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    My wife invited her girl friend over and told me to fuck her

    (Current Rating 74/100, based on 37 votes)

    My wife had a night out with the girls. Judy is a stunning natural blond in her 29th year and my self am 30 this year when it all started. We had been married for 10 years and have two children one 9 and one 7 both going to school.

    My wife had a night out with the girls and I stead home with the kids.

    My wife looks like she had a heavy night with the girls as it was early morning when she got home it a hangover condition. It was just 11.00 am when she came too to see the day.
    Judy said they had a toy night and was unbelievable.

    About 3.00 oíclock she got on the phone to Jill and with plenty of laughter she invited Jill over.

    Jill arrived about 4.00 Oíclock to me still wearing the night before cloths, sleek clothes expensive and sexy and a figure to match. Jill was a stunting 34 years old and only married for six months as she is a carer woman that holds a good job.

    I have seen Jill many times before but never a come on to me as a sexy woman.

    My wife said Jill is looking good and sexy donít you think so my love. I agreed and next think my wife said was why you donít fuck her. Taking by surprise and before I could say anything Jill butted in I want you fuck me Graham.

    My wife did not flinch and going over to Jill and hugged her and started to French kiss her. Turning to me, now come hear and fuck her. I joined in a three-way hug. My wife was not joking, she really want me to fuck her girl friend.

    Bending over my wife grabs Jill undress and pulled them to the floor and as I looked down there was a shaven pussy cunt. My wife was now fingering Jill cunt and said to me Iím getting it ready for you to fuck her.

    Lucky it was in the school holiday and our children that morning was pick by Judy mother for a couple of days.

    Jill was rubbing my bulge I had in my pants. My wife orders me to strip but would not leave working Jill pussy cunt to get it supper wet.

    Jill undid my shirt and pulled off my singlet as I undid my trousers and drop them to the floor with my underwear.

    My wife started to suck my dick now to bring it up to my 8inch cock as Jill was giving my French kisses. My wife head was bobbing up and down and I could feel her deep throating me.

    Jill pulled on my wife hair pull her head way from my cock.

    I want him to fuck me said Jill you can fuck him later your just his wife.

    Judy my wife was not happy with that comment so with that my wife shoved her full fist up Jill wet cunt. This made Jill scream but my wife had a smile on her face and saying take that I want your cunt is ready for my husband so fuck you.

    With my wife fist still up Jillís cunt she made Jill get down on all fours and with a pain my wife wanted to give Jill she pulled her fist out still with it closed making a noise suction and scream form Jill. Now he can Fuck you cunt.

    My wife ordered me to get down and fuck Jillís ass off also.

    I first slid my willing cock into my wife girl friend supper wet cunt to get lubrication before spreading her ass buttocks and deposition my cock into her tight ass. I love asses nice and tight.

    Jill bucked up finally excepted my 8 inch all the way in her ass and was thanking me and was regaling intervals to feel what I could give her.

    My wife was sitting on our lounge chair by now fingering her self after getting striped off.

    My wife looks at me and said fuck her hard I want to here her scream.

    It was strange there was my wife tells me to fuck her girl friend and I was enjoying it.

    Jill started to scream and thanking my wife for letting her man to use his tool to please her.

    It was not long before I blow a load of sperm into her ass and she replied itís heaven I needed that. Thank you, thank you.

    I pulled out and went over to my wife and started to suck her wet cunt as she loves that. This would make her tingle all over.

    Jill knelt down beside me and wanted some of the action but she started the fist my wife. I had no idea that my wife liked fisting. My wife opens her legs wider as to be sure to except her girl friend fist. My wife was going into a trance. I gave my wife a kiss and she thanks me for fucking her girl friend.

    I was starting to get another horn and Jill could see how it was rising. My cunt still available said Jill and my wife said Christ sake fuck that cut of hers off.

    I did not hesitate as it was still dripping with juice. I could not resisted I need to tasted my wife girl friend juice cunt before ramming my 8 inch into her.

    I lay on my back and slid under her legs as she had open so I could get better access, as the drip drop down I was tasting such a lovely drop then finally started to tongue her this made her go mad screaming with delight and the same time fisting my wife hard.

    My cock was at the peak so I got from under and mounted Jill and all I could hear was my wife moaning and Jill say Yes, Yes, Yes fuck me.

    Jill was getting fucked by me and Jill was now sucking my wife cunt.

    I was surprise I was able to blow another load and this make Jill happy.
    As we all slowed up we got back to a three way hug and wife thank me for fucking her girlfriend and Jill was thanking me for a good time.

    Jill said she better get back to her husband and I said I suppose in return you want my wife to fuck your husband Jill. Not yet said Judy mu wife I want that mate of yours at your work Jim to fuck Christ out of me first.

    Iíll tell you want I bring over some more of my work mates as well as Jim and Jill can bring over her husband and you girls can have a really fucking and have a good time.

    My wife turns to Jill and said that sounds fabulous will you be in that. O yes said Jill and Iíll try to bring over some more of our girl friends.

    You arrange for the boys and will get the girls OK

    As Jill left I ask my wife want, who and why did you ever think up that I had to fuck your girlfriend.

    Well. It all started last night when I was out with the girl. We started to spin the bottle with a difference. We had a box with notes in it and we had to do want the note said or forfeit. I spun the bottle and it went to Jill.

    Then want?

    Well the note said the spinner had to let the person it pointed too let her fuck her partner in front of the spinner or the one of the two that backs out would had to shout the group with drinks.
    I look at Jill and she would not yield and I did not want to be the one to shout all the drinks as Jill said she will be in it and I said I also will. We made a pack then that we had to fuck the other person husband.

    Some of the notes was walk up to a strange man and feel his manhood. Another was to lay a French kiss on a man wife or partner how every the spinner subjected. There was about a lot of forfeits that why I come home tipsy.

    I tool the other girls that if we carry out our dare the girls must come around one night for a fuck night.

    It was nearly a month after before the girls and my work mates came over.

    Jill turns up with out her husband and three other of her girlfriends and my wife. So made it made five will or unwill sluts and I got five from work and they was six other I did not know put all will to have a shag-upon. So we had told of twelve dicks to please the girls.

    The girls came in the after noon and I took our kids over to my mother for the night as she all way love to see them.

    I could here the talk the girls what they was saying was hot this was making them horny. One Girl asked me straight out in front of my wife and Jill. ďDid your have to fuck Jill in front of your wife?Ē I replied with pride Yes. A lot of giggling went on and one said I did not think Judy (My wife) was going it be in it.

    After snacks the boys started to arrive for seven onward so I left it to my wife to entertainment till the last one arrived.

    I could here my wife calling out to me. ďWhere in hell are you GrahamĒ . I want to start to night straight away.

    I came out of or bedroom stark naked and you orít to see there faces and I said to Jill strip and to my surprise she did and I order her to straddle to armchair. I told her you know want I going to do to you. ďYes you are going to fuck me in front of your wife and girlfriendsĒ.

    My manhood was now 8 inch of wanting and Jill did not let me down and my wife stood beside us and calling. ďFuck her, see girl; I let my husband fuck herĒ

    The other eleven boy was had there cock out and was pull on them till my wife told the girls donít be gutless and let those cock go to wast.

    The donít have to be told twice and was naked in seconds but the girls was slow but was happy to kneel and suck on there cocks.

    I notice my wife went over to Jim with a huge smile on her face and drop on her knees and started to suck Jim. It was full naked party with in ten minutes and some started to fuck. I had blown my load in to Jill as two of the boys was on each side of her so she had turns sucking on there cocks as I rammed my cock up her cunt that want me.

    After my load deposited into the heaven pussy of hers Jill beckons me around so she could suck my limp cock and she was so good and sexy I started to come to life again.

    I notice some of the girls were sitting on top riding hell out of the boys and sucking at the same time. My wife was letting Jim in her ass as she was deep throating another.

    This went on for about one hour till the men was fuck out but what I could her from the girls they still wanted more.

    My wife had been fuck by two of the men and suck off two. She got up and subjected that we should have some refreshments and go out to the swim pool area.

    It was about 11.30 pm when Jill subjected to have a hat draw.
    My wife and Jill had the planed. She made the rules Girls only that you can have three pick putting back the last one before you draw the next but can stop and do what the notes says. If that do not satisfied the rearrest man can do want they want.

    The first to come out was accepted by Pam. The note said sees how many deep throats in three minutes and challenge some one to beat it.

    Pam was a 35 year old been married three times that took up the offer. Pam demanded to have her cunt work up so Jill started to fist her and the men stood on a chair so she could get more down her gullet. Jill was pumping her cunt and Pam was taking all the 12 cocks down her throat with in the time limits and pulls the cock into herself till she hit there balls. She loves deep throating. Beat that if you can. She had no takers.

    The next one put all three went back so the man beside her had his way.
    He wants Fay to bend over and takes as many cocks up her ass. I think she and him had arranged this as she said Ok.

    I went to our bedroom and got some jelly to help her out but I found out she did not need it as before she started she want to warm up so she got a large wine bottle and with a chant form all she first slid the neck end in about six inchers. With tears come out of her eyes she demounted and said come boys let my ass have fun.

    My wife said boys you must give her 10 pumps before coming out. Fay had all the men in and out of her ass with ten three minutes was up and asking for the second round they must blow there loads into her. As the boys started again she only had time to have two loose there load.

    One of the notes was to have all hols full at once. One fuck Molly ass while another up her cunt and one down the throat. With this request my wife subjected to film the lot. Molly a 26 year only that had only been married for three month but she was happy to put on a show and be filmed.

    My wife picked a note that was to be filmed her having a trouble bunger. (This was to taken up by two cocks at once up her cunt). Judy my wife learnt this form the net what Cathy crum loves.

    My wife picked the largest two cock there and got him on his back on the edge of the bed and mounted him and the second one came and mount her as she scream with Yes, Yes. O Yes.

    One of the girls called out shut her up one of you stick a cock in her gob. I was surprise as she started to suck deep throating. The two that was stuffing her cunt was work there dick off and it was a good fifteen minutes before the first one blow his load.

    This seems to make my wife bob her head more violent taking all but his ball down her throat. Before the second could blow his load fill her cunt she had taken a load of sperm down her gullet with out losing a drop.

    Finally her blow his load and my wife thanked him as the crum started to flow out of her cunt. Jill called come on girls we all have to have a taste and one by one all the girl suck the juice out of my wife cunt. Even three of the boys had a suck.

    We all went back to the lounge room and Jill picked out a request that all the girls to have a full can a cool beer. We had two puffs and the one that got the request started to put a can each on the puffs. Now come on girls you cunt should be hot enough I want you to sit on a can and enjoy something big to slide into that cunt of yours.

    Jill straddled the puff and worked her cunt to except the beer can with easy. As one by one each girl slid a can and stranding with legs together so they could not loose the enjoyment Jill got the girl to stand behind each other so there bodyís was touching each other and playing with the girls in front of tits then. With a shuffle so the body could feel each other. As the cans moved around in there cunt a number started to get organisms this went on for awhile till all was having more than one orgasm.

    All to men was standing there with cock at full readiness as watching five girls get organisms and Jill tell the girls not to break the line and keep those can in those cunts of your made a very hot seen.

    Finally she got all the girls to stand in a line and told the men to get on the floor to catch the cans when they drop. Jill calls out drop the cans and the last one weíll fits you so you remember to keep you cunt open.

    My wife was the first to drop her can just by opening her legs wide but some was squatting and pushing down to dislodge the can.

    Itís Molly that was the last. So she sat down in the lounge chair with her legs wide open as she started to accept each of the girl fist hand. Tears was coming down her face as she buck as other held her legs apart. First were Jill, Fay, and Judy, then Pam after that I could not resist my self and know Iím going to fuck Molly. As I stuck my 8 inch into her cunt she whispers to me she had wanted to be fuck by me all night.

    As some of the boys were lying on the floor Fay was sitting on one riding him like it was the first fuck of the night and hold a cock in each hand pull them at the same time. Pam stood up and turn around and straddled t he one on the left and held his cock to guild it into her ass. The other one she had been pulling off told him to get into her cunt. She was losing it with massive orgasms and going into a trance as the bloke she was sitting on before she wants to suck his cook.

    My wife was ride hell out of Jim with a look on her face of delight.

    It was getting close to 2.30 am and we all stared to depart after a night weíll never forget.

    Love how many different cock you had up you to night six but two was a double bunger and two of them up my ass in that I had two same boys in me twice. I could see that you love Jim fucking you. O Yes IĎm glad you could get him to come his cock is heaver.
    How may did you fuck. I had four that I fuck and one I fucked her ass. Would you like to have another section like this love? My wife said. No she replied Iíd like a go to a swing club to have verity but first I have to get Jill husband to fuck me in the dare.

    He to shy well Iíll get Jill over here on day and Iíll go over there and as she can fuck you as you now she love her ass being fuck off.

    It was the next week end and the kids had gone to sport with grand father so my wife rang Jill and wanted to see where Jill husband was. ďBill here at home watch TV sportĒ You come over here and Iíll go over there so I can return the favour and get Bill to fuck me. Ok said Jill as Iíll need your husband to fuck me. Ok

    My wife left and Jill had told her husband she was going shopping and will be a couple of hour or longer. Jill arrived with in fifteen munities and said on arrival she hopes Judy will be successful in getting my husband screw her.

    Letts go to your bedroom as I want to be fucked hard as I wish my husband was like you with an open mind.

    My wife arrived back two and a half hours later and Jill and asked how it went. Your husband Jill would be the hardest man to make him fuck a woman. The only way I could achieve the dare was to strip in front of him as he watch that Fuckin sport TV sport show and asking him to fuck me, even undoing his pants and sucking his cock then telling him I my cunt to be happy. I worked on him for one hour till half time come up then he said he will fuck me just to keep me happy. I even told him I wanted my ass to be fucked and that was even an effete.

    I feel sorry for Judy said Jill. But Jill you can come over and bring any body so your cunt can be pleased any time.

    The next week my wife rang Jill. Did your husband say anything about me sub-juicing him? No really all he said you had come around and stoped him watching his TV sports program. You can see heís a prick
    Over the next year Jill would call around and say to my wife I want your husband to screw her. And quite often one or two of our sex night boys would come around and my wife love taking them into the bedroom so she could have a double cunt fuck.
    And Jill was having a fucking good time as well.

    One day Jill came over with a black eye and she said that her husband had hit her. Before she could tell us any more her Husband Bill was banging on our front door. I answer it and her barged in call out where it his slut. Charm down what wrong Bill scream out I found out form work that some of my work mates had been fucking her.

    By this time my wife was standing beside me and Jill standing behind us. I said that no excuse to hit your wife just because she been enjoying her live. Bill eye bulged with rage. I said cool off Bill she is a person thatís enjoying live. I purpose you have fucked her as will say Bill. This is when my wife stepped in well you had fucked me want the difference. You sub-juiced me and just to get you out of my site. My wife answer with you was the dullest person I had fuck so go back to your TV and pull your self off and leave your wife alone. Your also slow it over twelve month that your wife has been enjoying our sex party so except it or piss off out of her live as I let my husband fuck your wife as many times she want to be fucked.

    Shock came over Bill face. You mean she has been coming hear and you let your husband fuck my wife. A voice from behind us came to life. Yes Judy watches me get fucked by her husband and I feel good about it and you are not going to stop me.

    Will donít came back home you are not welcome said Bill. Thatís Ok said Jill I give you 24 hours to find a place as itís in my name the house and I got all the money you have nothing and dick that will not work .

    Bill had forgotten that he was not the bread winner as Jill had the money and brains encase some thing like this would happen.

    Jill sold her house and brought a small farm close to town.

    As time went by Jill was so starved of sex she brought a Labrador male and keep him at her farm so she could train the dog to fuck her. My wife said it sounds existed. Jill not only trained the lab to fuck her but would put on a show when the boys come around.

    Jill trained the dogs to lick her and let her suck there dicks and to get the lab to fuck her cunt and ass on command.

    One day my wife decided to try to have Jill lab to fuck her and at our sex party extra dog would be brought in by one of the boys and the two girls love showing off at every show and the ordinance would cheer them on.

    I always tell my wife all and how many I had fucked and she tells me about all the guys she had to please her as will as the dogs.

    We had no more kids as she had an operation to stop that happing kids as she love swing party and all the different cock she could try would make her so hot.

    As she said the best time as she watch me screw some one in front of her and of I love watching her letting her body being raped and I love to here her scream with delight.

    One of our parents passed away and my wife suggested with the money we get we could buy a farm near or next to Jillís place and build a barn where we could have orgy party and a stage so a performance and bring in paying people.

    So when you pass our place with a sign out side with sixty nine-err on the gate. So call it and bring an open mind and money to keep our dream going. .

    Author: MaxMax

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