooth warm thighs. I continued the journey upward and realized the garter belt was framing her panty-less perfectly Brazilian-waxed glistening pussy. I let go of the hem with my left hand and ran my fingers along the wet slit of her cunt. As I stroked her pussy lips, I proceeded to part them so I could rub her clit and create an easy entry for my now pulsating rock hard cock. I tilted my hips forward so the tip of my dick could find its way to her cunt and my other hard let the hem of her skirt drop so I could free up my hand and unbutton her blouse allowing me to get to work on her firm breasts. The moment the tip of my cock touch her labia Becky grabbed my ass with both hands and pulled our bodies tightly together. The entire length of my cock buried deep in her cunt and she let out a very soft sensuous sigh. My fingers were caressing her bre
    asts and I enjoyed sucking her nipples as I thrust my dick into her dripping wet pussy. As I caressed and nibbled her breasts I could feel the wetness from her pussy running down my balls and thighs. Wow, I was in such a state of ecstasy that I felt like I was falling completely in love with this woman all over again, not to mention the great piece of ass I was getting right at that moment.
    As we fucked our fervor grew and we were thrusting our genitalia into one another sharing pure heated lust. Our breaths grew heavier and we both cried out in true bliss. At that moment when the pressure in my loins was just about to explode, Becky opened her eyes and looked deep into my soul. The blush in her checks and glow from her eyes radiated the love she was sharing with me. She smirked and in a deep soft voice said, “come on baby fuck me deep and hard, I want to feel you cum in my pussy.” That was all I needed to hear and I was at the point of no return. I let out a moan and shot the biggest wad of cum deep in her pussy. We both nearly fell to the floor in unadulterated fulfillment.
    What seemed like hours was really only a few minutes, but a few minutes that made us both feel young, naughty and in love. We regained our composure, arranged our clothes and did the best we could to look presentable enough to leave the restroom. At that moment we both heard an unusual noise coming from somewhere in the bathroom. “Somebody’s in here,” Becky whispered in my ear. They must have come in when we were fucking and neither of us noticed.
    We both stood motionless and held each other close trying to make out the noise we were hearing. It was a rubbing noise and it was getting faster and louder by the second. Next we heard a soft deep moan and at that point we both knew that it was somebody masturbating in the stall just a few feet from where we just fucked.

    We both looked at one another and tried our best to hold in our laughter. In an effort to not get caught we opened the stall door and were quietly trying to sneak out. On the way out we both noticed one of the stall doors was not shut all the way and was swinging back and forth. Becky looked at me and with curious uncertainty she lightly pushed the door open.
    We both couldn’t believe our eyes. A woman was leaning up against the wall with her legs spread wide open and her shaved pussy exposed for all to see. Her silk blouse was unbuttoned and both her breasts were pulled out of her bra. Her skirt was bunched up around her waist exposing black silk stockings and a lacy black garter belt. Thin white panties we pulled down her thighs and her head was tilted back against the wall with her eyes tightly closed. She had one hand squeezing her nipples and the other was rubbing her wet pussy and pushing her fingers in and out of her cunt as she moaned in delight.

    Becky and I stood motionless, mostly from shock. At that moment the woman opened her eyes and saw us standing there watching her. Her eyes looked intently at me and she said. “You’re the guy from the airplane, and this is your fault.” With that Becky grabbed my arm and pulled me out of the restroom.
    “What the fuck was that all about,” Becky said to me as we headed to the baggage claim. I told her about my erection problem on the airplane and I didn’t leave out any of the details about that woman staring at my cock and flashing me her pussy. Becky laughed out loud and told me I was never to look at another pussy again and that when we got home I would have to be punished. My cock jumped for joy and I looked forward to getting home!

    Author: Traveler

    2009-04-07 14:39:19 Posted by
    sexy story ... Anonymous

    2009-04-07 18:15:01 Posted by
    One x A little crazy

    2009-04-08 15:44:56 Posted by
    Horny or what Anonymous

    2009-04-09 18:41:27 Posted by
    Great fucking story. I'm so throbbing hard that I have precum through my khakis. I feel like that guy in the airplane about to explode! jeffforfun

    2009-05-19 15:42:04 Posted by
    I cummed to this story twice. It was extremley hott and I could picture that guys dick :) hornyasfuckk

    2009-07-03 04:49:04 Posted by
    Gr8 story!!!
    i'll also try d same
    Razz~d mystery

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